Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday 05.31.2010 Memorial Day

I got up this morning, put in a load of laundry, showered, breakfasted, changed the laundry over, and wrote yesterday's blog entry. When the clothes were dry I folded them, packed the cooler, loaded the car, and was on the road by 10:00. Long Lake, here I come.

No problem with traffic going up, but the southbound traffic was bumper-to-bumper and stop and go in places, all the way up to Alger, where I got off of 75 onto 33. My guess is folks coming back from Mackinaw? A sign of economic recovery, of sorts.

An uneventful drive for me, thank you God, and I arrived at the JC about 1. Frank had arrived about midnight, he said. He was getting ready to go swimming, but was kind enough to unload my car for me.

We visited a bit before going down to the water. He swam and I sat on the dock and put my feet in the water. It's high 70's with a little wind, and the lake is still busy with the last of the Weekenders.

We needed to eat and chose to go to Largent's in Long Lake. Back at the JC, I was tired and went out on the deck, having a lovely snooze on the glider. When I woke about an hour later, Frank was asleep on the sofa.

I watched the weather change, with a storm trying to move in. There was some lightning in the distant clouds, and rumbles of thunder, but we only got rain.

For some reason, the internet wasn't working, but Frank was able to work his magic and get it back. Yay Frank!

He also heated up dinner for us, then cleaned up after. Nice treat.

I'm about ready for bed. I'm feeling somewhat better, and my voice is better, but still a bit tired.

Tomorrow? Sunshine, I hope...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday 05.30.2010

I slept pretty good with the cold medicine on board. Up and ready for work. Ugh.

We had a good day on our side, but the overflow unit had a difficult situation that took the majority of the day. Being the awesome people they are, though, they did a great job.

I did pretty good with the cold meds and keeping up with tasks. It helped to rest on my lunch break. Thanks to my teammates.

A safe drive home with sunglasses on! Dan was lying on the bed sleeping, and I didn't disturb him. I put my things away, changed into my pajamas, and sat down on the couch. Next think I knew it was dark, and I was ready to go to bed. So I did.

I climbed in carefully next do Dan and went to sleep. He said this morning that he didn't know when I had come to bed, and I didn't know when he had gotten up and gotten under the covers. He has gone to work this morning (Monday). I'm writing this morning, as I was sleeping last night....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday 05.29.2010

I slept at intervals, and the radio woke me. Time to get up...

I pretty much don't have much of a voice, and my nose was running again. First thing, sudafed. I got ready to go.

I had breakfast, and fixed a hot tea to go. Dan looks and sounds better this morning.

I was enjoying my drive, in the almost full morning light, noticing that the deer were feeding in the fields. I kept watch, though, because you never know when those creatures want to cross the road.

Like the one who ran out from the tall grass in the median, across the left lane, and right in front of me. In our family, we have a saying "hit the deer", because someone ended up upside down in a ditch from trying to dodge something. Fortunately I saw this one coming out, and with no other vehicles near me, I braked hard, though not skidding. The animal saw me and kind of jumped a little, but kept on running. I was able to slow down enough that it was able to get across, but it was sure close. If I hadn't been watching, or other traffic, we wouldn't have been so lucky.

Of course, my heart was pounding, but I shouted a loud Woo Hoo!! and Thank you God and all the Angels for keeping me safe!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

I continued on my way without incident.

We had a good workday with a great group of co-workers. I don't have a whole lot of energy, and not much voice. I was thankful there was another person in my job role today, else I would have had the whole floor to myself. I kept up with the sudafed at 8:30, thera flu about noon, another sudafed about 1:30. Those meds are keeping my symptoms mostly at bay.

It was obvious that we were going to have to staff down, as the discharges were leaving. I thought I would stay, since I've lost so many hours already this pay period, but come 4 o'clock I was ready to go, and they let me.

Whew. Dan was golfing after work, and when I got home, I took care of my workthings, but ended up laying on the couch before I even changed clothes. I slept about an hour.

I'm still fatigued, and not much voice. Dan is getting more Thera Flu for us on his way home. I hope to have restful intervals tonight, and another 12 1/2 hour day tomorrow.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to drive back to the lake tomorrow night or not. We'll see.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 05.28.2010

I slept pretty good at intervals, waking with the sun shining in the window. I looked out across the lake--a little wind this morning, more than just "ruffles". I dozed, and next time I woke Dan had gotten up. It was about 8:30 when he came into the bedroom to get dressed, and since he was leaving about 9:30, I got up.

I was feeling a bit crummy and debated between hot tea or thera flu. I chose the thera flu. I felt somewhat better an hour or so later.

Dan left, and I looked around at the beautiful carpet. How nice to wake up and not feel grimy. I also saw that there's a lot of putting things back to do. *sigh* I don't have a lot of energy today, and I have to go home, too.

It took all day, but I got the linens changed on the bed, reassembled the twin bed in the middle bedroom and got that room put back together, cleaned the bathroom, put things away, moved stuff around, cleaned the kitchen, packed, loaded the car. I didn't feel like I did a lot, but after writing it, I guess I did. Brought stuff in from the garage, put things away. I finally left there about 5:30 pm.

It was a beautiful day there. Mid 80's, sunshine. The "weekenders" were arriving, and the boat traffic was increasing. I was glad to be leaving, as I don't enjoy it so much when the lake is so busy.

I arrived home about 9. Dan was in bed, snoring. He woke when he heard me stirring around, but went back to sleep after we talked for a few minutes.

I put a load of laundry in, unpacked some of my suitcase, and had something to eat. I've got the carpet pics moved from the camera card to the computer, and will post the link when I get them sorted out.

So, the laundry is dried and folded, the blog is written, my nose is continuously dripping, my throat is scratchy, and I need to go to bed so I can get up at 0430 tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!

