Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday 01.31.2012

Another awesomely beautiful day today!!

Blue sky in the morning, temp was 41 degrees at 0800. I went out for a run about 10 o'clock--it had warmed to 47. The birds were singing like it is spring. While I sooo love this mild weather, I'm also very concerned about what is happening to our environment/ecosystem. Definitely some changes happening...

After a shower and food, I went out for fuel for the car and a few grocery items. Wow--the temperature was up to 54 degrees.

It was so pleasant to have the sliding door open a bit, with the fresh air and birdsong coming in. It did cloud up and cool off in the later afternoon, but when I closed the door, I thought I heard spring peepers????? I think we're in for it....

A quiet evening.

I work tomorrow.

Thank you God for this wonderful life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday 01.30.2012

Wow. almost the end of January...

I had a good day, starting with the MRI. I was a little anxious at first, but one of the technicians was a familiar face, and it helped a little. She started my IV in one poke, but had to move it around a little to get the fluid to flow. It turned out to be a good needle after all, thank you God.

Laying face down, dangling boobs in the boob holes, 30 minutes and almost constant jackhammer-type noises later, I was done. It took me several minutes for my head to quit "swimming", but it did. One of the girls, Carol, escorted me to the exit.

I went to Jackson for a meeting that went well and met up with Frank afterwards. We had a nice visit.

Back at home, I fixed food and ate before going to Leah's for the reflexology appointment. It was wonderful, as always, and this evening, I noticed that my feet are a little tender.

I'm also kind of tired.

Not sure what's up for tomorrow. I thought I had something to do, but I don't see it in the planner, so.....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday 01.29.2012

What a great day today!

I slept fairly well, waking just before 0500. Oh--I guess I'm not needed this morning....I went back to sleep.

I dozed a while longer, getting up about 8. The sky was light, with an edge of pink at the horizon. But the snow started, continuing for the majority of the day, ending late afternoon. We ended up with maybe 4 or 5 inches or so. We've been shoveled, and plowed, here in the condos.

I did inside stuff--vacuumed, laundry, cleaned the vanity and polished the mirror.

Tomorrow is the MRI of the breasts (I don't have mammograms anymore), and a reflexology appointment with Leah.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday 01.28.2012

I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn't all fatigued and groggy when the alarm came on this morning. I was also surprised that it was snowing, and all was white again. Sheesh.

Holt Road was a little slippery again, but the highway was mostly wet all the way to Jackson. I was happy to park in the parking structure (we're allowed to on weekends and holidays) as the snow had increased in intensity and was blowing around.

We had a good workday, with great co-workers, and were able to leave in a timely manner.

The main roads were clear and dry, thank you God, but Holt Road was icy, and the roads in the complex were skate-able. It was obvious that cars had been sliding into the curbs--I went slow and was able to get into the garage without difficulty.

I'm scheduled to work tomorrow, but I'm hoping to be on-call. I'll find out in the morning...

My left upper arm is still ache-y, and I noticed that there is a fluid collection over my ribs and shoulder blade in the back. Kind of yucky, but I'd rather it be there than down my arm and hand. I see Leah in a week or two, and she'll be able to do a little something with that.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday 01.27.2012

The last day of our Ed Fair. Whew.

The morning drive started out on wet, fluffy snow that turned into ice after it had been driven on. The main road in the complex became more and more slick the closer I got to the entrance. I was careful to stop slowly, and happy to see that Holt Road had been salted.

The highway had been salted, too, at least in Ingham County, and was wet and drivable. Jackson County, however, had not salted, and was trying to be slushy. At 34 degrees, some areas were more yucky than others. I arrived safely to the hospital, thank you God.

We had a good day, but I was really tired, and several times had to consciously think about what I was presenting. We were done by 4 pm; I was happy to be on the way home.

It looked like a whole different day outdoors.

Sunny, blue skies, dry roads, 44 degrees. Huh?? This weather is very weird.

I will say I enjoyed the afternoon, and when I got home, I went out for a run.

After a shower and a bite to eat and a load of laundry done, I'm about ready for bed.

Tomorrow is a scheduled workday on the unit. *sigh* It has been a long week.

