Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday 07.31.2012

Well, here it is. The end of the month. I've noticed the darkness coming earlier in the evening, and the later in the morning. And it's a full moon night. Hoooowwwwwl.....

Worked today. Felt like riding a bike--had to think about which key to use where (we have 3 each). I did remember the combination to my lock, though. And as the day went on, it all felt more familiar. (It should, being there 29 years and all...)

We were busy, and had a good crew to work with.

After work I stopped for a few groceries, put them away, and did a load of laundry.

Tomorrow is another workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday 07.30.2012

Whew--what a day!!

Woke up shortly after 8, dozed and got up about 9, with an eye for collecting, packing, and heading for home.

Bruce Jr. and Kelly came down for a bit while he did something with the modem again. Increased the internal signal strength?? This new modem doesn't have an external antenna and is not transmitting the distance the old one did, even with the parabola behind it. He said with the signal booster on an individual's laptop/computer, there should be no reception problem for the GC users.

It took me a bit longer than I had anticipated to do the closing chores. Of course it was a beautiful day, high 80's, and I had to "enjoy" doing the few odds and ends outdoors... I ended up leaving about 4 pm, and stopped at the GC to say goodbye. What a great group of people!! Happy to call you Family!!

A safe drive south, thank you God, and all was well when I arrived.

Unloaded, unpacked mostly. Turned around for a workday tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday 07.29.2012

What a wonderful day!!

Started bright blus skies a little cool. Started maybe low 50's==but when as the sun got higher in the sky, it got warmer. Wow.

By 1000 it was low 70's. Diane came in from an early morning fishing with several in her bucket.

I slept really good this morning--it was after 9AM when I woke. Finally, sleeping well in the morning. After breakfast we got ready and went out in the boat.

Diane and Gail got their things together, cleaned their spaces, and I fixed lunch for them with the myriad of leftovers we had. It wasn't much longer that they were loaded and on their way.

I went down to the GC with the boat: Wes had a GREAT tube ride. The weekenders had left and there were only a couple of other boats out playing, so the water was mostly quiet other that our waves.

Jonathon was next, and had a great ride himself. Then Sophia. Woo-Hoo!! First timer!! She had a great ride. Next, Crystal. She had a great ride, too. I offered the Grinner another ride, and she accepted, "with a little more waves." So, she had another ride, just a bit more aggressive, sliding her back and forth, and going through some waves. And, since the sun was setting, we decided to be done, and finish with a ride around the lake. Lovely.

I took them back to the GC and motored on home myself.

After mooring successfully, I cleaned the boat a little before covering it for the next several days. And inside the cabin, I started turning things around to go home tomorrow. The list is started....

When it got dusky/dark, I walked down to the GC. 9:30 pm. They were finishing food; I enjoyed fresh produce from Sunday's garden. Yum.

We visited inside for a bit until the fire was lit. We had a nice fire, and as people drifted off to bed, we had a magnificent view of the lake in all it's moon-lit, mirroring, beauty. Thank you Bruce and Kelly for sharing my walk down Memory Lane to the JC. And adding to it. Absolutely phenomenal.

Tomorrow is going home day. I've been here since the 11th, loving each and every minute of it. Oh, Yeah... God is so good to me....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday 07.28.2012

What a fun day today!

Clear and sunny, with a breeze. Was white-cappy for a while. Gail and Diane laid out on floaties in the water for a while.

I had gone for a run, then breakfast and a shower. As the day went on, the wind eased; I uncovered the boat and let it dry out a bit.

We have another group of new grinners: Wes went first on the tube. He's experienced, and I was pleased at how the boat pulled him. Next was Johnathon. Never been, grinning now. Then Crystal. Still grinning. Diane had a brief trip on the tube, too.

I took the group back to the GC, and Diane and Gail and I went for a boat ride on the busy lake.

When we got back they started supper, which turned out to be very yummy. Gail put together a nice fire, and we enjoyed that, too.