Thank you God for safe travels.

And for you. Hugs.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday 05.27.2010 Carpet Day

Whew, what a project!!! But it's done. And what a great difference.

I slept pretty good at intervals, waking with the sunrise, dozing and getting out of bed shortly after 7. Looking around, there were still several things that needed moving, and a hand truck could be useful. After I had breakfast, I went next door to Evelyn and Bob's--sure, they have one. And Evelyn came out to get it out of the garage for me.

Dan and I were moving the last few items when Rich showed up with his help, 2 other guys. Rich looked around, made his game plan, and started directing the show. They took the stove outside and set it by the garage, and the refrigerator went around the corner on the back porch. (love the new roof there...) They also moved the hutch/buffet thing, as well as the kitchen table, which Dan and I weren't able to figure out how to do.

Rip, rip, out came the old stuff. The rubber backing was so deteriorated that they hardly had to scrape the floor of it. The staples were the challenge.

The good news is that throughout the house, the subfloor is in very good condition.

During the processes of stripping the rooms, I jumped in with a broom and then the shop vac, then the screwdriver and pliers to get the staples up. By ten o'clock the back half of the house was emptied, de-stapled, and shop vac'd. They went into Hale for a break and to pick up the pad and carpet, but since there was a balance on the account, the store wouldn't release it. Ugh.

I made a phone call, giving Angelique the information she needed. Rich and crew went back into Hale and picked it up.

Woo Hoo! The pad was unrolled and the staccato bam bam bam of the staplers was in the house. I felt like I was camping when I took a paper plate outside to the refrigerator and made my pb & j sandwich (with the rhubarb jelly that I made--yum) and took it around to the front to eat.

We waited for the guys to need us to start moving stuff. I was lying on the glider dozing, and Dan was in a lazy boy dozing. Rich came out, and we had a discussion about processes, and he decided to finish stretching the bedrooms. When they were done, we brought the bedrooms' stuff back in, and cleared the front room.

Rip, rip, up that came. Much more easily than the older stuff, and with much less mess. Dan and I resumed our posts, watching the bugs, and an occasional hummingbird at the feeder (through closed eyes). I was starting to feel not very good. Dan, however, is starting to feel better.

I came in to heat up water for a Thera Flu. The house started smelling better as soon as that old carpet was removed, and now the new carpet smell has taken over. I went back out and drank my stuff.

It wasn't too much longer, and I came in and helped them sweep, pick up chunks, and shop vac'd again. Rich came out and stretched that room while Dan and I napped again.

The last room was the front bedroom. Finally. Since there is only about 4 pieces of furniture in there anyway, they zip-zipped that room empty, ripped up that carpet, and it wasn't long before I could sweep in there, too.

They started putting doors back on, bringing the appliances and stuff in from outside, and finally finished up about 7 pm. 11 hours for just over 1000 square feet, moved, removed, replaced.

I got supper ready inside while Daniel cooked out on the grill. After eating, he vacuumed the bedroom while I cleaned the kitchen, and we both put the bedroom back together.

What a nice difference!!

I showered, then Dan showered, and he's gone to bed.

Tomorrow he's golfing in Standish; I'll be going home sometime tomorrow, too. Maybe I'll get a couple pics posted of our project.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday 05.26.2010

What a beautiful day at Long Lake!! It was mirror quiet for the majority of the day, and temps got into the mid-80's.

I didn't sleep too well last night. I was disappointed about that. Sometime in the early morning I heard a put-put-put, very softly, and I realized it was a boat motor. I rolled over and looked--it was Tom out there trolling/fishing. I wanted to run out onto the dock to get a boatride, but he was gone, and really, I wasn't ready to get up yet.

I did get up about 8:30. Breakfast and fresh brew. My throat is a bit "uncomfortable". Not sore really, but an occasional cough and general discomfort. Dan called about 8--he was up and getting ready to leave. He said he felt just a little better.

I moved a few more things out of the back half of the house before going to the Goodwin Cottage. It was hot and still outside. I greeted a few folks along the way, a couple new ones and a couple old ones.

Tom was finishing chores. He has done a lot of work at the GC, and it looks really good. Thanks Tom, for doing that. We sat and visited a short while.

Back at the JC, it was just after noon. Dan hadn't arrived yet. I went out and swept the buildings and the walks, and was just moving my car when he pulled in. I was happy to see him, though he still doesn't look so well.

Dan is not one to rest if there are things to do, and he jumped right in. First off, he put the air conditioner in the kitchen window. We took apart the bunk bed frames, then tried removing the closet doors. OMG--how in the world did those get installed?? Dan kind of remembers his dad doing it, kind of building it as they went. It was quite a project removing them, but we got them off. Putting them back up?? I don't know...

We went outside and moved the green boat, then he put the solar landscape lights out. It was nearing 4 o'clock, and I know he hadn't eaten. We went inside.

I fixed supper while he cooled off and showered. After eating, he put a movie on. He ended up watching 2 movies while I putzed around doing little things. I did finish the glider cushion project. Well, mostly. The frame still needs wire brushed and painted. I also made hummingbird food and put up the feeder. It wasn't up an hour before there was a bird at it!

The landscape lights look nice. I have cleaned the kitchen, put things away, and we are ready for the morning.

Dan has gone to bed, and I'm ready. I'm thinking a couple tylenol might help me sleep.

Tomorrow is new carpet day. Woo Hoo!!!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday 05.25.2010

During the night, Dan's breathing was kind of "gurgly", and he'd cough a little to clear it and go back to sleep. It was disconcerting to me, and I encouraged him to get up and cough for a few minutes to clear it out. He didn't, and I was having a hard time sleeping, listening to him. Sometime around 3 he got up and went out to "his" chair in the living room. I stretched out and went to sleep.

