Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday 09.30.2012

What a day!!

Beautiful--started out with a run later in the morning, to let it warm up a bit outdoors.  As it was, the wind was a little cool, but the sun was mahvelous!

I was breakfasting when I heard a knock on the back door.  Frank!!

Cool--he came over to help me with the pruning that I couldn't reach. We worked outdoors for an hour and a half or so before he had to leave. We did cut a lot more out, and I certainly have a respectable pile of yard debris. I continued working after he left; I initially thought that I could burn the stuff, but the pile is way too big for that. Then I thought that it would fill up the bed of a pickup truck. After I got inside and was fixing dinner, I looked out the window. Whoa!! That pile might fill up a truck bed--twice!! 

I've still got a bit more to cut back/down around the east side of the house. I think I'll call the property manager and ask her to come haul it away--after all, I did the work. Sounds like a reasonable proposal to me...

I enjoyed my supper, and a shower, and now a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday 09.29.2012

Wow, the end of September.

I watched the leaves shed from a tree in my backyard this morning while having breakfast. They were coming down like snow....   and that won't be long away, either....

But it was sunny and warm today. I sat outside and read for a bit, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also used my new long-handled "bypass pruners", cutting away a good bit of the growth along the property line. Frank showed up just in time to help carry it all to the backyard, where it made a good-sized pile. It will make a good-sized fire after it dries out, too.

We visited a bit, and I showed him the pictures of Matilda. He giggled and ooo'd and ah'd. It was fun to watch him.

A quiet night.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise and do a little more outdoor trimming to get the yard ready for winter.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday September 28, 2012


  9 babies on our time, with (at least) 4 more to deliver. Yikes!

I'm tired...!

Tomorrow is catch-up day at home.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday September 27, 2012 Home Again

What a day!!

I got up and stripped the bed and put the linens in the washer, and started breakfast. A short while later, I heard Mattie making her baby noises, and Jennie taking care of her. I went up to let Jen know that breakfast was being prepared; I took baby back to the kitchen with me while momma showered and got ready for the day.

After breakfast, Jen picked up a little while I vacuumed the main floor, then remade the bed. When we were finished, we played "dress-up" with Matilda, putting on some of her cutesy clothes and taking pictures. Then we went to have lunch with Jeremy before dropping me at the airport.

A good flight home, thank you God, and Polly and Jim were there to pick me up. We stopped for a bite to eat and, of course, I showed them the pictures. Thanks for sharing my joy!

Back home, I unpacked and got turned around for work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Another beautiful day in South Carolina!

Jenny went by herself this morning to an eye appointment, while I stayed at the house with a sleeping Matilda. She was worn out after keeping her parents awake with her "inconsolability" during the night. And the rest of the day she was happy, feeding and looking around for a while, and sleeping.

I was able to participate in a meeting this afternoon, too, by phone. Ahh, technology.

I fixed supper for us, and Jeremy and Jenny gave Mattie a bath. It sure is fun to see her legs kicking in the water! And at a diaper change before bed, her cord had come off!!  Jeremy said she was growing so fast that she'll be in school next week.... she's 16 days old now. (does he know how true that seems??)

Tomorrow we'll meet Jeremy for lunch somewhere at the airport. And then I come back home.

Maybe during my wait at the airport I can move the pictures from my camera to the computer so I can post a link to an album.

Thank you God for this life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Another sunny day in South Carolina...

I went out for a run this morning. I had looked at the map of the neighborhood, which is large and winding, with loops and courts and similarly named streets. I had a good idea of where I wanted to go, and took my watch, so I would know when I wanted to go back. 

I had a good run--whatever the pavement is made from glitters--kind of like the sparkles on the lake, or the sparkles on the snow. Very pretty. And the sun was very warm. It was nice to be back in the warmer temperatures.

After breakfast and a shower, Jenny went out for a walk by herself with the dog, Lola. Jen is feeling extremely well, and acclimating to the life changes enough that she is able to get a short nap or two the last couple of days.

When Jeremy got home from work, we all went out for supper, a first for them since the baby was born. Of course, Matilda slept, and J & J seemed to enjoy being out. I'm happy to be here with them.

Tomorrow I have a conference meeting, and Jenny is going out for an appointment. It will be another good day.

Thank you God for this gift of life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday 09.24.2012

Finally caught up on sleep--we were all pretty tired last night after doing a whole lot of not much yesterday. And when I opened the computer to write here, I didn't have an internet connection. I tried a couple of simple things to connect it that didn't work; I just went to bed.

