Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday 07.31.2010

A typical, interrupted night of sleep. The radio came on when I could have really settled in, but I got up and ready for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and we had a good day with us "old" co-workers, three of us who have worked together for at least 20 years. Strange, odd, confident in each other.

The day was long, though, and we were glad to see the night shift come in.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and Dan was sleeping on the bed. He woke somewhat and acknowledged that I was home, but went back to sleep. I'm thinking I might like to go to sleep soon, too.

My wrist has been uncomfortable and I know when the motrin wears off. It's about time for more.

Tomorrow is a workday for me. Dan is golfing--it's also his 60th birthday. Woo Hoo!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday 07.30.2010

I was sleeping this morning when I thought I heard pounding, like knocking on the door. I saw that it was a little before 9--I didn't get up. As I was drifting off to sleep, the phone rang. Ugh. Maybe it's important...

The missed call was a business call, and that person called back before too long. The knock on the door was Bob, who also called, to say that they were getting eave troughs installed and the truck would be in my driveway for a short time. Ok, thanks. The next couple hours I tried to get breakfast, in between phone calls. Funny how it seems to happen that the phone hardly rings, then there are times that it rings constantly. Anyway, it was almost noon, and I wanted to shower.

I enjoyed the shower, and the best part was when I looked at the back of the plumbing, and the caulk that I had put on. Everything was dry!! Woo Hoo!! I cleaned the tub and washed the dishes, getting things ready for me to leave.

I got my things collected throughout the day to go home. KS stopped in with her mom for a brief visit. Even though I wanted to paint in the bedroom today, it was more important to catch up on the outside tasks. I sprayed the perimeter of the house and part of the garage with bug spray, added more potting soil to the plants and watered them. Just as I was finishing up, KS arrives with their stuff, as they are moving to the JC today to free up the GC for Amber and her girls, and a couple of friends also.

I continued to gather and pack. I realized that I needed to eat, but Tom brought the girls over in the boat. It was sooo good to see Amber; and her daughters Gia and Shea. They are all three beauties. Unfortunately, I had to leave, so we couldn't play in the speedboat, and Daniel had also called while they were there. I touched base with him, hugged Amber again as they left, made my lunch as I packed up the refrigerator. I ate while KS unpacked her cooler.

Pretty soon I was ready to go. Tom had come back. I loaded up and took off about 6:40.

It was a good ride home, thank you God, with a few miles of rain. Holt was 80 degrees and sunny.

Dan was happy to see me, and helped me unload the car. We chatted and caught up while I unpacked.

He has gone to bed, and I'm almost there, too.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday 07.29.2010

I slept like I usually do, intermittently. My wrist didn't hurt as bad, though, this morning. Praise the Lord for less discomfort!

After breakfast I wandered around outside, swept the deck and walks. Watered plants, picked up stuff. I was done with that, and went in to paint.

I ended up getting a third wall done in the middle bedroom. Tom and KS came by in their boat, and we visited some, and after they left, I realized I needed to eat. So I did, then finished painting the wall.

There, that's done. I had to get outside and get the lower bank raked and leaves burned. Got that done, too, and had a nice fire going when T & KS came back to share it with me. I also swept off the pontoon. It amazes me how the tree debris blows onto it.

We had a nice visit by the fire, and Tom went on back to the GC about dark. KS and I stayed by the fire a while, then went in and did another yoga session. That one was really good.

I got the flashlights out and walked her halfway home, then came back by myself. I did well by not listening to the night noises and getting creeped out.

Tomorrow I want to paint the last wall in that middle bedroom, then I have to clean up and go home. Boo.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday 07.28.2010

I did sleep pretty good after maybe 5 AM. That's ok, I got up about 9:30.

I had breakfast and a shower, and not too long after, KS and Tom were here. We visited, then went over to visit Aunt Donna in Prescott.

It was lovely. A lovely drive, lovely company, and a good meal. KS and I washed/dried dishes while Tom mowed her lawn. I think Aunt Donna enjoyed us coming over as much as she did having her lawn mowed. And we enjoyed visiting with her.

Back at the lake, we had 80 degrees and mostly sunny with a light wind. I put some caulk around the back side of the plumbing of the bathtub--the hot and cold faucet and the shower diverter handle. Then I went outside and laid out on the glider and had a short nap. It was very nice.

I spent some time trying to get the computer hooked up to the television, and as I was doing that, KS showed up. We had a good visit, and I also got the tv hooked up, and we did a 30 minute yoga session. It was good, doing those stretches.

She left and I wrote here. Not sure what tomorrow is, other than a great day at the lake. There is a waning moon over the lake with temps in the mid 60's and a light breeze.

My wrist is still pretty sore, but I'm alive and still cancer free.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday 07.27.2010

I was very pleased to have slept last night!! At least 4 hours in a row! And then when I went easily back to sleep, it was about 2 1/2 hours after that. That may not sound all that wonderful, but it seems that I am awake about every hour or hour and a half or so, and awake for sometimes a half hour. And when it's a workday, I'm up at 0430, which translates to not much sleep.

I was hoping to be "on call", so I could get ready to go up north. When I woke, it was about 0330, so I called to find out. Yes, I could. Yippee!! I rolled over and went right back to sleep. Wow. I haven't done that in a long time. Daniel didn't have to get up this morning either, and soon it was 8 o'clock. He got up and stayed up, which surprised me. I got up about 9:30.

I collected my things as I got ready for the day, setting them on the bed to take to the lake. I had brought some things home to launder, so I had a couple extra bags.

After breakfast, I caught up on computer stuff. My reading/comprehension speed has definitely decreased, and instead of being a moderately quick, it's definitely slower. So it takes longer to go through the articles that come into the inbox. I got through it, though, and it was after 2 o'clock. I suggested to Dan that since we were both home, why don't we go out for food? He thought that was a good idea.

We went to Bob Evans. It was nice to see and spend time with my husband. I haven't really "seen" him in about 3 weeks. We were catching up.

It was after 4 when we got back. Dan would be leaving for his golf league soon, and I called the unit to see if I was going to be needed. Nope, Debi said. WooHoo again! I finished packing after Dan left, loaded the car. I left about 5, and took the "back" way instead of the freeway, as it was traffic time. As it was, I got caught in Flint for a 30 minute back-up.

I tried not to be anxious, but I was a little frustrated with the delay. I ended up stopping at Wilder Road Meijer, to re-fuel the vehicle, use the restroom, and walk around. I ended up buying a few groceries, too, so I stretched the time I was stopped.

It was a lovely ride, though, between there and the JC, and I arrived around 8:30. Some minor housekeeping (after having houseguests), I'm unpacked, had a snack,walked around and enjoyed the flowers.

It's a lovely, quiet, moon-y evening. I just love it here.

My right wrist has been extremely sore today, even with meds. Ugh.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday 07.26.2010

Slept a short night, seems that I was awake too many times for the five hours I was in bed.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and we had a good day, kind of steady busy. I love my co-workers, though, and it was pleasant. The night shift came in and we were ready to go home.

Dan got home shortly after I did. We had a quiet night, and I'm ready to go to bed. My wrist is sore--I've taken the third dose of ibuprofen this evening.

I'm hoping to be on call tomorrow. We'll see how that works out.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday 07.25.2010 My Birthday

Yup. Another birthday. 55. Woo Hoo!!

