Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday 01.31.2011

Ugh. What a busy day today. After a safe drive down to Jackson, in single digit temperatures. I was thankful that the shuttle came and picked me up. And after the night shift came in, we left in a timely fashion. Whew.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and I was home before Dan. He had worked late, taking care of things since he'll be gone for a few days.

I got myself organized for the morning; checked my list, got some food to take with us, showered. Our ride is coming early.

I'm tired. When I showered, I noticed that the left arm is tight inside. I stretched with the warm water on it, which seemed to help, at least comfort-wise.

I'm going to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday 01.23.2011

A beautiful blue sky, winter cold, day. The sun was warm enough to melt the icicles that had formed on our eaves, but the wind was cold enough to pull the scarf up and put your hands in your pockets.

I finally slept a couple hours straight this morning, and was pleased to see that it was 0830 when the sun was shining in. Dan was already up.

We had a nice morning, then went out in the afternoon, picking up a couple things we needed yet for the trip this coming week. We also went through the car wash.

Dan suggested stopping for food instead of cooking, which was ok with me. We enjoyed our supper at Bob Evans, and had a quiet evening at home.

Tomorrow we both work.

I've felt pretty good again today, thank you God. The tightness in my left arm is just a little better.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday 01.29.2011

There was a winter storm advisory this morning as Dan headed off to work. I dozed in and out with the background noises of snow removal.

I got up and enjoyed the morning, watching the home improvement shows, breakfast, fresh brew. A nice shower and I was ready for the day.

I went through my clothes, trying things on, selecting which few items I'll be taking to Florida. (We're going on Tuesday, returning on Friday.) I went out to the library, the grocery, and the pharmacy. I fixed supper when I got home and finished the second load of laundry.

Dan came in, and we ate. He said his car had a half inch of ice on it this morning when he got to work, but, oddly, the roads were not slippery. Thank you God for keeping him safe.

Tomorrow we'll both be able to sleep in.

I've felt pretty good today. My left arm is tight, though, where the cording was. That sure feels weird.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday 01.28.2011

A safe drive to work, thank you God, and the roads were pretty good.

We had a busy day today, even calling in the on-call person late in the afternoon. We sure appreciated that she came in.

The night shift came in and took over. Ahhh. Quitting time.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan was doing something on his computer. We visited a bit, and he went off to bed. He works tomorrow, I don't. I'm hoping to sleep in the morning.

I'm just a little sore, and I'm tired, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 01.27.2011

What a day. I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked, but I was warm. The two little heaters brought the indoor temperature to high 60's. It dropped outside to low 20's during the night. With the new insulation in the attic and crawlspace, it's very quiet, too.

I got up about 7:30, as James said he'd be out sometime after 8:00. I moved furniture around, clearing the areas where they would be working, giving them as much room as possible, and vacuumed the now-open area. James arrived about 8:15.

After a very long morning, which led into the afternoon, the wall furnace is installed and works. It kicks out the heat. But then kicks back off. After two times up into the attic (in all that new cellulose) to check the connections from the furnace to the chimney), and a couple trips outside to make sure it was exhausting, a call to Tech Support determined that we need a different external venting system. Which means that they have to come back and poke a hole in the roof. Ack. But it must be done if that furnace is going to work. So, that is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday.

The better news is that the smaller wall heater is installed out in the family room, complete with a new gas line, and that little blue flame heater really kicks out the heat, too! I turned on the ceiling fan, and within 20 minutes the temperature rose from 45 to 60 degrees. Totally awesome.

James left about 1:30. I cleaned up, finished packing, fixed food and ate, Evelyn and Bob came over, and I finally left about 3:45.

I had a safe drive home, though long, as the highway just north of Flint had started to glaze with ice, and after getting onto 69 westbound, traffic was bumper to bumper as far as you could see, with whopping speeds of 25-35 mph. The underpasses were ice, and there were some crazy drivers. I chose to get off that highway and find a different route home.

I ended up going through Rural America, zig-zagging my way south and west. So many farms. It was kind of neat; the roads were just a little snowy and I felt more comfortable "driving with the locals". Somehow I made it down to 96 and got on there, which had been salted and was wet.

Glad to be home, it took almost an hour longer. But I'm home safely, thank you God.

Dan was happy to see me, too, as he wasn't feeling too well. Hopefully he'll get better through the night.

I'm only a little stiff, but my knees are sore. That's new for me. My knees are usually ok.

