Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday 04.03.2016

Didn't sleep very well, the first night in the new house. This house makes a lot of noises. I got up a couple of times and walked around. Just house noises.

I had a great day anyway. Put things away for a couple of hours. Fix food, ate, put the empty boxes in the van, and went over to the other house. I spent a few hours picking up, sorting out, taking apart, and got a load together. Loaded, over to the new house, and unloaded.

I had a little snack, and put away what I had brought over for the kitchen. I think both kitchens are done now. Well, the new house has a little "settling" to do yet.

Upstairs to the bedroom and bathroom, got those rooms unpacked and put away what I could.

Tomorrow is a work day. Time for my nap.

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