Today Jenny and I took Matilda to the pediatrician's office for a weight check. Oh, yeah, she was 7# 11 oz  last Monday; today she was 8# 12 oz!!  She gained 17 ounces in 7 days. Wow! Human milk does great things for human babies...!!!  (just a refresher--she was 8 pounds even at birth, 14 days ago)

We had great fun this afternoon giving Mattie a bath. Jenny showed me how they had done it the previous two times, and I showed her how to put baby in  the baby bathtub, not just on the hammock-like thing. Mattie got into the warm water and relaxed. Mom was amazed that baby was so happy--unlike the earlier constant crying experiences. Mom and baby were peacefully snuggling this afternoon.

We watched a couple of breastfeeding dvd's that I needed to review for my project; Jen gave me some good feedback from a new mom's perspective.

We also went outside for a long walk. The weather is beautiful--low 80's with a light breeze, high 60's at night. Jeremy passed us as he was coming home from work.

I fixed us a yummy supper and we had a quiet evening at home.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise, and us girls are going to play dress up with the baby. Pictures, too!!  So far I've had a lot of fun with my new baby.

Thank you God for this gift of life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday 09.22.2012

Matilda Skye--12 days old, smells like a sweet baby. I "get" the grandparent thing now....

Jeremy met me at the airport in Flint, and we flew together back to Savannah. A quiet first leg, but after eating in Atlanta, the next leg was better. Two good flights, thank you God.

When we got to the house, Jenny and Matilda were on the sofa. Daddy went over and snuggled his baby and baby mama, while I greeted the dog. (Lola sniffed me and happily wagged her tail, then went on back to Jeremy and Matilda).  After Jeremy changed Mattie's diaper, he presented her to me.

Oh, my.

I held her for about an hour or so before we all went to bed. It wasn't long before I heard baby noises. Ahhh, those days are coming back to me now.......I remember the interrupted nights and the sometimes frustrating lack of sleep. I hope I can help them somehow.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday September 21, 2012

Tomorrow's the day I go to South Carolina....

Worked today. It got crazy busy in the afternoon, escalating even as we left.  Ah, the value of being an hourly employee....

I've got my things collected and ready to pack. I'm getting anxious...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday September 20, 2012

Interesting day today...

I was up, dressed for work, and getting ready to "do" my hair, when....the phone rings.  On Call.  *sigh*  Ok...  back to bed.

And I slept intermittently the rest of the morning, finally getting up about 8:45.

It was a little cool outdoors, so I waited a bit before going out for a run, watching the birds and the squirrels in the yard.

Breakfast, shower, went out to do my banking (since I could).

Did laundry and got my clothes almost ready to travel again Saturday. (Looking for a ride to Flint on Saturday, and a ride from Detroit on Thursday. Might have a ride for Saturday, but haven't figured out Thursday yet...)

I moved some stuff around in the basement, straightened the back room, put in a storm window. Trying to get settled in for winter...

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank God for this beautiful day.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday 09.19.2012

What a day!!

I spent a lot of time this morning on the phone and on the computer, taking care of business. Went to a meeting, then home for supper.

When I opened the fridge, I remembered that I was going to stop on the way home to pick up the couple of things I forgot to get yesterday. (so much for the list....) So I went back out and did that, filling up the car with gas, too.

And had a quiet evening at home.

Thank you God for all you've given us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday 09.18.2012 Skype Day

Through the miracles of modern technology, I "met" my granddaughter today. It took her dad and me a little bit to figure out, but I was able to see her, right here on my computer screen, real time. And when I talked to her, she turned her head and looked for me. Ohhh. 8 days old. Her generation will be all about this electronic communication; it's a good thing, I think.

While I was waiting for the time to go by when Jeremy and I were going to "meet", I went downstairs to the basement and got some of that organized a little more. I was surprised to see some dead bugs, but happy that they were dead. I'll need to get my shop-vac after them.....

Tomorrow is a meeting, and I want to get my things ready to pack for the real meeting with Matilda Skye on Saturday.

Thank you for reading. Virtual Hugs.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday 09.17.2012

I was surprised at how tired I was, and how much awake time I had in the wee hours. Until 3:30, I think. I slept better in the later morning.

After getting up and checking the weather, I waited a bit for the sun to warm the world before going out for a run. I enjoyed listening to and watching the birds and squirrels.

As I started out, a few driveways down, a car pulled out of the driveway. And stopped. And he put the passenger window down. An older guy, "Ernie Kowalchuk," he said as he reached to shake my hand. And spelled his last name. We exchanged pleasantries; I'm happy to have met him.

Breakfast, shower, made a grocery list, and went out to the store.

I did a load of laundry, fixed food and ate, and had a quiet evening.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday 09.16.2012

Another workday, and it was good, with my fabulous co-workers.

And tonight I'm tired, though not as tired as last night, thank you God.

Household chores tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday 09.15.2012

Whew, am I tired.

I thought I had caught up on my sleep and rest yesterday, but boy am I tired tonight.

Had a great day at work with the best co-workers.

And tomorrow I'll do it again.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Matilda Skye

My first grandbaby, born to my first baby.