I slept pretty good, too, waking about 9:30 this morning. I had done an hour of yoga last night, and for the next couple of hours or so I was urinating a lot. The swelling has gone down a lot in my left arm, but the axilla/armpit is still kind of numb and itchy and full. I suppose I'll be making an appointment to see Ike at some point...

I had a great day today. After a breakfast, which was about noon, I put Dan's and my vitamins/supplements together. (we each take a multivitamin, calcium, B complex, and E, and he uses glucosamine and cal/mag, too) With all the prescription medication bottles from the pharmacy, we take the labels off of them, and put the days' supplements in them. Of course we've got more bottles than we need, and I take the extra ones to be recycled.

I also spent some time looking at the cd's that Jim had made us of the family photos. Interesting the things you see or notice at the different times when looking at them. It was an affirmation of my self and my family today. We are truly blessed with who we are.

Dan came home a bit early, as we didn't know when Jeremy would be calling us for dinner. He was napping, and Frank had arrived, and Jeremy said he would be in Flint at the Olive Garden at 4:30. I woke Dan, as it was 3:30 when Jeremy called, and we got on our way.

We had a lovely visit with Jeremy and his friend Jenny. We lingered after eating, but felt the need to leave, as the lobby was filling with people waiting, and we had been there a couple of hours.

A nice drive home, thank you God, and we three visited a little before Frank left. Dan went in to shower and has gone to bed. I've been watching the full moon rise in the clear summer sky. Makes me want to howl.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday 07.24.2010

I slept better this morning, after Dan had left for work, and could have probably slept another hour and a half or so. But I had to get up and get things done to be ready for my haircut.

I sorted laundry, but decided to wait until I got home to start it. I had a nice shower. I'm surprised at how dry this water made my skin. I had breakfast, made a grocery list, and it was time to leave.

A good drive to Jackson, thank you God, and Lauretta did a pretty good job on my hair. It seemed really long to me. Funny how that doesn't mean down to my waist...

As I was leaving Michigan Center, I passed the Bras That Fit shop. Of course I've seen it on the many times I've been out there, and I've heard my friends talking about going there. And on an impulse I stopped in.

It's a nice shop, and when the girl asked how could she help me, I told her I'd like to be fitted for a bra. Ok, she said, and took me to a fitting room. She wrapped a measuring tape around me and said 33. Hm. We talked about the construction of the things, and how the fluid collects over my ribs, and that I've been trying larger sizes. She went out and came back with one for me to try. I ended up trying on 4, and buying one. It ended up being a 40 A!! I know it's just a number, but it's kind of funny. So now I have a "real" bra that I'll wear for "occasions". And I might purchase one of the others I tried on, too.

That done, I continued on to Meijer, for gas and groceries. I pulled up to the pump, but the employee said their pumps were not working just then, and they were trying to fix it. Ok--I decided to go over to the other store.

I did, got gas, went in and got groceries, and remembered that I needed to stop at the credit union. Back across town, banking done, then on the road home.

A safe drive, thanks again, and the sun was finally coming out after a couple days of rain and storms.

I put things away, started laundry, fixed my food and ate. Dan came home, he looked tired. He went out on the balcony and run the clippers over his head, and when he asked me to help, I did. We got him all fixed up, he showered, and I made him something to eat. Not long after eating, he was sleeping in the chair. I woke him after a bit and he went on in to bed.

I enjoyed the rest of the evening: I swept off the balcony, and since the birds were noisy, I sat out there and listened for a while. I've finished 3 loads of laundry, with one more to do tomorrow. And I did an hour of yoga. Amazing what that does for the lymph system.

I'm planning to meet up with Jeremy somewhere in Flint, probably, on his way down to Detroit to fly back to South Carolina. I think that will be a lovely way to share my birthday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday 07.23.2010

Ugh. I hardly slept last night. Or so it seemed. I saw the clock several different times, and finally the alarm came on. Time to get up...

A safe drive to Jackson, thank you God. The car thermometer showed 78 degrees in Holt and 80 degrees this morning at 0615 when I was in the parking lot. Can you believe it?

We had a good day, with a great group of co-workers. I was happy to be able to leave when the shift was over. Even if it was inbetween thundershowers.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and the rain had stopped about halfway home. Temp was 73 in the parking lot, and 80 again at home.

Dan had been sleeping when I called to tell him I was on my way, but he was up when I got home. We visited a bit and he went back to bed.

Tomorrow is a haircut for me. Can't wait.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday 07.22.2010 Home Again

The first part of the morning was sunny, but when I actually got out of bed it was gray overcast, just a minimal light breeze, low 70's. As I got up and around, I collected my things together to get ready to go home. It is, sadly, the last day of my vacation.

It was, happily, a good vacation. Lots of good times, laughs, hugs, and just plain feelin' good shared with people I love. Thanks to each and all of you.

We breakfasted and enjoyed being outside in the mild weather. Vonnie and I went for a walk and met one of the neighbors down Grace Street. He was painting the trim on the house; we stopped to chat, and the next thing I knew he invited us in to show us how he had remodeled the inside. It was an odd deja vu for me--I had been in that cottage as a young girl when the Brewer's were there, though I don't have a distinct recollection of the interior.

While we were gone on our walk, though, we missed Jim and Polly stopping by on their way to Tawas to celebrate their 42? wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?? Happy Anniversary!

Vonnie got her things packed and loaded and left about 2. I got my things together and packed up, vacuumed throughout, gave Frank many requests to follow up on, fixed my food and ate, then Frank loaded my car and I had to leave. It was about 6:30, and had been trying to rain for a couple hours. Thanks, Frank, for taking care of the bathroom...

An uneventful drive home, thank you God, even with a couple areas of rain. It was dry from Flint to Lansing, with lightning nearby as I turned into the complex.

I'm Home!! It smelled good, and I came up the stairs and woke up Daniel. He dutifully and without complaining, got up and helped me carry things in. Thank you Baby. I appreciate that.

We didn't talk much--he went back to bed--and I unpacked the foodstuff and cooler, looked through my mail, just re-acclimated.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us, and I'm hoping to sleep at least fairly well in this bed.

My wrist is sore and swollen this afternoon, and since I think I took an afternoon dose of the motrin, I didn't want to take more. So I took a tylenol, which helped it to feel less sore, but it's still swollen.

Thank you to each of you who continue to read, or occasionally read, or have just somehow stopped by to read this blog. Your continued support has been a major factor in my recovery.


Wednesday 07.21.2010

I had a couple of phone calls that woke me. Unfortunately, I was unable to get enough of a signal on the cell phone to hear any messages. When I got up, about 0930, Vonnie was up and had started her day.

I was done with breakfast but not dressed when Polly got here. We enjoyed our morning together, the three of us.

After Vonnie showered and was ready, we went into Hale. The weather was so nice we had the top down.

First stop, the Waste Transfer Station, then over to the Fish store. We spent at least an hour, if not more in there. I found a few items for myself, Polly found a nice dress with a jacket, and Vonnie wouldn't even consider a hairy hair tie. We had a lot of fun there.

Next we went over to Kathy Jane's, a boutique. Completely different type of store, definitely a boutique. We spent a lot of time in there, too, looking at all the stuff. Vonnie found a summer lounger/beach dress type of garment that was way on sale. And a bag.

