Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday 04.30.2011

I worked today--the first time in a long time that we actually had a decent day.

On the way home, I thought the car was sounding "funny". I looked down at the gages; they all looked ok. Then the engine light came on, just as I was looking at it. Hm. Back to the shop for this car. I slowed down a little, but either I became accustomed to the noise, or it lessened, because I don't think it was as loud after another 10 miles or so.

I made it home, thank you God, and lifted the hood. I saw a little spilled oil from the oil change, and the hood prop rod wasn't latched into it's holder. Neither of those things would make the engine light come on, though. The oil level was appropriate.

I hope it gets me to Jackson and back tomorrow, and I'll take it back on Monday.

I've felt pretty good today. Tired tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday 04.29.2011

What a beautiful blue-sky day we had here!

I slept better last night, thank you God, and the birds woke me with their loud songs.

After breakfast I watched the "royal wedding" for a while, then got myself ready to go out for a jog.

I did good again today, and the sun felt good, too.

When I got back in, the dealership called saying my car was done. Yippee!!

I showered and ate, and went over to pick it up. They found a wheel bearing that was bad, causing the traction light to come on, as well as the engine light. That repair was covered by the powertrain warranty. Yippee again!! I also had them rotate the tires, do an oil change, and detail it inside and out. It was sitting inside their work area, all beauty-ated, and boy did it look nice. The service area was quite busy, and I enjoyed watching the others looking at my car. (I know, it's just a car...) When I got it outside, I put the top down. Ahhh.....

Back home, I put my accessories back in, and put Rain X on the windows. I sure like that product.

I had a quiet evening, and hope to sleep well again tonight, as I work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday 04.28.2011

A restless night. I was disappointed I didn't sleep better.

I had a good day, though. A little housework, and the rain stopped. I stretched, and it looked like the rain would hold off, so I went out for a jog.

I did good--I made it all the way around again jogging. The right knee was a little sore, but not like yesterday. Overall, tonight I feel pretty good.

I should get my car back tomorrow. I can't afford the gas to go anywhere, though. Geesh. $4.19/gallon. Sure hope gas prices go down.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 04.27.2011

I slept pretty good last night; I was really tired.

After breakfast, I took the car over to the dealership to have it serviced for the intermittent service messages that come onto the display. I left there with a 2011 Malibu, which, to my surprise, is a little smaller than the Pontiac. Still, it's nice to drive a new car.

It rained until early afternoon. Dan went with his friend over to Flint to visit another of their friends who has been ill.

The rain stopped and the pavement dried quickly with the wind. I went out for a jog, and made it all the way around again. Woo Hoo!! (my knees, hips, and feet were ouchy at first, but I went slow and easy, and was able to continue on)

Back at home, I did a couple loads of laundry, and Dan got back early evening. He got ready to go back to the trailer, leaving about 8 pm.

So it's a quiet evening.

I'm feeling pretty good tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday 04.26.2011

Another busy day at the J.O.B. I'm glad to be home.

Tomorrow the Pontiac goes to the dealer, to search out and resolve (hopefully) the reason why the engine light is on, also the traction control light comes on intermittently. I'll be getting a loaner vehicle--I'm excited about driving a new car for a bit.

I've felt pretty good the last couple of days, though tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday 04.25.2011

Worked, tired.

Dan is home for a couple of days.

I work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday 04.24.2011 Easter Sunday

I was happy to get home, and slept well. It was nice to not have to get up and get ready to leave. I saw that it was daylight, and almost 9 o'clock. I praised the Lord for the day, and for the gift of His Son, who has risen to Heaven. What a concept!!

A quiet morning; I find that I'm a little sore across the shoulders. Probably from moving the furniture, and painting over my head? I stretched and loosened up, then went outside for a walk/jog.

I did really well--I was able to jog the whole route today!! Woo Hoo!!

Dan called, saying he was off of work and coming home for the night. Since he didn't want any supper, I fixed myself a lovely salad to enjoy.

Frank came up this evening to visit with us. It was good to see him.

