Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday 06.11.2012

Been a few days since I've posted--

Thursday night after work I went up to the Lake, arriving about 0130 Friday morning. Had beautiful weather with an overnight rain Friday night. I got the front deck stained Saturday afternoon, finishing it Sunday. Shared meals with Evelyn and Bob; and Polly, Jim, and Anne. Had drop-in company Sunday afternoon as I was getting ready to leave, but they had stopped by to swim and eat their lunch.  How fun it was to hear their laughter and splashing! I smile again as I write this.

I got home much later Sunday night than intended, and went to bed after getting unloaded, unpacked, and turned around for the workday today.

I was surprised this morning that I felt so tired, or something. So much so that I was just a phone call away from having someone come in to take over for me. I felt "off" and wanted to go home and rest. It turned out that we needed to staff down, and as I was getting ready to go, the nursery needed help and we shifted staff instead. After they settled down it was near end-of-shift, and I stayed and finished the job. And I was feeling better, too, thank you God.

I've done laundry and looked at some of the stuff on the internet, but I'm way far behind in business calls and such. Ack.

Tomorrow is another day with the same crew. I do enjoy working with those girls....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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