We had been gone quite a while and needed to have a bite to eat. So we went to Kocher's for the few grocery items we needed, and also found a nice spinach cheese pie at their deli. We got three pieces, a few napkins, and sat outdoors on a park bench outside the store and ate.

We drove back to Long Lake, and the last place we had wanted to go to was not open. We decided, instead, to take a leisurely drive around the lake.

We did, and it was very nice. We talked and laughed and enjoyed each other's company. We dropped Polly off at the JC and headed home.

Frank was out sailing when we got back. He did a good job, and I got a few pics.

His friend and co-worker from Allskate, Travis, arrived. We decided to fix supper-- Frank did a good job on the grill--and after dinner we went out on the boat. Vonnie stayed back and got a fire ready.

Frank skied, then Travis attempted. He was up enough to say he was. It was a lot of fun, and he did a good job, too.

We put the boat away. The fire was going nicely, thank you Vonnie, and Jim and Polly came to join Vonnie, Frank, Travis, and me. It was a perfect summer night, temps high to mid 60's and no wind, clear and an almost full moon.

J&P left, and after a bit, Travis turned in, and Frank and Vonnie and myself went for a walk to find where the voices were coming from. Very unpleasant noises, like some kind of violence maybe?, and with such a quiet night it was quite disturbing to hear. We didn't come across anything other than a family that was just being a family. I can only hope it was one of those awful television shows or movies that have so much violence in them.

Frank went to bed, and Vonnie and I enjoyed the summer night. We listened to the loons and the owls and the splats of the lake, fish jumping and bugs splashing. We finally called it a night after 0100. It's still absolutely beautiful out there; it was a perfect ending to my vacation. Yep, home tomorrow.

Thank you God for giving me this time here, and for all the wonderful people that have shared it with me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday 07.20.2010

Another night of the typical interrupted sleep. I woke this morning, and since the bathroom was open, I showered. Vonnie had been up, Frank was awake, and the girls got up after I got out of the bathroom.

Frank fixed breakfast again, and after the kitchen was cleaned up we went out on the speedboat. Frank waterskied the whole lake, having a pretty good wipe-out that looked like it hurt, but he said he was ok. He got back up and enjoyed the rest of the ride. Back at the dock he traded the skis for the Twister. Today we were able to get the toy functioning properly the first attempt. And I did good making the thing roll across the water. So good, that Frank said he got dizzy and "bailed out". Woo Hoo!! He was smiling as he got in the boat for the ride in. We counted 18 revolutions, but the video will show it. It's on Ashlee's phone, and when it's able to be downloaded, I'll post a link to it.

We got back in--the girls didn't ride today because they are leaving--and they got ready to go. Hugs all around and they were on their way. We sure had fun.

We had a quiet afternoon. I started food prep about 3, and Vonnie and I enjoyed a wonderful greens salad with chicken, cranberries, and walnuts. Yum. Oh, and we had zucchini and summer squash steamed on the side.

Vonnie and I went out for a walk down memory lane. It always amazes me when something is said or seen or heard and a deja vu moment happens. I am awed at the memories that are brought in. Thanks for sharing that with me, Vonnie.

We ended up at the GC, where Jim and Polly's car is. Hey, glad you're back!

We visited a bit until their supper was ready, then we went on our way back to the JC. We enjoyed the evening on the deck, visiting with the neighbor, Marty. The light wind was slowing to a gentle breeze, making it a good night for a boat ride.

I called J&P, inviting them out, and Vonnie and I went down to pick them up. (Marty had passed, saying that he and his mother had a television date.) We went out in the speed boat--the pontoon doesn't have running lights--and enjoyed a leisurely ride around the lake. Frank opted out, too, staying behind and baking chocolate chip cookies.

We got the boat secured at the dock, and the mosquitoes were swarming. The others went up to the house while I put the boat cover on. Frank came down and helped me finish.

We enjoyed the warm cookies and a visit, and all five of us walked back to the GC with flashlights, then back to the JC for the rest of the evening. We were each with our "data devices", and are drifting off to bed.

Tomorrow, Polly is coming down and we girls are going to go into Hale--trash run, Fish store, and who knows what else we'll get into. Maybe there will be a bit of a wind and Frank can go sailing...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday 07.19.2010 Summer Fun

This household didn't stir much before 9:30. It was kind of gloomy/overcast, but the weather forecast shows sun by 1 PM. Woo Hoo!!

We breakfasted, cleaned the kitchen. Frank went out to inflate the Twister, a tow-able water toy that looks like a giant can lying on the water.

He waterskied first, then the I pulled the girls Liz and Ashlee on tubes, then they went solo (one tube), then Frank got the Twister. It took several starts/attempts, but we finally figured it out again, and Frank got a pretty good ride, getting about 5 rotations. Each of the girls tried, too, and Ashlee got the better ride of the two. Everybody is smiling and we all had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, though, we forgot to take a camera on the boat, so it didn't really happen. Maybe tomorrow we'll have opportunity for photos.

Lunch/supper was next. Another feeding fest and clean up. Vonnie and I went outdoors, while the other 3 went into Hale for ice cream.

We got a fire set and had a dickens of a time getting it lit. The paper I had put in it had absorbed so much humidity out of the air that it wouldn't stay lit. And even though the wood was "dry", it wouldn't light, either. I've built many a fire, and so has Vonnie, and this was the most reluctant fire ever. We finally got it, though, with another section of newspaper that we tore up and kept feeding it until something dried out enough to catch. And it ended up being a lovely fire.

The three went inside after having s'mores and watched a "scary movie". I was happy that I couldn't hear it at the fire.

Vonnie and I had our head lights on; we were looking at the rocks in front of the seawall. Yep, crayfish. Just a few that we could see, but they skitter pretty fast. We also saw a lot of smaller fish, then I spotted a big one out in the water. Vonnie and I watched it for many minutes until it finally decided it might be in danger and slowly swam over to our dock and we lost sight of it. I wonder if it's the same one that Diane netted the other day. It sure looked like it could have been the same one.

We came inside just as the movie had ended and got a few snacks out. The night finished winding down with people drifting off to their beds close to 1:00 AM.

Tomorrow we hope to get out on the lake again before Ashlee and Liz leave for Liz's grandparents who live in Lupton.

I've felt pretty good today, other than my wrist hurting. Tylenol and motrin this morning, and another dose this afternoon, and it's sore again. I'm glad to be alive and living this life. Thank you God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday 07.18.2010

Sloppy sleep. Woke up to an overcast sky, and then I heard it raining.

Diane was up, but didn't want to fish in the rain. We kind of putzed around, got her room cleaned for her to leave and Vonnie to move into. She (Vonnie) is expected to arrive about noon.

And she did. We had a great afternoon laughing and talking.

Frank and his friends/co-workers from Allskate, Liz and Ashley, also arrived about 4:30. We all had a great time laughing and getting to know each other.

Diane finished getting her things together and packing, and Frank helped her load the car. It had been raining pretty good, but had let up to a drizzle, and she got on her way by 7 PM.

Frank and the girls fixed nacho fixin's. It was pretty good. He cleaned the kitchen, too, and went into Hale to fill the gas cans for the speedboat tomorrow.

The rain finally stopped about 9. Temps have dropped from low 70's to low 60's. Looking at the weather map, no more rain is predicted, and temps are to be in the mid 70's.

My hands feel a little swollen even though I've been drinking lots today. That wrist is pretty sore again tonight, too.