We both work in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday 01.26.2011

It was a beautiful day at the lake. Gray, overcast, just an occasional light breeze, and hovering at 31-32 degrees. The phone rang first thing (0800). It was Natalie, from Brian's Plumbing and Heating. "Did someone call you yesterday to let you know that your job has been moved to tomorrow, Thursday?" Um, no... "James might be able to come out this afternoon. Would that be ok? And he'll call first, for sure." Ok, I told her. Thanks for calling.

So now I have a day to do whatever I want to. Hm. I'll start with clearing the driveway again.

After breakfast and stretching to warm up, I went outside and started shoveling. I paced myself, going kind of slow, and was glad when the phone rang a couple of different times so I could have a break. There was maybe 4-5 inches more since last time I was here. Way different than last year. The lake is completely covered in snow, with no bare areas of ice showing that I can see from the house.

I was just about done with the majority of the drive when Bob and Evelyn came back from wherever they went. They got their shovels and a snowblower and helped finish up the end of the driveway, as well as up by the garage, where it had drifted. He was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get out, and cleared enough of an area that I can pull up and turn around. Thanks, Evelyn and Bob, I sure appreciate the help. I hope I can shovel snow when I'm 80 years old.

I came in, fixed food, and ate. Natalie called to say James was on his way, and he arrived a short while later.

He looked at the furnace and heater and where they went and such, and determined that it would probably be a half a day job. He and another guy will be here in the morning.

He left, and I enjoyed a shower. Those shoveling muscles are starting to tighten up a little bit.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving after the furnace job is done.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday 01.25.2011

The drive to Jackson was good, thank you God. Not the freezing rain/slick road surfaces that was predicted.

The morning at the J.O.B. place went fairly well. We had one too many staff people today, and I split the shift with someone else so that we each wouldn't loose quite so many hours. As the afternoon wore on, we sent our patients home and closed the overflow unit, but Labor and Delivery "blew up" and needed help. The person who came in for me went over to help, and I offered before I left. I was happy to be told that i could leave. Thank you God, again.

It was 4:30 ish when I got home. Dan was going over to hang with his golf friends, so I got ready to go up north. I left the house about an hour or so later.

I had a safe drive up, thank you God. The roads were mostly dry until I got up to the lake itself. The neighbor had "tracked" the driveway, and snowblowed some of it, too, so I could drive in. I'm going to have to move some snow, though, so that I'll be able to get out.

It's really beautiful here. Quiet, about a foot or so, with drifts. I hope I can get pictures tomorrow. The furnace guys are scheduled to be here, and I've got furniture to move to give them room to work.

I'm feeling pretty good, overall. A little tired, but I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 01.24.2011

When the alarm went off I called the hospital. Nope, I was on-call. I'm glad I reached over for the phone, because I went right back to sleep. When I woke again, Dan was up. I stretched out and dozed again, finally getting up about 8:30.

Breakfast, shower, etc., got the morning going.

I went down to Jackson for a meeting, stopping on the unit to see how things were. They didn't need me, and I went on back home. A safe drive, thank you God.

I fixed supper for us and ate; it's been a quiet evening here.

Tomorrow is a workday for me. Maybe I can leave early and go up to the lake...

I've still got a shadow of a headache, and the pull of the cording on the inside of my left arm. Strange stuff, that is.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday 01.23.2011

What a beautiful, sunshiney day! Clear blue, single digit, not-much-wind, sun reflecting off of the bright white snow.

I enjoyed the drive to Jackson for a surprise birthday party. And she was surprised!! It was a very nice luncheon. I enjoyed the afternoon.

From there, I picked up Frank, and we did drive-bys of the list of properties. Of those, he found one that he might want to see, because the garage/yard was kind of funny. One at a time, he'll find what he wants.

A safe drive home, thank you God, and a quiet evening watching football.

Tomorrow is a workday for me. Dan will be going back on Wednesday.

I'm kind of tired tonight, with naggy leftover soreness in my head from that headache yesterday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday 01.22.2011

I woke this morning with an "eye ache", above my right eye. What is this, a migraine?? Hm. I had breakfast, and after a short while, the side of my face started tingling like going numb. And a wave of nausea. Yep, a migraine.

