Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday 09.30.2010

We were busy today, starting at 8:30 for Daniel and 9:00 for me. He had breakfasted and was outside when I was fixing my food. He installed a cell phone signal repeater thing, which has improved our signal. We still don't have full signal, but it's better than the intermittent service that it was.

He came inside and tackled those pesky outlets that would go off and on. He had to go to Hale to get more receptacles, and now they are repaired. Go Dan! While he was gone, I cleaned up the dirt and leaves from the access area to the crawlspace, where the deteriorating wooden box was, swept out and moved things around in the garage for the big boat to go into, and the semi truck backed down our road to deliver the 286 pound "portable shelter"--treated fabric over a steel frame--that we will be assembling. I opened the boxes and found the assembly instructions while he finished his electrical project.

We wanted to get the speedboat out today, but I wanted to take a boat ride first, and he wanted to get the shelter going. Before we did anything else, though, it was already after 1 o'clock, and I fixed us some lunch.

It was a beautiful blue sky day, with some clouds now and then, and mid 60's. And a bit breezy. Our bay had whitecaps at times. I uncovered the boat while he familiarized himself with the pieces and parts of the boxes.

We had a short ride, zooming around our half of the lake. It was so pretty out, but the wind was a little cool. I dropped Dan at our dock; he took the van and the boat trailer to the launch and I enjoyed the boat ride down there. Surprisingly, the other half of the lake wasn't as rough. I soaked up the sun while I waited.

Dan backed the trailer into the water, I drove the boat on, and all went very well.

Back at the JC, I got the boat backed down the driveway, and started on the cleaning project, using a product I had gotten last year, called Toon Bright. Spray on, wait, hose it off. Well, the hosing it off part didn't remove the lake crud on the hull of the boat. But to my most pleasant surprise, with just a light rubbing with a green scrubby, everything came off, even the previous years' stains at the water line! Remarkable! I'm sure that the easy removal of algae and crud can also be credited to the Waxing Crew that did a great job in the early summer. Thanks again to Aaron, Jacob, Jim, and Polly for their efforts. Maybe there will be a Crew available next season...

Dan busied himself assembling the multitude of pipes and nuts and bolts of the frame. Tom and Kathy pulled in the driveway when I was about 3/4 done with the boat; KS kept me company, while Tom helped Dan do whatever they were doing. I couldn't see them, because I was close to and almost underneath the boat, getting dripped on, sprayed from the hose (like when it drops and the handle is pressed on the ground--oh yeah, it was spraying right up my back), and the wind would blow the spray back at me, too. I was pretty wet. I was happy that Tom took the time to help Dan--Thank you, Tom, he needed the help.

I was finished with the boat, getting ready to back it into the garage, when Jim called Tom. We all went up to the Long Lake Bar for dinner, which was yummy. I had to change clothes first; I was wet all the way to the underwear.

Tom and Kathy left to go home, Jim and Polly went back to the GC, and we went back to the JC. After sitting that little bit, we both stiffened up, but got the hose put away and other things picked up for the night. Dan showered first before watching a movie, and I enjoyed a shower, too.

Only one more chipmunk in the bucket today, and that was this morning. Total=21. And we saw one go under the back porch after that, so there's still more.

Tomorrow the insulation guy is coming back to go over his bid. Dan has changed his mind about taking the pontoon out tomorrow (Yay!!), and we will finish the "portable shelter" (really? something that's 12 x 20 x 10 is portable?), hopefully with a little help from our friends. Oh, and we have to clean and go home tomorrow, too.

Needless to say, tylenol and motrin are my friends, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday 09.29.2010

I did it. I got up at 0700. I could have slept that last couple of hours or so, but I got up and got in the shower.

After breakfast, I looked at the computer a bit, finished packing, loaded the car, and was on the road about 0915.

A safe trip up, thank you God, and Daniel was happy to see me. Sunny and 60 degrees at the lake. He was cleaning his jet boat, and we were planning to put it in the water today.

We unloaded my car and I got unpacked as he finished up with the boat. We were just going out of the house, getting to the garage, when Tom and Kathy Sue came up. Perfect timing!

We found a jacket for Tom (it's cold out on the water) and the 4 of us rode over to the boat launch. I was glad Tom was with us, being mechanical and all. We got the boat in the water, and the guys were off. It didn't seem to be doing so well, but after a bit, they were in the next bay and on their way. KS and I went back to the JC to wait for them.

At the dock, Tom and Dan putzed around with the motor for quite some time, and decided to put it back on the trailer. Back to the launch I went; KS took their vehicle and went on her way. I met the guys there, and got the boat loaded up. Aha! Weeds blocking the impeller!

Dan got under the trailer and removed the weeds, and wanted to try it again. So, back in the water it went. And it took off pretty good, and Dan decided he wanted it at the dock for the night. Ok...

It was my turn to drive the boat. Tom went with me, and Dan took the van and trailer back to the JC. It's a fun little boat. I dropped Tom at his in-law's, where he was meeting KS, and I went back to the JC.