I'm looking forward to playing in the speedboat tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday 07.17.2010

I slept a little better last night, and this morning about 10 I didn't hear anything when I woke. I got up to find that Diane was out on the lake, fishing. She did good, too--kept about 15 panfish. Sunfish, bluegill. She amazes me.

She was out there until almost noon. And while she was out, I harvested another couple of quarts of rhubarb. I chopped it all, and made a rhubarb cobbler. Diane wanted strawberries, also, and I made a smaller one with both.

My left wrist hurt pretty good this morning, and it was a squishy kind of swollen. Motrin helped. When Diane came in, she had to clean her fish. When done, we went into Hale to find some floaty/inflatables for the lake. We looked in 4 different stores, and bought the last air matress available. We also got a couple of the smaller ones with the windows in them.

We came back and Diane blew them up. And we got in the lake with our new floaties. It was nice, but it was pretty windy and with the boat traffic it wasn't all that great. We got out and laid out on the pontoon, in the sun and a little out of the cooler wind.

As it was after 5, I came inside and showered. Polly and Jim came down with their supper fixin's--meat and potato salad and pasta--and Diane fixed a lovely greens salad to go with pork she had brought. Baked sweet potato was yummy, too, and we ended the meal with fresh coffee and fresh rhubarb cobbler. The best part of the wonderful meal was sharing it with people I love. Thanks, Diane, Polly, and Jim.

P&J left and we finished cleaning the kitchen, and Diane and I enjoyed the evening on the deck. Watched it get dark, as some say. I couldn't stay out very long because those giant mosquitoes get me. I came in after a while and looked for the instructions online for the screen room that goes with our Sunsetter Awning.

I did find the installation instructions for that screen room. Installation is not going to be a quick set up. First time will probably be several hours of intermittent joy and frustration, but not something I'm going to do without the other homeowner helping.

We've had a good time today. Tomorrow Jim and Polly leave, Vonnie arrives, Frank and friends arrive, and Diane leaves.

Thank you God for this life.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday 07.16.2010

Although I didn't sleep well during the night, I did in the morning, surprised that it was 10 o'clock. I had heard Diane earlier, but the house was quiet now. She was probably out fishing.

I had breakfast and was looking at the computer. There were a couple items that needed some attention which involved reading, and it took longer than I thought it might. Neighbor Bob knocked on my door--it was 11:45 and I needed to shower.

He said he had talked to the guy about coming out to look at the shed for a bid for a tear-off, re-shingle, and dispose, and add two vents. Oh, thanks, I said. And, Bob said, he'll be here in about a half hour. Great. I told Bob that if he saw the guy, he could go out and talk to him until I'm out of the shower.

Well, I was in the shower when I thought I heard someone knocking on the door. Then I heard Diane's voice, as she had come in off of the lake. Yup, the guy was here. I asked Diane to tell the guy it would be a few minutes...

I hurried and dressed, then went out to see the guy. Nice guy, Travis, I think. He gave me a number that I thought was not favorable. I took his phone number and told him I would have to talk with my husband and get back to him.

We went out front and watched the lake for a while, seeing that Jim was out on the sailboat. Since I knew that he would probably sail near the dock, I asked her if she might want to go out for a ride. Knowing that we are here now, she said yes, and I found a life jacket for her. We got it adjusted, and just after getting back down on the dock, here comes Jim. He slides up to the dock and she gets on, then off they go.

They were out quite a while. I got myself ready to go to West Branch to pick up the car. Since I couldn't see them in our area of the lake, I wondered if Polly was watching for them. I called her. We visited as we watched for them. Polly could see them from her vantage point, but it was maybe 20 minutes before I could see them. As they came up the lake, then into the dock at the JC, I went down on the dock to help land.

Diane was wet-she slid off the deck, as sometimes happens to first-timers. And they had some wind gusts that added to Jim's list of sailing skills. He does a good job.

Diane showered and got ready to go, and we were off to West Branch. That was an uneventful drive, thank you God, but it was Bike Week, and a few blocks of the street were closed off for a few hours.

We got over to the dealership, where Lora got me fixed up. Of course, I tried the roof, watching. It opened and closed with great ease, and when I checked the trunk latch, that was good, too. In fact, it works better than before. So maybe whatever it was made the trunk hard to shut, too. I'm happy to have it back.

We got back into town, parked, and walked through the lines of bikes. We picked the right time to go to G's Pizza. There were only a few tables seated when we arrived, but not too long after that, the waiting area filled up, and I didn't see any open tables. Wow.

Yummy food, and we headed back to the JC. It's so hot out--mid 80's--I put the top down for the ride back. Ooohhh, Yeeeaaaaahhh. This is good.

We got home, Diane cleaned her fish, and we went down the GC for a fire. Anne, Polly, Jim, Diane, and me enjoyed the company and the s'mores and the mosquitoes that were big enough to collect and put in an omelet.

We walked back to the JC in the dark, with our flashlights. Not much to see tonight, only 1 toad. We sat out on the deck a while before turning in for the evening.

My wrist has seemed a little better today, not quite as sore.

Tomorrow we hope to play with the speedboat.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday 07.15.2010

After not much sleep I got up, trying to get ready for the pontoon to arrive, about noon. It's rainy, though, gray, no wind. Drippy rain. Maybe it will let up or pass over and be done.

Diane called to say she was on the road. Woo Hoo!! ETA approximately 1 pm. I told here we might be doing something with the pontoon when she got here, but to come on in...

Shelly called to convey that Steve was on the way with the pontoon. Woo Hoo!! I called over to the GC to see if Polly and Jim wanted to come down and help. They had already gotten their things together and were just on their way over.

Steve came, with two other guys in his truck, and just as slick, they backed it down the road and slipped it into the water. There was a guy on the boat who started the motor and drove it over to the dock, which was right around the point.

It had been raining, but slowed to a drizzle while I was shown how to start it and operate it and such. Jim was kind enough to get in the lake and screw the anchors/tie outs into the bottom of the lake. We were just finishing securing the pontoon when the sky was rumbling and started lightening. Jim got out of the water. Diane had arrived when we were securing the boat.

Jim and Polly left to go into town; it is sure good to see Diane. She really needs this break. She has a lot of personal stressors right now.

The thunderstorm came in and was quite intense, with rain so heavy you couldn't see the lake, just solid gray, with some wind.

We were settling in, getting a snack and beverage for us, when Polly came in and dropped off a couple more carabiner clips for our tie out stakes. It wasn't too much longer when Diane went in for a nap. She ended up sleeping for 2 hours. I used that time to go out and sweep the deck of the pontoon, since the storm had passed and the carpet was soaked.

That turned out to be more of a job than I had anticipated. Since it had been sitting a couple of years there were lots of areas on the carpet that cleaned up with a light scrub, and the railing needed swept/scrubbed both inside and out along the bottom. It was actually quite pleasant, as the lake was mirror and temps were high 70's? The humidity was climbing again, though.

I looked through the ingredients we had and decided to do nacho stuff for our supper. Diane had just awakened, and supper was ready in about a half hour.

We got the chairs out of the garage, Diane wiped them down; we got life jackets and the throwable life preserver and the fire extinguisher and the year sticker and took them down to the boat. I fired it up, Diane casted us off, and we putzed down to the Goodwin dock to pick up Polly and Jim.