I took one of the Maxalt tablets that doctor had ordered many years ago. It's been so long since I've had to use it--the ones I have expired in 2010. I used it anyway, and will have to get a couple of fresh ones. Within a half hour the pain was going away, as well as the tingling in my face. It didn't go all the way away, though, and by 1:00 I took a half of a tylenol with codeine and a motrin. I laid down at 2 and woke at 3 to Dan's voice, talking on the phone. Good thing I woke up--we had to leave soon to meet Jim and Polly at The Summit, where Chelsea was playing indoor soccer. Cari was there, too, as well as Jacob and one of Chelsea's friends.

My headache was just about gone, thank you God. After the game Jim and Polly and Dan and I went to Applebee's, and enjoyed supper and good company.

Back at home, Dan is tired. He's had a few phone calls, people checking up on him, and I've been on the computer. I might have to take more medicine of some sort, as my face is starting to feel funny again. Odd, weird, strange, that I'm having a headache...

Tomorrow is another day. I have a party in Jackson to attend in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday 01.21.2011

I slept pretty good last night. I was surprised at how swollen my hands were when I woke this morning. I enjoyed breakfast and drank a bunch of water throughout the day. A warm shower helped to stretch that left arm, too.

After a couple loads of laundry, Dan and I went out to supper then over to Meijer for a few groceries.

That was Dan's first "outing", and it was enough. We put groceries away, and he was back in his chair.

We each had phone conversations, and before long, he was off to bed. I'm hoping I can sleep again tonight.

Tomorrow we may go watch an indoor soccer game and visit with family. We'll see what happens.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 01.20.2011

I got up and went to work, and man were we busy. We had a good team, and got through the day.

Dan messaged me this morning that he was ready to be discharged. His blood sugar was down, no itchy rash reaction, no bruising at the insertion site in the groin. Woo Hoo!!!! Daughter Breon went and picked up her daddy.

When I got home, he was still doing well. He slept in the chair a while before going to bed. I'm really tired and going to bed also.

Tomorrow is unplanned.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday 01.19.2011

We got up and to the hospital by 0600 for Daniel to check into the Cardiac Recovery Unit. The nice nurse Lori got him ready to go, then we waited. And waited more, as we were told that Doctor had an emergency, that Dan would be next when Dr. Karve was finished. And so he was.

I had a "normal" wait time in the waiting room, looking at the monitor that shows where he is in the process, by color. When he finally went into the procedure room, it was an hour and a half before the Doctor came out to tell me what had happened.

First, he said all the stents look good. The right coronary artery, the one that had the 4 stents put into it initially 2 years ago, had another blockage, 90% blocked, and he put another stent in to open it. The left one looked good, he said. Someone came out to get me about 15 minutes later, and I accompanied Dan and staff back to the recovery unit.

He did really well. After a couple hours, I realized that he looked different. Like he has color in his face. Not the gray tones he had been. Imagine!!

The rest of the afternoon/evening has been quiet; I stayed there most of the day, coming home for a supper break, then going back up this evening. He'll be staying in the room in the recovery unit overnight and discharge tomorrow. So far, there is no sign of the rash/reaction that he had the previous times. Thank you God for that. His blood sugar is still elevated, but there is insulin ordered, and it's slowly coming down some.

I'm tired. My back and shoulders were a little sore from the shoveling I did yesterday, but is a little better tonight. I am scheduled to work tomorrow; Dan will have a quiet house to come home to rest in.

Thank you for your prayers, messages, and phone calls.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday 01.18.2011

It snowed all night, finally stopping about 0930. Looks like maybe 5-8 inches. I'll have to shovel today to get my car out so I can leave. I'd love to stay and play in the snow...

I had gotten the car uncovered and started on the area by the garage. Bob drove up and down the driveway a couple of times again, saying his snowblower was in the shop, but was done, and he would be picking it up this afternoon. He said he'd blow the driveway for me. I kept shoveling, as I'm not sure when that will be, and I want to leave after the appraiser has been here.

I looked up and saw a car--he was early. Which was ok. He walked around outside and did what he needed to, then we went inside. He looked around, took measurements and pictures. We chatted for a minute and he left.

I shoveled some more, getting not quite halfway down the drive. But I think I'll be able to drive through. The county snowplow truck had come through as Bob was in my driveway, but the driver was considerate as to how he moved the snow on the road. It was cool that he didn't push the snow into the ends of our driveways. I don't know how he did it.