Dan took the boat out for some fun, but it wouldn't go again. He put on his wetsuit (!) and goggles and went under the boat, removing the weeds again. Then he went out for some fun. And the engine quit. But he thinks he ran out of gas, because he flipped over to the reserve tank and it ran. Ok. Back to the dock. It was time for the insulation guy to arrive.

He did. Mike started by accessing the crawlspace and looking in there. We talked about options, then went inside to look in the attic. I stood on the ladder and held a couple more flashlights so that we could see better. It looked pretty good up there, too. He saw a bat sleeping in there and we searched and found a few gaps that need to be closed up. When we were moving a board, there were eaten acorns under it. Uh oh. And as we were looking around we saw some movement of gray. A rodent, either a mouse or a chipmunk. Looked like the chipmunk acorns that we have on the deck.

And let me say, I put the chipmunk bucket out before we left earlier. There was one in it when we got back, and another one the next time we got back. One was gray, with a faint darker gray stripe.

Mike and I were finishing up when Dan came in saying we had to take to boat back out of the water, as it is taking on water. It was getting into dusk. Dan left in the boat, and as I was closing up the house, I noticed the "ramp" was off of the chipmunk bucket again. I checked--2 more chipmunks, one the reddish color, and another a grayish color, for a total of 4 more tonight. Grand total so far = 20. These are the first two that I've seen the gray color.

I got over to the launch, picked up Daniel and the boat, and it was pretty much dark by now. We were not too far down the road when a deer ran out in front of us. I was able to brake enough to slow us enough that we didn't get any fur on the front right corner of the van, but it was close. Thank you God for taking care of us.

We finally got home and we're hungry. Dan showered while I put together something for us to eat. With dinner done and kitchen cleaned up, it was after 10. Dan checked websites for information about that jetboat, and has gone to bed.

I'll be going soon, too. We've had a busy day.

I took tylenol tonight for the joint pain. I'm pretty sure the left wrist is trying to be affected, too. Bummer.

But I thank God I'm alive and cancer free.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday 09.28.2010

It's just a little odd to get up in the morning and Daniel not be here. But it kind of reminded me of the first two winters we spent not-together--he went to Florida for a couple three months, and we would fly either south or north, and ended up seeing each other every few weeks. That was BC--Before Cancer. And the Cancer Planet had a strong gravitational pull that kept us together. The Cardiology Planet that Daniel is riding on has a strong gravitational pull, too. Thank you God we are both as well as we are at this point in time.

A safe drive to Jackson, thanks again, and I had a fairly good day, other than having to stay the entire shift. I was hoping to leave early so that I could go up to the lake tonight. But since I wasn't able to leave early, I'm not going up tonight. Dan and I had a phone conversation instead.

I've felt pretty good today. A little headache in the afternoon, and a bit of wrist discomfort.

In the morning I just need to add the daily things to my bag, as well as the perishable stuff in the fridge into the cooler.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday 09.27.2010

It didn't seem like I slept much during the night, being awake and uncomfortable. I was surprised when Dan said he hadn't slept much--he was snoring most of the night...

We both got up for work this morning.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and the first 2/3 of the day were pretty good. The last couple hours blew up, and we left the oncoming shift set to take on the new influx of patients that will be coming their way.

A safe drive home, thanks again, in a very light drizzle that wanted to be rain.

Daniel made it to the JC, saying everything was fine there. I'm enjoying the quiet house, hoping to be able to join him tomorrow evening. But staffing may be an issue, and I may finish out the shift instead of leaving after the meeting stuff. I'll make that decision tomorrow.

My wrists were annoyingly uncomfortable today. When I finally had the opportunity to sit down and eat, I reached for my afternoon meds and found that I hadn't taken the morning motrin. Hm, no wonder I was uncomfortable...

Silly me. I'm going to enjoy my quiet evening.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 09.26.2010

I love being able to sleep in the morning, waking when I'm rested. Which, today, was just before nine. Of course, it's all interrupted sleep.

Dan had gone to work this morning. I got up and breakfasted, made a grocery list, and headed out for the couple of errands I needed to do. I got back about 1 pm.

First thing, I started dinner, putting a cut up chunk of meat in the crock of the crockpot. Mine doesn't have any metal on it, and it fits in the microwave. I put it in the microwave to "get started", and ended up having in there about a half hour before transferring it to the heating element.

Then I made a batch of oatmeal cookies to take up to the lake with us. Dan is going up tomorrow, and I'm going up Tuesday.

We had a most wonderful supper, with mashed potatoes and corn and gravy from the 'pot. The meat was nicely tender. I cleaned up the kitchen, and the evening went on.

Daniel went to bed, and I will be, too.

My wrist has been bothersome when the motrin wears off, and the new spot on the left wrist has been sore intermittently, too. Please let that go away...

I'm still happy to be alive and cancer free. I'd like as little side-effect baggage as possible.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 09.25.2010

I slept pretty good, a typical, interrupted sleep. Dan got up and went to work, while I listened to the radio a bit before going back to sleep, finally waking shortly after 9. Ahh.

I got up and sorted the laundry, starting the first load before having breakfast. I ate, then got ready to go to Jackson for my haircut.