It was a slow ride around a couple of our bays. It's a 20 horse motor, but I'm not sure it's functioning to capacity. The good news is that it starts, runs, starts again when turned off, all at the push of a button. Exhale.

We all enjoyed our ride, I think. It was beautiful--mostly mirror water with an occasional light puff of a breeze, and the sun trying to go down. We got the Goodwins disembarked at their dock and got ourselves re-secured at the JC. Bob and Evelyn were out and they helped us dock and unload. That was really nice.

Diane and I got the aluminum boat down to the egress, along with the oars and anchor, so she will be ready to fish in the morning.

We tried to sit out on the deck with the pesky mosquitoes, but that didn't work for me. We came inside for awhile, then went back out about 10:30 ish, enjoying the quiet of the evening--the water, the stars, the cooler temperatures, and each other.

Diane finally turned in about midnight. I wrote here.

Lora from the dealership called to say the car was done and repaired correctly; Diane and I will go over to get that in the afternoon.

The weather forecast is hot and windy tomorrow. We'll try our best to enjoy it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday 07.14.2010

I can hardly believe it's halfway through July, halfway through my vacation. So far, though, it's been good, both July and my vacation.

Though I still have interrupted sleep, I do get up late morning feeling mostly rested. This morning the chipmunk was chirping a constant chirp for two hours straight. It was sitting on the neighbor's flowerbox, in the sun, just outside my window. Kind of cute, but kind of annoying. When I got up and looked, it continued to sit there and chirp. Hm. Although it didn't leave when I looked at it, it wasn't much longer and it was gone. Great.

After a while I heard it chirping again, and I quietly went outside. There it was, on the neighbor's porch, laying flat out on it's belly, like it was hurt or something. It looked at me, kept chirping. I talked to it, but it didn't move until I clapped my hands. Then it jumped up and moved a little on the porch.

Not much longer I heard it again, and again went out to look. Uh huh, there were 2 of them this time, running around. Cute, but not a good thing by the foundations of our homes. I'm thinking these critters are going to have to be relocated somehow...

I had breakfast, and in between watching the chipmunks, got ready to go to Hale to the Senior Center. Evelyn and Bob had come over last night and invited me to go, as they were going to participate in a "program". Oh.

I got there, filled out the form (I'm underage *giggle*), put my lunch money in the box (*giggle again) and sit where Bob directs me. Across from Anne, which was good. At the birthday/anniversary table. Hm.

We had lunch--through a cafeteria-like line with a tray and people plopping food on it. After eating, one of the people announced the birthday people and handed them the microphone. I was second. I told who I am, and that I married Daniel, who is Germaine's son. It was interesting to hear the murmur in the room. After a bit, a woman named Margie came up to me, saying she had been a good friend of Germaine's, and was glad that I had come. That was nice.

They served ice cream and cake before the "program" started.

The Sunshine Singers got up, maybe a dozen or more of them, including Anne, Bob, and Evelyn. One of them announced that the theme of today's program was Summertime, and they proceeded to sing, karaoke-like, a variety of summer songs, some accompanied by four or five of them line dancing. I was smiling, thinking it's not much different than going to a child's school function.

Their program lasted about 25 minutes. From there I went to Baker's Hilltop to see about getting the pontoon delivered. Steve wasn't there just then, but Shelly was. We chatted a few minutes and she'll call me when Steve gets back.

At home, I uncovered the speedboat and put the skis and tow rope and lifejacket in that were leftover from the weekend. The sun was nice, but it was hot, mid 80's. It had been mirror quiet on the lake, but a wind had picked up. Earlier, there were big fish jumping out in the middle of the lake. Big ones. I've seen fish jump before, but not like that.

One time in the house I noticed a phone message; I returned Shelly's call to say that tomorrow noonish would be fine to get the pontoon delivered. Woo Hoo!

I watered my plants, then Evelyn came over to get me to show me what they had gotten. A "new" table from the Fish store. It needed modification, and Bob was doing that in their garage. I sat there and visited with them a bit, and when I went back across the yard, I noticed that the flowers they had bought a few days ago hadn't been potted yet, and some were needing attention. I went back and asked Evelyn if she wanted help with that project; she and I potted up the 3 flats of plants. I enjoyed working with her, and I liked getting those plants taken care of. They look good if I do say so myself.

It was after 7, and I needed supper. I heated up some leftovers and enjoyed that, and have spent the evening picking around, not being real productive. I could paint yet tonight, but I don't know....

My wrist is sore, but I only took the morning dose of motrin.

Tomorrow looks like intermittent thunderstorms, by the, so I'm not sure about the pontoon. Diane is supposed to be coming sometime in the afternoon, too.

I'm liking my vacation.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday 07.13.2010

I didn't sleep much last night, it seemed. I got up about 9, wandered around looking at the lake and such. So beautiful. I breakfasted and showered. The warm water feels good on my sore wrist.

I was sitting on the front deck cutting my nails when I heard someone around back. It was Tom.

KS was at her parents'; he had walked down from there.

We visited a bit; he adjusted the closet doors again, and turned a light switch over so it flipped up for "on" instead of down for "on". Little things, but it's nice to have them fine-tuned. Thanks, Tom.

We went over to West Branch, to the dealership, but we stopped first at Mr. G's Pizzaria. Yuummmyyyy!!! Wonderful food and reasonable prices. I will definitely eat there again.

At the dealership, Chad showed us what was going on with the car. He replaced the cable that had broken and a mechanism he said was bent, but one of the "flipper" things is still floppy. He went on to show us how it is in the way when the top is operated, both opening and closing. Neither operation can be done without visualizing the process, stopping it at a critical point, and manually moving the flipper so it doesn't catch again. Hm. Not good.

Chad feels that the whole thing can be properly repaired with a new set of flippers and a rear deck panel. The estimate for that is approximately $500.00. I asked lots of questions, and as Tom is very much about properly operating mechanical things, he and Chad had a conversation while Lori and I talked business.

The parts are available, and there is time for this project on Friday. So, I left the car there.

KS was at the JC when we got back. She looked really good. We had a nice visit, and after a bit, Tom went out to the car and brought in a package. For me??

They had taken the little bathing suit of mine that Elaine had kept all these years and put it into a shadowbox, surrounded by sand dollars they had gotten in Florida. How Cool!!! Thank you, Kathy and Tom.

Smiles and Hugs, they went on their way. I went into Hale for a few groceries.

It's been mostly sunny today and high 70's and mostly breezy, but the wind is a little cool as the sun is going down. I sat on the side of the house out of the wind and started writing, but Dan called and I came inside. And Evelyn and Bob came over for a visit. The wind has died down to mirror. We tried to sit out on the deck, but the mosquitoes were large enough to collect and stir fry, so we came inside. They have left, and I'm finishing here.

My wrist has been an underlying annoying discomfort/sore today, even with the motrin on board. I'll take the Femara again tomorrow, so the tomorrows add up and it will be the end of the treatment period and I will remain cancer free, please God.

And live for today, for now.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday 07.12.2010

I was surprised that it was raining when I woke at 0900. All of the other times I was awake/up it was quiet and dry.

It rained pretty good, and let up maybe around 11. And as the sky cleared and sun came through it got considerably warmer.

After breakfast and general housekeeping, I drove down to the GC to see them before they went home, and also to pick up the skis and tube that had been left down there. They had finished lunch and were cleaning up, getting ready to leave. I visited just briefly and went on back to the JC.

