Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday 07.21.2016

Anther great day!

Finally made it to The Lake.

Seemed to be a long morning, then swoosh it was time to leave.  Loaded and on the road.

A fabulous massage, a stop for food, and back on the road.

All was well, though heavy rain in the Bay City area created a slow-down. I think I may have missed the larger part of the storm.

South of Standish is construction; that slow-down added another 20 minutes or so for that stretch.

All in all, I arrived just before 5.  Of course it was hot, high 80's, sunny, and not much for breeze.  It was actually very pretty here.

I decided to  vacuum the collection of dead bugs and cobwebs before bringing my things in to the trailer.  Good thing, too--the heavy rains had come in onto one of the beds, which had been moved up against the wall, and was wet.  Ugh.  And as I moved the bed away from the wall, the plastic had shifted and had actually collected a puddle of water on the floor! Got that cleaned up, wiped the mildew from the floor, then used a lysol wipe to help prevent more growth.

The mattress, and foam layer, have both been out in the sun. One is dry, the other is still pretty wet. The box spring was also a little wet, and the fan is on in there moving air around.  It should be dried out by tomorrow.

I've had a shower, and a light supper. The loons were "trilling" a while ago.

So Awesome.

Tomorrow I'll try to stay cool...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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