Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday 0512.2016

Another great day!

J & J had taken Matilda to school this morning before I got up. (I don't see a need to be up early when the parents are there.)

They were packed, loaded, and ready to go. Final instructions/directions for me, they hooked up the rig, and were off.  Dog turned to look at me, looked back at them going down the road with sad eyes and ears back.

I had breakfast, did a couple of light chores, and went out on the deck. It was very warm, high 70's. I made myself comfortable and found myself waking up. Pretty nice.

I spent some time finishing another chapter and workbook, started reading the next. Realized I needed to get M from day care.

Checked the Garmin in Jenny's vehicle for addresses and went out. That was a successful maneuver; I was able to retrieve the child.

Got back to the house, changed into bathing suits, and went for the next adventure--swim class!  I found that building too (awesomely beautiful), parked, and got inside. Wow.  It really looks like a water park in there! We had a lot of fun playing in the lazy river, jumping off of the edge to me, and going down the water slide. So many photo ops, but I couldn't play and pic at the same time. I tried to capture those moments in my heart...

I was surprised that, in the locker/change room, I found myself "shielding" the scar on my breast as I took down the top of my suit. Not sure I understand that--but I recognized that I did it.

Matilda wasn't quite ready to leave, and she played on the indoor climbing structure. Outdoors, we had to check out the pond before finally getting back in the car.

We ate supper, took the dog for a walk, and did the bedtime thing.

Tomorrow I need to get a couple things from the store, and maybe find another playground. The weather has turned; heavy rains now with cooler temperatures.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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