Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday. 08.16.2016

Another great day!

Rain this morning. Breakfast, put my overnight bag together, pulled a few things out of the fridge, went downstairs to get a small cooler.

Uh oh.

Must have gotten more rain than I thought last night. Lots of water in the corner and across over to the furnace. Fortunately, there were a couple of throw rugs on the floor that had absorbed a lot of the water. I took a deep breath and thought about how I was going to clean this up.

First, I picked up one of the rugs and quickly carried it over to the sump crock. That thing held a lot of water! It trailed water all the way over, and I found something to hang it over. Water streamed out of it.

So, knowing how wet those rugs were, I picked up the second one and hurriedly carried that it over, hanging that one, too. If I had found them earlier in the morning, I would have put those in the washer to rinse and spin, then put them in the dryer and they would have been done. But I was ready to leave and didn't have the time to start it now. I figured it would be good enough until tomorrow, used a mop and sopped up the floor.

A safe drive up to the lake,  thank you God, with intermittent rain the first couple of hours of the trip. Sunshine and blue sky with fluffy clouds were up ahead.

Evelyn was expecting me; I was happy to have arrived. Took in my few bags, had a bite of lunch that I had brought, and we went down to the GC.

J&P had arrived. It was good to see them.

Between the four of us, we got the boat trailer ready to travel. I'll look for another trailer light in the morning, and if I find one, Jim will put it on and I will be heading south. The whole process went pretty well. Thank you to all who helped.

J&P had supper, Evie and I went to have supper, too.

We spent the evening in her Bug Free Zone, visiting and watching the lake, listening to the rain, watching it get dark.


Tomorrow I'll make some phone calls before heading out. Hoping to be southbound before the rain starts again.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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