Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 07.31.2011

So, I'm home.

Couldn't sleep--awake most of the night, and that surprised me.

Laundry, breakfast, laundry, shower, laundry...

I went out for errands, stopping at the pharmacy, grocery, and library. I took the time to walk the beautiful Veterans Memorial Gardens behind the library building. It was hot, but there was a good breeze there.

Back at home I put the groceries away, fixed my food, and ate. Oh yeah, and laundry.

Daniel finally got home almost 9 pm. It's good to see him. We spent the evening catching up.

I work tomorrow, he's golfing.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 07.30.2011 Gee, It's Good to be Home...

Gosh, the Day was Beautiful Again.

Hot and Humid, an infrequent breeze. Temps high 80's, humidity same.

When I got up this morning I started getting my things together. Frank and Kristen were still sleeping at 0900. They had been out to the fire until at least 0200, and still awake for awhile after coming in. I did what I could in my room--stripped the bed, sorted my clothes and began packing, etc. I had everything packed in there, ready to vacuum, but waited because they were sleeping. The front room got picked up, too.

So I went in and got washed up. It was already high 70's and humid. I was kind of looking forward to being in climate-controlled environment (home! and work), out of the humidity.

It wasn't too much longer and they woke; I breakfasted and continued getting ready to go. I saw J&P motor up, and they came up for a visit. I was glad for the break--it was hot.

They went home for lunch, and Polly came back (by "water taxi") to go out in the boat with us. Kristen attempted (yes, attempted--she almost made it up) to water ski again, and was successful with a grin-full tube ride. Frank had a good water ski, too.

When we got back to the dock, the "water taxi" was called, and Polly left. I went in to continue with the exit chores. I got mostly done, except for the refrigerator, and Polly returned (by land) with her camera, to download/swap photos, while I went in the lake for a quick swim to cool off. One. Last. Time. Ahh.

We hugged and she left. I went through the fridge, sorting the foods, packing the cooler, repackaging some foods to leave the containers there, and got my supper together.

That done, Kristen helped load the car, and I was finally on the road at 6 PM.

Kinda sad, kinda glad.

An uneventful ride home, thank you God, and Gee, did it feel good to come into the garage and carry my belongings in.

It didn't take long to unload, and I've already done 2 of the 6 or so loads of laundry.

I am so blessed to have 2 beautiful homes, and family and friends to share it with.

Life Is Good.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 07.29.2011 The Last Day....

Another Wonderful Day...

Hot and Humid, Sunshine and Blue Skies

Frank went with neighbor Bob this morning to help him "move some wood". Frank ended up being gone until almost 4 pm, and "moved" several cords of wood. They brought back a small bit for our own woodpile. Thank you, Bob, for the wood, and Thank you, Frank, for being the wonderful, kind-hearted, generous man that you are.

Kristen and I went into Hale and got the groceries, stopping at the GC on the way back. We sat out front, watching the lake in the lovely breeze, talking and laughing, with J&P, T&KS, and Anne.

We went back to the JC after a short while, to put the groceries away. T&KS came over, too. Tom had brought his wood filler to fill in the dents/gouges on the deck left from the foundation vent project. He was kind enough to use it, too. Thanks, Tom. I appreciate your help.

Frank had finally returned--we were getting ready to go out on the boat. Kristen tried waterskiing and almost got up.

We all went to The Bear's Den for birthday for Anne's 80th. Yummy food.

Back home, I went out in the bug-free zone and read, while K&F watched a movie. They laughed a lot. They are going out for a fire now.

Tomorrow I must pack up and go home. It's been a great vacation.

Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday 07.28.2011

Another Beautiful Day!!! (they sure are adding up, aren't they?)

I woke just before 9--Trisha and Travis were just finishing getting ready to leave, and within 10 minutes they were gone. We had a good time.

Frank and I had a nice morning. It started with a very dense fog at daybreak. The sun had burned it to overcast gray by the time T&T left.

It's been pretty quiet most of the day. Low to mid 80's again, and the humidity is climbing. We are "sticky" again. I went down to the GC to visit, and Frank went out for a row.