My left upper arm has been really sore today, and yesterday too, along the lymph channel. Tender, like a long bruise. My hand isn't swollen, though, and I'm thankful for that.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday 01.26.2012

The second day of the "education fair" went well. And well into the evening. We scheduled a later session--7-10pm--for the night shift, and it was very well attended. Thanks to all my wonderful co-workers for participating.

And now it's time for bed.

That left breast is sore, darn it. I'd like to just resolve, and stop being uncomfortable.

Tomorrow the "fair" is from 0700-1500, and that makes for a short night.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday 01.25.2012

I went for my six month lab draw today at the oncology office. One poke, 3 tubes, and done. I got a headache almost immediately, and had to sit there a few minutes, while my head stopped whirling. And when it did, I went over to the scales.

I stepped on.

138.6 pounds.

Wow!! Down from #158. Almost 20 pounds since July 7. Woo Hoo!!! I'm actually lower than when I started treatment. It feels good to be able to wear most of my clothes again.

I had a difficult conversation with my husband this evening; it didn't help the leftover headache from the blood draw. I've taken the tylenol and motrin that I gave myself permission for yesterday.

Tomorrow is Day Two for the "education fair" for our unit at the hospital.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday 01.24.2012

A busy day today.

We had the first of our three day "education fair" event for our unit. The first hour was a little shaggy, but it came together, and the sessions went well. Well attended with good feedback. Yay!!

That having been said, I'm tired.

And my left shoulder and upper arm and breast/wound bed have been annoyingly ache-y again. I would have been much more comfortable with tylenol/motrin on board, but I didn't take anything. I'll need to remember to give myself permission to use "comfort measures" if/when it happens again.

I'm thankful to be alive and cancer free.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday 01.23.2012

Very strange this morning--I saw a flash of light--what was that??? I opened my eyes, and heard a loud thunder. Whoa! A thunderstorm--in January!! It rained and blew, and lightninged and thundered, and settled down by the time I left for work. Thank you God, I didn't have to drive in that.

We had a good day, with great co-workers.

The drive home was gusty with spitting snow. This morning the temperature was 45 degrees; tonight on the way home, it was 33. So strange.

Tomorrow I'm back at the hospital, running a "station" in our "education fair" for the co-workers.

I've felt pretty good, overall, thanks again. I have truly been blessed with my life and my health.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday 01.22.2012

I had a low-key day today.

I did get outside for a run. Maybe 25 degrees and foggy in the afternoon. Very odd.

Shower, food, and I read some this evening.

I'm feeling pretty good, overall.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday 01.21.2012

What a great day!!

After breakfast and grocery shopping, I went to Owosso to meet KS for a much-needed visit. While we weren't at home, the staff at the Wrought Iron Grill were very accommodating, feeding us, keeping us watered, and me coffee'd. We lingered the afternoon, chatting and catching up. Thank you, KS, I had a great time!

A safe drive each way, as the roads had been plowed and salted, and the sun was shining in a clear blue sky, so they were mostly dry.

I had a quiet evening catching up on some reading.

Tomorrow I hope to be able to go outdoors and exercise.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday 01.20.2012

We had a busy day on our unit today. Add 3 Orientees to the mix, and that makes a lot of activity. Fortunately, we all work together well and we had a great day. Thanks to all my wonderful co-workers.

The drive home was 45 minutes, thanks to a snowstorm in 14 degree weather. The fine snowflakes swirled around, looking like heavy fog, with minimal visibility. So, slow travel it was. I got home safely, thank you God.

And a quiet night to end the day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday 01.19.2012

A nice day today.

I slept fairly well for a nice change, with "warm-ups" that were at least tolerable.

I breakfasted and did a few things around the house before going to meet the Condominium Association Manager and doing my Presidential duty--signing checks.

The clouds had cleared and the wind had slowed, and even though it was cold, I went out for a run. It wasn't so bad. In fact, I enjoyed being out in the sun, hearing the crunch of the snow with each step. It helps to be dressed warmly enough, and I was.

I showered, ate, and went over to the salon where Dan's daughter Breon works for a haircut. It was good to see her, and she did a good job, too.

The rest of the evening was quiet.

Tomorrow is a workday.

