Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday 02.25.2016

Another great day!

Still snowing this morning, a little lighter. Overnight my driveway filled in, adding a drift. The snow was up and over the first step of the back porch. I decided to wait a little before going outside.

I contemplated moving that snow by myself. I saw the plow go by, the other way. A little while later, it came by my side of the road. I thought the plow pile didn't look so bad....and then a second plow came by, making sure to shove that snow as far up the driveway as he could.

I'm not shoveling that.  Or even trying to blow it.

I contacted my lawn guy, who said he'd be over. Don't know when, "but we'll get to you".  Great. Now I can enjoy my breakfast.

And after, I bundled up and got started with the "hand work", clearing off the steps, digging a path to the garage, clearing in front of the garage. I had gotten a good car length done when I heard a huge scrape out front. There's my guy, with a running start into that plow pile.  


He was only 10-15 minutes moving all that snow. And he cleared behind the van, too. I was only too happy to hand over some cash.

That done, I had to go to the hospital for the annual TB test. I had to take a quick shower first, as what snow I did move got me perspire-y. 

I loaded up the car in case the driveway was open at the other house, and I could spend the rest of the afternoon/evening cleaning.  

Done at the hospital, I did the drive-by. Nope, just a snow-filled driveway. I went to a parking lot and texted the landlady, who said I was on the list, and he'll be there pretty soon. I went on back home, since it's only about 3 miles or so.  The sun had come out, and it was really pretty, the white snow against the blue sky.

I studied for a while, had a bite to eat, and went back over. Yup, plowed!

I swept the basement floor, dust-mopped all of the first floor, shop-vac'd the stairway going to the second floor, and shop-vac'd the second floor.

I found that the whole house has the film of the dark construction silty stuff, as well as some areas having a light layer of drywall dust, too. So, with a little cleaning, the "new" house will also be clean. I'll be going over after the mamm appointment, spending the afternoon and probably early evening with a bucket and a cloth. I know to pace myself--I have to work the weekend.

I'll probably be looking for some tylenol or motrin before too long....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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