Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday 05.16.2012


I've been at the JC for the last couple of days, and didn't have internet. Temporarily.  I chose to not do much computer stuff (like going to a "hot spot").

When I arrived at the cabin on Monday evening, it was 78 degrees. Absolutely beautiful. After unloading the car and having a bite to eat, I went out and power washed the front deck until it got dark.

Tuesday I was happy to see T & KS--we spent the day doing chores.  We got the dock in, I finished power washing the deck, and we put the Sunsetter awning out. We grilled food and ate, and after they left, I went across the road and visited with the neighbor until the rain started.

Today, I finished what I could. Starting with a run, shower, and breakfast, I cleaned, sprayed outside and in, selected things to take back home. Errands in Hale, stopped to visit Anne briefly, then back to load and leave. On the road by 3pm, and it was only 54 degrees. What a difference in temperatures...

I stopped in Flushing to wish A. Lois a happy 80th birthday. A. Donna and Diane were there, too. I had a bite of A. Donna's pie and continued on my way.

A stop in Holt for another few items, and on to Jackson.

Unloaded the car, somewhat unpacked. Kitchen chores--food prep, getting ready for 2 work days, and a little supper.

I looked at the internet a little and am ready for sleep.

Thank you God for keeping us safe in our travels.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

I've had a great 3 days, overall.

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