Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday 02.27.2016

Another great day!

I have a programmable thermostat--I set it to raise the temperature a couple of degrees before I get up.  This morning, the furnace came on, the alarm came on, the furnace went off. I dozed, thinking I would get up when the furnace came on again. (it comes on frequently when it's cold out)  The furnace didn't come on. Hmm. It even felt like it was getting colder.

I'd better go look.

Of course, I had power.  Looking at the screen on the 'stat, it was blank.  Hmm. Batteries??   I pulled it off the wall and looked.  Two triple a's. I was pretty sure I had 2 of that size.  I went to look in the battery collection.  Nope, no AAA's.  Hmm.

I hurried and got dressed, thinking I'd have to be late to work, as I needed to get batteries, get back to the house and put them in, before going to work.  Then I had the idea that maybe there are AAA's in a remote.

I opened 4 devices.  Two had AA's, one had triple a's, though were corroded. The last one had 4 AAA's!!! Jackpot!!!  Now if they have a charge.....I checked. Yep.

Put two of them in the 'stat, plugged it back onto the wall, it powered up, and bingo!  Program memory was retained, and the furnace came on.

Whew.  That heat sure feels good....

On to work.

Kind of busy, and with enough help.

We had a good day.

I'm kind of tired tonight. Hoping for the ring of the phone in the AM.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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