Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday 11.25.2016

Another great day!

Bundled up and went out for a run.

Was pretty nice, 40 degrees, just a little wind, and no drizzly rain like we've been having the last few days.  The birds were chattering, and it smelled like wet leaves and wet earth and late Autumn.

We'll be shoveling soon.

Breakfast, shower.

I read a bit, then went out for errands. The "black Friday" surge was over (at least where I went).

This evening I went over to Frank's and shop-vac'd the cobwebs from the basement. A couple of hours to do half--the webs and dirt were quite thick in some places. It looks better now. The rest will be finished at another time.

I also helped get the fan blades drilled and reinstalled. Good job, Frank!

Tomorrow is a half of a work day. Going to a baby shower in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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