Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday 03.29.2012

I had a migraine this morning. But I ignored it.

I ate breakfast and not much coffee, and went outdoors to pick up sticks before the lawn guy arrived.

While I was raking, my brain would spasm, and my eyes would leak and my nose would run. I prolly shudda taken something for it, looking back, but I wanted to get the yard at least started before leaving for my luncheon with J & P. As it turned out, I got all the raking done but for one area around a tree, and the burn pile was almost done.

We had a good lunch; thanks for asking me. It was good to get out.

The rest of the afternoon I spent in and out of the car, taking care of all the errands that needed done. When I got home I was pretty tired. I can say that I think the little bit of caffeine I had this afternoon helped the migraine. I realized shortly after I got home that my head was releasing. Ahhh.

So I mostly just rested this evening. And the headache is just leftover "tenderness" in the brain.

Tomorrow will be a great day!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

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