Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday 04.30.2010

An interesting night, rest-wise. Although I tossed and turned, hot and cold, covered and uncovered, I was surprisingly almost rested feeling this morning when the radio came on. Sure, I could have slept another few hours, but knowing I will be sleeping tomorrow morning, I'm ok with getting up.

A safe drive to Jackson with the sunrise almost showing color. Lots of small creatures have enjoyed the night of full moonlight, wandering onto the highway, not making it across. Ick.

Inside the hospital, we were busy, which only escalated as the day went on. We were glad to finally leave about 20 minutes late.

A safe drive home, thanks again. Dan was at a birthday party for one of the grandchildren; the direction they live in is not time convenient for me to go over there. Happy Birthday Alexis.

He got home about a half hour after me. We chatted a bit before Dan fell asleep in his chair. He has since gone off to bed.

Tomorrow is a hair appointment for me in the afternoon, then I'll check with the hospital to see if I need to work the last few hours.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 04.29.2010

So, after a brief night of flopping around, covered, mostly uncovered, Daniel surprises me this morning and says he's cold. OMG. I'm trying to breathe, and he's cold. I wondered if he was getting sick...? He got up and went to work. I settled down for the last couple hours of my sleep.

The radio came on about 9, waking me. I have to get up for my appointment with Leah. I hope she's feeling better.

She was. She did a wonderful job, finding places in my arms and neck where tension is hiding. She also worked on moving the lymph fluid for me, especially across the ribs on the side and back. I'm blessed to have her in my world. Thank you, Leah.

I got back and had breakfast, then went out to Meijer for a few groceries. The rest of the afternoon I didn't do too much, looking at the internet and reading.

Dan came home after a cardiology appointment. Doctor stopped one of the meds and added another, with a lab draw and return visit in three weeks.

We went to Los Tres Amigos for supper, which was good, but didn't hit my "spot". Don't you just hate that?

Hey!! We saw the space station pass overhead!! From 9:12 pm for the few minutes it took to travel across the sky, WSW to E. Way Cool.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday 04.28.2010

Kind of restless again during the night. Back to sleep after Dan got ready for work; next it was 0700. The birds were singing wonderfully, and then it was 0920. Hey! Time to get up!

I had breakfast and checked email, then showered. I had just finished yoga and was ready to leave for my mass-ahh-ge when the phone rang. It was Leah. Darn it, she had to cancel. Ugh. Back to the yoga.

I went out to the post office and the drug store. The pharmacist listened as I told him how each month's "batch" of Arimidex seems to have a little variation in the amount of hot flashes. Each 30 days is a new bottle, so the quality should be consistent. No answers, just observations.

Back at home I fixed my food. Daniel was golfing after work, so would be eating wherever.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on phone calls and paperwork and reading. Didn't feel like I did much, but I did do what I had wanted to.

Dan came in about 7, happy that he golfed.

Tomorrow he works, I don't. I need to get a few groceries...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 04.27.2010

What a rest-less night! I tried to rest, relax, deep breathe, doze off, wake up. I think the longest stretch I slept was about 55 minutes. Really. I listened to the radio-talk radio, classical music, christian music, soft jazz. Finally just turned it off. Then listened to rhythmic snoring. I deep breathe, exhale, hot flash, reposition, cool off, cover up, reposition, ok-I'm-going-to-sleep, wake up and it's not even an hour later. *sigh* The best part about the night was when the alarm came on to get up for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and I see the dawn is lighter this morning than yesterday. Woo Hoo! The days are getting longer! I can't wait to be sitting around a fire at the lake.

We had a good workday with great crew. We were all happy to have the workday end, though.

A safe drive home with sunglasses on, thanks again.

Dan was home and we visited a bit before he went to bed. I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a massage for me. Ohh, yeah.

I've had a couple of "doozy" hotflashes today. One was so intense that I was queasy and felt pale and anxious and excused myself to go somewhere and sit down. Ohmygosh. Interestingly, it's a new refill of Arimidex. I may stop in to the pharmacy and ask them about it. One never knows...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 04.26.2010

I slept a few hours, interrupted, before the alarm came on to get up for work. I did call, though, in case I was going to be "on-call".

Nope, it was someone else who wanted to be o/c. I got ready for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God. There is daybreak showing through the clouds...

We had a good day. Busy, but good. I was kind of surprised to see the next shift girls getting ready to start. Woo Hoo!

A safe drive home, with sunglasses on, the whole way, until I got into the complex. Wow, so nice to see daylight during the day.

Dan was golfing, so I had the house to myself to unwind in. He came in an hour or so later. We chatted, he's gone off to bed, and I'm writing here.

Tomorrow is another work day for each of use.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday 04.25.2010

I slept better, I think; Dan said I didn't move around as much last night anyway. I got up about 9.