Lauretta did a wonderful job, as always, and I came back home. A safe trip both ways, thank you God.

I showered to get the little snippets of hair off.

Dan called to say he was on the way home, and I started dinner. We ate and had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday for Dan; I'm going to the pharmacy and also stop at Meijer.

My wrist was quite bothersome this afternoon, which felt better after motrin, but my left wrist has a curiously sore area. I hope it isn't a new site of this tendonitis... The incisions have been itching the last few days, too. I don't know...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday 09.24.2010

Another workday, thank you God.

Frank came to the hospital, picked up my car and took it to Discount Tire today for them to check and balance the tires. It was good to see him, and I appreciate that he took the time to run my car around. (They said the front tires were "cupped" and would wear down some and the road noise would reduce. The road noise is a little less, maybe they changed the inflation? And there is less vibration from the front end.)

Anyway, a safe drive home, thanks again, in the wind and the change of temperature. From 76 degrees this morning on the way down, to 62 degrees on the way home.

Dan and I visited some before he fell asleep in the chair. I wrote here and am about falling asleep myself.

I've felt pretty good today, overall. The motrin has kept the joint discomfort to a minimum level.

Tomorrow is a haircut at noon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday 09.23.2010

The phone rang at 0440. I was kind of awake anyway with joint discomfort in my hips and knees. What's that about...? I sure hope the tendonitis from the aromatase inhibitor isn't travelling.

Anyway, they needed help at the hospital. I told her no, because I had a three hour meeting this morning that I was going to, then errands afterward while I was in Jackson.

I laid there for a few minutes, thinking that I could go in until 0900. I called back to tell them, and got up.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

Both units were full with only a couple beds available. I went around and did all the blood pressures, etc., answering questions, and charting. That took me almost to 0900. Other staff had talked to me about their concerns to take to the meeting, so that worked well.

I did the errands I wanted to do and came home and it was time to start dinner.

We ate when Dan got home. I cleaned up the kitchen, and we had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday 09.22.2010

Dan got up and went to work, I went back to sleep, getting up shortly after 9. After breakfast I enjoyed a shower and got ready for the day.

I went over to the pharmacy to pick up Dan's prescriptions, then over to the library. He had called saying he was leaving early and was on his way home.

We enjoyed supper at Los Tres Amigos, and it wasn't but a couple hours after we were home that he went off to bed.

I've enjoyed my quiet evening. Tomorrow he works, and I have a morning meeting in Jackson.

My wrist has been bothersome today, even with the motrin. Guess I'll use the tylenol, too, if it continues be sore.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday 09.21.2010

A short sleep night, with the radio coming on at 0423. Ugh.

A safe drive to work, thank you God, in starry darkness, with an occasional fragrance of fresh skunk. At least 3 patches of skunk.

The workday was better today. 3 RNs and 2 LPNs to start, and another RN called in to help. It was almost non-stop until late afternoon again. We had a great team and got through the day. I even clocked out on time.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan and I caught up on our day, he went off to bed, and I wrote here.

My wrist is acting up tonight, sore and swollen. I'd be more comfortable with another dose of medication...

Tomorrow is a rest day for me; Dan has to work.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday 09.20.2010

Ugh. It was a very busy work day for me. I have to thank co-worker Christine T for changing into scrubs and helping me throughout the day. We all worked together--that's why we're a team....

I felt pretty good mostly, and when I realized that my hips and feet were more sore than they had been, it was way past motrin time. Down the hatch!

I finished the shift, clocked out a half hour late, and drove home.

Dan and I visited some, looked a television a bit, and he's gone off to bed. Me too, shortly.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday 09.19.2010

When I first saw the lake this morning, it was "steaming"--I thought at first that it was a gloomy heavy overcast gray. But the sky was clear with the sun just coming up. I heard the ducks and the loons and went back to sleep, waking again about 9, and it was bright sunshine out there. Woo Hoo!!

I ended up taking a lovely paddleboat ride out into the eurasion milfoil, that's not laying on the surface of the lake any more. It's probably "seasonal", as most plants die back. Let's hope that the weevils have done a super job and are making their way to shore to overwinter for next season.

I got myself ready to go home, and checked the chipmunk bucket one last time. Hey, I got one! And as I was going into the garage, there was another one by the garage door. So when I go up again I'll put the bucket out again, and hope to catch that one. That makes a total of 16, just around the house.

The weather was a beautiful 65 degrees; I really hated to leave. But I did, about 6:30, and had a safe drive home, thank you God.

Daniel helped me carry things in, and we visited a bit before he went off to bed.

Tomorrow is a work day for both of us.

I've felt pretty good today, other than my wrist making itself known. I could have added tylenol for increased comfort today.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 09.18.2010

I saw daybreak over the water, and it looked like a front was moving in. It was mirror quiet, with a blue-gray sky. I woke again about 8, and yes, it did look like rain moving in. I heard rain, and was surprised that it was after 9. I laid there and listened to the squirrel in the trees and the loons on the lake. So beautiful.