The alarm came on--I called the Unit to see if I was needed. Nope, go back to sleep. Woo Hoo!! And I had almost dozed off 20 minutes later when the phone rang. Sorry, going to need you. Ok, no problem...

I got up and hurriedly got myself ready. Dan came back to bed. I encouraged him to make an appointment with the doctor, as sick as he is, and I don't know if there is any concern with the stents he has...

A lovely drive down, thank you God. The shuttle took us over.

We had a good day with a good group, and it was obvious that we would be staffing down as the day went on. I offered to go first, so I could do some errands before heading up north.

Dan sent me a message that he had a doctor appointment at 3:30. Good.

I also got a call from Mid Michigan Physicians radiology department, where my oncologist, Dr. Williams, is. Seems doctor wants me to have a bone scan and CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis. I called the scheduling person, Carrie, back when I had a few minutes. It ended up being a 20 minute call, to two different departments. The first one, nuclear med, for the bone scan. June 22, at noon. I'll have an IV needle put in, and a radioisotope injection, then come back 4 hours later for the bone scan itself. Ok, thanks. She transferred me to CT department, where Cheryl told me that when I come for the bone scan, to ask for my "drinks". I'm to drink one at 1:30 and 2:30, and the CT scan will be done at 3:30. I verified that I would be done in time for the bone scan, and she said yes. I also questioned why I was being scheduled to have these scans done there instead of at the hospital, where I had had them before. She was very patient with me, and after hearing that I had started at the Breast Care Center, she explained that Dr. Williams will be following them now, and he will have access to everything with a "click of the computer". "Ok," I told her, and thanked her for taking the time to help me understand that.

After ending the conversation, I felt a bit "zombied". Wow. More scans. I knew that my 2 year post treatment date is approaching, and I do remember now that doctor had mentioned scanning again, but.... It seems that no matter what I do, or how I'm feeling, trying to be "normal", the cancer thing comes to the forefront again. I was surprised at how I was feeling--unsettled, a little icky, and...really? a little nauseated?? I did my best to breathe and settle down, and my wonderful co-workers saw I was off the phone and came into the break room. I must have had a look on my face, as they asked if I was ok. I did my best to re-group myself; told them about the appointments and scans, and how I was feeling a bit unsettled. We chatted a bit; yes, it's the routine follow up schedule, and no, I shouldn't have anything to worry about. I really wanted to talk to Dan, but he's too sick. I took another breath and pretended to be a big girl. Ok, Lord, I can do this. I went out in the hall, checked my worksheet, looked to see if anything needed to be done. Nope.

Another of the girls was in the breakroom, and asked if I was ok. As I was telling her, and trying to "get in touch" with myself, she asked if I wanted a hug. Wow. Thanks. YES--I needed that. And I was surprised that my eyes wanted to leak. This whole thing came with emotions that I wasn't expecting.

And then she said, "It's ok, it's just an Affirmation Appointment". Whoa! That's really good!! That's just how I'm going to think of it. Affirming that there is no more cancer. Thank you, MH. God put you just where I needed you. And thank you God for MH.

I turned around and started feeling better after that.

My patients were low acuity and didn't need much; I went next door to the overflow unit so they could have lunch, and after that, I was able to leave. I clocked out about 2:30.

I did the errands in Jackson that I wanted to do, and stopped at Meijer on the way home for food and fuel. Then to CVS for my script. Just as I was getting out of the car, Daniel finally called.

He's really sick--x ray shows pneumonia. You know he doesn't like stuff written about him, so I'll say that he's got a Z-pack and an inhaler. He was glad he went to the doctor.

I started packing for me to go to the lake, and he came in not too much later. He suggested I go tonight, and he'll come tomorrow, if he's better. I agreed--just going to the doctor wore him out.

I reviewed his meds with him and instructed him on the inhaler. I also got him something to eat, since he hadn't eaten all day. He putzed around a little, but not much.

I laid down for a brief nap, and when I got up, I put the cooler together, and Dan helped carry stuff down. I didn't want him to, but he did anyway.

I had a safe drive up, thank you God, leaving just before 8, and arriving at 10:40. Mid 60's, quiet. Well, other than bullfrogs and loon calls and whatever that animal was that screeched a couple of times and scared the snot out of me. And ducks and insects and something that splashed really loud up close here by the bank.

Tomorrow I'll move the few remaining items from the back half of the house, so that the carpet can come in on Thursday. Woo Hoo!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday 05.24.2010

I slept fairly well, considering Crudman was breathing noisily right beside me. I got up for work, and was surprised that he got up, too, and got in the shower. We left for our J.O.B.S.

A safe drive down, thank you God. I love that it's almost light in the morning, and that the birds are singing noisily.

We had a surprisingly good day today, with a great group of co-workers, and a day that could have gone either way. And we were able to clock out in a timely manner.

Dan had left work before noon, and had found someone to take his place in the golf league tonight (yes, he's that sick), and was sleeping on the bed when I got home. He woke when he heard me moving around, and got up.

Ugh. He looks awful. And sounds as bad as he looks. Hoarse voice, congested cough, puffy face. We talked a few minutes, watched Dancing With the Stars, and he went off to bed.

I picked through email and such, and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for me; it's likely that I'll be able to leave early, or maybe not even have to go in!! That gives me an opportunity to do a few errands before going north.

So, I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday 05.23.2010

I slept better again last night. Dan got up this morning and went to work, and I didn't. I finally got up shortly after 9.

What a beautiful morning! Blue skies, and warm! I had breakfast, got myself ready for the day, and headed to Kim's in Springport. I was sooo lovely that I put the top down. Ahhhh.

