Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday 03.04.2016

Another great day!

Instead of breaking down boxes today, Jenny thought she might like some of that shiny packing paper as shelf liner.  I thought it might be a good option, so.....

Measuring, cutting. Got one done.  As I was in the cupboard, though, it didn't look quite as clean as I had hoped it was.  The finger swipe confirmed it--need cloth and water.  (A cleaning company had been in a couple of weeks ago. Jeremy wasn't happy, they came back, Jenny wasn't happy. So after 2 times being there, we had hoped the cupboards were clean. They weren't.  Jenny called today. The explanation--they only vacuum the cupboards. Actually wiping them out, inside and out, would be an "hourly fee".)

So, I cleaned cupboards, inside and out. And a lot of them. Kind of like, I appreciate what Jim did in my new house, and I was able to "pay it forward"  in this new house. I was happy to do it.

And we didn't like the paper.

I put together supper, ready to go in the oven. Jeremy came home with Matilda, Jenny was finally done working.

We enjoyed our supper.

A couple of their friends came over from Indianapolis with Jeremy's Jeep and both motorcycles on a large trailer. Since they arrived just after dark, we had great fun watching them unload from the windows.

After they toured the house, I had the pleasure of bath and bedtime again, and the parents were able to enjoy their friends.

Tomorrow they'll all go back over to the old house to finish up, and Matilda and I will spend my last full day here together. I'll be coming home Sunday.

It's been great fun, a true blessing.

As are you.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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