Tomorrow is predicted to be sunny again. Thank you God for this opportunity to enjoy your world.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 07.27.2012

Another wonderful day at the lake....

Rain most of the day. Heavy rain this afternoon when first Gail arrived, then Diane within 20 minutes later.

The rain let up, and finally passed. I fixed us a good dinner, and we ate--and Diane had to go get bait and such.

The group from the GC came down. Bruce Jr. to try to adapt the modem/routers, and the rest to get out of the cottage and see some different faces. Turns out that Gail's kids went to school with Bruce's kids, and they all knew each other! How cool is that!?! We had a lot of fun playing dominoes and a Jenga-type game. After a few hours, the modem/router still not doing what B wanted it to do, they all left for the evening.

Diane fished off of the dock, and Gail and I enjoyed the evening in the BFZ.

Tomorrow is predicted to be mid-80's and clear. We hope to play on and in the lake...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday 07.26.2012

A great day today, despite the morning being the same flat overcast gray in the sky and the water, broken only by the dark treeline/shoreline across the lake. An awesome storm moved through during the night--not so much on the rain or wind, but lots of lightning, and a deep grumbling thunder that vibrated the house and the ground. That activity seemed to last a couple of hours.

The sky finally lightened in the early afternoon. Bruce and Bruce came down and installed my new modem, so I have more consistent internet. Bruce the Younger is still working on improving the signal strength at the GC.

Crystal, Wes, and Jonathon came down to ask if I would show them where the Fish store is. Sure!! So, into town we went. We found a couple treasures...

Back at the JC, I finished my online work, prepared food and ate, and finally went down to the GC. Bruce Sr. had gotten his things together to leave, as there was lots of activity coming between the cottages there, and the dog wasn't doing well. I was disappointed that he left, but it was the best option all around. And, I was happy that I was able to visit with him in the first place! You're a wonderful man, Bruce, and a great dad and grandpa.

Tomorrow I think I'll do the laundry in town before Diane and Gail arrive; that way I won't have so much to do when I get home.

The weather is predicted to be better the next few days.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday 07.25.2012 Tht 57th Anniversary of the Day of my Birth!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday 07.25.2012 The 57th Anniversary of the Day of my Birth!

And what a great day it was, both then and now!

Here's what I remember of the stories of my birth: as she was leaving for the hospital, one of my brothers said, "Hope you get your girl, Mom." She had had three boys in a row, stairsteps apart. 6 years later, she got me. Whoa. (And another boy 4 years after me.)

And that she hemorrhaged. And needed a blood transfusion. And that she didn't know she had a girl for 3 days. (?-really?)

Yup. I'm spoiled.

I am truly loved by each of my brothers, and I love each one of them just as much.

And my sisters-in-law, and my friends.

My blessings are many.

Oh--and the Blueberry Rhubarb Crisp? Absolutely Yummy!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday 07.24.2012

Another Awesome Day!!!

Sunshine, blue skies, steady breeze, lower humidity, low 80's.

I was just getting dressed (yes, it was 11 am) when I heard a voice--KS was at the back door. Hi!

We visited a bit, then I went out to finish staining the back deck. Took most of the afternoon, but I got it done. And, Boy, does it look nice.

Tom showed up after a bit, too, and we went into town to fill a gas can, and to go "Fishing" at the Fish store.

I found a couple treasures (don't really need, but 25 cent indulgences) just to have fun with.

I finished the deck when we got back, and they went on their way. It was a nice afternoon.

I fixed my supper and ate (Yummy Nachos), cleaned the kitchen, did my work for the meeting tomorrow at 2pm.

I hope to exercise in the morning if the rain holds off.

And I'm going to make my birthday treat--blueberry/rhubarb crisp. Mmmm.....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday 07.23.2012

Zowie, it was a hot one today! And windy--which helped "blow the stink off".