Later in the evening, Evelyn and Bob came over and enjoyed the bug-free zone with us. That was nice. It was uncomfortable temperature and humidity wise, that I took a fan out there. The fan made a big difference.

It wasn't too long after they left that Kristen (KS & T's daughter) arrived. She looks good. I haven't seen her in some time.

Not sure what tomorrow is. More hot and humid?? Or thunderstorms? We'll have a good day, regardless. And Saturday, alas, I must go home.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday 07.27.2011

Another Great Day!!!

It dawned beautiful blue skies, and high 50's temps. But it warmed up as the sun rose. Until the clouds moved in. And it's been overcast ever since, and low 70's. The humidity is less, too. Ahh.

Frank was up and about--actually gone when I was up having breakfast. He came back somewhere about 11:15 with a new tow rope and more groceries. He's the man.

After the youngers had their breakfast, and cleaned up, they were ready to go in the boat. The Twister towable has another hole somewhere--they decided they would water ski.

We loaded up and went to the GC to pick up Polly--she's a good co-pilot, and I like having her in the boat (thanks, Polly). We headed out to open water.

Frank was first up. He got up, took a bit getting accustomed to being on skis again, then started cutting back and forth, showing some of what he can do. Trisha was next up.

She was up the first try today. Second try, she had a ride, and was moving back and forth across the wake. Awesome.

Travis was next, after Trish tipped over sideways and caught her shin with the edge of the ski. (ouch)

He tried several times, and was up, though didn't get a ride. He'll get up next time, more than likely.

It sprinkled a few drops. We were done anyway. Polly went back to the GC; the young'ens asked to go around the lake, so we did.

We all helped put our foods together and had a great lunch. They had a great rest of the afternoon fooling around; I spent time outside in the bug-free zone.

Come dark, Frank put more food together, and they ate again. I got a fire started--we've got a few hours before the thunderstorms come in.

T&T will be leaving in the morning. I hope they've had a good visit.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday 07.26.2011

What a great day today!

This morning, everyone did their own breakfasts and enjoyed The Lake.

I drove KS and P up to Hale, making multiple stops while in town, the last of which was the Fish store. P found me a pair of flip-flops, and herself a smallish watering can--maybe 1 quart?-for her houseplants.

The youngers--F, T, and T went over to Iargo Springs and Lumberman's Monument. T&KS had lunch, got their things together, and left. It wasn't too much longer and the youngers were back. They had food, then went over to help the neighbors move some stuff.

When they got back, we got the speedboat out, and all 3 rode the Twister; Travis being a repeat rider getting about 30 revolutions, and Trisha being a new rider, getting about 7 revs. They were both grinning.

Trisha tried to water ski, too. She got up with only a couple tries, but the 3rd time turned out to be the last, as the handle on the tow rope broke.

They all left to go into Hale to go to the Iosco County Fair. I stayed home, picking up, enjoying the quiet, watching it get dark from the bug-free zone. I thought they might like to sit out at the fire when they got back, so I enjoyed starting the fire, too.

And they did sit out there for a while.

It's a beautiful night; low 60's, quiet. We heard the loons calling while sitting in the dark at the fire.

Is there anything better??

Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday 07.25.2011 the 56th anniversary of my birth

I can hardly believe I'm turning 56! Though the body is a little stiff after shorter periods of inactivity, along with other sometimes annoying indications.

I went out for a jog this morning. There was a nice breeze down on the dock--I stood down there to cool off. Sunshine, blue skies...Lovely!!

When I came up the steps I saw the guy who was going to put the new foundation vents in, Derek. He had a little helper with him, his daughter Desiree, who just turned 4. She was a good helper, but more so, my entertainment for the morning. She was anxious to get the job done, because they were going To The Fair! (The Iosco County Fair started today) She was a delight to talk with and listen to.

About halfway through the job, I looked up and saw my brother Bruce walking down the sidewalk. Bruce!! Hey!! What a nice surprise!!

We were visiting, the job done, and I had brought Desiree in to use the restroom. We were going back out, when she stopped, looking at the door. I turned and followed her gaze--Tom and Kathy Sue!!! Carrying a cake!!! Woo Hoo!! A Birthday Party, For Me!!!

