Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday 10.17.2016

Another great day!

With the house being so close to the road, (a main north/south truck route in and out of town, with a freeway on/off ramp a mile north), there is a lot of silt-like dirt that covers everything outside. That's why I only open the windows on the back of the house. And, it's why I took a bucket of water out on the front porch.

I washed off the front storm door, inside and out, and was surprised at how dirty the water was already. I wiped off the mailbox, something I do every other week or so, then started on the porch railings. They are maybe 10 inches wide, and have a new coat of glossy white paint, and were very pretty in the Spring, when I got here. Not so much now with the layer of dark gray silt.

I got the railing all around washed, and the pillars, and will need to do it again. I was initially thinking of wiping down the siding; that will be a more than one day job.

Got myself cleaned up and over to the meeting.

Cooked up a pot of veggies for stock--it turned out pretty good.

A quiet rest of the night.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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