First hour on Earth.

Matilda Skye, born 9.10.2012
8 pounds even, 20 inches long

Jenny, Jeremy, and Matilda Skye


Love me some Matilda Skye.

Friday 09.14.2012 Doctor Day

Yesterday I was soooo tired and fatigued. I had slept hard, and didn't wake very often, and felt pretty good in the morning. I was able to go for a run, and in the afternoon went out for groceries. After supper I got really sleepy, and ended up snoozing out in the living room. A couple hours later I took myself to bed.

And I slept pretty good last night, too.

Went to a meeting to plan an educational event for the staff, stopped at home, then went to Lansing for my 6 month appointment with Doctor Williams.

All was good there. My weight was 130.4 pounds, down another 8 since February. I'm good with that. All of my labs were good, and we talked about the hot flashes (yes, I still have them), and my improved cognition and comprehension (thinking and reading/understanding abilities). I do feel that the chemo-fog has lifted somewhat. I'm 4 years out of treatment; I'm still not as "sharp" as I used to be B.C. (before chemo, or before cancer), but I'm a lot better than I have been. Just in the last several months. THANK YOU GOD!!!

So, in January/February of the new year, I'll be having a bone density (every 2 years) and a MRI breast (annual). He didn't say anything about changing visits to once a year, nor did he mention stopping the letrozole (Femara). *sigh* But I'm alive and cancer free today, so I'll continue doing what I'm doing.....

A quiet evening, and now I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday 09.12.2012

Wow--what a wonderful experience in St. Louis, MO!!!

So much energy, so many ideas, so many different "obstacles" to reach to goal of being designated a "Baby Friendly" facility. As one of approximately 30 facilities that participated in this particular Learning Session, (the other 60 facilities had already done theirs; we were the third group), we were presented with lots of information and lots of ammunition to attack the challenges. And I traveled with 7 others; wonderful women all, and the best co-workers. Thank you God for keeping us safe on our journey.

Home now, decompressing. My ears don't fly well and they are sore. Motrin will be my friend for a few days. Happily, though, the antibiotic I've been taking for the mouth infection is working, and that pain/ache/pressure/discomfort is mostly gone. I've got a few more days of pills yet, and I'm hoping that will be enough.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise, and I'll review the materials from the conference.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday 09.10.2012

Had a busy day today.

Frank stopped over this morning in his new car!!!! Well, new to him. A 2003 Mustang Roush Stage 2. Oh, yeah, quite the car. Sounds like my boat.....and you know that makes me smile.

After we got back to the house, I had to get my things and meet with my peeps at the hospital. We all arrived and began our journey to St. Louis. We had a good trip, arriving safely, thank you God. We've had a busy night settling in and getting ready for tomorrow's Learning Session.

And, all day, Jeremy has kept me updated about Jenny's labor progress. Finally, I got a phone call saying Matilda Skye was born at 10:13pm by cesarean section. 8 pounds even, 20 inches long, and a full head of hair. Both Jenny and Matilda are doing well. Thank you God, again, for this gift of life.

Congrats to my firstborn, birthing his firstborn. Kind of overwhelming....

Tomorrow will be a busy day, full of information and new ideas, to be sure.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday 09.09.2012

I slept fairly well, dozing and waking finally about 8:30. It was a little cool this morning; the sun was coming up above the trees, so I waited a bit before going out for a run. By that time it had warmed up quite a bit.

Breakfast, shower, and the rest of the day I spent getting ready to go.

I went outdoors for a bit, sat in the sun and read a little. The hummingbirds were flying around the geranium and feeding, then going over to the feeder. I enjoy watching them.

J&J are at the hospital to start the induction. We'll be having a baby probably tomorrow.....and I'll probably be on the plane and won't get the message right away. I hope I get pictures, too.

Can't wait.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday 09.08.2012

I did finally sleep last night. And woke feeling like I had rested.

My mouth was slightly better, too, thank you God.

I spent the day enjoying the sun from within my little house, getting myself organized to go to St. Louis on Monday. It's the first Learning Session for the Best Fed Initiative Collaborative. I'm sooo excited about this project. Hoping for lots of good outcomes as a result.

Went to the store, got a few things, ate supper, did some laundry.

Haven't heard from J&J in SC. Yet.

I hope to exercise tomorrow, and get the household ready for me to be gone.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday 09.07.2012

I was tired last night, and I got to bed near 10, which is pretty early for me. And I slept for a bit, waking at intervals like I do, with hot flashes. They usually last about 10-15 minutes, I cool off, and I do my best to quiet myself and hopefully go back to sleep.

Not this morning.

3:33 this morning, hot flash. Approximately 10 minutes later, I'm cooling off, and turn to get comfortable.

Just as I was settling in, another hot flash.


Another 10 minutes or so, I settle in, breathe, and ..... wait a minute. Another one???

