Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 07.22.2016

Another great day!

Done a lot today--put up the "easy-up" awning. Yes, it was "easy up".  I did most of it, but needed an extra set of hands. There were a couple of guys a couple doors down working on a project, and I went down there to ask for help.  Sure enough, one of them came over, and knew just what to do, as he has one. Yay!

Easy Peasy.  I fits like I thought it might over the "hump" of the rear of the trailer. And provides a bunch of shade. Nice.

I had just finished eating, enjoying sitting outdoors in the very warm (high 80's) dappled shade, with the light to moderate wind blowing in, when I heard voices. I turned to see T & KS right there on the golf cart!

Surprised me--sure don't hear that thing coming.

We visited a bit, then went to their place to get the pontoon.  Oh, Yeah, we went around the lake. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks, T&KS!

After, she and I went into town for a couple items, and she dropped me back at the GC.

I fixed a nice salad and enjoyed that.

And as I was finishing putting the now-dry bed together, Evelyn pulled in.  Another nice surprise!

We sat on the swing and visited, enjoying the breeze coming off of the lake.  She went on her way, and I assembled the items needed to get the boat moored.

That done, I put the ropes and stakes onto the awning to help secure it in the wind.  Probably not the best job, but it's more secure than it was...

I was quite sweaty after all that. So bad that the flies landed on me and flew away.  I went in and had a quick shower, which also cooled me off some.

Went over to the McKinstry Cottage for a visit. We watched it get dark, and Kristen arrived, too. What a nice visit.

Tomorrow I'd like to run in the morning, if it isn't too warm. And the Goodwins are coming to help launch the boat! Yay!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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