Now the laundry is finishing, Dan is long ago in bed, and Frank has left. I'll be emptying the dryer and going to bed myself.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday 04.23.2011

I slept well, waking a few times during the night. It rained and blew until about 4, when I woke to stillness. Ahh. (Except I start hearing things..., and I listen to the radio for a bit) I saw daylight, but through low dark clouds, and wind. Ick.

I got up about 9, watching the lake for a while. The clouds are moving fast, with kind of quiet water. At times, though, throughout the day, the water would get really rough; whitecaps. And then it would quiet again.

I finished my indoor jobs; vacuuming, cleaned the kitchen, put the furniture back in place. I sure wanted to go outside. The temperature showed 50, but it's overcast, with a few breaks in the clouds. The buffleheads and mallards are busy going along the shore, first one way, then the other.

Outdoors, the wind was much cooler than I had hoped. I walked down to the end of Onawa, then back along the seawalled shoreline back to the JC. There are lots of sticks and small branches down, so I got the rake and gathered them. My hands were a lot warmer with my work gloves on.

While I was out in the back yard looking at the shelter, Bob was talking to me through his window, saying he thought the cover could be adjusted/tightened. I looked at it again, and found that indeed, it was the door/end piece that needed adjusting. OK, did that.

I tried to sit in a sheltered place in the sun, but the wind was swirling. I sat alongside my house on the glider, enjoying the afternoon.

I got chilled, though, and went inside for supper. That was yummy. Now what??

I copied the pics from my phone to the computer, and thought, I could go home tonight, and not have to leave in the morning. So, I finished packing up and headed south.

Home about 0030. Ahh, it's good to be home.

Another safe drive, more thanks giving.

Happy Easter


Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday 04.22.2011

I heard the loons calling--I think they woke me--about 0530. They were very noisy; it sounded like at least 3 birds. I've only seen the pair, though. I went back to sleep, woke to see the sunrise, and dozed again.

It's been overcast most of the day, though the sun tried to burn through at one point this afternoon.

I had a headache this morning. When my nose started running, I realized it was a migraine, and took some medicine for it. The meds worked, blocking the pain, and it eventually stopped spasming.

I went into Hale and did those errands, then back home I went outside while it was dry. Almost all of the snow is gone, with only a few shaded areas not melted. And the puddles are absorbing into the earth.

As I checked the shelter out in the yard, I discovered that a bracket had come off. I found the right size tools and put it back together, then putzed around in the garage a bit. It was really windy 45 degrees, and I was glad I had a hat and gloves.

I went for a walk over to the GC to check things out over there. Everything ok, though I was surprised at the amount of tree-fall in the woods. Two had fallen over Grace Street and had been cut up/moved.

Back inside, I warmed up, fixed supper and ate. Back to painting. I finished the wall, painted the access door to the attic, and touched up the ceiling around the furnace from when that was replaced.

I'm tired tonight, and my head is sore from the headache. It has started raining--I'm hoping it's a nice day tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 04.21.2011

I didn't sleep much last night, or so it seemed. I did watch the sunrise over the lake. Most Awesome.

It was a little breezy this morning, and as the day went on, the wind died down, the clouds moved out, and it was a beautiful blue sky day, with the sun twinkling on the water. The snow melted, most of it, and as it did, the birds were picking at bugs and worms and the squirrels were digging for acorns, successfully. It was fun to watch how eagerly they were going in and out of the trees.

I moved furniture, vacuumed along the wall, got the bugs out of the windowsills and tracks, as well as the sliding door track. Washed a couple walls, taped and put two coats of Kilz on the wall. Prepared and ate food, then Bob called to invite me over for strawberry shortcake at 7:30 pm. Which was perfect. I was just finishing the painting for the day.

That was yummy. It was good to get out of the house, and we visited some.

Back at the JC, my newly painted wall looks pretty good. I'll check it in the morning light. I also want to touch up the access cover where it got marked up a little from the insulation job. And the ceiling around the furnace.

I need to go into Hale, too, for milk, and stop at the township office to pay the transfer station fee.

I'm a little sore tonight, especially the right wrist. And I'm tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday 04.20.2011

I slept pretty good, only hearing a few minutes of a thunderstorm that others said was pretty intense.

After breakfast and a check of the conditions at Long Lake, I decided to go up for a few days. I started gathering and packing...