After breakfast, Bob from next door came over, returning the board that we had used to move his dog, Gabby, yesterday. When I asked about her, he said that she had a real bad night, with lots more bleeding, and they took her to the vet this morning for her trip to heaven. So hard.

On a lighter note, the rain had stopped after a few hours, and it was trying to break up. Temps were mid 50's today.

I assembled the pub table and stools; that went real well. I like that they sit up higher and now I can see the lake when sitting out there.

One of my friends/co-workers had invited me to Whittemore Speedway--her man is an owner/driver, some kind of modified car. So I went down there and spent the evening at the races. It was kind of fun. Noisy, and there were lots of "incidents" where the cars spun out or went off the track around the corners, delaying each of the races. I finally left about 10:30, after their racing was done. The last race was still running, but I was getting tired and chilled.

Tomorrow I have to go home. Boo. My shoulders are a bit sore from moving all that stuff in the shed yesterday, and my wrist hasn't been to friendly when the motrin wears off.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 09.17.2010

It's so beautiful here.

I slept at intervals and got up about 9. Breakfast, and I tried to light the furnace to take the chill off the air. After a couple hours, I decided that this was not a properly functioning furnace and I would call the company that came out earlier, in January. I did, and the lady said that there were 2 other calls ahead of me, and could Steve come by later this afternoon? Ok, thank you.

I went outdoors to catch up on chores out there. I ended up in the shed, which turned into an all afternoon project of clearing it out, sorting stuff, sweeping it out, walls included, then putting it all back in. I hope it's a little more organized. I was just about finished sweeping it out when Steve from CPH came in. He was the guy who worked on it the first time.

He was real surprised at what it was doing, and he thinks the piece he put on in January isn't working any more. He did something to the ?controls ?settings so that it works, until the new part comes in. And, it was a No Charge call. Woo Hoo!

I finished the shed close to 7, and I needed to eat. Dan called while I was fixing my food; that was nice.

After dinner and dishes, I showered. Ugh, I was really dirty.

I wrote here, and might read for a bit.

I'm a little stiff and sore, and hoping to feel better in the morning.

While I was out in the shed, Bob came over. He was needing help, I think. He saw a piece of plywood and asked to borrow it. "Sure, what for?" I asked.

It seems his old dog Gabby is ailing from age and a bad hip, so much so that he and Evelyn loaded her into the van and took her to the Vet. She wasn't going to get up to get out of the van. Well, she couldn't stand up by herself. And she weights 118 pounds.

We put the plywood against the back of the van, and they had a length of fabric they were using as a sling under her lower abdomen/hips. Between the three of us, we lifted/scooted/slid her down the board onto the ground, then helped stabilize and lift her to her feet. She had difficulty at first, but got her bearings and wobbled up to the house, all the while we were holding her up with the sling.

Bob brought his ramp to the steps to the back door, and we were getting her up the ramp, when she had a release of a large amount of bloody something, probably urine, but might have been stool. They were saying she hadn't been eating or drinking much the last couple of days. Bob got her cleaned up, they made up some kind of waterproof bed for her, and we got her in the house and laid down. I don't think she's going to last very long. She's 12, and he's had her since puppyhood.

That's why I was outside so long this afternoon. And it was really a lovely afternoon--blue sky, light breeze, high 60's. The birds were noisy, the lake had only an occasional boater. The acorns come crashing down, and sometimes almost "drip" off the trees. Interesting noises.

Tomorrow I have a few things I could do, one of which is to go to Whittemore Speedway and hang with a friend/co-worker whose man races and will be there this weekend. Racing starts at 4, and is done by 8, so it's really not a very late night. I've got it on the list to consider.

This post got lengthy. Thank you for reading.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday 09.16.2010

I slept pretty good at intervals, getting up before 9. Daniel had gone to work, and I was glad to have the day to spend at home before going to the lake for 3 days. And, it was raining.

I enjoyed my shower, then ended up doing 2 loads of laundry, repacked my suitcase, prepared 2 meals and cleaned up, and was about ready to go when Dan got home.

We enjoyed a yummy supper together, and he carried my things downstairs for me while I finished the kitchen. What a guy!!

I was on my way in a gloomy drizzle about 5 pm. As I was on the freeway and thinking about the route and that I would need to fill up about halfway there, I wondered if T & KS would be home and I could visit and see their kitchen project?

I called KS, and I ended up having a nice visit. Their kitchen cupboard replacement project is coming along beautifully. Tom is a good measurer, and he is taking the time to install them properly. Good Job, Tom, and Good Job KS!! You have selected a very nice "look".

Back on the highway, and a stop to refuel, I arrived at the JC about 9:30. Cool low 50's with a light breeze and intermittent drizzle.

It's so nice to be here. The lights reflecting off the lake, and the sounds of the water.

Not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow. Maybe take a walk in the sun...

Wanna join me?

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday 09.15.2010

I got up for work after a typical interrupted night. These last few nights, though, I feel that the 1 and a half to 2 hour blocks of sleep I do get are a restful sleep.

A safe drive down, in starry darkness of morning now. And smelly skunks.