What a nice surprise!

We had a nice afternoon. After a bit, I went in to shower, and the boys (Tom, Bruce, and Frank) went to the GC to assemble the new picnic table that Tom had brought. KS and I enjoyed the quiet before going down there ourselves.

What a nice table--thanks, Tom, for your efforts, and also to Jim, Bruce, and Frank for putting it together.

We dispersed for supper. J&P ate at the GC, T, KS, and F went up to Largent's, and Bruce and I had a nice meal at the JC.

We all joined up later for cake and ice cream here at the JC. The Bug-Free Zone worked well for us, including Anne W., to congregate.

After a while, Bruce left, then J&P& A left. The rest of us watched it get dark without slapping mosquitoes. Lovely.

We drifted off to bed. Frank has guests coming, arriving about 2 AM.

Tomorrow I want to go Fish-ing. Hope I find something good....

I sooo enjoyed the day today. I am so blessed to have loving siblings and in-laws and children who share my love of The Lake and our place in God's world.

Thank you. Hugs.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday 07.24.2011

Finally, the temperature cooled off during the night to the mid 60's, and the light breeze coming in the window was wonderful.

When I got up, Frank was already gone in the rowboat. The wind was a bit stiff; the next thing I saw was that he was at the Goodwin dock, getting the sailboat ready to go out. He had a nice sail, getting the feel of the water again.

I went out for a jog this morning. When I passed the restaurant, Jim the Younger had come out to the road to greet me. That was a nice surprise!

After cooling off and breakfasting and showering, I walked to the GC to say hi to the fam. They were just finishing their cleaning process and leaving. Jim the Older and Polly arrived before the others had left. Frank and I visited a bit before coming back to the JC.

The air was quiet for a bit, and it was about mid 70's today. Another cloudy period this afternoon, and the humidity has finally decreased. It's almost cool.

Tomorrow is my birthday--I thank God for my 56 years of life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday 07.23.2011

Started out hot today.

Frank and John each had a turn on the Twister--Frank got 20 revolutions, near as we can figure, and John's first (and only) ride had 7 revolutions. (it stressed his leg, though, he said) He was grinning, none-the-less.

John left about 1:30, pulling the jet boat behind him. Yep, he bought it! He'll have a lot of fun with it.

We finally had a decent thunderstorm this afternoon that brought the temperatures down to the low 70's. The humidity is still high 80 percents, though. Sticky.

This evening as we were sitting out in the bug-free zone we saw a big loon and a little loon!! We have a baby loon!! That's the first I've seen it.

Another great day at the lake, thank you God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday 07.22.2011

First time since we've been here that we woke to gloomy, overcast skies. It was a little cooler with a light breeze. The humidity seemed to be just a bit less, too. Whew. Breathe.

Frank and I went to Hale, dropping the trash first at the transfer station, then stopping at the Fish store, a thrift shop. I found a corduroy jacket/blazer and a couple of nicer tops. It was really busy in there at that particular time, and we were glad to leave.

Back at the lake, Frank's friend and housemate John arrived.

They have had a nice time together--going through the jet boat that Dan has for sale (John brought his truck "in case he wants to buy it", tools so he could fiddle with it, and a marine battery--think he's serious about buying it??). They've fixed foods, went out in the rowboat (the first time John's ever rowed a boat), and basically enjoyed being together.

The weather cleared mid-afternoon, turning hot again, but maybe a titch less humid.

We sat out in the screen room this evening watching the bugs and listening to the big splashes coming from the lake.

It's beautiful here. Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday 07.21.2011

Still HOT. And that's ok by me.

I saw a comment on the weather, that I'll try to recreate:

It may be hot, but I'm not in 115 degree heat with no shade, 5700 miles away from home, wearing full BDU, with helmet, carrying a weapon and a 70 pound pack, wondering if I'm going to be shot at or have to shoot, or step on a land mine.

Thank you to all who have served, and are serving.

And by the way, we're not shoveling, chipping at the ice on the windshields, hunching against the sub-zero wind chill either.

