Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday 02.26.2016

Another great day!

Up, showered, breakfast, off to get the "squeeze".

Ashley was very kind as she "adjusted" me and lowered the plate. Ohmygosh. Don't lower that any further; there's water coming out of my eyes.  "Hold your breath"  Are you kidding???   I can't move, let alone breathe!!

The machine makes machine noises for a second or two, then automatically releases.  Whew.

3 more times.

Each time took me a little longer to be able to move, to breathe, to regroup.

Done for a year.

The images looked very crisp and clear, with the new digital imaging. There's one very bright area of calcification that showed up; I don't think it's new. And usually nothing to be concerned about. The report will tell all...

From there I went over to the "new" house.

I lingered over a cup of coffee, wandering around, imagining. To my pleasant surprise, J & P wanted to come by and see the new digs.

We walked around, taking it in.

Polly pulled out her rubber gloves and asked what kind of help I wanted. And Jim asked if I had a couple of buckets.  He also had his tool bag in the car!  I was surprised, and happy, that they wanted to help.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning. Jim wiped out all of the kitchen cabinets, up and down, finding a few minor adjustments/repairs along the way. Polly and I washed walls and bookshelves, top to bottom. Thank you both so much for coming over. It smells so much better already.

After they left, I washed the floor in the room P and I were in, so that room is completely done, other than polishing the window. I also wiped off the banister going upstairs, and the handrail going down to the back door. I rinsed out our cleaning cloths and buckets, put everything away, and left.

I got home, had a bite, and a quiet night.

Tomorrow is a work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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