We had a good day, and it was almost "just right", other than the last 3 hours. I should have had a bite to eat, but didn't, and was solid busy until 7:15 when I clocked out. It wasn't unpleasant; just "task-y". And I felt like I needed a little something to eat. But I didn't have the opportunity to have something decent. Another reason to love being a nurse.

A safe drive home, well into dusk. I saw 3 dead skunks on the road; 2 were on the shoulder of the road, and the other was on the white line. Funny how they weren't in the middle, or in the tire track areas.

Dan was home working on the computer upstairs. Something about the printer.

My computer seems to be ok now.

The last couple of days I've been stretching out the interval between the motrin. I was doing real well, until yesterday. Last night, I had forgotten to take it until 10 pm or so, and I waited this morning until maybe 9 o'clock. And since I didn't eat again after 3 while at work, I hadn't had another one. So, as I was looking at email and such, my wrist is swollen and sore again. I took the pill, and will need to keep track of time and food, so I can take the motrin in a timely manner.

Tomorrow I've got a couple loads of laundry to do, and I'm planning on going to the lake tomorrow late afternoon for the weekend. Dan works, but has Saturday and Sunday off. He's gone to bed, and I'm about ready.

Life is good. Thank you God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday 09.14.2010

My better sleep is after 0400. Dan's alarm sounded and he got up--the next time I woke it was after 6 and he was long gone. I asked him tonight why he didn't kiss me goodbye. His response was that I was so sound asleep he didn't want to disturb me.

I finally got up just after 9. It was a beautiful blue sky day today, temps in the high 60's which felt a lot warmer. I made a grocery list and put a couple loads of laundry through the washer and dryer. Soon it was time to go for my Reflexology appointment with Leah.

On my way out, I saw the maintenence guy, Jerry, working on the damaged lights. I went over to chat with him, then went back to get the list of damages to show him. He hadn't known about 2 of the fixtures, which makes me happy that I went over to talk to him.

Leah did a great job, as always. It's interesting how the reflexology process is. Actually, I marvel at how the ancients discovered and developed the science/art of it.

I stopped at home to pick up my grocery bags and list, then went over to Meijer. After getting the items of the list, the next stop was the pharmacy for Dan's prescription.

Back at home, I put groceries away and started food prep, first being an apple muffin recipe that I had found in a magazine. I put the batter in a pan, though, instead of muffins. They turned out to be very nice looking. I haven't cut them yet.

I had planned dinner for Dan and me, being chicken, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower, with dessert being strawberry shortcake. It was very good, and Dan was surprised that we had dessert. I told him I had planned the meal so that the dessert carbs were included. He smiled.

Of course, he wasn't awake much after that. I finished cleaning up the kitchen, and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

I'm feeling pretty good today. In fact, I had not taken a second dose of motrin until after dinner. Woo Hoo!!

I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday 09.13.2010

Dan's alarm came on and he got up. I watched him get out of bed. Next awareness I had was that it was 0625. Huh? I wonder if he kissed me goodbye--I was sleeping, I guess.

I finally got up about 0830. Breakfast, shower. Then over to Leah's for a massage. She does such a good job.

Frank was at the house when I got back. Dan had asked me to call for "backup" because he was frustrated with trying to get this computer cleared up. Frank was able to get it working again, and before he left for work, instructed me on what to do next. I was able to do all that, and started another virus scan before I went down to Jackson for a meeting.

It was a good meeting, and afterwards I was to meet a (former) co-worker for dinner. The hostess took my name, I told her I was meeting someone, I looked around the restaurant, and got seated. My friend didn't show. I left about a half hour later. I only had her home phone number, and I had called and left a message.

Back home, Dan was trying to stay awake in his chair. He had started a second scan on the computer that I use. The first scan showed 1 corrupt file, and this second scan was zero "threats". I hope it's true...

And my friend called. She had been in the restaurant when I was; we had been seated in different areas of the restaurant at about the same time. The hostess had my name and hers, but somehow we didn't connect. Anyway, we made a date for next month.

Dan has gone to bed, I have my computer back, thank you Frank, and my neck and shoulders feel mahvelous. Thank you Leah. I see her again tomorrow for a reflexology treatment. Maybe that will help my wrist...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday 09122010

I had a couple of blocks of sleep, which was nice. And then it was time to get up. Ugh.

A safe drive down, thank you, God.

We had a much better work day, and a great crew. Near the end of the shift, Frank stopped in to visit. It was good to see him.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and Daniel is working on the computer again. It will be interesting to see what he will end up doing with it..

Tomorrow he works; I have a massage, a unit meeting, and dinner with a friend. Ahh.

Other being a little tired today, I've felt pretty good. Sore wrist when the motrin wears off.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday 09112010

I was just getting on the public bus, wrestling with the cross country skis and poles, which I had not banded together, when the radio came on. Boy am I glad I woke up from that dream. I got up and ready for work.

A safe drive down in the dark starry morning. I parked and walked over to the hospital.

We had an oddly busy day, with an unusual situation that none of us had ever experienced before.

The 12 1/2 hours finally passed, and I drove home in the wet, misty, foggy, 52 degree dusk.