We had a quiet morning before he left for his golf outing. I went out to pick up prescriptions, and decided to go to the home improvement stores looking at carpet choices again. What I came up with is that I'll go back to Bernards in Hale and look at their choices again.

I was surprised that when I got home, Dan was home. He said they got rained out, and it was cold, so they only played 9 holes then went to get something to eat. We visited a bit, he had the television on, and I looked at the computer, reading stuff. It gives me eye strain after a bit.

Of course, he's gone off to bed.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday 04.24.2010

I slept a little better than usual, though was awakened at 0530. I did doze in and out until about 9.

When I got up, the bottoms of my feet are still a little sore from the last couple days' work. I'm thinking it might be time for new shoes...

Breakfast, shower, laundry. I made peanut butter cookies, and also wrote a list of places to go this afternoon. Dan and I went out, starting with Finley's. We enjoyed our dinner and got our errands done.

Back at home, we had a quiet evening. He's gone off to bed, and I wrote here.

Tomorrow Dan has a golf game planned, but the weather may not be good. I'm not going to do much of anything...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday 04.23.2010

Don't you know--the radio was on for 10 minutes this morning before I heard it. I was sleeping good. Out of bed...

Breakfast and on my way. Dan, too.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and another day on the overflow unit. We were busy, and I am thankful that we had a good crew and enough of us to take care of "them". My body got really sore and tired just after lunch, but my friend tylenol helped. Thankfully, my brain did pretty good both yesterday and today. It was finally time to leave.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan was home. He had been shopping, getting himself some new work clothes. He does a good job.

After the fashion show, we settled in for the evening; me with my feet up in the recliner and him in his chair.

Tomorrow is groceries and laundry, hopefully with a late start in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 04.22.2010

I had a busy workday today. I did pretty good overall but my joints (knees/hips/ankles/feet) got really sore the last hour or so. I was glad to be able to leave.

Dan was watching golf videos in "his" chair (through his eyelids). We managed a few sentences of conversation before he was sleeping for good. He's still in the chair--I'll have to wake him when I go to bed.

Tomorrow is another workday for both of us. I'm hoping to sleep a few hours tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday 04.21.2010

I watched the lake a bit this morning before getting up. It looked like a light breeze/wind this morning, with some thin clouds trying to make it an overcast day.

I got up and had breakfast, and was figuring out what I was going to do before I left for home. Since the wind was coming from the north, and kind of light, I touched up/finished painting the wooden glider. And with the wind from that direction, I thought I would start burning the leaves that I've raked the last couple times here. I ended up getting all the leaves burnt, so when we put the dock in (hopefully May 5, 6, 7) I'll be able to rake and burn that area. I went in the house, changed clothes, finished packing/cleaning/putting things away, finally leaving the cabin around 1 o'clock.

A safe drive down, thank you God. I stopped at Diane's to check on her--she had a procedure done yesterday. She seemed to be doing well, though was a bit sore. I got back on the road, stopping at Meijer before going home. I picked up what I wanted and got home about 6.

Dan was home and helped me unload. I prepared supper while I unpacked and put things away, and was eating by 6:30. I was hungry! (Dan had already eaten...)

The rest of the evening I caught up on email and wrote here. I'll be off to bed soon.

This morning, and most of the day, I've felt fatigued and almost punky. Since I've been home, though, I feel a little better.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday 04.20.2010

What a beautiful day! I didn't sleep as well as I had hoped, but hey, when you're at the lake, who cares? I got up about nine to a mirror lake and about 40 degrees. As the sun rose higher it got warmer, maybe up to 60?

I wanted to eat, but it was sooo pretty out that I sat on the deck in the sun watching the birds. Seagulls, ducks, geese, and shore birds, too. I finally went back inside and fixed breakfast. I had several phone calls after I ate, and got outside to do something about noon.

As I was sweeping--the back porch, the walkway, the exterior of both the garage and the house--and listening to the birds, I heard what sounded like a "yoo-hoo". Huh? I heard it again and looked up. There was someone standing on the bank in front of the Goodwin Cottage waving an arm and calling. Funny. I couldn't tell who it was, but the air was so quiet we were able to talk to each other. It was Tom. He had brought his leaf blower to work in the yard.

I continued with what I was doing. Next, I got the wire brushes and ended up brushing off both gliders, the wooden one on the side of the house, and the metal one on the front deck, and brushed off the loose paint on both the front and back decks. Tom came over after a while. I asked him if he would blow the paint out of the crevices on the wooden glider, which he did (thanks, Tom) and also played around with the leaves in the side yard. I'd like to burn them, but the conditions haven't been favorable to do so. We also helped Bob put the last couple of sections of dock in the water before Tom headed on home.