Today we had a breeze on the lake. The first day since we've been here, which was the 13th of July. It's been quiet water, mirror lake, for a week, except for the storm that blew through in an hour.

Frank and his guests, Ashlee, Trevor, and Kelsey, and I went out on the boat today. Tubing and Twistering. Smiles all around.

Frank fixed food for us, and after the kitchen was cleaned up, they went on their way back to Jackson.

We had a quiet evening just enjoying it.

It's finally cooled down (to 80) tonight, and the breeze has stopped again, too.

Tomorrow we want to go "Fish-ing" at the Fish store in Hale.

Stay cool, and thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday 07.20.2011

Another Hot and Humid day!

Amazing how long this weather is lasting.

I went out for a jog about 0800, but the sun was already getting hot. And there was not much of a breeze. I cooled off and had breakfast, and T & KS came by in the boat. We visited for a bit in the screen room, but moved indoors with the a/c.

They left; I went in the lake with a mask and fins and a floatie.

I love looking under the water. Lots of fish--I saw a school of sunfish, the largest was maybe 8 inches, if not bigger. Swimming on, I see fish beds, and -- what's that!?!?! A HUGE catfish!!

It must have been 2 feet long. I quietly floated above it, while it turned up and looked at me. I didn't know if it was going to come up and nudge me or not, and I moved my hand and it turned away. There was also another catfish with it that was maybe half it's size. It looked like they were hovering over their nest. (or bed, or whatever the term is)

Too cool.

I came in and looked for a snorkel, but didn't find one.

Frank had guests arriving tonight, so we went into Hale for groceries, and I picked up a child's mask/snorkel set. (all I need is an airway, right?) And, I discovered when wig shopping that I have a "petite" head, so I wasn't concerned that it is "child-sized".

And when I got home, the mask does fit me, as well as the snorkel. WooHoo!!

Frank's company arrived about 11:30. They are out enjoying the hot evening.

I just plain enjoy being here.

Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday 07.19.2011

Another hot one.

What a great time to be at the lake, heh?

This morning was low 70's, and I got up and went for a jog about 0745. I cooled off, enjoyed breakfast, then went out onto the deck with my coffee.

How absolutely beautiful!! The lake was mirror quiet, and you could hear the big fish jumping way out in the lake. The blue heron was down front; I didn't know until I heard the whoosh of the wings that it was there. What an awesome bird.

I dragged myself in to shower, then went to Hale with KS. Last year Dan and I bought stain for the deck, but after trying a spot, I didn't like the color. So, the girl said she would try to change it.

And she did. It took a couple times of adding the colorant, but she got a better color than it was. I tried another smear on the deck, and it is better.

Back at the lake, I had a snack, and Frank took off in the rowboat. He was gone for a couple hours--swimming, rowing, enjoying it.

I got in the lake and changed out the tie-outs for the speedboat to the bungee mooring cords that Daniel had gotten. They seem to work really well.

Supper, and a quiet night.

Stay cool, and thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday 07.18.2011

Another Hot One. And don't forget the Humidity.

I tried to sleep--and just as I was dozing off, the lightening started. Amazing lightening, lasting maybe 5-10 seconds. Enough to read by. Then the looong rumble of thunder. I didn't want to, but I closed the windows, hoping that the sounds of the rain would put me to sleep. Instead, I saw on the radar that it was fast moving, and watched as it blew through.

The wind came from the west/northwest, so the front of this house was mostly sheltered. There wasn't much movement of the screen room, I was glad to see. And the boats stayed secured at the dock. The whole thing seemed to be over within an hour or less, and it was not any cooler or less humid than before. Ugh.

In the morning, I saw that there was a good-sized tree branch down out in the road. The wind also destroyed the neighbor's large canopy-thing. Two support posts are left in the ground, while the other poles are laying scattered on the ground. The canopy itself flew across the yard and stopped at a tree. It's all bent up, though the fabric is still intact. Lucky it didn't go into a window or cause any damage.

Frank and I spent the majority of the afternoon in Hale. First stop, post office. And there was a line, so I waited.

We also stopped at the dollar store, the grocery store, the hardware store, and the meat store. It was kind of fun hanging around with him, watching what he picks up. We haven't been out like that together in a long time.