I put my things away, closed up the garage, and got the camera to go for a walk. I took lots of pics. The drifts in the yard were almost knee deep. Fun! Wish I could have stayed and cross-country skied.

Back inside, I got ready to go. Bob and Evelyn stopped over--Bob loaded the car for me, and Evelyn took the trash. They are great neighbors. I got on the road about 4 pm.

A safe drive home, thank you God. The highways were mostly dry, and the two lane roads up there were plowed, snowy, and drive-able.

Dan got home just after I did. I unpacked and showered. Tomorrow Dan is having another cardiac catheterization. We are both a little edgy about it, considering that the last time he had it done it was a major event. Pray for smooth procedures....

My shoulder is really sore tonight from shoveling, as is the "cord" in my arm. I'm thinking tylenol would help me sleep. We have to be at the hospital at 0600.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monday 01.17.2011 Doctor Day

Dan left for work; I slept some until 0800, too anxious about the day to really sleep well. And I wanted to take a lingering shower to maybe loosen my back some. And, while moving around, I found that the cording in the left arm was quite tender. The warm water and stretching helped both.

I dressed and collected the things I wanted to take to the lake. It all came together well. I ate, loaded the car, and left for the doctor appointment.

Which was really an appointment with Eman, the nurse practicioner. I had met her a visit or so prior to today.

The nice girl without a nametag called me to bring me back to the exam room. First stop, the scales. Let's see.... #169 pounds.....!!!!! My body must be rebounding from the treatment process, as well as from the holidays. Ohmygosh. Time to refocus the direction of the energy.

From there we went to an exam room, a different one this time, though it was about as barron as the others. The one framed piece of "art" was a photo of a row of kayaks, each with their covers on over the seat openings. Most were two person boats, but there were a few solo kayaks, too. I didn't count them, but there were many--brightly colored blues and red, and yellow ones, too, with the dark circles of the covers. I remember thinking "what an odd picture. Thats a lot of kayaks". No paddles, just a solid mass of color stripes and circles. Then Eman came in.

She spent about a half hour with me, but I was there over an hour and a half. We talked about the weight gain, and she said not to worry about it--that as I regain energy it will go away. Okay. She seemed quite confident about that. One of the questions on her list was an irregular heart rate, and we talked about that, too. We ended up with a 12-lead ecg/ekg/electrocardiogram, which showed a textbook-pretty, normal heart rate and rhythm. Which is good, but she wants me to see a cardiologist to check out the abnormalities.

She also did a breast exam, and said she didn't feel any lumps or bumps or anything odd. She pressed pretty hard in the woundbeds, which are sore anyway. We talked about it being time for a mammogram and discussed the discomfort involved. So she ordered a MRI. And a bone density. I had a bone density done as part of my pre-treatment work-up. The aromatase inhibitors cause bone demineralization. The bone density scan will show how the bones are holding up.

She was very kind and knowledgeable and I completely didn't mention about the cording in the arm. I thought of it a hundred times but was going to come back to it. I'll have to take care of it, and call if it gets much worse.

She also said that Dr. Williams tends to see his patients every 6 months until the 5 year mark, then annually. I'm ok with that.

On the way out, I scheduled the lab draw, and follow up with Dr. Williams for July 8 or something. Finally done.

On my way up north.

I had a good drive, with the snow starting north of Linwood. It continued until I arrived at the cabin about 5.

Bob had driven his truck up and down the driveway, and had shoveled the little drift in front of the steps, as well as turned the heat up inside for me. What a guy.

It was lovely to be here. I found myself smiling, even though it's not very warm inside yet. Bob helped me unload the car, and told me dinner was ready, and to come over whenever. Cool!!

I unpacked and looked around. A totally gray day. Sky, brighter gray snowy lake, and the gray of the fine snow, blowing pretty good from the east.

Evelyn had a boiled dinner for us. It was yummy, and we had a good time catching up, and it was still snowing and blowing when I went back home. The tire tracks that Bob had made earlier were filling in. I might have to shovel to be able to leave...

I had a pleasant night putting away things I had taken home to clean, looking outside frequently. It's so different in winter. I hope I have time to take a few pictures tomorrow.

I also hope I sleep well. I'm feeling pretty good, so far. My arm loosened up, but the back is tightening up again. Maybe a motrin is in the future.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday 01.16.2011

Another "good" workday. Other that getting up in the middle of my sleep time.