I had been out a long time, and I was hungry. Oh--it's 6:30! I fixed and ate supper, washed dishes, then got the shop vac out and cleaned the interior perimeter, floors and ceilings, and got the dead bugs out of the window tracks. I think I'm finally done with chores.

But there was still daylight, and the wind that had picked up in the afternoon had died down again, so I went out with the spray paint. I got the wooden glider painted. It looks good. Ok, now back in for the night.

I showered and caught up on the internet stuff.

Tomorrow I have to go back to Holt. I might finish the cushion recovering project before leaving.

And right now, I feel pretty good.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday 04.19.2010

I did sleep a bit more this morning--I ended up getting out of bed about 0830. I got up and had breakfast, putting things together to go to the lake. I looked at email/correspondence and saw that if I left soon I might catch Diane on her lunch hour (in Mt. Pleasant). I headed out.

I did arrive at lunch time. Her phone had somehow turned off, so she didn't know I was going to stop in. She was surprised, and happy to see me. And timely--she's having the "procedure" tomorrow to alleviated her back pain.

We visited and I went on my way, arriving at the Jacque Cabin about 3 pm. Clear blue sunny sky, and quiet, mid 50's. Lovely.

I unloaded and went outside. Beautiful. I went back in to change clothes and spoke with Daniel, who was going to go "hit some golf balls". After eating, I went back outside and put out the Sunsetter awning, installing the extra support arms and wind deflappers. Sounds funny, but they give extra security to the awning. And while I was out there, the wind blew up. I got it done just as the neighbors came out to do a little yardwork.

We visited a little before Molly (Evelyn's little dog) and I went for a walk. It was really beautiful down Grace Street, out of the wind from the lake.

I hooked Molly back up at home, and went in the JC. I played with the cushion covering project a little more before doing about an hour and a half of yoga, then wrote here.

I'm hoping to sleep tonight, and that the wind stays light, with bright sunshine tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday 04.18.2010

I used the earphone with my "device", listening to the radio the first part of the night. I rested without hearing someone snoring, and maybe 3 o'clock settled down to sleep. 0430, time to get up.

I got ready for the day. Dan, too, and we left for our J.O.B.s.

A safe drive down, thank you God.

We had a fairly good day with a great group of c0-workers and a group of patients that kept us busy. And finally the night shift came in.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

I had spoken with Daniel as I was leaving Jackson, and to my surprise, he was in bed, snoring, when I got home. And has been the rest of the evening.

I'm pretty tired, but I got a load of laundry washed, dried, and folded, and wrote here. Tomorrow I'm hoping to sleep in the morning, then I'll be going back up to The Lake. Ahh, can't wait.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday 04.17.2010

This sleep pattern that I have at this "stage" of my life is sure strange. I can't help but wonder if, and, or when, it might change. I try to embrace it, to have positive attitude, to saturate my "rest time" with happiness, so that I get the most benefit possible from the fragmented, short sleep cycles interspersed with the hots and colds of "vasomotor instability". Add the inability to lie comfortably for any longer than 2 minutes on the left side due to the shoulder discomfort and lymph fluid congestion... *sigh*

I got up for work when the alarm came on. Dan had to work today, too, so we breakfasted together before going our ways.

I had a good day, with a good group of co-workers. It was finally time to leave.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

Dan was home, and we caught up on the day before he drifted off to bed. I looked at stuff on the computer, wrote here, and will be tucking in soon.

For another magical night in this gift of life.

Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday 04.16.2010

I slept better last night, in the front bedroom with the window open. The lake is so beautiful to look at. During the times I was awake/restless/hot/cold I looked over to see the reflections of the lights on the quiet water. The morning dawned quiet, and was a beautiful yellow orange. When I woke again, the breeze had ruffled the water and clouds had started to come in.

I called the carpet installer to see when he could come out and measure. He happened to be doing a job near the Long Lake Bar today, and hoped to be over by 2 PM. Which was great, so I could get on the road.

I cleaned and packed, and he called before 1 to say it would be closer to 4. I said ok, and worked some on the cushion recovering project. Just as I had gotten to a stopping point, it was almost 4, and I was going to call him to reschedule. The wind had picked up, blowing strong and steady, and I wanted to get going.

Knock, knock. There he was.

He came in and measured and asked questions and was there about 20 minutes. He'll call with a material list and cost. Thank you, Rich.

I loaded the car and was on the road about 10 minutes later.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

Dan was in bed, sound asleep at 7:30. Hm. I unloaded, unpacked, and was fixing food when Dan came out. He had eaten and wasn't feeling too good, so he had laid down and fallen asleep. We chatted, he looked at the television, and I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday 04.15.2010

I had a wonderful day today! Though I didn't sleep well again last night.