Back at the JC, Frank put the groceries away, and I started supper. That turned out yummy.

I had finished cleaning up the kitchen and was just going out onto the deck to read when I look up and see...KS and Tom in their boat!!! What a nice surprise!!

KS came in while Tom fished a bit before coming in. We had a nice visit; the wind picked up (which felt about 10 degrees cooler) and they left before the storm came in.

But it never did.

It's only a little cooler this evening. Maybe the humidity has decreased??

I've felt pretty good again today.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday 07.17.2011

Whew, it's hot. And at the lake, too. Reminds me of the "sticky" nights in the GC trying to go to sleep....

We had a good day today.

I raked up a few twigs first thing, before I got too hot. I painted the metal outdoor chairs and floated around on the water for a while. Frank got a layer of grime off of the grill, and also dragged the bedsprings around the bottom of the lake.

After supper, we went out in the rowboat, him rowing. It was just a wee bit cooler out on the water--maybe mid-80's. We went all the way down to the sand bar. Since the sun has set, what little breeze there was has stopped, and it's still low 80's here. And I'm sitting out in the bug-free zone watching the night.


Tomorrow we have to get groceries and go to the post office.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday 07.16.2011

What a great day today!!

I woke about 0730, wanting to finish my sleep, but also wanting to be able to go for a jog. The temps were already in the low 70's, and was forecast to be high 80's.

So I got up and went out. And it was really warm.

When I got back, it took a while to cool off. I sat out on the deck for a while, then came in and had breakfast. I was back outside enjoying the last of my coffee, thinking that I needed to shower. And then Tom and KS motored over, asking if I wanted to go for a boat ride.


We went around the east half of the lake, and he showed me where the weeds are, and the buoys for the beetles. Wow. There are a lot of weeds in this lake. We're all hoping that the milfoil weed treatment works.

They dropped me back at the JC, and I went in and showered.

Frank was busy today. He finished wire-brushing our metal lawn chairs, then waxed the speedboat, getting that ready to put in the water.

We had just finished eating a wonderful salad when his friend John showed up.

We had a nice visit, and just as we were going to pull the boat out of the garage, KS showed up, then Tom. They stopped by on their way home. *sad face*

Frank, John, and I got the boat launched and back to the dock, where Frank and John put the screw-in anchors in. Thanks, guys!

Now the JC looks like summer. Screen room on the deck, boat at the dock. Oh, yeah.

The evening went by. The guys went out for food; I enjoyed the deck, reading.

When they came back, they told me there was a squirrel in the chipmunk bucket. Yup. So now we've gotten 3 chipmunks, a mouse, and a squirrel.

John decided to go back home tonight, as it is going to be so hot tomorrow.

It's warm tonight--still mid-70's. I had the a/c on for a bit, but turned it off. Frank and I sat outside in the skeeter-free environment, watched it get dark, watched the bats swerving to catch their bugs, and watched the orange moon rise. Awesome.

Thank you God, for this day.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday 07.15.2011

Another gorgeous day at The Lake.

I slept better last night, but still felt a bit "lazy" throughout the day today. In retrospect, I realized that I had gotten up early both Monday and Tuesday and worked 12 1/2 hour days, Wednesday I got up earlier than I might have, had 2 appointments, did errands, packed, loaded, drove to the lake, unloaded (with help--thanks again, Tom). Didn't sleep well or much, as Frank rolled in about 0430. Thursday, Tom did most of the physical work of installing the screen room for me. I gave myself permission to be "laid back" today.

Tom and KS came down this morning, and Tom finished up what he had wanted to do. It looks so nice, and I very much enjoy being able to be outdoors BUG FREE!!!

After they left, I went out for my jog. That felt good. I cooled off, without bugs, then showered.

Frank spent his afternoon wire brushing the metal outdoor chairs so they can be painted, and jumping in the lake a couple times, too.

I fixed supper and cleaned up the kitchen, then went out on the deck to read. Lovely.

Evelyn and Bob came over to "try it out", too, and it has passed their inspection. Whew!

There was also another chipmunk in the bucket, along with a gray mouse with large ears this morning.

