Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday 04.11.2012

So. My baby is 35 years old. Next month, my firstborn will be 38. I find it amazing, as I reflect on myself at those ages. I don't feel any older than them. Ha!

I had a good day today, starting with breakfast. I went for groceries and stopped over to Frank's house to give him his birthday card, but he was in the shower and I couldn't wait, so I left it for him. I visited with John, his housemate, for a minute. He's doing well; his leg still aches when it's cold, and he's got a bit of a limp. (He was the motorcycle accident person of a few years ago.)

I went to Leah's for my massaahge. Oh, yeah, she does a good job. Thank you Leah. Back at Holt, I did some laundry and had supper before coming home.

A quiet night.

Company tomorrow--T&KS, J&P, and Frank coming over. It will be good to have family love in my new home. (Hey, B, want to catch a ride with T&KS?? Give them a call...)

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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