Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday 07.23.2016

Another great day!

It was way too warm to go out for a run this morning. And I didn't wake until almost 9.  And I'd be running in full sun. Nope. Not in 80+ degrees.

So I got up and ready for the day, fielding a call from the J.O.B. (can you work...??  umm, no, I'm on vacation, returning to work August 8...).

Tom had come over and repaired the paddleboat steering, again, while I was getting ready.

KS and Kristen showed up, we got the boat hooked up, over to the launch,!!!  Kristen and I rode the boat back. It runs so nice--I really enjoy it.

Back at the dock, all hands participated in screwing the mooring poles into the lake bottom and attaching the bungees. We did a fine job. Thanks so much, you three!

Just as they left, Evie called, wondering when I was coming over.  Right now!! We had a nice visit.

Back at the GC, I floated in the lake for a bit, showered, and picked up the Goodwins to go to supper.

We had delicious food at The Bear's Den.

After, we played in the boat. Kristen was mostly out of the water on skis. She'll be riding them next time she tries....

Another slow ride around the lake and back to the docks.

A quiet evening.

Tomorrow is.....more of the same??  Maybe just a few degrees cooler???

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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