A quiet, beautiful evening. Thank you God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday 07.14.2011

What a great day!!

Frank ended up arriving about 0430 this morning, minus a driver's side mirror. He said a deer hit it, or maybe it was something on the trailer of the oncoming truck that went by. He said he turned around to look for the mirror and saw a stunned-looking deer standing at the side of the road. There's no fur or anything else damaged on his car, just the mirror. Praise God it wasn't anything worse.

We stayed up talking until after sunrise, and I went back to bed. By then, the scritchy-scratchy noises that I had been hearing in the wall before Frank had come in had stopped. Bats? Mice? Chipmunks?? I don't know, but it creeps me out to hear it.

It was 0940 when I woke. Whoa--I had to get up. Tom was coming down to install the screen room on the deck.

He was here not much later, and he got started. We ended up working until maybe 4pm when we stopped and went to Largent's for food. (it was yummy, by the way) When we got back, he tweaked a few things, and I painted the wood strips that we're going to use to give it a more "finished" look. Overall, I'm very pleased with it. And the best part is being able to sit outside bug-free.

I put the chipmunk bucket out when we got back from the restaurant, and when Tom came back later with KS, we checked it. 2 'monks. Those little buggers have several holes around the foundations again.

The moon is full and clouds are making the most awesome patterns.

Praise and Thank God for this life!!

Temps have dropped to mid to low 60's, which feels cool enough to me for long pants and sweatshirt. Better to sleep---

And I'm tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday 07.13.2011 Gynecologist, and VACATION!!!

I started out this morning at the Gynecologist office.

A nice girl, Nancy, called me back, and was the technician who did a trans vaginal ultrasound on me. She turned the screen so I could see it, but the shades of gray didn't look like much to me. I didn't see anything that looked suspicious, though. It was not an uncomfortable procedure, more like a little awkward. Probably more for me than for her. It took about 20 minutes, and she took lots of measurements.

After that, I went back out to the waiting room for my turn to see Dr. Maney.

I think I waited another 20 minutes or so to be called back, then waited again. But Doctor did show up, and she said everything looked good. The endometrial cells from the biopsy last week were healthy, and the ultrasound showed a healthy uterus. They were only able to identify one ovary, but that's not uncommon, she said, and nothing to be concerned about.

She also said that occasional spotting like that is not unusual, and generally nothing to worry about. But if the bleeding is more frequent, and/or a larger amount, to please call for an appointment, and the option would be a D&C to see what was going on in there, which could, of course, lead to a hysterectomy.


I asked her if she would accept me as a patient for my "annual" exams, and she smiled and said "Sure". We chatted a bit, I thanked her, and went to make my appointment. November 8, I think.


Glad for the good news, and to have someone who will follow that end of things for me, I went on my way to Meijer.

I picked up what I wanted from there, then stopped at CVS for a few things, then home.

I finished getting my things together, talked with Frank, who decided he would drive up on his own, ate my lunch, loaded the car, and was on the road at 4 pm.

Woo Hoo!! I'm going to The Lake!!!

A safe drive up, thank you God.

All was good when I arrived. I was walking around outdoors, having opened the cabin, and was ready to unload the car when Tom showed up. Just in time--he helped me unload the car (which was much appreciated; thanks, Tom). I had lots, as I had taken things home to launder, as well as brought some things to leave.

We then started talking about my screen room project. I think that we've talked everything through enough that we've about got it figured out. He's going to help me tomorrow--I'm so excited to get that installed under the Sunsetter awning. I'll be able to sit out on the deck in the evening, without mosquitoes.

He left, and I had to get the cooler unpacked, as well as everything else. Then I realized that the reason I felt funny is that I hadn't eaten. So I had a snack while looking at the computer.

And I'm about ready for bed.

It's so nice to be here for more than a couple of days.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 07.12.2011 VACATION!!!


I had another good day at the J.O.B., though we were busy. I was excited to watch the clock approach 7 pm. Done!

I clocked out and went over to Lauretta's for a haircut. She did a usual cut, then went around again. And again. And again. I finally told her I wasn't going to have any hair left--she laughed and said she was just trying to blend it in. Ok....