Dan was home, and had been working on the computer most of the afternoon. I'm not sure what's going on with it. He's still fooling around with it this evening.

Tomorrow is another workday for both of us.

I've been feeling pretty good today, though my wrist was sore when the motrin wore off. Better living through chemistry...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday 09102010

Hot again throughout the night, and interrupted sleep. Dan and I both were awake at 0830.

His friend arrived, and they left to go golfing.

I had breakfast, enjoying the morning, putzing around doing little things. After a while I went out for a walk, taking the list I had made of the vandalism damage with me. Unfortunately, no repairs have been done yet.

I ended up at the clubhouse, where I went in to talk with the folks in the office about the vandalism. They were finishing lunch (at 3 o'clock), and I asked if I could talk about the "recent events in the community", not knowing if they were all employees. They were, and were interested to hear and see my map. There was also damage to other properties as well.

After listening to my story, they agreed about the "fun" of the vandalism, and, though they couldn't say as much, I think they have a good idea who the two teens are. They just need the concrete proof.

I continued on my way, enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon with a light breeze.

I was hungry again and fixed my supper. Dan got back after I had cleaned up.

We spent the rest of the evening chasing the elusive virus on my computer. I hope we're able to keep it from sending out any more of those medrx emails. Annoying and embarrassing and frustrating.

Dan's brother Bradley had surgery today for an odd blockage near a kidney, and the initial pathology is malignant. I'm sure the tumor will be identified and a plan of treatment will be forthcoming within a few days. Please keep Brad and family in your prayers.

My wrist was a bit better again today, and I'm thankful for that. Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

And I thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday 09.09.2010

I woke frequently, hot each time. I'd look over at Daniel--down in the blankets. Hm. He's often half uncovered, so it must not be warm in the bedroom. Sometimes I got up to cool off, and sometimes I just uncovered and waited 15-20 minutes, then I would get chilly. Covered up, and back to sleep.

Dan got up about 8:30, and I didn't go back to sleep. I got up, instead, and had breakfast and a lovely shower. He had gone to Jackson to pick up a jet boat. Yep. He decided he wanted one and went online and found one. It's a 1995 Sea Doo, twin jet, 14'6". That's about all I know about it.

A friend let us use his Envoy, and we took it up to the lake today and put it in the garage. Ate at Big Bob's in Hale, then back home by 9 pm.

That's a lot of sitting.

We both did some stretching, looked at our computers, and he's gone off to bed.

He's golfing tomorrow. No plans for me.

I've been feeling pretty good today--a little tired yet, and my wrist was sore when the motrin wore off. But I'm doing pretty good.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday 09.08.2010

I was sleeping when I began to hear something. The radio. And it had been on for a few minutes before I heard it. Ugh. Time to get up...

A safe drive to Jackson, thank you God, in the dark. Stars ahead, above, and around me, while in the rearview mirror is just the dark gray edge of the dawn over the horizon. It won't be long and we'll be moles again, traveling to and from work in the dark. Another Ugh.

I had a pretty good day today, with, of course, the best co-workers. We were busy, but had enough help, which makes a nice difference.

The day went on and we could finally leave.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan was home and has spent the afternoon removing the malware virus from my computer. If you have received an email from me no Subject line, don't open the link in the message. Sorry if you received something from my computer...

He has gone off to bed, and I'm not far away.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday 09.07.2010

I didn't like being awake during the night. I found myself trying to listen to "outside" noises, and having to conscientiously (there's a scrabble word) tell myself that it was just kids, and probably won't happen again. I'm surprised at how that incident altered my awareness.

The alarm came on for me to go to work. Hm. Been a long time--since the first week of July--that I've worked a "regular" schedule. And now, I'm "back at it".

A safe drive down in the dark, thank you God, and I parked and shuttled over to the hospital.

We had a good day, with a good crew, and we were busy.

One of the awarenesses I had was the dietary/meals/eating thing. I had breakfast at 0515. I finally had an opportunity to have the grapefruit I had brought with me about 10 o' clock. That didn't last very long, and around 12:30 I went to the cafeteria and had a small piece of pizza. We were busy on the floor, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat if I went back upstairs, so I stayed in the cafe and ate there, within 10 minutes. Ugh.

And I was right. Back on the floor I jumped right back into what I had been doing.

At 3 PM we had to open the overflow unit, cuz we had had so many babies that we had done flowed over. And I was told that I would be going over there with another nurse. So, I switched gears and got a new set of patients.

Which was really ok. We're all there to do what needs to be done.

We had a good rest of the day, though I had been summoned back to the original wing a couple times to do what needed to be done.

It was finally time to home. The night shift came in, I clocked out, and ate my supper that I had gotten down in the cafeteria. I ended up leaving the hospital about 7:30. As I was walking across the road, a car stopped in the sidestreet to say hi to me. It was a former co-worker. She took me over to my car, and we visited a bit and made a lunch date. Looking forward to spending some time with her.

I got home almost 9 pm. Dan came in not too long after. He took over my computer and started doing updates and scans and stuff to remove a pesky virus, and I had to wait to use it.

