Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sunday 07.31.2016

Another great day!

Although it was still a bit cool, and windy, it looked like it might be a better weather day....

I went for a run, breakfast, shower, and a little housekeeping.

T&KS came by in the golf cart and we went for a nice ride around the "little" lake. I enjoyed it, thanks.

Back at the GC, we all visited and enjoyed the lake. It was still windy, the clouds were slowly moving out.

T&KS left, I moved out into the sun to warm up. A little while later my friend arrived.  OHMYGOODNESS!!!!

Amazing how the familiarity was there, and we have easily fallen into step.

We were well into getting reacquainted when T&KS came back. OHMYGOODNESS!!!!  She caught Tom up on the whereabouts of the people in the neighborhood we grew up in. They left after a while.

Of course we spent the rest of the evening sharing, having supper, and we went out on the dock to watch the night sky. Totally. Awesome.

Our Lord has surely blessed us.

And you, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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