Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday 04.20.2016

Another great day!

Went out for a few groceries, and got gas before the price went up. Bonus!

While doing laundry, during the second load, I hear water splashing.

I see water dripping from the waste pipe. A steady stream. I snapped a picture and sent it to the landlord.

She texts me back, saying the maintenance guy will be here soon.

He shows up, looks at it, tightens the bands at the connections, but it's still dripping. (he put the cold water hose from the washer into the drain pipe and turned it on. We could hear the water backing up after a bit.) Turned the water off, and it drained away before long. He said he'd contact the plumber.

In the meantime, I called the city, who sent the big truck to check the sewer line in the road.  He ran the giant snake thing clear down to the next manhole. There was a small amount of debris, he said, but unlikely that that was causing the problem. And from the house to the main line in the street is the home owner's responsibility. Yikes.

Since I'm the first resident in this home in at least 3 years, there are likely to be little problems. I hope this landlord continues to be prudent with repairs, as she has so far.

I fixed supper and ate, cleaned up, and continued getting boxes out of the center of the rooms. It's getting tedious, but I'm making progress.

Tomorrow is a morning meeting.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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