I putzed around in the garage, and by now it was getting pretty warm out. I changed into cooler clothes and went out on the paddleboat, and ended up being out there for about an hour. It's really beautiful on the water.

I was getting hungry and fixed supper. I had a few phone calls this afternoon, one of them being Lori from the dealership saying the car was done. Woo Hoo! Now, if I could just find a ride over to West Branch... I told her that it might be until Thursday before I could pick it up, which was ok with her.

The rest of the evening I painted a couple more walls, this time in the middle bedroom. Bit by bit, I'll get it done.

My brother Tom called; he and KS are coming up for a day trip tomorrow. She is going to visit her parents while Tom takes me over to get my car. Aren't they the greatest?? I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday 07.11.2010

After my usual night of interrupted sleep, I got up just before 9. Looked like a good day--clear, quiet. I had breakfast, and shortly after 10 I went out to uncover the boat, the "signal" that we're ready to play.

I wasn't able to get a signal on my phone (it's quite persnickety here) so I couldn't call down to the GC. I did see people in the lake down there swimming. I thought they were going to come down here to play, but then I looked out and saw that the sailboat was out. Hm. I decided to take the speedboat down there.

They were playing in the water and ready to waterski. Jim the Younger went first, getting right up, getting wet a couple more times, then had a good ride. Jacob was next, a first time skier. Uncle Jim was in the water with him, and Jacob had many excellent efforts. Grandma Polly got several photos of Jake; some of them he's really out of the water and over the skis, so technically he got "up". He didn't ski for any distance, though.

Next was the tubers. Jacob and Kris went on two tubes. They had a good ride--the lake was bumpy from the other boats that were out, so they got bounced around some. But smiling anyway.

Ariana asked to tube, so Daddy Jim and she were on the tube like they did last year. And Jake rode the other tube. We didn't go much faster than a slow troll. Then Ariana asked could she go faster. Hm. I was concerned about going fast, as were Grandma Polly and Momma Kris, but there were no other boats around, and the water was quiet, and we were just about back at the dock. So I got them planed out and rode them a short way to the dock. Ariana grinned.

Time for a break. We had been out for almost 3 hours. I went back to the JC--hot, sweaty, hungry, with a little headache I think might have been from the sun. I turned on a fan and cooled off, fixed a bit of lunch and ate, and I was feeling better. I read a little then showered. That felt really good.

I walked down to the GC where Jim was fixing dinner. I visited until dinner was ready then went home. When they were done, Jim, Polly, and Jacob came back down and we tried getting Jake up again. He almost made it, but not quite. He will next time. Maybe tomorrow.

The guys went back to the GC while Polly and I drove to West Branch, she in my van and I in the G6, to drop it at the dealership for the convertible top repair. That was an uneventful drive, thank you God, and we got back to Long Lake about 10:30 pm. Thanks Polly, for going over there with me.

We've had a great summer day, and I thank God for every breath and every heartbeat. Not only mine, but those I love.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday 07.10.2010

Kind of a quiet day. Slept intermittently, as usual, and got up about 9:30. After breakfast I wandered around outdoors. Beautiful. Sunny, a good breeze, mid 70's that got up to 80 today.

I cleaned the birdbath and put it out. Swept the walks and the decks. Bob backed down my driveway--come see what I've got...

The local nursery/garden shop is going out of business, and he got a whole back of his blazer full of plants. "Pick which ones you want," he says. Evelyn was grinning. Such beautiful plants, it's really sad that the business is failing. (I wanted to buy my plants local. Wal Mart in West Branch is not local enough... . I feel bad) While I was getting the bird bath out I came across some 14" planters. I went and got one and chose 4 plants to put in it. 2 begonias, a gerbera daisy, and a double bloom impatients. Now I need dirt.

We unloaded his truck and they went on their way. An hour or so later, they're back--with another truck full. This time, they got 2 birdbaths, an electric fountain, and several decorative bird feeders, along with 2 bags of dirt. (The bird baths and fountain and feeders were for her son) I gave them $5 for my plants and dirt, and they gave me a 4 disc cd set of showtunes as a bonus.

I got my plants potted and took the remaining half bag of dirt back to them.

By now it was getting hot outside. The lake was busy with the boat action, and the wind and waves had caused my speedboat to pull against the tie-out stakes and move them enough so that the boat had started bumping against the dock. Hm. I guess I'll have to get in the water and reset those.

I did. As I was doing the second of the three, the clouds were gathering dark and the thunder was starting. I had finished the second stake and put the cover back on the boat and it started raining.

It rained pretty good for maybe an hour. Not much wind, just rain with occasional thunder. I had a bite to eat, read a while, and closed my eyes for a while, too.

I went down to the GC, as there was to be a fire tonight. Jim, Kris, and Ariana had come up for an overnight. The fire had just been started, so I was just in time.

Kris and Jim had brought instruments, 2 guitars and a violin; they were played and we sang and had s'mores. The temperature had dropped to low 60's. It was a nice evening.

Tomorrow we're planning to play with the speedboat--water skiing and tubing. I hope the wind is down and the lake is not so busy.

I was still kind of icky today, but I feel somewhat better having had a quieter day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday 07.09.2010

I didn't rest as well as I would have liked, but I got up about 8:30 and started the day. Washed up, breakfast, dressed. I had to go to Rose City to the car dealership to see about repairing whatever it was that broke on the car.

It's a beautiful day, sunny with high fluffy clouds.

The guy at the GM dealership says they don't work on Pontiacs. Huh? Isn't Pontiac a GM car? He refers me to Hart Automotive in West Branch. Ugh. Ok, thanks.

I really don't want to go to West Branch, but the GPS says it's only 20 minutes away. Ok, here I go.

I get there, and I wait. I'm third in line. And, as with car issues, each issue is different. When I finally had my turn, the girl, Diane, was very nice, saying that they had a G6 with a broken top just recently. She got the guy Chad, who worked on that one, to come look at mine. But he was busy with other jobs. Could I wait a half hour or 45 minutes or so? Ugh, again.

I had heard that there was a Wal-Mart in West Branch. She told me where it was and the best way to get there. I thanked her and got going.

I was interested in the flowers and plants they have for sale.

I walked around, found a clearance area. These don't look so bad, and the price is right, 50% off. After seeing what was there, I went back.

Just in time. I drove right in, and Diane took the car and drove it into the service bay area, while I went into the customer lounge, just a little tacky, but better than sitting out in the hot sun. Maybe 15 minutes later, I see Chad, the guy that was going to look at my car, come in the counter and get on the computer. Another 15 or 20 minutes later he's done, and Lori came in to get me with the estimate.

Only $349 and some change. Ha. Of course, it's out of warranty. And if it were covered by insurance, we have a $500 deductible. The good news is that the part is available, and the work can be done Monday. I signed the estimate and made the appointment. I'll figure out the logistics of getting the car and me back and forth.

I went back to Wal Mart to select and purchase some plants, then went back to the lake.

I was hungry, tired, irritable, and just plain grumpy, mean, and hateful feeling. And hot. Temps got up to mid 80's again today. I knew I would feel better after eating, and I started the food prep after getting the plants out of the car.

Dan called while I was doing that. I ate, wanted to lay down, but putzed around with the plants again. dipping the hanging baskets in the lake to water them. Jim and Jacob were out on the sailboat, enjoying the breeze that had picked up. The lake was busy with "weekenders", too.