I woke about 0230, remembering that I hadn't moved the trash into the garage. And that the raccoon that poos up by the front deck will probably get into it. *sigh* I got up...

I turned on the back light--there it is, the giant b**t**d. It hadn't made too much of a mess yet, thankfully. I was surprised that when I turned the light off, then on again, it turned around and started waddling quickly around to the front of the garage. I slipped on my shoes, got a new trash bag, and picked up the debris, moving the bags into the garage. I'm glad I got up when I did...

Back to bed, I finally got up about 8:30. I didn't sleep well most of the night.

After a quiet morning, and trying to get my self going, I went to Hale, taking the trash to the transfer station, stopping at the stores for produce and sale items. The car thermometer showed 94 degrees.

I had a couple phone calls, fixed food and ate, looked at the weather forecast. Hm. Possible thunderstorms, but I've got to get that back deck finished. I decided to take my chances, and started that part of the project. The sun was going down and it was still breezy, so it wasn't too bad. I ended up working for a couple hours, making good progress.

Tomorrow I need to work on the computer for a bit; I'll do that with the a/c on.

Hoping to sleep tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday 07.22.2012

What a great day!!!

Other that being really hot, and really humid...

We started out with sun and had a quiet morning. It was about noon when we got the boat out--I water skied, and Tom did, too. Yippee!!

No tubing for the kids, as the storm clouds were gathering.

We did get intermittent rain, intermittent thunder, and a flash of lightening or two over several hours this afternoon.

The Oliver's drove over to visit their sister et al; we all had a nice time at the GC. After Amber and crew left for home, the remainders were at the JC for a couple hours, and we ended up migrating indoors to the a/c. All guests were gone by 7:30 pm.

A quiet night--so quiet it's creepy. Temperature is still 80 degrees and humidity is still high. Yup--summer.

Tomorrow I hope it dries out so that I can get the stain on the back deck. It's my last week to get my projects done...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 07.21.2012

Another Fabulous Day!!!

Thanks to God for this life.

I slept pretty good the first part of the night, and again this morning, but was awake a couple hours in between, listening to the radio, praying, contemplating...

When I did get up, I wandered around a little, drank some water, then went out for a run.

Breakfast, shower, and I spent some time catching up with the internet and the financial side of life. Looks like I'll be ok. I'm still cautious, though.

Tom and I went into Hale and filled a couple gas cans for the boat. The thermometer on the car showed 86 degrees, and the humidity is rising.

Later in the afternoon the group from the GC came down and we played on the lake again. Mark and Tom refueled the boat--thanks, guys. It was a little more windy than yesterday, and a lot more boat activity. Everybody had a ride, and Mark got a new reason to grin. Yup, tubing.

After supper, and near dark, T, KS, and myself went on down to the GC to join them for a fire. It was nice--and buggy. Even the bug spray wasn't enough help. Us "old folks" left after a bit and let the younger ones enjoy their evening.

Back at the JC, we sat out in the bug free zone, in the stillness and humidity. It's still pretty warm tonight.

Please keep our military personnel in your prayers; our Jeffrey Andrew Cross leaves Sunday morning for the first leg of his deployment to Afghanistan. May God be with you, Drew.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday 07.20.2012

What a great day today!!!

The day started with clear blue skies, reflected in a blue lake with a steady breeze. And the temperature was maybe high 50's and warmed quickly.

Tom rowed my aluminum boat to the GC to let those kids row "around the world" at the end of the anchor rope. I went into town this morning to find a replacement boot for the water ski. No success, just resource phone numbers. Overton's has one in their catalog; backordered until August. *sigh* I think we'll "make do" with what we have for now... (the phone calls were fruitless, as well).

In the afternoon, Amber and her friend, Mark, and the kids--Gia, Shea, Hope, and Jacob--walked to the JC for a boat ride. Tom and I had inflated one of the tubes to have available. No one had been tubing before. There are now new grinners--Jacob, Hope, Amber, Shea, and Gia. We all had a lot of fun, especially since the wind quieted and the other boats were off the lake while we were out. The sun was hot and the temps were probably mid 80's. Lovely!! Thank you, God!

