Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday 02.01.2016

Another great day!

Alarm woke me to get up and have a little time before a morning meeting. I saw that it was white outside--didn't know it was predicted to snow!

So I checked the weather app and saw that it might or might not melt, and is predicted to stay cold for another week or so. Looking out at the driveway, there's less than an inch on the pavement. Enough that it's going to turn to ice when driven on.

I got dressed and went out and did a quick shovel job, including a light salting of the back steps. They ice over easily; I've learned how to keep them safe. Breakfast, enjoyed a fresh brew, and off to the meeting.

Productive, with good discussions, as usual.

Stopped for errands on the way home.

The driveway was melted. Yay!

A quiet rest of the day.

Tomorrow is, finally, a massage. I missed last month due to the icy weather. The underarm area and wound bed in the breast are sore, full, and have been bothering me since a few days before the missed appointment. Yep, I'm ready.

Prayers to those with losses, and those with medical concerns. May the peace of the Lord surround you.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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