Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday 05.10.2016

Another work day.

And another odd day of sneezing and drippy nose. So embarrassing to interact with patients with clear fluid running down the upper lip. Or having a "sneezing fit". Or both.  Ohmygosh.

I took a sudafed at 0800, a claritin at 10:30-ish, another sudafed at 11:25. Lunch at 1:30. Tylenol and motrin at 2:30, starting to feel a little better. No drainage with only occasional sneezing until 5:30, when I took another sudafed.

Clocked out on time, drips starting again about 8, but waited until about 10pm to take another sudafed. Drips a little better.  Geesh, what is causing this?????

Tree pollens? Something in the new house??  If it's some kind of allergy, this is sure yucky.

Got 2 loads of laundry done tonight, collected a few more things to pack for my trip to Matilda's tomorrow.

A noon "Recognition Ceremony" that the Best Fed team was nominated for, then an Education Council meeting after that.

I'll come home, change, get things together, and head out for a long weekend with Matilda. Her parents are going camping. (Wait!!  Without us!?!)  We're going to have our own fun...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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