I'm tired tonight. My wrist got sore because I didn't get my afternoon motrin in a timely manner. The breast incisions are still a bit itchy, too.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us. It's quite windy outdoors, and you know that I don't like the wind.

Anyway, thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday 09.06.2010

I slept my usual interupted sleep, and of course, the window was open. And I was hearing things. Like glass breaking. I thought it was kids busting a couple of bottles out there. And then I heard it raining.

Dan's alarm came on at 5, and I heard the glass crashing again. I jumped up and looked out the window, heard another smash, and saw a couple of teenage boys come around the corner of the building across the street. Dan came to the window just in time to see the guys bust a window out. Doggone. I called 911.

Of course the guys were gone in the 10 minutes or so it took for the sheriff to arrive, but he did drive around and look, and when he saw the window busted out he called for backup. Dan spoke to the sheriff when he went out to his car, and he called me a few minutes later, saying that mailboxes had been knocked off in another area, and the sheriff was inside the clubhouse when he drove by.

The backup arrived, who had a dog, and they did whatever they do, coming back to their vehicle after a half hour or so. Another cruiser came up, and I went back to bed. I did see that the owner had been notified and came downstairs.

I woke just after 9, hearing voices outside. I looked out and saw neighbors on the other end of that building out there sweeping. That's when I saw that all the security lights on the garage over there had been busted out. Oh, that's what I heard...

They were finishing sweeping up when I had gotten dressed, so I went out to talk to them. (I am, after all, nosy, but being the Condo Association President, I thought it was appropriate to find out what was going on.)

I walked around a couple of the buildings, and saw a couple more lights popped out. I wanted to get paper to write stuff down, so I went back in and had breakfast. When I was ready to go outside, though, it had started raining. Ugh.

So I did a few loads of laundry, had a brief nap. It was after 3, and the sun was coming out. I found a map of the buildings and went outdoors.

To my surprise and disappointment, there were 4 of the 5 buildings that had been damaged. Someone else had heard the glass popping, too, the first time, around 2 AM. He had 3 lights broken, and also three irrigation sprinkler heads destroyed. And when I came back to our building, the maintenance guy was there. He said there had been some damage also in the apartments in the other half of the complex. Stupid kids. Dan was home now, too.

We went out to Kmart, looking at stuff on sale, and ended up buying a drop-leaf pub table with 2 stools for the cabin. Over to Meijer for a few groceries, and back home.

We put things away, and I made a light supper for us. We had a quiet night.

My wrist has been a little sore this afternoon, but I realized it was time for the afternoon Motrin. And my incisions have been itchy. When I looked, I saw they were both flaky/peely. Hm.

Tomorrow is a work day for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday 09.05.2010 Home Again

After a lovely week at the lake with my husband, I'm home. It's almost a "darn it". But I like being "home", too, although there's nothing like being at The Lake.

This morning was cool, mid 40's, but the wind has died down and the skies have cleared. It was absolutely beautiful.

I started collecting and gathering and packing my "stuff" as I went along this morning. I was having breakfast when Bob called asking for my trash, as he was going into town. Thanks, Bob.

I took that over, went in and visited a bit with them, saying goodbyes for a couple of weeks.

It took all afternoon, but I got the rest of the house cleaned. I had sorted the clothes I had left for the summer, but won't need there now, checked the warmer clothes and decided to take them home to launder, as they aren't smelling so "fresh" any more.

I moved the car out from the garage to the back door and was sweeping the garage out when Polly and Jim came walking up the driveway. It was nice to see them. We visited a while, then watched as a pontoon full of guys, as well as a group that had come by road, got in the water and took out the boat lift. There were maybe 18-20 guys, from teens on up. It took about 15 minutes, and they were gone, moving on. This group does this every spring and fall, and they do several boat lifts while they are all together. Even with all that testosterone, they struggled to lift it over the seawall. Good job, guys.

I had to get finished packing and on the road, though I really wanted to stay outside and enjoy the beautiful afternoon it was turning out to be. I bade farewell to J&P and returned to my project.

I got mostly done, fixed food and ate, cleaned that up, loaded the car, and finally left about 5:30, which was later than I had wanted, but it was a lovely drive anyway. And uneventful, thank you God.

Dan was up and helped me unload the car. It didn't take too long to unpack, and we had a nice evening together.

Tomorrow he works, and I'll be catching up on laundry.

My wrist has been a little sore today, better than it has the previous few days. Thanks again.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday 09.04.2010

I didn't sleep much last night. Number one, the wind was blowing, and it unsettles me. Number two, Dan had gotten up maybe around 5, during one of the few times I was sleeping, and didn't come back to bed. I figured he was in the recliner, and when I got up a bit later, he was. All covered up, sleeping. I went back to bed and back to sleep, too. About 9 he came back to bed. We were dozing again, when I realized that it was Saturday.

Dan confirmed that it was. I got up and got ready to go to the Lake Association meeting.

It was a good meeting, to a standing room group. A couple hours later we were done.

Back home, Dan and I were talking when T&KS came in to say goodbye, as they were packed and on their way back home. Boo.

We had a brief visit and they went on their way.