I went down to the GC with the van, as we had decided to put Jim's boat in the water this evening. They were fixing their supper, so I took my mean and hateful feeling self back home. I think I was just frustrated that the first part of the day took so much time to deal with. I sprayed the exterior perimeter of the house with bug spray again, and finished soaking/watering the plants. Close to 7 o'clock, I went back to the GC, where they were ready.

Jim changed the hitch ball, attached the boat trailer, and we were off. I backed the trailer down the ramp, the boat floated, Jacob and Jim got in, fired up, and were off. I went back to the GC to drop the trailer, and after a brief visit, went on back home.

I was starting to feel a little better. I had a lite snack and sat out on Evelyn's pontoon with her and Bob and the dogs. Funny how those unsettling moods happen.

I came back in and searched my files for a photo that had been asked for, but to no avail. That too is odd.

Tomorrow is unplanned--maybe I'll see about getting the pontoon brought over. Maybe.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday 07.08.2010

It was a good day today.

Started out that I slept pretty good, and woke this morning feeling much better than I did yesterday. Praise the Lord for that. I don't like feeling punky. And though the wrist is still sore, it didn't hurt so much that I couldn't move it.

I got up shortly after 10. Just as I had gotten dressed I heard voices--Polly, Jim, Aaron, and Jacob. They came down to see if I needed help with the speedboat to get it in the water. Well, it hadn't been waxed or cleaned yet...

They went on to get bait and to check out the revisions/upgrades at the public boat launch. When they came back, we all went out to the garage and got started on the boat. What a great crew! With everyone taking turns with the wax on/wax off process, nobody was really overworked. Aaron and Jacob did a great job and worked hard. We did have a fan on in the garage to move the 80 degree humid air around.

When that job was done they left, and we were going to meet at the Bear's Den for supper. I was happy to be able to put the top down on the car, (a 2007 Pontiac G6 hard top convertible) but in the process, the dashboard ding dinged and I heard a snap-crack from the back. Uh oh. I stopped the lid and looked. Everything looked ok in there, but I pushed the button to put the top back up. Fortunately, it went into place and latched and everything. So I popped the release for the trunk. When I opened it, it sounded like a piece of plastic rattled and fell. It took me a minute to find it, but it looks like a cable snapped, and the housing or tube that it was in is what fell off. The end of the cable is frayed, and it looks like it's frayed also further up the cable. Fortunately there is a GM dealer in Rose City, about 12 miles away. That trip is first on my list tomorrow.

So we have a good supper at the Bear's Den, pizzas for them (Polly, Jim, Aaron, Jacob, and neighbor Anne) and a sandwich for me. Yummy stuff. We decided to launch the boat after dinner.

I get the van out of the garage and it has 2 low tires. With the compressor, and minor complications, we blow them back up. We got the boat hooked on and went into Hale to fill the gas tank on the boat, which only needed 5 gallons, then on to the launch.

Jim backed the boat into the water, with Jacob, Aaron, and myself in it. We were floating, the engine blub-blubbed, and we were off. Woo Hoo!! I think it was the easiest launch I've ever done with that boat. Thanks, Jim.

He saw that we were ok and went on back to the JC, where Polly was waiting for us. There were also dark clouds forming quickly. I tested the boat a little; slower, faster, medium, then...hold on....I turned in a quick circle. Jacob laughed; Aaron wasn't quite sure. I did that once more and headed up the lake. Those clouds were getting pretty dark.

Back at the dock, the boys got out and helped Polly hold the boat while I got into the water to get the tie-out posts screwed into the bottom of the lake. Jim had just gotten back, too, and with the two of us in the water we got the three posts in and the boat secured just as it started to sprinkle. I got the cover on the boat in a light rain. But it's in the water and sure looks good at the dock. Thank you, Jacob, Aaron, Polly, and Jim, for all of your excellent help today.

We chatted a bit, picking things up and putting things away, and they went on back to the GC. I finished closing up the garage and moving the car back so the lawn guy could mow tomorrow, and went in and had a lovely shower before writing here.

I've had to go look at the end of the dock several times. The boat's still there and still looks good. The rain has stopped and the lake is quiet. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you God, for this gift of this life.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday 07.07.2010

I made it. I'm at the lake. On vacation. Ahhh.

I was disappointed that I didn't sleep very well last night. Even this morning, I only dozed a little after Dan had gotten up to go golfing.

I got up. Hot, tired, ache-y. I decided I wasn't going to hurry to get on the road.

I walked back and forth through the house, collecting the items I wanted, repacking the suitcase, going through the dresser drawers and the closet. I paid a couple bills online, had breakfast, watered plants, showered. That felt good.

Dan said he might be home around noon. It was now 1:30--I began carrying things downstairs and loading the car. He came in shortly after.

We visited a bit and he carried the last couple items down for me. I was on the road a little after 3.

I wondered what Diane was doing this afternoon--I called and left a message. She called back saying Please come by!! She was having a rotten day and was very stressed. I went into the Nimkee Fitness Center and into her office. She certainly was frazzled. I got her house key and went there to wait the half hour or so.

I ended up taking a half hour nap on her couch; I was just waking when she came in.

We had a good visit, I think. She was so wound up--but after talking a while she settled down some. I'm glad I stopped. She fed me, too, some of the best tuna/macaroni salad. Thanks, Diane, I enjoyed our visit.

On the road again, I had an uneventful rest of the drive. I got to the JC 8:45-ish. It's still hot and humid. 80 degrees with 90% humidity. I'm glad we had an air conditioner. I first opened the house, then closed the back half after I had unloaded, and turned on the ac. That's really nice.

I had a bite to eat, then wrote here. I'm pretty tired; I hope to sleep tonight.

My wrist has been sore when the motrin/tyenol wear off. Darn it, I want it to get better,

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday 07.06.2010

Vacation has officially started!

I slept as usual, interrupted. The good thing was that neither Dan nor I had to get up this morning. I listened to the radio for a bit this morning before getting up about 8:30. Dan was still sleeping.

I got the laundry together and started the first load, and was fixing my breakfast when Dan got up. With the laundry changed over to the second load, I went in and showered.

About 11:00 I called the hospital to see if I had to work. Yup. Ok. I decided to mix up a batch of brownies to take in.

I got myself ready to go, and after the brownies were done and almost cool enough to handle the pan, I went down to Jackson, stopping at the credit union before going to the hospital.

We had a good afternoon, and they enjoyed the fresh treat. We were a steady pace, on the medium side of busy, with the potential to blow up. And it was going to for the night shift, by what was in labor and delivery. 'Cuz you know what they deliver, we get.

And at 7 pm, I clocked out. Officially on vacation. Woo Hoo!!!

I changed clothes because I wanted to do a few errands while I was in Jackson. I drove through a car wash and got a layer of bugs off, filled the gas tank, and shopped at Wal Mart. After I had gotten back in the car to come home, I realized my bladder was full; McDonalds was just across the street. I went there and took care of business, and on the way out, I remembered my friend Miss B lived right around there. Although I had never been there, I drove down the street where I thought the house was, and I found it. She has a unique decorating style; I recognized some of the items she had in the yard, and saw her car.

When she saw it was me who had knocked on her door, she was pleasantly surprised. We visited for a half hour or so, and it was really good to see her. I'm glad I stopped.