They were deep into deep cleaning the kitchen. After a few minutes of greeting the kids, which would be grandkids, and the two little ones which would be great grand kids (Dan's biologicals), I helped out, too.

We worked the rest of the afternoon, and I left about 4. Whew. We got a lot done.

I had another top-down ride home (they are about 40-45 minutes away). Dan was home, laying on the bed. I started supper.

He got up after a short while. Uh oh. He doesn't have much of a voice, and has a horrible chesty cough and a low-grade temp. He has The Crud. He showered, took some medicine, and finally went to bed about 7:30. I showered, looked at the television and the computer, and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us. Well, if he's feeling ok.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday 05.22.2010

Good news! I finally slept last night. Well, intermittently. But the intervals were a couple of hours at least.

Dan got up for work this morning, I dozed a couple more times, finally getting up about 9:30. Beautiful birdsong, even though it was still wet out there.

I breakfasted, showered, put towels in the washer. When those were done I moved them over to the dryer and went to Meijer. They had a "super sale" with 20% off one general merchandise item, and I had my eye in a yoga set for 24.99. So I got it for 20$. And I got what items I didn't have to fix nachos for dinner tonight.

On the way home I put the top down on the car. The sky was clearing and temp was 80 degrees. Beautiful!

When Dan came home, we ate, chatted a bit, and he showered. He's fighting a bug, but I think it might be settling in now. I hope I don't get it.

He was watching television, and I went out for a walk. So lovely.

He went off to bed about 9, and I wrote here.

Tomorrow he works, and I'm going to Springport to help our daughter Kim get ready for her daughter's graduation open house. I'm not sure what she's got in mind, but I'll do what I can.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 05.21.2010

I know I mention nights a lot, but my sleep pattern is definitely different than B.C. (Before Cancer) Ohmygosh. Last night I had done the deep breathing/relaxation stretches, calmed my mind, put the Zen music in the earbuds, climbed into bed, got comfortable, and...

I ended up hearing the whole 70 minutes of the disc, minus a few minutes when I drifted off. When the music was done, I figured I should turn it off, and listened to Daniel's rhythmic sleep breathing. Hot, restless; Dan has the covers up to his neck. I breathe again and try to cool down. I doze a bit, wake up restless and hot again. Breathe, cool down, doze, repeat. I had gone to bed about 10:15 or so, and by midnight I hadn't really slept. I took a couple of tylenol while I was trying to cool off, and I finally slept. Until 3 AM. Ugh.

I went back to sleep again, waking to the phone. Uh oh, it was 4:48. Huh, I didn't turn on my alarm. Hello? Kathy, we're putting you on call today. Ok, thanks. I laid there hot again and trying to cool off, when Dan got up for work. He went on his way; I listened to the birds.

I dozed a bit, getting up about 8.

I wandered around, had breakfast, and looked at the television. I hadn't done that in a while. PBS, Create. It's probably a good thing we don't have the HGTV channel anymore.

Somewhere after noon I went out to Meijer to pick up something for dinner, and also a set of the Sliders, the round discs used to put under furniture to move it.

At home, I put a crockpot together and put the crock in the microwave for 20 minutes to give it a head start, then transferred it to the "pot".

When Dan got home it was almost done; he looked pretty tired. I was glad that I had food prepared. He laid on the bed while I finished it up, and said he felt better after eating.

The thunderstorm moved through with a couple good cracks of lightening and a good downpour. It has continued to rain the rest of the evening. Of course he's gone off to bed, and I've enjoyed listening to the rain.

Dan works tomorrow, I don't.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 05.20.2010

Restless night. Dan got up and went to work, I listened to the birds and dozed, finally getting up about 9.

I started laundry, had breakfast, and went to my appointment with Leah. She is one awesome woman. She did reflexology today, and each site on the feet and hands that I said was sore really did correlate to the part of the body where I was having discomfort. Yeah, it's a bunch of hooey. But I do feel better after one of those treatments.

Back at home, I opened out the lawn chairs on the balcony, and draped the sheets over them to dry. I added another load to the washer, had a sandwich, brushed my teeth, and went to Jackson for my dental cleaning.

That turned out fine, with a pleasant surprise that the dentist was able to trim a little more from the crown he put on last month. And I'm happy to say that tonight when I was eating dinner, there was no discomfort. I don't know about crunchy stuff yet, but I'm hoping that will be better, too. Oh, and no cavities, either.

I stopped on the way home to pick up a few groceries. When I got into the garage, Dan was pulling in, too. He helped carry things up.

I fixed dinner while he brought in the outdoor linens and folded them. I put out a second set of sheets. Supper was good. He went in to shower, and it wasn't long before he was sleeping in his chair. He went on to bed about 7. I know it's early, but it seems to be what works for him...

So, I checked the linens outdoors, and they were dry. Man, do they smell good. I folded them, put the chairs away, watered the plants out there, and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 05.19.2010

A typical night, with the bonus of not having to get up this morning. It was lovely to lay there and doze, listening to the birds. I finally got up around 9.

I looked at the internet for a while before having breakfast. Geez, I felt like it tired me out. I watched the hummingbirds at the feeder. They finally showed up about a week ago, the same day I was telling someone that I hadn't seen any birds yet.

After a while, I thought I'd better get my potato off the couch. So, I went out for a jog/walk.

It was good. I showered after cooling off. Dan got home after 4; we went to Los Tres Amigos for supper. Yummy, as it usually is.

The rest of the evening was quiet, and Dan has gone off to bed. It's so nice to have the slider open, with no fan noises (of heat or air conditioning, or just a fan). I love listening to the birds and such. It was a beautiful, quiet, blue sky day, and I think the temps were mid 70's.