A safe drive to Jackson, thank you God, with a cold walk in single digit temperatures across to the hospital. It was so nice to have a decent weekend. It was finally time that the next shift came in, and we walked back over to our vehicles in the 18 degree night.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

I'm tired, and for some reason, my back across my shoulder blades is really sore. And my left arm is sore where the "cord" is. I can't feel a cord from the outside, but along the inside it's really sore. Stretching almost feels like it is aggravating it, but I think it helps in the long run.

Tomorrow I have an oncology appointment for a routine 6 month check up. From there I'm going up to The Lake, just for an overnight, coming back Tuesday evening.

I'm anxious to see the winter view.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday 01.15.2011

I had a slow drive to Jackson this morning. It had snowed, and was still snowing, but the right lane of the highway was fair driving. I was able to go 40-45 mph, sometimes 50. Until I got behind someone who would only go 35-38. Geesh. The left lane had the kind of stuff that grabbed the tires and pulled the vehicle over, which made passing a non-option for me. The two vehicles that did pass us had a little difficulty. So, I drove "with traffic", and thanked the angels for keeping me safe. I also called the unit to tell them I was on my way. I was only about 5 minutes late, but I got there.

We had a good day with a good team. Busy, but manageable. We got breaks and everything! Hopefully, tomorrow will be as good.

The drive home was much better, as the roads had been plowed and salted. The temperature was just so that the road film was trying to freeze, so 60-65 mph was good for me.

Dan and I visited and had a nice evening. We both work tomorrow.

I'm feeling pretty good, overall, though I'm tired and my feet hurt. I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday 01.14.2011

I've had a great few days off. I'm rested and have applied enough skin care products to get my hands almost healed up. I would guess that by tomorrow afternoon they'll be sore again from the frequent "hand hygiene" that needs to be done at the J.O.B.

I went to Meijer and got a few groceries, and made a pot of soup. Fresh mushrooms, broccoli, a bit of onion, a potato, fat-free half and half and milk, parmesan and cheddar cheeses. I was surprised that Daniel enjoyed it as much as he did, and I ended up with 2 servings in the refrigerator. I think I've learned something from those cooking shows.

I've played with the new "smart phone"--they are so powerful--I'm a bit overwhelmed by it, and there's sooo much you can do with it. I'll never use it to it's potential. But I'll continue learning it.

Tomorrow is a work day for both of us.

The warm/hot water helped me stretch my arm this morning. It feels pretty good tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday 01.13.2011

I had a pretty good day today after a solid block of sleep between midnight and 4. What a treat. I woke to the sounds of the county salt trucks, 2 of them, following each other around the complex spreading salt. Even though our road was clear--did they know something we didn't? I dozed on and off until around 8. Daniel was already up.

We talked about his upcoming appointments. Shower, breakfast, and I got ready to go to Owosso to meet KS.

That was a fast and easy drive, just a little longer than going to work. We had a good lunch and great conversation. A couple hours went by quickly. Thank you, KS, for sharing the afternoon.

When I got home, Frank was at the house. Dan and he were waiting for me to get back so we could go out to eat. Ok, let's go...

We went to Bob Evans for good grub. Back at home we were all working on our phones, talking about "apps" and "settings" and "how do you...?" These smart phones are really something.

Tomorrow I have to get fresh vegetables. And probably cook something.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday 01.12.2011

Dan got up this morning and went to his appointments, while I tried to go back to sleep with the sounds of snow removal outdoors. I finally did, and Dan called and (unintentionally) woke me. Ugh. This interrupted sleep is not restful. Maybe tonight I'll sleep better.

My face/sinuses were feeling swollen. I took the claritin, which I have been for a few weeks now, but that didn't help much. I had breakfast, added a sudafed, enjoyed a warm shower. That felt a little better.

I've done 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out how to get the stuff off of my current phone before activating the new phone. And I did!! I got my photos off of the phone, as well as the contacts. Simple for some, slow for me. But I did it! I was afraid to do much more with it tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to meet KS in Owosso. I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday 01.11.2011

The low volume of the classical music on the radio jarred my brain this morning. I had been turning and trying to get comfortable to doze back off for what seemed like a half hour and had just dozed off. Ugh. Time to get up.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

We had a busy day that got better at the end of the shift. And I had a visitor--brother Jim stopped by to see me, looking "all that" in his hat. I was able to take a break, and I enjoyed our short visit. Thanks for coming up, Jim.