I was relieved when I looked in the mirror and Yes, it's short, but looks good/ok. I'll see for real tomorrow after sleeping on it, getting it wet in the morning, and trying to style it.

Tomorrow is the gynecology follow-up. First I'm to have an ultrasound then see the doctor for results of that and the endometrial biopsy done last week. From there, I plan to stop at Meijer and CVS, then come home, get the last things packed, then load the car and head north.


Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday 07.11.2011

Didn't hardly sleep last night. Got up and went to work.

We had a good day, though oddly busy.

A safe drive there and back, thank you God.

Dan came home tonight, for a couple days.

Tomorrow is my Last Day Before V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!

Can't wait!!

Haircut after work.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday 07.10.2011

I had another great day today!

Went out for my jog before breakfast, though the birds weren't as noisy this morning. The humidity was a little higher, and there was a light, hot, breeze. Change in the weather pattern?

Breakfast and shower, started laundry.

The rest of the day, I continued going through my summer clothes, trying things on, figuring out what to take for two weeks. I don't want to go to the laundromat if I don't have to. I also played the piano for a while, which I enjoyed.

After supper, I packed up the clothing and footwear. Not too bad!!

Tomorrow is a workday.

This afternoon I had another very small tidbit of pink vaginal drainage. I documented it like doctor asked me to, and I see her (the gynecologist) Wednesday before leaving for The Lake.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday 07.09.2011

I had a great day today!

Started with a jog. I'm glad I went out in the morning--it got pretty warm here, and wouldn't have been able to go out in the afternoon.

I cooled off and fixed breakfast, torn between wanting to bathe and needing to eat. I enjoyed the breakfast and didn't have to hurry the shower.

A couple of nice phone calls, I putzed around the house, had supper, tried on clothes, sorted out what I might take on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!! Wednesday, Can't Wait!!!

I feel pretty good, too, thank you God.

And thank you for reading.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday 07.08.2011 Doctor Day

I went out for a jog this morning, before breakfast. I did have a half a banana and drank some water before going out. I showered and dressed before eating.

At Dr. Williams' office, (oncology) the girl who poked me twice and missed called me back. Stop at the scale--#158. Down 11 pounds on their scale. Blood pressure was low again, 96/58, but that's ok. She reviewed my history and meds in the computer, and I asked if there was time for a lab draw. She said sure--and remembered the attempt a couple weeks ago. I was surprised at how clearly she remembered. And about the mix-up with the lab. Anyway, right off, she says she's going to get the other girl. Then she puts the tourniquet on my arm.

She found a vein, and one poke later, she had the blood. I think she felt better about poking me.

Doctor came in after 10 minutes or so.

They each bring in their laptop--he opened it and sat down to peruse it. While I like the whole electronic medical records concept, he spent about 40 minutes with me, clicking around on the computer, occasionally typing. There was limited "eyeballs on me" time--maybe 10 minutes total? I felt that he was busy thinking with the computer instead of the patient. So, I'll try to keep that in mind when I'm using the computer in the patient room.

There are plus sides to the computer--he had seen the other appointments I've had, looked at all the lab results, and looked for the endometrial biopsy result. It wasn't back/in the computer yet. He's pleased with the weight loss, encouraged me to continue doing what I'm doing, and electronically re-ordered my meds to the pharmacy that I use. I'll see him again in February 2012, after an MRI of the breasts and lab work.

From there I went to Meijer. I got what I wanted, and then some.

Back home, I put that away, had a snack, and when Dan got home from golf, I fixed us a lovely dinner.

He goes back to work tomorrow, and will leave in the morning.

It's been a nice week off for him.

I still had a naggy headache this morning. I think it was of a migraine variety--after tylenol/motrin/and a dab of codeine, the pain cycle was interrupted. Tonight it's just a little sore.
Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday 07.07.2011

I had a good day today. The meeting went well, and after that, I was lucky enough to open the overflow unit, away from the chaos of our primary unit.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

Dan had gotten home from golfing. He showered and fixed himself some food, as I had eaten before leaving the hospital.

A quiet evening.