T & KS & me put our supper together, ate, cleaned the kitchen, and had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow I would like to exercise in the morning, as well as maybe get some stain on the back deck, now that it's dried out from yesterday's light rain. I'm quite fatigued this evening, hoping to sleep well tonight and feel rested.

Lots of blessings around here.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday 07.19.2012

What a great day today...

Even though the temperature didn't make it to the 70's (so it felt) and was drizzly/light rain off and on throughout the day, and it was the first time in a couple weeks that I've had on long pants.  And I was actually a bit cool most of the day.  Ahh, Michigan...

After breakfasting this morning, I was finishing vacuuming and putting things away and getting turned around for my guests, T&KS.  They arrived about noon, when I wasn't quite done. That's ok, we're on Lake Time around here.

They unloaded and had lunch, and Tom went to the GC to mow and open the cottage for AS et al. And after they had arrived and gotten unloaded, KS and I were summoned to go down there.

So we did.

And had a very nice visit.

The kids were in the lake before long, having a great time.

We three left to go back to the JC, where we had a quiet rest of the day; dinner, visiting, and staying warm in the BFZ.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow. It was good for me to have a "down" day, but I've got stuff to do....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday 07.18.2012

What a busy day today.

I woke to an ant--a big, black, carpenter ant, over 1/2 inch long--climbing on my arm. Hm. Haven't had ants in here in a few years. When I really woke up and looked around at the day, I saw an ant on the wall. And another, and another.....  Crap.

So I got up and watched for a while, to find out where they were coming from. Didn't really discover where they were entering/exiting, but I went out to the garage and got the bug spray.  I know; toxic. I moved all the furniture away from the walls so I could spray before going out for a run. As I was still spraying along the edges of the floors and walls and such, I could hear them dropping onto the floor. A lot more ants than I thought. Ick.

 I had a good run. It's a lot cooler today, and the breeze is from the east, which is straight into the bedroom. I opened the windows before going out. And when I got back, those ants were staggering out in the other room. Gosh, it's a lot of ants.

Breakfast, shower. I had many things to do today, and the ant project kind of took precedence. So, I changed my schedule for the day.

KS and T are coming tomorrow, and I asked her if she would pick up a few groceries for me. She said she would, so I don't have to do that today. Scratch that off the list. Thanks, KS!

I went outside to get ready to use the power washer on the back deck. I had to move the plants and get the hose out and hooked up, and assemble the unit. That done--sphewsh--the thing is working!!  Ah Ha!! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening spraying the deck off. I did take a couple of breaks--to return phone calls, use the restroom, and eat. And I finished as the light was fading. I turned things off and moved the hoses and such, but didn't disassemble anything.  I still have vacuuming to do yet tonight....

Bob came over to see how I was doing. We visited for a few minutes before I excused myself.  Another shower to get the paint chips off of me. That's  really a messy job.

I used my favorite tool--the shop vac--in the bedroom. I was surprised at how many ants there were.  And the little cobwebs on the textured ceiling tile. Yes, I vacuumed the ceiling, too. Furniture back in place, and I'm at a stopping place for the night.

I sat out in the BFZ for a half hour or so to rest and decompress. Came in and wrote here, and I'm now going to bed.

Tomorrow's list is a little longer. I'll just keep picking away at it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday 07.17.2012

What a day...Hot, grayish blue overcast/hazy, high humidity---

And at The Lake.

So hot, not many boats were out. And if they did go out, they weren't out very long. Odd for the lake to be that quiet.

I walked down to Anne's to see about going into town for lunch, but she declined.  I told her I'd be back to check on her later in the afternoon.

