Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 04.29.2012

I didn't write last night--I had gone to Flushing to be with A. L. while D and her moving crew did their thing. And it was a good thing I was there, I think. 

D ended up having truck troubles, delaying their arrival back in Flushing until around 9 pm. By the time the truck was unloaded at 2 different stops and back at the house, it was 11-ish.

I had the pleasure of keeping my aunt company for the day, making sure she had eaten, and preparing an evening meal for all.

By the time I left, stopped in Holt, and got home myself, it was 0230. Tucked in and ready to sleep, I remembered the blog. I apologize to my daily readers...

This morning dawned clear and cold again, but the sun warmed quickly. I went out for a run about 10:30.

Breakfast, shower, sorting out stuff to do today.

I did end up completing a project, beginning another, and went out to Lowe's and purchased the wrong size blinds. Aack. And at Meijer I got fresh veggies for supper.


A quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday.

I'm thankful to be feeling well.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

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