The snow started about noon, so when we left there was about 4 inches accumulated on our vehicles. It was kind of pretty out, mainly because it wasn't windy.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan had gotten new phones for us--Droidx--and spent the evening trying to get it set up. So far he's about halfway through the process. I'm going to wait until tomorrow to play with mine.

He has appointments tomorrow; I'm looking forward to catching up with some housework.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday 01.10.2011

I didn't hardly sleep last night. I was almost relieved when the alarm came on to get up, although I know I would have slept real good this morning.

A cold drive down, and, no shuttle. We walked the 2 blocks over to the hospital in the 11 degree morning.

We had a very busy day that only ended when we clocked out. Having wonderful co-workers made the busy-ness go pretty smooth. Special thanks to Josh who managed the nurses' station and the always ringing phones. And we get to do it again tomorrow.

A safe drive home, thank you God. I heated up some food because, while we did get a couple of breaks earlier in the day, we didn't get dinner, and I was hungry.

Dan and I visited a bit before he went off to bed. I wrote here.

My left arm has tightened up again where that cording is. I hope I can manage it without having to get a professional treatment.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday 01.09.2011

I had a pretty good day today. Dan went to work, I slept a little longer, and got up about 9 and got ready for the day.

The sun was beautiful in the clear blue sky, with temps in the teens. I watched a couple of home improvement shows, had breakfast, and went out to get a few groceries.

I took my time, looking around at a few things. I went over to Target to browse there, too, but it wasn't long before I was done.

Back out in the sunshine (with a cold wind) I went home. I replaced the light bulbs in the garage door opener, swept out the garage, and went on inside.

Dan had called to say he wasn't feeling too well, but ended up staying the workday. When he got home, he looked a bit punky, but looked better as the evening went on. He said he felt a little better, too.

After he went to bed I did some reading, and stretched some. My left arm is still a little tight but seems to be improving, thank you God.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday 01.08.2011

Dan got up and went to work this morning, while I went back to sleep. I got up about 9, showered, breakfasted, and got ready for the day.

I got to Jackson for my haircut. It always amazes me how much it grows in the 5 to 6 week interval. Lauretta cuts off at least 1/2 inch, probably more.

After my hair was styled, I went over to Frank's. We looked at the list of properties I had, crossed off some, and went out to do the drive bys. We eliminated a few that way, too. He'll be going out with the realtor this coming week. Maybe he'll find "the one...".

We ate at Cherry's Cafe, then criss-crossed our way back over to his house.

A safe drive back to Holt, thank you God.

Dan was home. We visited a bit, I showered again to get those itty bitty hairs off, and he of course, has gone off to bed.

I noticed last night that my left arm feels like the cording is trying to happen. It's still there this evening, and is tender when I press along the forearm. I don't see anything, but it's sore.

Tomorrow is groceries.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday 01.07.2011

Dan and I had a nice morning, breakfasting and getting ready to go to MaryBeth Rodgers' funeral. It was a very nice funeral mass, with a luncheon served after. Both were well attended. We stayed and visited a short while after, then went on home.

Dan changed clothes, and after a bit went over to Lee's house. He had asked some of the guys to come over. I opted to not go.

I thought I might go get a few groceries, but decided against it, as it was snowing pretty hard, and very pretty.

I enjoyed my afternoon, catching up on email, and exercising. When he got back, we talked and went over our budget. (I made a spreadsheet--the financial planner had said some things that I needed to see myself). And we're ok with where we're at. So far.

He has gone off to bed, and I'm left with a quiet evening to myself, which is ok, too.

Tomorrow is a haircut for me, and I plan to visit with Frank after.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday 01.06.2011

Dan went to work this morning; I got up about 0930. I breakfasted and showered, and was just finishing paying bills when Dan came home.

He was going to go to a doctor appointment, right from work, but was able to leave earlier than he thought.

I went with him, because we were going to the funeral home after the appointment.

The doctor visit was long, but still left us with enough time to stop back at the house and have a bite to eat before leaving again. And it turned out that one of Dan's friends wanted to ride with us, so we met at our house.

There was also a Vigil tonight at the funeral home, for Dan's friend, Lee's wife, MaryBeth. She had been fighting the decline of her body for almost a year. There were lots of people there to help her family. She was only 60 years old, I think. Tomorrow is the Funeral Mass.

