Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday 07.24.2016

Another great day!

Brother Bruce drove up for the afternoon--so nice!

Jeremy, Jenny, and Matilda came for the afternoon--so nice!!

T & KS & Kristen came over the afternoon--so nice!!

We all had a nice visit.  The storms skirted us--we only got a few drops, not enough to even get wet.

Kristen decided she was going to leave for home, and went on her way.

When the early afternoon storm showed on the radar that it had moved on by us, I uncovered the boat. J, J, and M went out for a ride while the others stayed and visited. Matilda was all about going fast, and when we did, she let out a belly laugh.  So fun to hear!!

We fixed a light luncheon and enjoyed the camaraderie.

After, T & KS took us all on a pontoon ride, which was also enjoyable.

Everyone left, except for Matilda, who is spending the night with me. We roasted a marshmallow, she ate it, and was very happy. Got her showered, stories read, and again.  I showered, thinking she would go to sleep then, but she was busy telling me everything that was going on in her head. The almost-4-year-old chatterbox finally fell asleep after I told her I had to work on the computer. Gosh, she is awesome!!

It's still 80+ degrees out there. Love humid summer nights....

Tomorrow the parents are coming back. Not sure what the plan is.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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