Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday. 04.11.2016

Another great day!

I was pretty a key this morning, and felt like getting in a tub of hot water. Hmm. I looked at the new tub. Filled it up, and 10 minutes later I had climbed in.

Ohmygoodness, what a nice tub. I thoroughly enjoyed my soak.

Now I was ready for breakfast.

Ate, finished putting away things that I had brought last night, got the things together that I wanted to take over to the house, and was on my way.

The guy showed up to take out the rented water softener. The basement is all but done.

I worked all day and got the house ready for the truck. I enjoyed being outdoors cleaning the garage of the debris from the new roofing job. What a big help that everything had been covered. There sure is a lot of grit created.

Frank came over before work and disconnected the electronics in the entertainment center. He loaded the television and some other pieces into the van because we didn't have boxes for them.

Several stops on the way home, looking for a turkey baster to get the last little bit of gasoline out of the snow blower. Finally found one, so they'll be able to put that in the truck tomorrow.

I'm pretty excited to have the furniture coming over. And that I'm almost done!

Frank stopped over after work and unloaded what I couldn't.

Big day tomorrow!

Thank you for reading..  Hugs.

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