Back at the JC, I was going stir-crazy. I decided to pull the indoor/outdoor carpet off the back deck,  step one in the painting process.  There were so many roofing-type nails pounded into that carpet, of a few different sizes, too. It was shady there on the porch, and a good breeze helped blow the sweat off of me. I took my time and got it done, just as the sun was chasing me away.

I cleaned up, fixed food, mixed up an icy pitcher of raspberry lemonade, and took all of that down to Anne's to share with her. 

She was upstairs with her air conditioner on, and was happy for the food and cold drink. We visited for maybe an hour or so before I left.

After cleaning the dinner dishes that I had taken with me, I went out to the BFZ (bug-free zone) and enjoyed the evening. Still hot, but trying to cool off a little with an occasional dark cloud.  Sometimes it looks like it just might rain...

So I brought the cushions in and took a shower. Boy did that feel good.

A quiet evening. Tomorrow I may power wash that back deck.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday 07.16.2012

I slept pretty good again last night. 

Diane is still dizzy. Better, but still unable to drive. I helped her with a "sit-down" shower--sitting in the tub with the hand-held shower thing.

Jim, Polly, Aaron, and Jacob came down after lunch for another ski attempt for Jake.

And he got up...for almost 30 seconds!  Enough to call it a ride!  Good job, Jake!!!  Such fun to have a new skier!!

When we came in off of the lake, Diane had her things packed and ready to go.  When J&P were ready to leave, they came down, we loaded Diane's car, and Polly drove Diane and her car to Mt. Pleasant, and Jim followed. Now she can go to her doctor...

I had a hot, quiet evening.  Feels like mid-90's and high humidity, with the overnight low predicted to be 78.  Thankful that Dan thought it important to have air conditioning here.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another hot one. Yep--a good time to be at the lake...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday 07.15.2012

What a great day today!!

I slept pretty good, and Diane wasn't up early to make little noises.  I got up and went out for a run--when I got back, she was still sleeping.  Hmm, not like her.

I looked in on her a couple of times, and she finally stirred, saying that something wasn't right, that she was extremely dizzy. Oh, oh....

She told me that she had experienced this before, and that she also had an ear infection recently. She stayed laying down the majority of the day, sleeping, and has gotten somewhat better as the day has gone on.

We finally got a little rain this afternoon. After the weather cleared and the boat cover dried off (mostly), I went out and got it ready to go. Jim, Aaron, Jacob, Kris, and Arianna arrived shortly and we went out on the water.

Jacob tried and tried to water ski, and got real good at putting on the skis and getting the rope. And getting up. He finally had a few "rides" that were maybe 5-10 seconds long. Up long enough to know what it feels like. And grin.

I showed Jim how to operate the throttle and such, and after he got the feel of it, I got in the water and got to ski myself. Yippee!!!  Easy--even with the turns and the slowing down....I did good!! My turn to grin. Thanks, Jim!

I dropped some of the passengers to the GC dock; Jim and Jacob went to the JC dock to help me land and moor the boat. That being secured, they went on back to the GC.

Diane had been up, but not much. She sounded better, but was still dizzy.

After dinner, I walked to the GC for a brief visit, saying good-bye to Jim, Kris, and Arianna. The rest of us went in and watched the videos of ourselves skiing....

When I got back to the JC, Diane was awake and got up for a bit, though not able to move/turn her head much. And walking is still not a good thing. She had a little food, tried to visit, but went on back to bed. Hope she's better tomorrow.

We're going out again tomorrow, so Jacob can get his "ride" on the skis. He'll do it this time...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday/Saturday 07.13-14.2012

Internet has been spotty--don't quite "get" why... could try changing the modem???

Friday was a good day. Hot and still. Jim, Polly, Anne, Aaron, Jacob, and I went to the Bear's Den for supper. Yummy.

Diane arrived at the JC about 7:30 pm.

We enjoyed a quiet evening in the Bug Free Zone. Ahh.