I'm off to bed soon. Tomorrow is a reflexology appointment with Leah, and a dental cleaning in Jackson.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday 05.18.2010

It seemed that I woke every few minutes the first couple hours I was in bed, with the feeling/sense that I had slept at least an hour or so. I finally slept between 2 and 4:30. Time to get up...

Dan checked the computer again before leaving for work. He had a message somehow that he needed to do something, and he did. I had to leave while he geeked.

A safe, drizzly, drive down, thank you God.

We had a good workday, with my bonus being that we had someone "on call" who really didn't want to lose 12 hours of pay. I called her to ask if she'd be willing to come in to cover for me so that I could attend a meeting in the afternoon. She did, and stayed the remainder of the shift. I was able to leave after the meeting and got home a couple hours early.

Dan was golfing this afternoon, so he wasn't home. I checked the internet gateway, which was now working. Yahoo! But, I was surprised that I was so tired--I couldn't keep my eyes open and ended up with a half hour nap, waking when he called to say he was on the way home.

We visited a bit before he showered and went off to bed.

Tomorrow I've picked up the "on call" hours for 3-7pm. I'm hoping to sleep in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday 05.17.2010

Short night with not much sleep, the alarm coming on as I had relaxed and dozed off. Ugh. Well, I’m feeling fatigued, but not too bad, considering all I’ve done physically the last several days. I got ready for work.

Dan and I left for our J.O.B.S. I noticed the sky in the east was almost a colored sunrise; by the time I got to Jackson, the sky was showing the beautiful pinks of God’s creation.

The workday was long. I work with wonderful people who create awesome teams, and finally, the shift was done. I clocked out.

A safe drive home, thank you God, in light rain that cleared about halfway home. Dan got back from his golf league about a half hour after I did.

I was just going to check email, but I couldn’t get through the gateway. Computer Dan checked my system, then went upstairs to check the modem and server and whatever else is involved. Not getting anywhere, he made the phone call to Tech Support.

About a half hour later the codes showed that the problem was in their line somewhere, not our modem, and they’ll write a service ticket and get right on it. Ok, thanks.

So, we don’t have internet so far tonight.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

(posted Tuesday evening)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 05.16.2010


I'm finally home.

I spent the day at the lake getting as much done as I could before the carpet comes out/in. I have the cushion recovering project almost done, and it went better than I had hoped.

After spending the majority of the beautiful, sunshiney day inside, watching the boats appear on the lake, I went over to visit Mary, with whom I had made a date when I was at the lake last time.

We sat on her porch visiting for longer than I intended, but I took the time I needed for myself. I sure enjoy her company.

Back at the JC, I realized that I had wanted to bug spray the exterior perimeter, so got the stuff out and did that. I washed up real good, a couple of times, and started my dinner. While that was cooking I gathered and put away and straightened up and got ready to leave. After I ate, washed and put away dishes, loaded the car, swabbed the bathroom, I was ready to go.

I had to stop over to Steve's to give him the gas tank and battery for the pontoon. He was chatty and I had to finally excuse myself and walk away. I was heading south at 7 pm.

A safe drive down, thank you God. Traffic was medium, a little heavier around the cities, but moving along, and I was home shortly after 10. Of course, Daniel is in bed, sleeping.

I have showered and almost unpacked. He's stirred, but not woke. I'm going to go jump on the bed... (not really) Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday 05.14.2010, Saturday 05.15.2010

The last couple of days I've been busy.

Friday, I cleared the closets, mainly the floors of the closets, to get ready for the carpet to be replaced. And while I had one of them emptied, I wiped off the layer of dust with a wet cloth, then thought, I might as well paint it while it's empty...

So I did. Wow, what a difference. From the dark paneling to Kilz-ed white. The closet looks huge now! I also moved a lot of the smaller stuff, putting things out in the garage, to be brought back in and "re-settled". I ended up taking a little nap on the sofa during the afternoon, remembering that my stamina doesn't seem to keep up with my To Do list. As it was, I got to a quitting point and went to bed. In the morning, I realized I hadn't written...

Saturday, I was going to write in the morning. The sun was so beautiful. "Weekenders" are here, putting in their docks and boats. It's cold on the water, though. 50 degrees on the tree, and it got to about 57.

I broke down all 3 beds in the "Bunk Room", moving all furniture out into the front room of the house. I couldn't get the rails apart on the bunk bed, so both bed frames are still in that room, but I did shopvac the mouse dirt that lined the perimeter of that room, as well as dusted the walls. It smells so much better already. I'm excited for the new carpet.

I took a break after getting that project done. It was after 4, and I needed to eat. So I did. I took a trip to Hale for a few grocery items, and stopped at Steve Baker's to check on the pontoon. I spoke to Shelly, his wife, as Steve wasn't there. On the way back, I stopped at Anne Walton's. She was finishing her dinner, and we made a date for me to come back in an hour or so.

I put away my things and got my computer. I walked over to Anne's. We had a lovely visit as I showed her the winter pictures of the ice.

Back at the JC, I was not doing well with a phone signal. Every time I got near the phone to check messages, I lost signal. Dan had called several times...

And he finally called again. I answered it with a headset, and didn't loose signal. Seems that Steve had called him, saying he needed a gas can and battery for the pontoon. Oh. I'll be able to take him those items on Sunday.

By the time it was dark, I was getting pretty tired. I set the sewing machine up to finish my sewing project, and noticed that there were several campfires around the lake here where I can see. Wow! Then I sat down with the computer to write here, and I fell asleep. (guess I'm missing Daniel....) When I woke, I went to bed.

So, it's Sunday morning, and I've got to go home today. On the list is to break down the twin bed in the other bedroom, finish the sewing project, clean, pack, head south.