I was just a little sore this morning from the work that Leah did yesterday, and am tired tonight. Of course, Dan has already gone to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday 01.05.2011

When I was breakfasting, I looked at my planner. Hooeee!!! I have a massage today!!! And not until 2:00, so I had time this morning.

I showered, did a little light housework, and it was time to go.

Leah did a marvelous job, as always, with my massaahhhge. She spent time on my left arm/shoulder/back/breast, and boy, did I feel better.

But also yucky.

As that lymph fluid gets moved I get "punky" feeling.

Daniel called to say he was on his way home, and he was going on into south Lansing for an errand, suggesting we meet at Los Tres Amigos.

We did, and he noticed right away that 1.) my arm was better and 2.) I looked icky. But after food and more water I started feeling better.

He slept in his chair a bit before going off to bed. I dozed, too.

He works tomorrow; I should go get some fresh produce.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday 01.04.2011

When I woke I called the unit to see if I had to work. Yup. Shoot. I really didn't want to.

But I put on my happy face and grabbed hold of a good attitude and went to Jackson.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

And I was very happy to have a much better day. I even clocked out on time--the first time in 2 weeks.

A safe drive home, thanks again. Dan and I visited before he went to bed.

Dan works tomorrow; I'm not sure what my day will be.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday 01.03.2011

A safe drive to Jackson this morning, in the dark. Along with the other "regular" commuters, many of which seemed to have the last couple of weeks off from work, as there hasn't been this much traffic since just before Christmas.

We were busy today and were able to call in a couple of people to help. We got through the day and time came to clock out. Yee Haw!

Tomorrow is another workday for both Dan and me.

My upper arm was aching this afternoon. A few stretches will help, I hope.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday 01.02.2011

I slept pretty good, and got up this morning around 9:30. Ready for the day, I breakfasted and made a grocery list. And I thought that while I was out, I would stop at the storage unit, taking some of the "seasonal" things back over. I ended up taking all of the decor down and putting it away. After lunch, Dan helped load the boxes and totes into his car, and off we went. It sure went a lot faster having someone else help carry things. In just a few minutes I had everything put away in the storage unit. We have ended the Holiday Season at the Jacque household.

We stopped at the pharmacy, then over to Meijer. The list was short, so that went pretty fast, too.

The rest of the afternoon/evening was quiet.

We both work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday January 1, 2011

1-1-11. I like the numbers of the dates. I know, I'm odd.

I worked yesterday, New Years Eve day. And it was my turn to "float". Yeah, great. Twelve hours doing my best to like the gift that God gave me.

When I got home it was after 9 pm. (yep, overtime, too, due to scheduling miscommunication. And I couldn't leave, because I was "sitting" one-to-one with a patient that couldn't be left alone. So that makes it 13 hours of doing my best.) I changed my clothes, washed up, and went out in the living room to talk with Daniel. I got really tired, tipped over (laid down on the sofa), and woke up shortly after midnight. I think the big booms from the local fireworks and whatever else was being fired off woke me. Daniel was already in bed, of course.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was awakened shortly before 4 am to the sounds of tinkling glass. Oh, no, not again, I thought, as I jumped out of bed, looking out the window and listening. I heard another couple of crashes, and a dog barking, and called 911 as I watched out the window. I didn't see anyone, and about 10 minutes or so after I called, 3 cruisers came into the complex and, well, cruised around. I saw that a set of floodlights on the garage across from us got hit again, and then I noticed a cruiser had parked down at the end of another of our buildings. Doggoneit. I hoped that it wasn't vehicle glass that was being broken. Of course I couldn't go back to bed, as it was nearly time to get up. I fired off an email to the management to let them know before I left for work.

That was my day yesterday.

Today, Dan got a phone call at 0800 from his best friend, whose wife has not been doing well. She had left for heaven a couple hours earlier. Sympathies to the family.

I got up about 9:30, breakfasted, and showered. While Dan was with his friend, I did a couple loads of laundry, took the outdoor lights down, put a few more decorations away, cleaned the guest bathroom, took a walk outside to assess the extent of the vandalism.

Two of the outer garages had had a total of 4 light fixtures bashed, 3 fixtures were the double flood lights. And the way they were hit damaged the vinyl siding. I hope that Trouble figures out that vandalism is not good entertainment.

I was fixing supper when Dan got home. We ate and had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow we need groceries again. And it's our Breon's Birthday. 26 maybe? or 27...

Anyway, thank you for reading. Hugs for the New Year.