The numbness under my arm was bothersome today. Not sure why, but I found myself noticing it, and I usually don't.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday 01.18.2012

Wow! If you're reading my blog from the blog site itself, I hope you noticed my new badge!! I was "noticed" and picked up by www.breastcancerblogs.org , operated by Blog Nation, who described my blog as this:

"Blogger Kathyjean uses her site as a journal in which the posts glisten with both raw honesty and everyday nonchalance. She updates her blog nearly every single day, infused with the nuances of "treatment leftovers" and praise for the gift of life."

Wow again.

I had a pretty good day today, starting with a safe drive to Jackson for a meeting. After the meeting, I met Frank and his friend C at Target, where we visited while finding clothing deals. That was fun.

I came home and had a snack before going over to Leah's for my Massaahhge. You know I needed that. She did a marvelous job, as always, and was surprised to find the series of small lumps in my arm and breast. She worked on the wound beds also, moving the lymph fluid that had been accumulating. Those places are sore tonight, but I'm happy to have the fluid moved out.

A quiet evening.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise, and I have an appointment with Breon to get my hair cut. It might be fun to see what creative things she can do with my hair.....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday 01.17.2012

What a workday! Turned out that I was orienting one of the girls we had interviewed recently. Which is ok--great, even. She is smart and quick to learn and personable.

It was finally time to go home. Daniel had already left for the trailer, concerned that the weather was worsening. Seems he was called back to work tomorrow. *sad face*

Tomorrow I have a morning meeting, then a massage that I'm sooo ready for.

My upper left arm and both wound beds are sore, with some numbness around the incision lines.

Stay warm, and thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday 01.16.2012

I was getting ready for work this morning when the phone rang. On-call. I put my jammas back on and went back to bed. I was pleasantly surprised to have slept another couple of hours.

I had a leisurely breakfast and checked the weather site. Hm. Sunny, and going to 40 degrees today.

I went out for a jog. Wow--it felt like spring with a light, warm breeze.

Shower, and I fixed something for me to eat.

Daniel got home. He has done his laundry, and we've had a quiet night.

He has appointments tomorrow; I am scheduled to work.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday 01.15.2012

I had a good day today.

Drove up to Prudenville for my Uncle Carl's 90th birthday. Amazing.

There were just a few of us there--his son and daughter-in-law and their son, Carl's sister D, Carl's daughter and her husband.

It was really good for me to be there, to see another family taking care of their elder. Carl is definitely declining, though he still has his own ideas and can walk and toilet himself. He needs direction/encouragement. M and V (son and daughter-in-law) are doing a great job taking care of him. Thank you.

I enjoyed visiting with them.

I had a safe drive home, thank you God.

My left upper arm, along the lymph channel, is very sore and tender. I'm surprised (and happy) that my arm/hand has not blown up (swollen). I see Leah on Wednesday, and I know she will help my arm to feel better.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday 01.14.2012

Kind of a low-key day today for me.

Beautiful snowy day--finally. We got a total of maybe 5 or so inches. There was a light snowfall most of the day, and barely a breeze.

I went out for a walk in the afternoon; I was surprised that I had been out for an hour. When I got back, I took the car to refuel, and picked up a couple things from the store.

I fixed my supper and ate, and had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow I'm going to Prudenville to celebrate my uncle's 90th birthday with him and some family. I am blessed to have these people in my life.

Hug 'em while you got 'em.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 01.13.2012 Lucky Day!!

The winter storm that came through last night was mild, as far as snow storms go. There was about 2-3 inches of snow on the roads this morning--just enough to make it yucky to drive in. The highway had the right lane open, but the left lane just didn't work for me. The depth of the snow over there was just enough to grab the tires and pull. I had been able to travel about 50-55 mph, until I caught up with others who were slower. But I wasn't comfortable in the left lane, so I stayed behind, traveled safely, and watched as the semi trucks passed us, splashing all that road slush on us. Near Jackson, there was a car in the ditch, headlights beaming up into the sky. Lucky?? Sure--wheels were still on the ground with no apparent damage to the vehicle. Or to other vehicles.

We had a busy workday again, and again with a great group of co-workers. About 4 pm, I was ready to be done. Just be done. I took myself off the unit, went to the cafeteria for a few minutes, and regrouped. I made it to the end of the shift. Ahhhh, 7 pm.

