Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday 08.02.2016

Another great day!!

Clear and warm this morning.

Cindy and I went out for a walk around the lake. It was a little over 2 hours, though it didn't seem that long.

We had a bite to eat, got the gas cans, and went into Hale. First, to go the Fish store. She found many items and was very happy about the prices. I found a few items, also, and was happy with my price, too.

Over to the gas station for boat gas, then back to the lake.

Tom was kind enough to put the fuel into the boat for me. I sure appreciate all he does for me.

And then we played in the water.

Tubing:  Sophia, Cindy, Tom.  Skiing:  Sophia, Kathy.

We were ready for supper after all that.

So we all went up to Annie's.

Delicious, then back to The Lake for a pontoon ride, which was fabulous.

A quiet rest of the evening.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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