Saturday was another hot day.  Jim, Aaron, and Jacob walked down, (the boat waxing team) and we got the speedboat ready to launch. A successful test-fire in the garage (Yippee!!), Polly arrived, and we all piled into the van, into town to top off the gas tank, and over to the launch.

The boat floated off of the trailer, I fired it up (nothing like the blub blub of an I/O) and we were happily putzing on the lake.  Well, until the engine warmed up.

I asked the passengers if they were ready to go, I "hit it", the motor responded, and I saw smiles all around. I think mine might have been the biggest. Thank you, God. I love my boat...

Back at the dock we got the tie-downs screwed into the lake (thanks, Jim) and the crew went home for lunch. We did good--10:15 to 12:30--waxed, launched, and moored. THANKS, ALL!!

After lunch was playtime.

Jacob attempted to waterski with Grandpa in the water to assist. He's basically up--he'll go for a ride the next time he tries, and Grandpa ski-ed to demonstrate how it's done. Good job, Jim.

Jim the Younger and Kris and Arianna arrived mid afternoon or so. It was so hot we had to take a siesta. I put together a rhubarb crisp (yum), and after supper, the group came to the JC and we went out on the boat again.  JtY waterskiied and took a face-smacker, turning his eye orbit a lovely shade of pink. And a small laceration on his shin that created a small watery red trickle. Scared me; he says he's ok, but geez....

We regrouped after going in to ice Jim's eye, and all went to the GC.  Kris had her guitar and her lovely voice. It was so nice to share the evening with them.  As well as the rhubarb crisp.

Sunday I hope to get Jacob behind the boat again; I'm not sure what their departure plans are.

I'm feeling good, too. Its' so good for me to be here.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday 07.12.2012

The month is almost half gone. My time at the lake has just started, and it will seem all too soon that this stretch will be over.

So I'm enjoying it as much as I can.

Started the day with a run, then breakfast. I looked at the material for the phone conference; and then it was time for the phone call.

That went well.  Now I can shower.

And a trip into Hale for a few groceries.

Back at the JC, I fixed food and ate. Putzed around with little odds and ends chores. It amazes me what needs to be done after just a couple weeks away.

I was enjoying the Bug-Free-Zone when Polly called--I got a flashlight and walked down to the GC. Even though it wasn't dark yet, it would be.

We visited while the boys were out fishing. They brought back a couple "nice ones" to show and photograph, put them back in the lake, and not long after that, I took my flashlight and went home. It wasn't completely dark yet, with just a tint of blue-black in the sky, but dark enough that I didn't want to dawdle.

Tomorrow Diane is coming, if it works out. And I heard that T&KS are, too.  Yippee!!

I sure love it here.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday 07.11.2012 Ahhh.....

At the Lake!!!

This morning Diane and I went to Lansing for her procedure.  I didn't know where we were going until we were almost there. She shows me the brochure and the Pain Center is in the Mid Michigan Physicians building--where I had my cancer treatment. It was kind of strange to be going there, but it was good to be there for an appointment NOT related to cancer.

Diane did well; she was sore, and sleepy from the medicines. When we got back to Flushing, she had a bite to eat and went to bed.

I spent the next few hours with A. Lois, who had showered and rolled her hair, but not eaten yet. I fixed some food for us, and I was happy to see that she ate it. along with a glass of milk, a glass of water, and all her meds. I cleaned up the kitchen and wiped off the counters and cupboards and table. Her neighbor, L, came over, saying she was fixing some sandwiches and would be bringing them over.

So, knowing that the Faix girls were going to be looked in on, I got ready to leave. Diane was still sleeping soundly. I left her a note, A. Lois had gotten herself situated out on her "porch", and I headed north.

An uneventful drive, thank you God, and all was wonderfully well at the JC.

Sunshine with a few fluffy clouds, and a pretty good wind. Maybe low 80's??

I got unloaded and unpacked and and fixed food and ate.

