Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday 11.29.2016

Another great day!

So warm-53 degrees, light breeze.  Went out for a run.  Winter birds were chattering. I noticed the difference and recognized it as the absence of the summer birds.  So very lovely outdoors.

When I got back, Frank had left, and locked the door. Hmm.  Of course I couldn't call him, 'cuz my phone is inside. Ugh.  Really didn't want to break a window to get in.

I looked around, knocked on a couple of neighbors' doors.  Third door answered.  I used her phone and left a message; she didn't have texting and I didn't know if Frank would listen to the voice mail.

Another 20 minutes or so, and another neighbor comes home.  I knock on the door, she brings me her phone. She is Hispanic, and had to change the settings to English for me.  I texted Frank and went to sit on my porch in the sun. A few minutes later, Susanna comes running over...."He will be here in 20 minutes...."   Whew.  Thanks, Susanna.

So I took advantage of the opportunity of time and put away the remaining outdoor pots, turned the yard around for winter. Ready now.

Frank got home, I got inside, had breakfast, changed clothes, and went to the eye doctor/retinal specialist.  (I know, ick, not showered. No time.)

That was the longest 3 hours for a 4.5 minute visit with the doctor. She looked in my eyes, looked at the pictures, and said the clumpy stuff in the eyeball fluid had moved out of the center of the visual field, and will probably keep moving the rest of the way out. She said there was no need for surgery, and no need to see her again as long as there are no more symptoms, old or new. And wants me to see the cataract specialist in one year.  Woo Hoo!!  Ok!!

I stopped for a few groceries on the way home.

Fixed supper and ate, showered, and a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a work day.

Thank you for reading.  Hugs.

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