Tomorrow I see Dr. Williams, the oncologist.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday 07.06.2011

A fair workday today.

When I got home this evening, I fixed a pasta salad for a potluck tomorrow. And, I found that the laundry had been done. What a guy, that Daniel is!!

Tomorrow I work again, but not going in until 0900 for a meeting. Someone else is working the first half of the day for me. It will be better to not have to get up at 0430.

I've felt pretty good today, too.

Praise God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday 07.05.2011 Gynecology Appointment

Started out the day with a massa-ahh-ge, which was wonderful. Leah has gotten good at moving the lymph fluid around. I knew I was uncomfortable and full, but when I got home and saw the difference, I was surprised at how much better my hand, arm, and upper body looked. Thank you, Leah.

A quick shower, then over to the gynecology office.

Very nice there, too. First stop, at the scale. #156 on their scale, which is down a pound and a half from the cardiology office. But does it really count? I like to go same scale to same scale. Blood pressure, 91/63. Hm, a little on the low side, but it's a low normal for me.

The girl who brought me back didn't tell me her name, but she did have a badge on, under the edge of her jacket, and I couldn't see it.

A minute or two later, the doctor came in. She was a woman my age, or maybe a little younger, with dark shoulder length hair and a friendly face. She walked in, smiled, held out her hand to shake, and said Hi, Rhonda Maney.

Now, when a doctor introduces them self with a first and last name, and no "doctor" in front of it, do they want you to call them by their name, or by "doctor"? If I was working with them professionally, I would call them by name, and by "doctor" in front of the patient, but as a patient.... I called her Doctor.

She reviewed what had happened--the one time bright red spotting, coincidentally at the end of the first 30 day generic fill of the Femara, that had been brand name medicine.

She was very reassuring, saying it was probably a fluke, but also that I had done the right thing by coming in and getting it checked out.

We did an endometrial biopsy, to make sure the lining of the uterus is normal cells. I am to go back for a uterine ultrasound next week, (the first day of my vacation) and follow up with her directly after, for results. And yes, the procedure was extremely uncomfortable, causing awful cramping which made me sweat. I did my best to breathe through it, and the discomfort only lasted a couple hours after. Whew.

Glad that's done.

Dan had already left to golf when I got home, so I had a quiet afternoon. I ended up making a salad for myself, and taking a nap after eating.

I still feel a little punky. I think some of that is because of the massage and lymph fluid being moved around.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Monday 07.04.2011 The Fourth of July

Another beautiful blue-sky day!! Thank you God!

Dan went and golfed this morning, and I went out for my jog. The temp was maybe high 70-low 80, but the humidity was tolerable, so even though it was hot, I was ok. And glad when I was done. I don't tolerate "hot" very well. When I got back inside, I drank another bunch of water and had the fan on me.

After a while, I enjoyed a shower.

When Dan got home, he suggested going out for supper. Hm, ok. It was nice to see him across the table from me.

A quiet evening--until dark. It's noisy out there now.

Tomorrow is a massaahhhge for me, then the gynecology appointment in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday 07.03.2011

Another workday. I'm happy (and almost afraid) to say that I had a very good day today. Thank you God for that.

I stopped over to check on Sandy and Allison before going home. They are ok, acclimating to Michigan quite well, I think.

Dan was home from golfing. We visited a bit before he went to bed.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me. Hope I can sleep in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday 07.02.2011

We had a good workday today, overall. Much appreciated after a mostly awake night. Surprising, though, that I don't feel too bad (so far?). I'm hoping to be able to sleep tonight.

Hot, humid, low 90's today. Thunderstorm watches all over in the area. We didn't get any storm, or even rain, yet.

Tomorrow is a workday for me. Dan is golfing.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday 07.01.2011

I didn't sleep much last night. The good part is that I didn't have to work today.

Dan went out to do his vehicle maintenance errands, and I went out for a jog.

After a shower and lunch, I went out to do my own errands.

Behind the library is a beautiful park with many flower beds that I enjoyed after picking up my library materials.

Back home, I made supper for us.

Dan has gone to bed, and I'm about on my way.

My hips are sore again. I'm thinking a tylenol and a motrin would help.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.