The wind quieted and the lake is a mirror tonight, with the frogs making noises and whatever that is that makes big splashes out there.  The heron fishing?? Big fish jumping??  I don't know, but it startles me.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise, and I need to get a few groceries, and I have a conference call/meeting to participate in.

So peaceful here.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday 07.10.2012

I had a great day today!!  Looking back, I might have went for a jog this morning time-wise, but I was a little stiff yet from the run the other day, then working for 2 days. So, I chose not to, even knowing I'd be sitting a lot today. And, I had a massage this afternoon.

Much better.

I was busy all day, and made it to Flushing without difficulties, thank you God.

All seems to be ok here, so far, at least.

Tomorrow D is having a procedure done in Lansing; if she's doing ok after getting her home, and Lo Lo is ok, too, I'll be on my way to the JC.   Yippee!!!

May God bless us all


Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday 07.09.2012

Whew, what a day!!

What looked like a "nice" day turned into the madhouse. It seemed that, within an hour or two this afternoon, labor and delivery was full and overflowing. We, on post partum, called in our on-call people to help absorb the patients that came to us, from labor and delivery, from surgery, and a couple of direct admits. By the end of the shift the frenzy had slowed just a bit, and we were happy to let the next shift take over.

And I was happy, because I am now officially "on vacation", although I have a meeting tomorrow that I will attend, and another on Thursday that I'll  "attend"  while at The Lake.

I did the load of laundry and got those things packed, as well as most of the other stuff. I'm pretty much ready to go.

After the meeting tomorrow, I come home and get the refrigerated stuff and finish loading the van, and go to my Leaahhh appointment. From there I'm off to Flushing to stay the night with the Faix girls (A. Lois and Diane). Wednesday, I'm accompanying D to a procedure intended to alleviate the pain she's been having. And if all goes well, I'll go on up to the JC Wednesday afternoon/evening.

I'm tired tonight, and hope to sleep restfully.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday 07.08.2012

Worked.  Tired.

Goin' to bed.

Work tomorrow.

Tomorrow night finish packing for VACATION!!

Thank you for reading.  Hugs.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday 07.07.2012

I had a pretty good day today.

When I got up it was about 8:30, and I wanted to go for a run.  It was hot, about mid-80's already, but with a little breeze.  I drank some water and went out.

Yep, it was hot, but I did just a gentle jog and did ok.

Shower and breakfast, and I started gathering things to pack for vacation.

I went and got a haircut, had another shower, and spent some time getting my reading done for the J.O.B. project.

Dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

A quiet evening.

My underarm incision is increasing in numbness; I'm ready for Leah to move that lymph fluid around again.  That will be on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday 07.06.2012

I woke this morning, contemplated the music and tried to figure out what time it was and how long it had been on, and the phone rang. 

Yippee!!!  It's my turn to be on call!   I laid there and tried to go back to sleep, but I'm biologically programmed to empty the bladder when I wake. 

I returned to bed and was pleased to see that it was 0740. I needed that couple hours. And I wasn't ready to get up yet...

Finally about 8:30 I got up and enjoyed the sun coming up through the trees in my yard.  It's really hot, though.  My outdoor thermometer showed 110 early this afternoon. Yikes!

Breakfast and another round of phone calls, I went out to fax the documents I had received. This unraveling is a time-absorbing process.

And on the way home I stopped in to Meijer for a couple items for supper, and then Menard's for more shelf supplies. As I was waiting to get dinner ready, I put the new shelves up in the kitchen. Go Me!

Supper and some reading for work. Trying to get a feel for the types of projects we're going to be doing...

I set the chipmunk bucket out tonight. Not sure if anything will be going in, but we'll find out...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday 07.05.2012

It's been a long day, it almost seems like 2 days.  It's been good, though.

I worked through the phone calls, paperwork, and errands.  Picked up a few laminated boards and shelving brackets and created a usable closet space. (Go Me!!)

