Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday 03.31.2017

I took a few days away from the computer--just been the typical work-and-meetings kind of days....

And this one is another great day!

Went to the doctor again for the hip problem. Evaluation showed some improvement. He manipulated the lower back (he's an osteopathic physician, family practice) and put heat on it. The rest of the day it's been sore, as the structures are letting me know they've been worked on.

I did the physical therapy exercises and went out for a run before going over to the doctor.

This afternoon I did laundry, fixed food and ate, cleaned the kitchen.

Tomorrow is a work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday 03.20.2017

Another great day!

Worked--had a call-in from the other person in my job role.

The Unit was full and I was steady busy.  The Best Co-Workers Ever all did what needed to be done, and we all had a Great Day!!

I even had the bonus of seeing family members, as we have another little one coming. She's trying to come a little early, though. Hoping for the best outcome!

Tomorrow is another work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wednesday 03.15.2017

Another great day!

Sunshine, cold wind.

Went over to see Robin, the physical therapist.

She thinks there is still some spasm and swelling in the hip. And after she worked on it, it was aggravated and sore.  Better, but sore.

Her favorite line--it didn't happen overnight.  It won't get better overnight, either.

A quiet remainder of the day.

Tomorrow is a work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday 03.13.2017

Another great day!

Worked the weekend, nicely busy.

Snow started this morning.  Didn't look like much, at first. 10:30, the mailman left footprints in about 2 inches.  I left for a meeting an hour later, and shoveled a path to the garage.  At least 3 inches, and was heavy. Hm, I'll need to shovel when  get back.

The plow had come by, shoving that wet snow up the apron of the driveway, and even onto the sidewalk. (that plow must have been going a little faster than the 25 mph speed limit...)

I had a bite to eat before going out.  By the time I got bundled up and out there, there was about 5 inches!  I'm thinking that I'd shovel. After a couple of scoops, I got the snow blower.

Got that done, cleaned out the machine, put it away.

A quiet rest of the night.

Tomorrow is a massage. Finally.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday 03.09.2017

Another great day!

Went to a meeting, got lots accomplished.

Went out to the store for fresh food.

Supper, chores.

A quiet night.

I have electricity and internet, but found that the tv cable is out when I tried to look at the weather channel.

Tomorrow is doctor appointment, follow up on the hip situation.

Hope you all are safe and warm.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wednesday 03.08.2017

Another great day!

Woke this morning, cracked an eye to check the clock.  0630. Maybe I can get another sleep cycle...

Ring ring.

Calling for help, can you come in??


I know how busy we've been, and how one more staff can make a much better day.  And if I said "no",  I'd think about them all day....

I got up and ready to go.  Helped where I could, and got back home about noon.

Changed clothes and went over to my therapy appointment.

My hip had spasmed a couple hours after getting to work this morning, causing nausea and giant ICK feeling. I would have taken something if staying for the whole day, but chose not to, as I was going to therapy.

Robin worked on it, and got the lower back/sacrum back into place. The spasm had eased (from the major discomfort of earlier). Her treatment wasn't as uncomfortable as previous treatments, which helped reinforce that the exercises I've been doing really is helping. She often says that "it didn't get that way overnight...".   It needs to quit bothering me.

Rested when I got home. Had great ideas of going back out for errands, but didn't get there. Fixed food, ate, and did some computer stuff.

Tomorrow is a meeting.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tursday 03.07.2017

Another great day!

Busy work day, great staff.

Quiet night.

Tomorrow is a therapy appointment.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday 03.06.2017

Another great day!

Steady busy work day.

Doing it again tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday 03.05.2017

Another great day!

Sunshine, temps above freezing.

Went out for a run after it warmed up a little--it was maybe 35 degrees. The breeze was a little cool when I first started out, but the sun was warm.

Shower, laundry.

Fixed a lighter supper, cleaned up the kitchen, did a little computer work.

Frank stopped over for a short visit.

Tomorrow is a work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday 03.04.2017

Another great day!

Sunshine, wind quieting.

Warming to 32 degrees here.

Spent the afternoon at Frank's for a nice visit.

Laundry in the evening.

Tomorrow I hope to run.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday 03.03.2017

Worked today.

"Floated out" to two different rooms, both patients were awesome. I always gain a new perspective when I give this kind of care.

Stopped on the way home for a few sale items.

A quiet night.

Tomorrow is errands.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday 03.01.2017

Another great day!

Went over for therapy. Going into the building, it was 54 degrees, and the red-wing blackbirds were making Spring noises. An hour and a half later, it was 43 degrees with a cold wind blowing.

The therapist, Robin, sure works me over. I was queasy and just not feeling well for a couple hours after. Tylenol, motrin, fresh coffee, and a little rest helped me to feel better.

Went out for errands, came back and fixed supper. Ate, cleaned the kitchen, had a quiet night.

Tomorrow is a dental filling.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.