Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday 05.09.2012

What a day!

Last night when I got on the computer, the internet wasn't working well. I wondered if it was my machine--I closed out, shut down, restarted, etc., with frustration. Ugh.  So I didn't post yesterday. 

It was another busy workday with a great group of co-workers.  I went to Lauretta's for a haircut after work, came home and showered, looked at the tv for a few minutes, tried the computer, and went to bed.

Today I got up and out to Holt for a 10:00 appointment, which I think went well. Back to the condo, where I did some laundry, ran, showered, and had lunch before going over to Leah's for an appointment.

Shower again, and a friend stopped by to pick up a couple of the larger items for me that I didn't put on the truck a few weeks ago. Thanks, P and S. Much appreciated.

Up to the clubhouse for a Board meeting.  But there were only 4 of us there, and it wasn't enough to do any "official" business.  I was able to sign checks, though, and I also had to sign the official tax return document. And it wanted my title. "President".  Ha!!  That was fun.  We rescheduled the meeting for a few weeks, and that will be my official last meeting, not only because my term expires, but because I will officially be a non-resident at the end of June. Changes....

I finished loading the car and came home. A safe drive down, thank you God.

Unloaded and unpacked some stuff and wrote here.

Tomorrow morning my friend is coming to unload my things, and I have a retirement dinner to attend in the evening.

I'm a little sore from the knots being worked out, and I'm hoping to sleep pretty good tonight. I've also noticed that with this new batch of letrazole/generic Femara, I've been hot more often and longer durations. Maybe I'll talk to the pharmacist about the feasibility of getting the brand name instead of the generic.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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