Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday 01.10.2016

Another great day, in a winter storm.

Temperature fell from 45 degrees at midnight to 25 at 0800. Wind almost steady at 18 mph. Light snow showers blowing around.

I did laundry, put Christmas away, read a little. Went out for a few groceries.  Shoveled the path from the back door to the garage door of about 2 inches. I salted the porch steps (the awning drips right on the edge of the top of the porch, and the two steps. It can be treacherously icy.)  in hopes of not having an injurious fall when I go outside.  When I got back from the store, the walk was mostly blown over with snow again.  I'll wait to shovel.

Phone conversation, supper, a quiet night. Other than the windows rattling with the wind, and the shrink-plastic making noises.

Tomorrow is a work day, with the cold getting colder.

Thank you for reading. Warm Hugs.

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