I cleaned about 2 inches of snow from the car and started home. The roads were much better--both lanes open and wet, but almost dry. 24 degrees with a light wind.

I'm tired tonight, and hope to sleep.

Maybe I'll be able to get outside and exercise tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday 01.12.2012

A pretty good day today.

Kind of busy--barometric pressure changes bring in the laboring moms, and it was bustling on our floor. I'm proud to be a member of a great team. Thanks to all my co-workers for their hard work.

Although I had to scrape about 1/4 inch of frozen, snowy ice from the car, and it was blowing and snowing still, my drive home wasn't as bad as I had thought it might be. Just slowed down a bit, and I arrived home safely, thank you God.

A quiet evening and I'm off to bed, to get up at 0425 and do it again.

That wound bed in the left breast was bothersome again late this afternoon. I noticed the axillary scar is reddened and itchy, too. I don't know--maybe radiation effects?? Maybe lymph fluid?? Maybe I should just quit trying to label it, and "it is what it is"? Anyway, that's what this blog is about, sharing the oddities of breast cancer treatment and it's aftereffects. And by sharing, we find out that "we're not the only one" experiencing these oddities.

So, I thank you for reading. And sharing. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday 01.11.2012

It was a good day today.

Started out sunny and quiet, 27 degrees when I got up about 8. The sun warmed up enough that I went out for a run with the zip sweatshirt and gloves. Must have been close to 40 when I got back in. The birds were singing like spring. Awesomely beautiful.

Shower, then food.

Dan came back from wherever he went while I was gone; we had a quiet few hours before he went over to his friend's house. He came back, but has left for the trailer. Humph.

I know, I know. Thankful for our jobs.

I had a quiet rest of the day/evening.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday 01.10.2012

What a beautiful day today!! Although extremely uncharacteristic for January. 48-50 degrees. Clear blue sky. Just awesome.

I went to a meeting in Jackson for a couple hours, and after I got home, and Daniel got back from wherever he was, we went out for early supper before he went out with "the guys".

I went to Meijer to pick up a few items, as well as stopped for a car wash.

We had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is unplanned, other than he will be going back to the trailer. *sad face*

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday 01.09.2012

I slept, but not much. Awake a lot during the night, and sometime after 5 I dozed to the radio for a couple hours.

I breakfasted and checked out the internet. The weather showed that it was supposed to be sunny, but the cloud cover was quite solid. I went out for a run. While I was out, it got a little brighter. Almost sunny. I like to think of that as God smiling on me.

Shower, and caught up on household chores, taking the trash up to the dumpster, and more stuff to the storage unit.

Daniel got in about 7pm. We had a quiet evening.

I have a meeting tomorrow; not sure what else is happening.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday 01.08.2012

We had a pretty good workday today, with a great group of co-workers. They are the best. The last few hours, though, I got almost steady busy, and even ended up staying over a bit to finish up with a breastfeeding couplet. (who was successful, I'm very happy to say)

The full moon was shining in the morning on the way down; on the drive both down and back the smell of skunk wafted by a couple two or three times. This weather has all of us confused.

Tomorrow I hope to exercise, as well as get over to the storage unit.

I'm feeling pretty good, too. Surprised that the wound bed on the breast has been sore the last couple of days, making itself known. It really doesn't need to do that--I know it's there.

Prayers to those who are dealing with health issues--both the patients and their families.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday 01.07.2012

Another workday.

Which was pretty good, with a great group of co-workers.

Home, now.

A quiet evening.

Repeat, tomorrow.

I'm feeling pretty good, too, thank you God, complete with hot flashes.

Please pray for mothers who are declining, and for those who love them.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday 01.06.2012

What a beautiful day again today!!! An awesome 50 degrees, in blue skies.

I went out for a run; started with a sweatshirt, removed that and continued in a t-shirt and long pants. And I had the thought that it was almost warm enough for shorts!!

Shower, laundry and other household chores. The rest of the seasonal decor has been collected and most of the "everyday" stuff returned to their places.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

I've felt pretty good today, but those hot flashes are happening with the frequency and intensity that are bothersome.