It's a beautiful 55 degrees with a light wind. Thank you God for my life.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday 05.13.2010

Short sleep, up for work. A safe drive down, thank you God.

We had a good workday with enough staff to feel like we could actually do our jobs, not just gloss the surface. And with most of the discharges having left by 3 pm, we were able to staff down. And as the other person in my job role wants/needs to work, I offered to go. I clocked out at 3:30. Woo Hoo!

I was more tired than I thought and was happy to get home. I changed clothes, put my workthings away, packed my suitcase to go to the lake. And laid down on the couch for a brief nap.

Dan came in about 15 minutes later. I wasn't really sleeping, but could have been. He went in to change clothes and shower and I finished my nap.

He fixed supper for us (that was nice), we ate, I cleaned up the kitchen, and decided to head north. He helped carry things down to the car, hugs and kisses, and I left about 7 pm.

A safe drive through a couple areas of light rain, and light misty stuff, and I arrived at the JC about 10 pm.

All was well, about 50 degrees, quiet, dark, and drippy. The previous rain/mist and current humidity were dripping from the leaves and eaves, making it kind of creepy here. It was a dark and drippy night... And as the house warmed up it was creaking and making noises... Oh, so not good. I finally put some music on to quiet my imagination (or was that really an animal on the roof...), unpacked, put linens on the bed, looked around at what I wanted to accomplish this weekend. I'm excited for the carpet to be changed, but everything needs moved, and since it's moved, it needs cleaned and/or painted. Where do I start, to make a smooth flow, what can I not move by myself, and in which order do I want to do it?? Did I just hear something....

I chose to take my earphones to bed, listening to George Winston as I settled myself down. I'm writing this Friday morning.

I'm eager to have this project done, to share this beautiful location with family and friends.

Come on up!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 05.012.2010

It was one of those nights when I felt like I had been sleeping a long time, when I felt like I had been sleeping really hard, but when I looked at the clock 20 minutes might have passed. I remember thinking "Really? Only 20 minutes?" Great on one hand, that I had time to sleep more, but not so great that I hadn't gotten a stretch of sleep.

I got up when my alarm went on; Dan got up a half hour later.

A safe drive in the dark drizzle, thank you God, and a steady pace at the jobsite today. Love my co-workers. I was happy when the next shift came in.

I was the last one to clock out; one of the night girls was out of report and had come out to the desk. A call light comes on. "She hasn't stopped bleeding in here." Hm. What? "She's still bleeding pretty good." It was a new patient that had come to our unit within the last half hour, and that's about all I knew about her. But when they are calling that they're bleeding like that, it's time to go in with gloves on.

I checked her over. Ha! Not much bleeding at all. Whew. I reassured her, thanked her for calling us, and to call again if she thinks she's bleeding too much. I told her oncoming nurses what happened, then I was able to clock out and go home.

A safe drive again, thank you God.

Dan was home, we chatted about the day, and I had a bowl of cereal. He went off to bed about 9. I wrote here.

Tomorrow is another workday for each of us. I'm hoping to be able to leave early so that I can go to the lake.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday 05.011.2010

I slept pretty good again last night. Thank you God. Laying in bed at night, resting, just isn't as "restful" as it seems. Of course I was awake at intervals, but slept, too. Dan got up to go to work; I didn't.

I got up about 8:30 this morning. Cold, raining, windy. 40 degrees or so. Ah, spring.

I ended up doing 3 loads of laundry today. I had a nice shower, went to Meijer for assorted items, and made a batch of rhubarb jam. It's refrigerated, but when I checked it, it wasn't "set" yet. It tasted good, anyway, when I licked the spoon after putting the last of it into jars.

Dan got home after work and we had supper, then he was looking around on the internet at that golf tournament he likes in Myrtle Beach in late August. He started asking me questions about hotels and such, showing me pictures of different ones, then asks about booking one. Um, yeah, sure, I suppose. He ended up booking at the Sandy Beach hotel in MB. Each room has a full kitchen, and most have jacuzzi tubs. Ok. I'm all about the jacuzzi tub. I guess I'll have to put in a vacation request for time off...

I'll do that tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 05.10.2010

I slept pretty good last night, and appreciated that I did not have to get up this morning. Daniel, did, however, and I was able to doze again after he left, finally getting up about 9.

Breakfast, shower, and off to Leah's for a massage.

She looked at my arm; I hadn't noticed how full it was down by the wrist. I did know that my shoulder was ache-y and the clavicle and neck nodes were uncomfortable. She spent the majority of the hour addressing the lymph fluid. Thank you, Leah.

Back home I did a little bit of housework and caught up with a little email. I've been unsubscribing to sites that I don't really read, but I've still got several that I do read. Nursing stuff as well as health and cancer stuff.

Dan came in this evening after golf league, cold and tired. He showered, we visited a bit, and he went to bed. He works tomorrow; I don't.

My arm is somewhat better, but still full in the upper, underarm area. But better than it was.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 05.08.2010 Mothers Day

I slept pretty good again last night, but had to get up when the alarm came on. *sigh* When Dan's alarm came on at 0500, it startled me. I forgot he had to work today, too. When we were breakfasting, he opened a drawer and pulled out a card for me. I was surprised--he said he had seen it and liked it. Aww, thanks Dan.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and I got the crockpot and soup fixin's into the hospital. I put the bag into a wheelchair and rolled it up to the floor. That was a bit heavy!

We had a good day, and a great potluck. As what usually happens, we had lots of food, and of course got busy just as everything was ready. But we all got to eat, eventually.

It seemed like a long day of patient care, solving problems, and encouraging the new parents. I was glad to see the night shift coming in.

A safe drive home, thanks again. Dan was home. We chatted a bit before he went back to sleep in his chair. He has gone off to bed.