Deep breathe, try to quiet my inner body. I finally cool back off, dare to "adjust"--move slightly to a better position, gently pull the covers back up, ahhh, maybe I'll go back to sleep now. I've got almost an hour before the radio comes on....

You've got to be kidding me.

Another one.

I don't look at the clock, but I've got the radio on with the sleep timer thing, that goes off after 20 minutes. I turned it on 3 times during this early morning episode of serial episodes.

I was just dozing off when---the radio came on. Time to get up....


I got ready and went to work.

We had a good day with a great group. I was able to leave a little early, and that was nice.

I'm tired tonight, and going to bed EARLY again. Please, God, let me get some restful sleep.

Tomorrow is a chore day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday 09.06.2012

Another great day...

Worked, was glad to have someone cover me for the meeting times. Sure makes the day go better to break it up like that.

I'm still a bit sore in the hip area, and it feels like my jaw is trying to bother me, too. I'll call the dentist again tomorrow.

While I'm at the J.O.B.

Jeremy called tonight, saying the doctor "stripped Jenny's membranes". (I know what it means, but I won't go into detail here) If she doesn't deliver by Sunday evening, they are to check in to the hospital for induction of labor on Monday. Her parents arrived today, staying for a couple weeks.

Can't wait!!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday 08.05.2012

I had a pretty good day today.

I was sore in the night and took another dose of the motrin and tylenol. It started working after I finally cooled off from a hot flash (I'm soooo tired of them....), and was able to drift off to sleep for maybe three hours. And even though the medicine was mostly worn off and I was getting a little uncomfortable again, I went out for a jog, hoping that it would help to move and loosen up.

It kind of did.

I didn't feel any worse, that's for sure.

Breakfast, shower, and to Leah's for a massage.

As she was working on the hips and back, she talked about the yoga exercises for the hips. Which got me to thinking.....Hey, I was doing some yoga the other day, really getting some good stretches in. Maybe I'm sore in those odd muscles. Regardless, I sure felt better when I left. Thank you, Leah!

I got my work done for a meeting tomorrow, read a little, ate, talked with Jeremy. He and Jenny are anxiously waiting for her to go into labor. Any day now....

Tomorrow is a workday, also a couple of meetings.

The stiffness is returning--I think I'll go stretch again.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday 09.04.2012

The end of a long day.

Just another workday, but--oddly busy.

I'm tired, and my lower back hurts.


Good thing tomorrow I see Leah for a massage....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday 09.03.2012

Another great day....

Went for a walk, cleaned the kitchen, fixed food and ate a couple of times. Paid bills, sat outside and read for a while, watched the clothes dry on the line.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday 09.02.2012

What a wonderful day!

Mostly overcast, but warm and kind of humid.

I went out for bike ride after breakfast. I finally saw the peacocks that some folks have in their yard. What interesting looking birds!

This afternoon I went out to an Open House for a property on a channel. Lots to think about, but unless the homeowners want to do something ridiculously low-cost, it's not the place or time for me to move again.

A quiet evening--I sat outdoors and read as the sun was going down. The movement I caught out of the corner of my eye? Chipmunk. And 3 juvenile little 'munks. Yes, they were very cute to watch as they skittered around. And since this place is a rental, maybe they can stay the winter in their den. But I do have the bucket here....

Tomorrow I need to do laundry and get ready for the week. Maybe I'll do some kind of exercise, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday 09.01.2012

What a great day today!!

After an interesting night--I woke about 3AM feeling hot. Not unusual, but....I wasn't feeling well. I thought if I laid there it would go away like usual. Nope. I didn't feel good. My heart was racing and I was hot and sweaty...What?!? I didn't feel good. Maybe my blood sugar was low. Hm. I wasn't really hungry during the day, and only had small snacks. Not a lot to eat, really.

So, I got up, had a glass of milk, and decided that I really didn't feel good, and that it was probably blood sugar, and decided I'd fix breakfast. So I did, and I ate, and about a half hour/45 minutes later, I was feeling much better, although I had a naggy headache.

Back to bed I went.

I woke a couple more times in the morning, and when I saw that it was 9:15, it was time to get up.

Still had a naggy headache, but went out for a run anyway.

I rummaged in the freezer for "what to eat", was able to put together a nice lunch, and ate. Shower, then out to Meijer for some fresh veggies and fruits. Tylenol and motrin helped the naggy headache, which I think was a (relatively) mild migraine like I get.

I was going to go to the Springport Speedway for the end-of-season race, but it was cancelled due to the weather threat. Since my friend's man was leading in points for the season, he was declared the Champion--and since the track was closed, we celebrated at their place. A nice way to spend a summer evening.

My head is just a little sore yet from the headache, and I'm hoping to be all better tomorrow.

Laundry is on the agenda.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.