I'm happy to be alive and cancer free.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday 01.05.2012

I slept pretty good again last night, thank you God. I woke, though, a few times with those hot flashes. Today, I compared the labels from last month's and this month's letrazole (generic Femara, made in India), and this month is a different lot number. I think I'm in for another 27 days of hot flashes...

It was a beautiful day today. Blue sky with just a few thin clouds, and temperature reached 40 degrees. Awesome!! But quite odd for a Michigan January. It should be frozen, with sub-zero wind chills.

I went out for gas and groceries, and also had a nice run.

Tomorrow I'm going to try a "live feed" meeting, instead of driving to Jackson again.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday 01.04.2012

I slept pretty good last night, though I did wake up hot a few times.

I got up and ready to go to Jackson for a meeting. On the way, I was caught in a traffic stoppage for about 1/2 hour. It seems someone had robbed a pharmacy, drove northbound into Lansing, then southbound, and was finally stopped just north of Leslie. The person (aka "perp") had been taken away long before traffic was allowed to move again, but the vehicle was still in the middle of the right hand lane, all doors open. Very strange to drive by that.

After the meeting, I had a reflexology appointment with Leah, which was wonderful, as always.

The rest of the evening was quiet--reading, exploring the world wide web, etc.

I hope it's a nice day tomorrow, so I can get outside and exercise.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday 01.03.2012

I had a pretty good day today, overall.

This morning was cold--low 20's--but the sun was peeking through. Dan went for his appointments, and I went out for a run. I was pleased that I had figured out how to dress, and was not cold, even with the wind bringing the wind chill down.

Shower, breakfast, and I left for a meeting in Jackson.

From there I met Daniel at Olive Garden for our Anniversary Dinner, which went well. Yummy food, dessert on the house, and half of the meal paid for by gift card. When we left, he went on back to the trailer and I went back home.

A quiet evening.

Tomorrow I have another meeting in Jackson, and see Leah after that.

My left upper arm is achy and making itself known. Lymph?? My hand doesn't look full...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday 01.02.2012

What a weird day...

I woke up feeling startled, almost disoriented. I looked at the clock--5:18. Hm. Then I wondered what day it was, and did I have to work?? I think I do, but why did the radio not come on?? Ugh....I'd better call the hospital.

I reached over for my phone and turned it on. When I got to the dialer/number pad, somehow I kept toggling the screen to something else, and I was confused. Why can't I make the phone work?? I finally got it, and called the unit. When my co-worker answered, I identified myself and asked her if I was working today. She laughed a little, and said yes. I told her that I had just awakened and would be about an hour or so late. No problem, be safe, she said, there was snow down there.

I got ready and on the way. It had just started snowing here, but the further south I got, the more yuckier it was. The highway was mostly one lane travel, but speed was still 60-65 or so. I was surprised that I made it just a half hour later than scheduled.

We had a good workday, with great co-workers.

The drive home was frozen, as the temperature had dropped to low 20's. Where the pavement had been wet was now glare ice with a light dusting of snow. Fortunately, the highway was mostly dry, with only a few areas of that ice. The main road into the complex, though, was mostly that ice, with just hints of pavement here and there.

Dan was home and had a load of laundry done. We visited a short bit before he fell asleep in his chair.

Tomorrow he has appointments and I have a meeting in Jackson. We have a dinner date to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. Time flies....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday 01.01.2012 Another New Year...

Amazing how time flies.

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my very dear friend V. We hadn't seen each other in a couple of years, and we had a lot to catch up on. To my surprise, it was after 11 pm when I saw the clock--holy crap!! I've got to get going---almost a 2 hour drive home, and I had to work today.

I got home safely, thank you God, and settled into bed about 0115 for a power nap, waking a couple times before the radio came on at 0430. Up and at 'em...

We had a great workday with a great group of girls. I was pretty tired, though, and was soooo thankful that it was an eight-hour day today.

When I got home, I promptly changed into my comfy clothes and closed my eyes. I was surprised that I only slept about 15 minutes, and I've been awake the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow is a workday, too. There is a winter storm advisory until 0700, but not much more than gusty winds and occasional flurries are happening so far here. I do hope there's not a lot of snow for me to navigate in the morning.

And other than being tired, I'm pretty good. Thank you God for this life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.