Saturday, December 31, 2016

Saturday 12.31.2016

The end of the year.

This past week has been filled with 4-year-old Matilda.  Since it was only she and I, with minimal "must-do's",  we were able to do whatever, whenever.  We worked on the gingerbread house 3 different days. We put on our snow pants and other outdoor wear and walked over to the playground and had great fun climbing, sliding down the slides (snow pants are slippery!), swinging, playing tag and hide and go seek, and..... well, keeping up with a 4-year-old imagination. Uncle Frank stopped by the park, too, and gave us a ride home. I welcomed the ride--we had been outside for a couple of hours, and even though we were dressed comfortably, we were ready for a snack and a rest.

We slept a lot--more than I've known her to sleep.

We read library books, listened to "kid music" that I also got from the library. She's quick to pick up the lyrics and sings along. So fun, as I like to sing, too.

Friday we packed up and met Daddy in Findlay, Ohio, which was a halfway point. It worked out well.

Today I had another therapy appointment for the hip. It seems to be improving some. I came home and put ice on it to ease the ache of the therapy...

Tomorrow is a new year. May you find it filled with the peace of the Lord.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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