I have a massage tomorrow, and may get a few groceries. My shoulder is ache-y and the "migraine spot" on the back of my neck has been bothering me. I hope she can fix both.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday 05.08.2010

I slept pretty good, I think, inbetween wakefulness. It was a short night, though, and I got up to go to work. Dan rolled over away from the light.

A safe drive down, thank you God. It was still drizzly and windy.

We had a good workday today. Busy, but a great group of co-workers. And finally time to clock out and go home.

Another windy drive home, but the roads were dry. I was surprised at the large size of some of the leaves and other debris that has been blown down.

Dan was home, having had a good day himself. Since we are having a potluck tomorrow on the unit, and was asked to make soup, I got the meat, onions, and garlic cooked, and the remaining ingredients collected to take with. I'll put it together in the crockpot there, in the morning, and will be ready by noon.

Dan has gone off to bed, I'm tired and am going, too.

Thank you to anyone who has nurtured ("mothered") another. Single Dads included. It's not easy being a mom. Happy Mother's Day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday 05.07.2010

After a typical night's sleep, I woke this morning and looked at the sunrise. The sky was clear, though I noticed the color was red-pink. "red sky in morning, sailors take warning..." is what I was recalling. The weather was predicted to be cooler with rain and wind for this afternoon. I went back to sleep.

I woke again to what sounded like a truck somewhere nearby. Dan wasn't in bed, but I didn't hear him, either, so I got up. I'm glad I did, as he was sleeping on the couch. (?) And just as I got near the back door, there was Steve, here to pick up the pontoon, and the other motor to switch out. Yippee!!

Of course Dan woke up, and went outside, too. When he was back in, I looked out front. Eww. Gray, windy, and trying to rain. I looked at the dock. Whoa, what's on the end of the dock? Dan, come look...

Of course this is a zoomed picture, but with all the dock posts out there, the vertical lines were quite the camouflage. So cool. He/it flew off shortly after I snapped the pics, but I saw it again a few times in our bay, flying low, circling around, looking for something to eat. They are awesome birds.

We breakfasted, and Dan wanted to go into Hale. Frank had gotten up, too, and we all three went, going to Bernard's first. I showed Dan the roll of carpet we'll be getting, and he bought a couple of other items he wanted. Next, to the Hardware store. He wanted stain for the decks. We had a sample brochure from last year that we had chosen from, but they are not carrying that brand any more. So, while we were looking at the new product, we noticed a few of the old brand here and there. I asked a person for help, which turned out to be very good. We ended up finding 5 gallon pails, premixed, for $50 each. (compared to $32/gallon of the brand they are now carrying) Whoa. What colors are they? We chose one, which was a bit lighter than we had wanted, and the lady mixed it up. Not so bad. There was another one, but when that was mixed up, it looked like watered down charcoal. Not the one. So we went with the lighter one, thinking we can apply two coats if we want to. For $50, it's about preserving the wood. We'll make it work. Good deal.

Back at the JC, Dan put in a movie. It was cold, 38 degrees on the tree, and windy and rainy. I got up at intervals and got packed and vacuumed and bathroom cleaned. Frank did the kitchen. At one point I looked out and saw what looked like clouds rolling up off of the lake. I tried to capture it with the camera, but it didn't show very well. Just a lot of gray. When the movie was over, there was a little break in the weather, thank you God, and we got loaded up and left, close to 4:00.

The drive home was gray, rainy, windy, occasional lightning. Most of the way, until the last half hour or so, east of Lansing, the rain had eased up, and at home it was drizzling.

We unloaded and I fixed dinner. Frank stayed for a while, leaving about 8:30. Dan and I had a quiet evening.

Tomorrow is a workday for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 05.06.2010

I slept pretty good last night, in between being awake. The morning was a light breeze and clouds moving around, but when I got up about 9:30, it was mostly sunny and windy with "whitecaps" on the lake.

I breakfasted and checked the weather on the computer. Dan called to say he was on the way, and he arrived about 2:45. I was just finishing cutting up the rhubarb we harvested yesterday. I got 8 or 9 quart bags from it, not including what I used for a rhubarb cobbler that we had for supper.

The wind quieted, and Dan and Frank got the dock in. Woo Hoo! I love how the dock angles down toward the water. I told Daniel I wanted to be able to sit on the dock and put my feet in the water. Yay!
Just before I took this picture, Steve the boat guy stopped by. He and Dan talked about the pontoon, and what to do about the motor that doesn't run reliably well. Steve "knows" this motor, pulling odd bits of history from his brain. Between the three of us, we decided to put the motor from the little green boat (an 18 horse, which Steve says is really a 20 horse) onto the pontoon. We don't need a giant motor on that pontoon. We've got the beautiful speedboat if we want to go fast!
After dinner, Dan and I uncovered and moved the green boat, which took us well into dusk by the time we got everything put away for the night. Steve is coming in the morning to pick up the pontoon and the other motor to get that done for us. Woo Hoo again!
Frank had gone out for a kayak ride and seen that Anne Walton had arrived. When he got back, he changed into warmer clothes and went down to visit. Now that he's back, he and Dan are watching a movie, while I'm on the computer. I'm about ready to go to bed...
This is a picture from yesterday, of Frank and me. The sun was really bright.
Not sure what tomorrow brings, other than Frank and I have to go back home. Dan may stay, depending on the weather.
Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday 05.05.2010

It rained pretty good during the night, but the morning was quiet, with the line of clouds moving off. I woke at sunrise and watched a bit; I heard the loons sometime during the night when the wind had picked up, and this morning the other birds are very noisy. I went back to sleep and was surprised that it was 10:00 when I woke again.

Ugh. My sinuses hurt again this morning. And did most of the day. I sure hope it's because of the carpet.