Fixed food and ate, while the thunderstorm blew through. I watched the outdoor thermometer go from 103 to 80 in about 20 minutes.  Before nightfall, though, the temp was back to 90 degrees.

Fortunately, I have central air, and I also went downstairs and got most of the boxes off of the floor and onto the shelving. Still have more organizing to do there, but I felt good about the progress I made.

Tomorrow is a workday.

And my ear is still just a little bit annoying.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday 07.04.2012

Another good day at the J.O.B.! Great people, and 8 HOURS for being a holiday.

Shift change occurred during a quiet time with the patients, and we each got to visit with another, both days and nights working the afternoon leg. People I don't see too often.

I got home and putzed around the kitchen, finding something to nibble on. And, I finally got a printer to work with the Vista laptop.  Mm, Hmm. I think I'm all that. I've tried it a few different times, but got it this time. Go Me!

I did some yoga, a little email, and moved some more things around, trying to organize this stuff. It's nice to have it all with me.

Tomorrow is phone calls again, and getting ready to go on vacation. Oh, yeah. Looking forward to being in the  Bug Free Zone, hoping it isn't blowing rain for a week while I'm there.

Feeling pretty good, though a little stiff. I did some yoga to help, and it did some. I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday 07.03.2012

Another great day....but gee, it's hot outside.....

High 90's here in lower mid-Michigan. And humid.

I went for a run this morning--it was already 78 degrees. And 84 when I got back in. But I was ok, cooling off in the air conditioning and a tepid shower.

I had a couple appointments this afternoon, one in Jackson, the other in Mason. An uneventful drive, thank you God.

When I got back I had a bite to eat, and caught up on the majority of the monthly paperwork stuff. I still can't believe it takes so much time. Maybe it's just because they are new accounts; I've set up some to be electronic, and that should help.

I'm scheduled to work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. God Bless America. And thanks to all who have contributed to our freedom.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday 07.02.2012

Woo Hoo!!  What a great day!!

We had a good day at the J.O.B., with enough help to handle the busy-ness.  And as the weekend's population explosion left to go out into the world, we were able to staff down and have a very nice rest of the day.  Whew!!

At home, I got work things turned around, trying to get the new month's stuff organized. I'm still amazed and surprised at how much time it takes to manage the "business" of life.  Not having done it for the last 6 years, and the advance of technology during that time span, I'm finding it a small challenge. And that surprises me. Passwords, security codes, and websites. And keeping track of which accounts are electronic and those that are not....

I was able to finish reading one of the packets of information for the work project; I also was given another one today. So, one down, three more to go.

Tomorrow is an afternoon of appointments, and I hope to exercise in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday 07.01.2012

Another great day...

I ended up being in the basement placing my "stuff" on the shelving units, thinking frequently that I would "just put this away". By the time I went upstairs for bed it was just after 2 AM.  What!?!  That surprised me...

But I slept pretty good, waking about 6, then again just after 7. I dozed a little more before getting up.  Breakfast and a little time to get organized, I went to Holt for the last few items out of the storage unit.

And when I left there, the unit was empty and I took the lock with me.  Another "end of chapter".

I took the last shelving unit down to the basement and went back into Jackson and returned the trailer.  Now, I'm not the best trailer backer-upper; but when the guy told me to "just swing it into this spot here", I did just that. One time. First try. Ha--I think the other guy in the office had bet against me, by the way their conversation went.

On the way home I took the van through a car wash to get all the dead bugs and dirt off. And at home, I put rain-x on the windows, WD-40'd all the hinges, spiffing it up a bit.

I was hungry again, so I fixed food and ate, and then I was tired.

So I laid down on my sofa and took about an hour nap. I don't usually sleep that long.

When I got up, I cleaned the kitchen, had a couple phone calls, and sat outdoors doing some reading for the J.O.B.

Tomorrow is a workday.

I've noticed the last week or so that the wound bed under my arm is numb, and becoming more bothersome. I have an appointment with Leah in a week or so. Looking forward to it...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.