I had a good appointment with Leah. She always does a good job, and I feel better when I leave. Thank you Leah.

Back home, I finished packing, loading, fixed a bite to eat, and left, stopping at Meijer on the way to get some fresh veggies and a rotisserie chicken.

A safe drive up, thank you God, and to my surprise, there was snow on the ground, more of it the closer I got to the cabin. About 3 inches here, and the lake is open, about 38 degrees when I arrived.

So beautiful. A pair of mallard ducks, a pair of canada geese, a pair of loons, and a muskrat were swimming around out front.

The furnace fired up and heated the cabin nicely. I've had a lovely evening, settling in and enjoying it.

Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. Kind of depends on the temperature.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday 04.19.2011

I slept pretty good overall last night, and the radio woke me to go to work.

A safe drive down, thank you God. Dark, dry roads initially, then I got into the rain. Not real heavy, but at 32 degrees, enough to make me cautious, especially on the overpasses. We all were going a little slower as we neared Jackson.

It was gloomy all morning. I was very surprised when I looked out the window this afternoon from the 4th floor of the hospital. The daffodils were in bloom! They looked so out of place with the snow and cold we've just had. They are a nice spot of bright out there.

That was the only time I looked out the window. Steady-busy. And the "inspectors" are there, to look at our facility for recertification. I'm sure we'll "pass" without difficulty. But there is an underlying current throughout.

I did pretty good today, though in the afternoon I felt that I was having difficulty staying focused, "thinking", staying on task. It wasn't low blood sugar, as I had had a good (homemade) lunch. I wonder if maybe I wasn't just tired/fatigued. I don't know...

A safe drive home, thanks again, still a light rain. I know the rain is good for the coming HOT summer. I'm not the only one looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I see Leah, and will probably go up to the lake, unless the weather is absolutely yucky up there. It's kind of looking like it is. I'll check it, of course, before I make a decision.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday 04.18.2011

I slept fair. The radio came on telling me it was time to get up. With a winter storm warning (in mid-April!) predicted to start about the time I would be driving, I wanted to leave a few minutes early.

It was dry when I left here. A few minutes south it looked like occasional bugs in my headlights. Oh, it's snow flurries. Another few miles, snow, not sticking on the pavement, driving ok. Leslie--snowing hard, decreased visibility. Slowing down. Rives Junction--road feeling "greasy", everyone driving with reduced speed. The ground is white here. Into Jackson, it's snowing hard. I'm glad I'm at my destination. The shuttle takes me over to the hospital. A little while later I see the maintenance guys shoveling, and the machine with the big round snow brush was out, too, clearing the sidewalks.

We did not get the rain and ice that was predicted, though, and the drive home was dry pavement, thank you God.

I had a good workday with a great group.

Dan went back to the trailer this evening. He left before I got back *sad face*. He works the next several days.

I work tomorrow, then I'm wanting to go north. Not sure how that's going to turn out, though.

I'm feeling pretty good, just a little tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday 04.17.2011

I did sleep last night; that was a nice change. I turned over and saw that Daniel was already up.

We had a quiet day. He was going to golf, but with the winds at 25+ mph and temps trying to get to 45 degrees, the group opted out.

I read some, he took a nap. We went out for supper and groceries, and when we got back, I went out for a walk/jog.

I did pretty good. It wasn't as awful as I thought it might be with the wind, and it didn't feel as cold as I thought it would, either. I ended up jogging about half of it. That's a good thing.

The rest of the evening was quiet, too.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, while Dan will have the house to himself.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday 04.16.2011

Whew. I slept pretty good last night, but was sure sleepy during the day. After a short nap in the afternoon, I decided I'd better get my exercise in, and went out for a walk/jog, even though it was lightly raining. A little more than a heavy mist, and not quite sprinkling. Enough that everything was wet and the worms were out and smelly.

I was able to jog at least half of the route.

Dan was home when I got back. I cooled off and showered, and started dinner.

We had a quiet evening, and he's in bed, snoring away.

I'm thinking I might go to bed, too, but I often don't sleep much if I go too early. I can always listen to the radio...