And not long after that, Jim and Polly came over.

We had an enjoyable visit, and they left.

It was almost 2, when Dan had wanted to leave. We said our goodbyes and he went on his way, too. So now I have the house to myself again.

I wandered around, picking things up and putting them away, some being moved around for the change of season. I vacuumed the front half of the house, getting that done. I had supper, talked to Daniel, who had a windy, rainy drive home, and did a yoga series.

I wrote here. I'm feeling pretty good overall, with my wrist still on the edge of being comfortable. Day by day...

Tomorrow I leave. Without any time commitments tomorrow, I can do what I need to, leaving when I'm ready. Ahh.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday 09.03.2010

I slept pretty good again, thank you God, and was up before Daniel again.

It was windy and cloudy and it rained some, I don't think the temperature reached 70 today. Long pants for me, and a zippy sweatshirt when I went outside.

Dan, though, went golfing with short pants and a jacket. He said he played well.

I went outdoors to do some yardwork--trimming/pruning, cutting back, picking up, etc. I was just about finished when he got back. We walked around the yard looking at the foundation, looking for trouble? Or, just looking. And since I hadn't eaten since breakfast, it was time to eat. We went into Hale, to Big Bob's.

That was yummy.

Back at the JC, it sprinkled/rained some. The wind is swirling every which way, making odd patterns on the lake. We eventually watched a movie before he went off to bed.

Dan has to leave tomorrow; I'm leaving Sunday.

I've felt pretty good today, overall. My wrist is still sore though, even with the motrin on board. I'm hoping it will feel better before too long.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday 09.02.2010

I slept pretty good again last night, thank you God. Dan woke me about 0915 saying he was going golfing. Oh, ok... I was stuck between sleep and wake, an odd feeling. I did wake more after 15 minutes or so, and got up for the day.

I was starting my day when KS called to come to visit. Ok, give me about 20 minutes or so...

She and Tom arrived while I was having breakfast, and we all sat around the table for a bit, conversing. That was nice. After a while, Tom went back, and Kathy stayed a little longer. Dan came home, happy and tired.

I walked KS back to the GC. On the way back I visited with a couple of the neighbors along the way. And when I got back to the JC, I saw that another neighbor was here, and I had wanted to visit with her. I went in and talked with Dan a few minutes, and went back to visit with Janis, which was quite pleasant.

The weather is overcast and trying to be cool and warm and humid. I ended up with long pants, sleeved shirt, and zip sweatshirt, which of course was off and on and off. Temps were probably about 70 with a breeze that picked up as the day went on.

When I got back, Dan was sleeping. I made lunch and ate, and was reading when he got up. When it was suppertime, he wanted to go to Largent's in LL. So we did.

We had a good supper there, and it had started raining. We stopped at the GC on the way back, initially to watch a little television, and we did that as well as visited with KS&T who were back from "family day" with her parents.

We finally left there before 9, and when we got home, Dan looked some things up on the internet before going off to bed. I wrote here.

The rain has stopped, and the temp is about 70 with a light breeze. Dan may golf again tomorrow, if the weather is fair. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

My wrist has been a little sore today, as well as some muscle "awareness" from skiing. It's all good.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday 09.01.2010

I stretched and did about an hour of yoga last night before going to bed. I slept a pretty good block, too, from 1230-0400. Woo Hoo! And after being awake for about a half hour, until close to 7. Wow. I was even up and dressed before Daniel today. He didn't get up until after 9.

It started out sunny and 80 degrees this morning, but the clouds moved in and it cooled to high 70's. It sprinkled some, though not enough to get anything really wet.

We were finishing breakfast when there was a knock at the door. It was Guy Cleveland, from Tru Exteriors, and his helper. There was a leak where the two roofs meet, which is of course above the door, and it's not supposed to leak at all. It took them about 3 hours, but he caulked and put diverters up and ran water from the hose and did what he could. He's quite sure he got his job right, but he thinks the existing roof/shingles are not 100%. He explained it all to both Dan and me, and I asked him to send us an estimate to correct it. I don't know how long we're going to own this place, and that's really irrelevant; the roof needs to be right. We'll see what his numbers are.

We went into Hale after they left. We had a list of items that we didn't get the other day, and we started by dropping the trash at the transfer station. On to the other stores, getting what we wanted, and back home again.

Funny weather. Still high 70's, and an occasional breeze would kick up, and feel a bit cooler. As the evening approached, it got very still again, and is still in the 70's.

I had walked to the GC after lunch, while Dan was watching a movie. I visited there for a bit, and got home just in time for the movie to be over. That worked well. He went to lay down, and ended up sleeping for 2 hours. I got supper ready and had started setting the table when he got up.

We had a quiet evening. I wanted to have a fire, but with it so still, the bugs are out. I read a little more and wrote here.

Maybe Dan will be able to golf tomorrow. I might go back to the Fish store...

Surprisingly, I'm not too sore today. A little muscle soreness on the tops of my thighs and the forearms, but the shoulder is ok, and the wrist is a little aggravated. But I'm alive and cancer free. Thank you God for this life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.