Frank wasn't awake yet, but I had breakfast and enjoyed the morning. He got up about 11 maybe. It had sprinkled for an hour or so, but the clouds had moved off and the sun stayed the rest of the day.

We went into Hale, to Bernards. After I had looked at the other carpet choices again, I decided to go with the one I came home with before. Angelique helped me again, and we reviewed the padding choices. She took the numbers that Rich had given me, plugged them in, worked up an order, and we finished the sale. Woo Hoo!

From there we stopped in to the Marine place that Dan had asked me to. The owners remembered me/us from two years ago, and we talked about our pontoon. Isn't that amazing?

We drove around the lake, enjoying the spring flowers and foliage. Beautiful.

Back at the JC, I harvested rhubarb. Lots of it. Let me know if you want some.

Frank went out on a kayak while I fixed supper. When he came in, we ate, did dishes, and spent a quiet evening.

Dan is planning to come up tomorrow afternoon, and going to put the dock in. Can't wait.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday 05.04.2010

Too bad last night was a "sleep night". The radio came on and I was sleeping. Time to get up... Dan rolled over, away from the light.

I got to the hospital safely, thank you God, parked, and shuttled over.

We had a very different, very busy day today. In my almost 27 years of nursing, I have never experienced the two situations that I did today. Which reinforces to me that each day is new and different with something to learn. I'm very happy to be done with this day, as I'm sure each of my wonderful co-workers are.

The events of the day were such that I was unable to leave early. Frank had called and he was able to do what he wanted to do, and I met him in Holt. It took me about 40 minutes to get turned around--clothes changed, finished packing, and loading the car--so that we could leave. Daniel came home just as we were ready to load up, and that worked well, too. Hugs and Kisses, and Frank and I were on the way north.

Frank drove us in my car, and we had a good trip. Light rain started in Saginaw area and was dry at the Wilder Road Meijer, where we stopped for a break. We had fun looking at stuff, laughing and getting a few groceries.

Back in the car, the last hour was occasional light rain. We pulled in to the Jacque Cabin just before midnight, and it was beginning to sprinkle while we unloaded the car. 54 degrees with a light breeze.

We settled in and I finally got to bed after 0100. (I'm writing this Wednesday...)

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday 05.03.2010

Dan says I was snoring this morning when the radio came on. Yep, 0430 is my sleep time. I got up and got ready for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and it's almost daylight!! I parked, and the shuttle arrived to take us over to the hospital.

It was a very busy day today. Surgicals, deliveries, and only myself in my job role (we had a call-in). I had the new shoes today, the Avia avi-motions. They sure feel different on the bottom of the feet. I also had my other shoes if I needed them. I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the workday that my feet and knees did not hurt, as they have been these last several months. Hmm. I'm anxious to see how they work two days in a row.

Dan golfed after work, getting home shortly after I did. We visited, I wrote here, and he's still awake! I'll be going to bed soon.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, but I'm hoping to be able to leave a little early so that I can go up to the lake. Frank is going with me, and Dan is coming up Thursday afternoon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday 05.02.2010

I didn't sleep as well as I would have liked, but at least I didn't have to get up at 0430. I did get up around 9.

I stripped the bed and started laundry, enjoyed breakfast, looked at the computer. 3 loads of laundry later, the sky had somewhat cleared, and I decided to go outside for some exercise.

I walked and jogged around the neighborhood, listening to the noisy birds. How beautiful this spring is, with the flowers blooming, trees leafing, and grass so green.

When I got back in I was quite perspire-y, and waited to cool off before showering.

When Dan got home, he changed clothes and we went out to Kohl's, to spend the "Kohl's Kash" that he "earned" last week. We each got a pair of shoes, of course spending more than what Kash we had. And "earned" more Kash. Oh, they get you.

From there we went to Bob Evans and enjoyed supper, then over to Walmart to look at cushions for outdoor furniture.

Back at home, we settled in. Dan went off to bed after a while, and I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday 05.01.2010 May Day

Our house (condo building, actually) was so hot last night. When I got home from work, Dan wasn't home yet, and we hadn't turned on a fan or opened windows or had the air conditioning on. And with the sun out, these buildings get really warm. I turned the air on (and opened the sliding door to let the warm air out) and the fans on to move the 79 degree indoor air. A couple hours later it had cooled to 78, and by 11 it was all the way down to 77. Since the outdoor temperature was mid to low 60's, I opened the bedroom window and turned the ceiling fan on medium speed. I went to bed, hoping it would be cool enough that I could sleep.

Dan was uncovered and sound asleep. I tried hard to lie still and doze off. I got out of bed about 3 and looked at the thermostat. Geesh--it was all the way down to 76! By the time I got up this morning it was 75 degrees in the house.

I showered, read email, paid bills. The hospital called to tell me that I would be needed this afternoon. Ok. I got my things together and went to my hair appointment, leaving the slider open some, and the upstairs fan on, to move the air around. Maybe it won't be so warm inside when we get home.

I had been letting the hair get longer and was maybe 5 inches or so. I'm not a stylist, my hair doesn't "hold" well, and I need to look professional throughout my 12 1/2 hour work day, not including travel time, etc. So, it's back to an inch and a half or so. Kind of spikey, just the way I like it. I was surprised at the pile of hair she swept up.

On over to the hospital. We were still busy, but the group of patients I "inherited" were pretty good. I had several things to do with them, but was able to leave in a timely manner this evening. WooHoo!

A drizzly drive home, and safe, thank you God.

Dan had golfed after work and was already home. He said it was 78 degrees inside when he got in. Geesh. He had the air on and it hasn't turned off yet. We don't know of anything we might be able to do, other than leave the a/c on all day. He has gone off to bed, and works tomorrow; I don't.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.