And I'm feeling pretty good tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday 04.15.2011

I slept pretty good last night, finally, though I did have to get up earlier than I would have liked. I missed that last couple hours in the morning, having to get up before 7 to get to Detroit Metro Airport.

I had a safe drive over, thank you God, and picked up my friend Sandy, from Alabama. Some of you may have met her; she stayed with me for a short time several years ago.

We had a good day together. She is doing well, and it was good to see her. We rendezvoused (how odd of a spelling, for "ron-day-voo-d") with another friend of hers, who will be taking her back to the airport.

Dan came home this evening, and one of his friends came over, too. They did some golf club stuff, and when I got back from taking Sandy to her meeting place, we went to get supper. Home from there, Dan's friend left, Dan and I finished our "housekeeping" issues, and he went to bed.

He'll be getting up early tomorrow to go to work. I'm going to have to take my car over to the dealer; the transmission was not shifting smoothly on my last trip this evening. Hmm, hope it's just low fluid. The three of us, with the Owner's Manual, could not locate a dip stick to check it.

I've felt pretty good today, other than trying to get a migraine this evening. I was able to interrupt it again, though, with minimal "hangover" type sensations.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday 04.14.2011

I was sleeping when I realized the radio was on. Ugh. I pulled my brain forward and got up.

A safe drive to work, thank you God, and a busy workday. It finally ended when I clocked out, late, again.

A safe drive home, thanks again. Several raccoon and 'possum were dead along the way. One of the un-pleasantries of spring.

I picked up Dan's prescriptions on the way.

A quiet night for me.

Tomorrow I'm going to Detroit to pick up a friend from Alabama. We'll spend the day together before she goes to visit some other friends. I hope to have a good day with her.

And I hope to sleep tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday 04.13.2011

I kind of slept, and had to get up at 0430. I felt the "pull" of the radio, bringing me out of whichever level of sleep I had finally obtained.

A safe drive to Jackson, thank you God, and we had a good workday with a good group of co-workers. We left night shift with a mess, though, and I expect that tomorrow's workday is going to be a busy one.

I drove home with the setting sun on my shoulder, fading into the gray-blue dusk.

Dan called after I was home; he had worked 13+ hours. We are so glad to have the trailer for him to stay in while he's there.

We both work tomorrow.

I've felt pretty good today, overall.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday 04.12.2011

I was surprised and disappointed that I didn't sleep well last night. It seemed I was awake more than asleep. I did end up dozing again this morning, and woke shortly before 10.

I got up and putzed around, breakfasted, and read a little. It was a beautiful sunny day, low to mid 50's, and breezy, and I went out for a walk/jog. I was able to jog a little more than yesterday; tonight my hips are just a bit sore. But I did it.

Dan called and we talked for a bit.

Shower, supper, and a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday 04.11.2011

Neither Dan nor I slept very well last night. It was so warm, and this building doesn't cool off very well. Just like it doesn't stay warm in the winter, unless the sun is shining. The central air ran all night, until I turned it off about 8 this morning. Crazy--it was only 59 outdoors. I opened the sliding door and let the cool air in. I closed it after a couple hours, and then about noon, I turned the furnace back on. What?!? Temps dropping, no sun. You'd think we were in the U.P. with the a/c and furnace on in the same 24 hours. We ARE in Michigan, though. Ahh, Michigan. Love it.

He went out to hit golf balls, and when he came back we went grocering. When we went into the store, gasoline was $3.64/gallon. We came out of the store, $3.99. WHAT?!?! This increased gas price is really going to negatively impact a lot of people, as well as the economy. I sure hope it comes back down, and soon.

We had supper, he had a nap, then left to go back to the trailer for the next few days. It was only about 7 pm, and I went out for a walk/jog. I jogged a little more today--a block or two, several times. I'm pleased with my body's ability to get back into this level of exercise.

A quiet evening, and I hope to be able to go out tomorrow, too. I'm feeling pretty good, thank you God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday 04.10.2011 Another "On-Call" Day

I called when I was awake at 0315 to see what the work situation was. Nope, not needed. And yes, I had agreed to let another girl work today instead of taking her "turn". I enjoyed my day off.

