Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday 07.29.2016

Another great day!

Still cool and windy this morning. Frank left about 7 am to a beautiful sunrise.

About 10 am, though, the sun was warming up the temperature a bit.

After breakfast, I gathered what I needed and headed out for the afternoon. First stop, Transfer Station.

Evelyn had offered me to do laundry at her house "so we can visit", and I took her up on it.  It was just one load; I had brought laundry products and had planned to do a wash at some point. And with it being so hot, everything I had worn was so icky.  It was time to get it done.

We had a nice afternoon. When my laundry was finished, we went out for food. I took her back home, and went on to the GC myself.

Put things away, putzed around a bit, and went up to the campground to visit with Jeremy for the evening. We sat around the fire and watched it get dark.  Sure was nice to spend time with him.

When I got back to the cottage, the loons were quiet vocal.  They do make some unique sounds.

Sure is awesome here.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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