So now I'm going home in the dark. I haven't done that in a while. And I went through another bug hatch--the windshield looks like it was sprayed with rice sized droplets. Great.

Dan was home, happy that a friend had given him a cable box. (we have a weird situation with the cable wiring of the building and our cable status) He now has the golf channel again.

He stayed up flipping channels for a while before going off to bed.

My wrist has been sore today, though the motrin does a good job with the swelling.

Tomorrow I'll be going north for a couple weeks. Woo Hoo!!!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday 07.05.2010

Whew, it was hard to get up this morning. For Dan, too. But we did, and went to our respective J.O.B.s.

It had cooled off to a whopping 76 degrees this morning. And to think, just 6 months ago, we were in a frozen environment. Amazing, Lord, how this is.

A safe drive down, thank You, with two sentinel deer poised as though they were guarding the side of the road, heads up and ears perked. Each was standing frozen, like they were posing. Beautiful animals.

We had a good day at work. The other person in my job role was absent today, so it was just me and a my RNs, all of whom did a phenomenal job today. I got quite busy, it seemed, just after noon, and was very happy to see our dear Sarah had come in to help me out. Whew again. We split the assignment, she took off, and I was able to have lunch about 1:30. (that's a long time from 0515) Ahh, the worklife of a nurse.

I got really fatigued later in the afternoon, and wondered if Sarah would be willing to come in for me in the morning. That would make the third morning of getting up at 0430 for me, which is not so good for me. She checked out her childcare situation and agreed to come in. YESSS! I don't have to get up in the morning!

We finished out the shift.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

Dan was home when I got home. We had a snack and chatted a bit, and Dan is off tomorrow, too. Of course, he's gone to bed. I'm writing here, and had to take another motrin for that pesky wrist/thumb thing.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday 07.04.2010 The Fourth of July

A short night, which led into a short day. (eight hours for us, instead of the 12 1/2 hour shift, and at time and a half!)

We had a good day, but busy. It's so hot here--mid 90's--the pregnant ones are hot and dehydrated, coming in to labor and delivery for IV fluids. Some of them are really in labor, and we had at least 3 babies today, and a couple more to deliver after we left.

One of our former co-workers came in to visit with her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter who was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. Emma is 4 months old now, and doing well. Her story of her first 4 months is at Keeping Up With Emma, at Now that she's finally home, she's merged into a family blog, A House With Two Girls, at . Kim, the grandma, was still working with us while I was going through treatment, was a great support person for me, and is still a "reader". Thanks, Kim, it was nice to hug you today.

When I left the hospital at 3:30-ish, it was so hot that I got nauseated from the heat just walking over to my car. Ugh. I don't do well when it's that hot.

The car cooled off, though, and the house is mostly cool. I was pretty tired this afternoon; after Dan got home, he went into shower, and I napped on the couch. When I woke about 45 minutes later, the house was quiet. He was sleeping on the bed.

I was hungry, and knew he needed to eat, too, so I put something together. When it was ready, I was going to wake him, but he was sleeping pretty good so I didn't. He finally woke about 7:30 and was happy there was something for him to eat.

We've watched the fireworks on television of the New York City/Hudson River. Beats sweating and slapping mosquitoes.

My wrist has been sore again today, and I've had a third dose of the motrin. It does takes some of the swelling/inflammation away, but it's still pretty sore.

Dan and I both work tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday 07.03.2010

How lovely--I got to sleep in this morning. I finally got out of bed sometime after 9:30.

Breakfast, lolled around. Shower. I went to the pharmacy to pick up the rest of the prescription that was a partial fill, then started the potato salad.

It turned out pretty good. I got my stuff together and went over to daughter Kim and Bob's in Springport for a birthday party for 3 year old great grandchild Skyler.

We had a nice late afternoon, though with all the children there it's quite busy (hectic). Dan came over after he was done golfing, and after we helped clean up, we left.

I wrote here, Dan has showered and gone to bed, and I'm on my way.

I've taken the motrin/tylenol twice today, which is helping the swelling in my wrist, and takes the pain away until I move or use my hand/wrist. Hope it gets better soon.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us. Happy Freedom Day--Thanks to all who have served, past and present, to keep us that way.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday 07.02.2010

I slept for what seemed like forever, which was only an hour and a half, all the way to midnight. The remaining four and a half hours was typical interrupted sleep. It was finally time to get up for work when I was dozing again.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

We had a good day, with a great group of co-workers. A few smaller challenges/complications to work on throughout the day kept us outside of "routine". I was glad to see the night shift show up.

I was still answering call lights and giving medicine until time to clock out and leave. I was happy to do so.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and Dan and I had a quiet evening. He has to work tomorrow; I don't.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday 07.01.2010

I didn't sleep much, and before long it was time to get up. I got ready and left for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

When I got there, the night staff looked at me. "Uh oh. Sorry. Didn't know you didn't know that you didn't need to come in this morning." Hm. The day staff were getting their assignments and getting report started. They said they would be ok without me. Oh. Ok. I went next door, to the overflow unit. They were done with report. I asked if they were ok, if they needed me. Nope. Sorry you came in. Hm.

We have a policy that if you come to work and you're not needed, you can stay 4 hours and get paid. Or if you've clocked in, you can clock out and get paid just for that time. I don't have to stay and get 4 hours of pay. I waited until the day shift was done with their report before I clocked out, which was about 0715. I had business I needed to do during business hours while in Jackson, and I dawdled before leaving the building, which didn't do any good, because the credit union didn't open until 9, and there wasn't anyone at the oil change place at 8:05. So much for that. I went home.

Dan was still sleeping at 0900, though he had been awake and had turned on the radio. I put things away, and with the little bit of noise, he woke. I explained what had happened as I laid on the bed, too. He ended up remembering that he needed to get a fasting lab draw done and went over to that office. I dozed off for a while.

When I woke, he still wasn't home. Or so I thought. He was down in the garage taking care of his golf stuff from his trip.

By this time, it was 11 or so. Since he hadn't eaten, and my breakfast was at 0515, we decided to go out for brunch. We ended up at the Flap Jack Shack, he had breakfast and I had lunch.

From there we went next door to Lowe's and bought a mixed planter of flowers for the balcony.

Back at home we took care of some housekeeping stuff. Dan ended up laying down again. I had a meeting in Jackson at 4:30, but still needed to do the banking and other errands, so I left about 3.

First stop, one credit union, then across town to another. Back to the oil change, then to the meeting. There, got those errands done.

The meeting was informative, kind of a pep talk about how good our unit is doing fiscally. When I got home, Dan had dinner ready to finish cooking. Woo Hoo! He did pretty good, too. I cleaned the kitchen, though, afterwards.

I took the first Femara tablet this afternoon, and I will say that the hot flashes have been less frequent, definitely. I hope that's a good thing to stay. Of course, it's only the first dose. Time will tell.

I've been sitting here writing, and watched a young hummingbird at the feeder. Fluffy, unsure of getting that long beak into the feeder hole. Kind of funny. It stayed about 15 minutes. Neat.

And I'm trying to stay awake, so I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow is a scheduled work day for me, and Dan, too. ( I had said yes when they were looking for help for today. The day supervisor who called me yesterday said that there had been more discharges than anticipated, and thanked me for coming in anyway. )

Thank you for reading. Hugs.