Dan went out for breakfast and golf, while I had a quiet morning. An hour or two after breakfast, I thought I'd go out for my walk before it got any warmer. It was 73 degrees, on the way to 78.

I walked briskly and was tolerating it well; I jogged a couple of short distances and the last long block. So far, so good. It was lovely being out in the warm air and sunshine.

I cooled off, showered, and Dan called. He shot a Hole-In-One today!!! GoLFER DAN!!! Congratulations!!

We went down to Jackson and met Frank and his friend Dalila (pronounced daleela) for Frank's birthday dinner. Tomorrow he'll be 34 years old!! Wow-- What a blessing he has been. He's kind hearted, generous, intelligent, computer-wise, and easy going. Children and animals love him, and he loves them. Elaine would say "he never meets a stranger". He's strong, healthy, God loving, and very individual-minded. Definitely his own unique person. He humbles me; he is my son.

Dan and I had a quiet evening. It's still 76 degrees at 9:15 pm and windy.

Tomorrow Dan wants to golf again, and we'll get groceries, too.

I'm feeling pretty good tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday 04.09.2011

What a lovely morning--hearing the magic words "on call". I hadn't slept much and hoped to get a good stretch before daybreak.

That didn't really happen. I dozed a few times, finally getting up about 8:40. It took awhile for the cobwebs to clear, though. Funny how I don't sleep much sometimes, but don't feel like being awake, either.

A quiet morning, not counting the birds announcing the new day.

I finally had breakfast, then decided I'd go out for a walk, which was enjoyable. I haven't been jogging or even walking much these last few months; I pushed myself to keep up the pace and focus on breathing. When I got back to the complex I went back to the wooded area, just to listen to the birds.

Back at home, I showered, got things to put supper together, and had a snack. When Dan called to say he was on his way, I put our scalloped potatoes and ham and corn casserole in the oven. It turned out really good.

We had a quiet evening. He's hoping to golf tomorrow, since the temps are predicted to be high 70's. Big shift of temperatures.

I've felt pretty good today, other than being a little tired.

Tomorrow I'm probably on-call, too, and that's ok.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday 04.08.2011

I was surprised and pleased at how well I slept last night. I got up shortly after 8 (which is an unusual occurrence in itself) and looked out over the frozen lake.

It started out to be a gloomy day, but by 10 or so the sun was burning through the layer of gray. Temps warmed from the high 30's to about 50.

After breakfast and cleaning the kitchen, I fixed a bucket of water and washed the walls and ceiling in the hallway where the access door to the attic is. When the insulation was installed in the fall, the dust from the blown cellulose came through the opening and created a layer on the walls there. There were also lots of finger and hand prints from them moving that access door out of the way. I washed the three doors there in the hallway, too, as well as one of the living room walls. When I got done with that, I swept off the front deck and listened to the crackling of the ice as it was melting. Neat.

I fixed my lunch, finished gathering my belongings together, and did the "exit cleaning"--bathroom, vacuuming, etc. I left about 3:30.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

I got unpacked, made supper, cleaned up the kitchen, talked with Daniel.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, and Dan might be home tomorrow night.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday 04.07.2011 Septic--Resolved

I had a nice drive to The Lake, thank you God, and drove into the sunshine. Only 45 degrees here, but sunny, with a mild wind.

The septic guy was already here, and had dug up the cover to the tank. No problems there, after removing a couple of root masses. (I was pleased to hear that he had serviced this property in the past, as well as a few more on this pointe).

He got into the second tank, which is really the first one in the series, and that one was ok, too, after the roots were removed. But still no flow in with a flush. Hm.

He started digging again, and found water. Aha!! A broken line!! Which the roots had used to their EXTREME advantage!!

He went to the truck, got what he needed, repaired the line, adding a vertical clean-out line, filled in the holes, and called it done. Woo Hoo!!

And I wrote the check.

One. Hundred. Dollars.


I was happy to do so.

The gurgling noises that I had been hearing have gone away. Yippee to that, too.

After he left, I lit the pilot on the furnace. Woo Hoo! Heat, too!!

