Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday 12.24.2015

Silent Night, Holy Night,

Not as windy
As last night.....


I don't like the wind.  I hardly slept as the 20+ mph wind blew, with frequent gusts. I got up and paced the house, wondering if it would be better to sleep in the basement.

I put the earphones on, selected some calming music, and turned it up enough that I hardly heard the gusts.

Yeah, that didn't work either. The music was too loud. I dozed a little, but didn't really sleep until almost 5am, when the wind seemed to slow down some.

Sometime after 0800 I opened my eyes and the sunlight was pouring in. Ahh, that looks much better. I don't like the gloom, either.

I got up and didn't do a whole lot of anything, but little bits of whatever.

I did go out for a walk in the sunshine.  The wind was cold--I was glad to have a hat and scarf, as well as gloves. Didn't see as much wind damage as I thought there might be.

I picked up branches and sticks from my own yard before going back in.

Frank came over this evening, and he mixed up the pumpkin pie from the Family Recipe.  When it came to the molasses, he sniffed the jar and said "Ewww--we put this in it??"  I laughed, and reminded him of the time I didn't put the molasses in.  He looked at me, and measured it out.  Sure looks good, and smelled good while baking!

Tomorrow we'll have a little dinner here.

Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy Birthday, Jesus.


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