I brought my things in from the car and had a great rest of the afternoon/evening. I went for a walk, looking at the remaining snowpiles as well as the still-frozen lake. The sun on the ice is melting it, and it sounds like rice krispies crackling. I didn't hear any big cracks or louder noises, though.

I hadn't cleaned really well after the insulation installation, or the furnace installation, so I got that done. I may wash the walls in the hallway tomorrow.

Overall, a lovely place to be.

I'm so thankful that the septic issue is resolved, and at low cost, too.

Tomorrow I have to go back downstate.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday 04.06.2011

I felt like I slept pretty good last night, even though I woke several times. I went back to sleep fairly readily and felt almost rested. Dan had gotten up about 8, but I slept until 9:30ish.

And woke with sinus pressure.

It was lightly raining this morning, and the birds were quite noisy about it. I took a claritin, then after breakfast added a sudafed. That kind of helped, but the pressure was making my teeth hurt, so the tylenol and motrin came aboard, too. That, and some hot brew. I continued to drink water to re-hydrate from these past couple of non-drinking work days, and after a couple hours I started to feel better. Finally.

Dan went out to do errands, while I stayed home and did our business stuff on the computer, and a load of laundry.

When he got back, I fixed supper. He decided that he would go back to the trailer tonight, instead of getting up early tomorrow, and got himself ready to go. He left after supper.

I had a quiet evening, and got myself ready to go to The Lake tomorrow morning! (Have a septic guy coming to look at the gurgling issue... Hope he finds a low-cost solution...)

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday 04.05.2011

I had a pretty good workday today.

I started out hearing the alarm/radio this morning after it had been on about 10 minutes. A safe drive to Jackson, thank you God, and it was dry. Yesterday morning, in the rain, there were a couple of maybe possums? that had been schmucked and spattered on the road. I saw a couple of frogs, too, hopping across the highway. Looks like spring...

One of the girls had agreed to come in to work for me in the afternoon, so that I could attend a meeting. We had a good meeting, and I enjoyed being off the floor. I was able to leave a little early. It was still light out! Thank you Heidi.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan was home, and we went out for supper, enjoying the company.

Tomorrow is kind of unplanned, but I'd sure like to go up to The Lake. Dan goes back to work on Thursday.

I'm a bit tired and hope to sleep tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday 04.04.2011

Another workday. And I "floated" to another unit. Again. So not good.

But I understand that there is a need for staff to be part of the solution of the not-enough-help issue. I found a positive attitude and did my best to keep it around. I'm very glad to be clocked out.

I worked pediatrics, with the sick babies, washing frequently and trying not to touch everything. And I showered when I got home. Ick, germs.

Tomorrow is another workday for me. Dan is home and looking forward to NOT working.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday 04.03.2011

A quiet day for me. Dan had left for work, and I continued to doze the remainder of the morning.

After breakfast, I looked at the computer for the weather forecast, as it was cold and drizzly outside. It was predicted to stop precipitating about 1 pm, so I planned to go out to the store about 2 pm. Around noon we had GIANT snow clumps falling from the sky, forming an almost solid curtain that blocked visibility. Of course, it didn't stick, but it eventually turned to rain.

I had a snack before going out. It was about 3, but still raining. It was just a light drizzle when I returned to the car, and had completely stopped during the drive home.

I fixed supper and ate, read a little, wrote here, and am off to bed soon.

I'm scheduled to work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday 04.02.2011

So nice to sleep. Though not uninterrupted, I did have a couple of stretches that I felt I had been "sleeping" instead of just dozing.

I had a good day. Vacuumed, dusted, sorted, discarded. When I was at a point that I could go out for a walk, it was drizzling, and I decided to stay in instead.

Dan came home tonight. His laundry is finishing up, and we are about to call it a night. He'll go back to work in the morning; I'm hoping to get a good walk in.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

P.S. Still not sure what's going on with this formatting...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday 04.01.2011 Foolish Day

Whew. We finally had a more better day at the J.O.B., thank you God. At the end of the shift, though, someone needed help. So I went in to help her. Skipping details, I clocked out at 7:40 pm. Overtime again.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and I stopped at Meijer in Mason so I wouldn't have to go out tomorrow.

I'm tired tonight. I hope to rest.

Daniel will be home tomorrow night.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.