The lake was quiet when I saw it at 0845, when Dan called this morning. He was feeling somewhat better and going to go golfing.

I breakfasted and picked at email, wondering which project I might work on. The phone rang--it was one of my brothers, Tom. He was standing outside of the Goodwin Cottage, waving!! How fun! I went into Hale to see what the carpet choices are, and spoke to a very nice young woman who told me the information I wanted and sent me home after 45 minutes with a sample and printed information. Thank you nice woman.

Next I went over to the grocery to pick up something for supper. I got a sweet potato and a piece of chicken to go with the fresh broccoli I had brought with me. I put the top down on the car to enjoy the ride back in the 81 degree sunshine. Yep, that's what the thermometer in the car showed. Awesome.

Back at the Jacque Cabin, I had a bite for lunch, gathered my gloves and a couple of rakes and went over to the GC. Tom had been raking, but the wind was changing and he said he was done. Oh, ok. We walked around, checking things out, seeing how things wintered. It was all good. We ended up sitting on the neighbors swing overlooking the lake, watched the eagle soar, and had a most enjoyable visit. Thanks, Tom.

I came home and started playing with the spray paint, trying out the colors to see which might go best with the fabric I have for the glider cushions. I was wrapping the fabric around, basting with masking tape, when I saw Evelyn outside with the dogs. I went out to talk to her, and Bob came up. I showed him where I had put the day lily roots (rhizomes?), and how they are growing. When we came back around the side, he took the dogs, and I showed Evelyn my cushion project.

She, being a sewer, was eager to help me figure out how the fabric was going to go, and how to piece it for the best fit. She ended up playing with me for almost 2 hours! We had a lot of fun, laughing and talking.

After she left, I finished to a stopping point, and fixed and ate supper. I've cleaned the kitchen, talked with Daniel, and wrote here.

Tomorrow I go back to Holt, as I'm scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday.

I think I'll do some yoga stretches and go to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 04.14.2010

Wow, what a beautiful day today. Though I didn't sleep well, I got up about 9 and had a good day.

It was about 40 degrees this morning, and windy. When the sun got high enough and had been up for a time, the air warmed. The highest temp I saw was 56. With the breeze it was cool enough to zip up the sweatshirt. When the wind quieted, and in the sun, it was warm enough to take the jacket off.

I raked outdoors again. And when I was out there, Evelyn said they had burned a bunch of the loose leaves that I had raked a couple of weeks ago. Woo Hoo! Thanks! Bob was out working on getting the dock in, and throughout the afternoon, as I was raking around the house, I would go out and check on him to see if he was ready for help. A couple times he was, and we ended up getting in 2 sections of his and Evelyn's dock. There are a couple more docks in, too, that I can see from here.

I really didn't want to go inside, but I had been out all afternoon and needed something to eat. I fixed my supper and ate it, then tried to sit on the back porch where it was sheltered some from the wind, but it was too cool for my comfort. While I was out there, though, I thought I saw the eagle, and then another one. Wow, a pair. I also saw and heard today the loons, mallards, canada geese, and saw buffleheads, as well as red-wing blackbirds, robins, bluejays, woodpeckers, and others. They were quite noisy today.

The wind might be quieting this evening yet. I'm going to find something to do.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 04.13.2010

I got up and went to work; Dan didn't. He got up, though, for yet another trip to the bathroom. Yep, still going.

I had a safe drive to work, thank you God, and was surprised that it was my "turn" to be "floated" off the unit. Ugh. I put on my best professional pleasant face and had the mindset to make the best of it. I had heard that I would be "sitting" with a patient, so I printed off a few pencil puzzles and took them with me. Big breath...

I ended up spending 8 hours with a very nice 85 year old woman who had been getting out of bed frequently. The person I relieved didn't know much more than that, and when I asked the RN that was taking care of her, I didn't get an answer either. Ok, so that's how you want to play...

I fed her breakfast and lunch, talked to her, took her to the bathroom several times, washed her up, combed her hair, etc. She didn't realize/know where she was, and one time when someone was talking with her, she started babbling, just like Elaine would do. Very strange. Makes me wonder if that's a common response when that certain part of the brain doesn't work right. She slept about 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, too. The staff were kind enough to remember to "spell" me so that I could have a couple of breaks.

I realized when another staff person (called a Patient Sitter in our facility) came in at 3 PM to take over, that I had enjoyed my time with this nice lady, and I thanked God for that gift today. And when I got back to my own unit, I wasn't needed there, either, so I was able to go home.

Dan was sound asleep in bed when I got there. I mostly packed my suitcase, checked the refrigerator to see what I might want to take with me if I do decide to go to the lake. Depending on how Daniel is doing, of course.

I had supper and was putting things away when I heard him. He got up, and said that he had been sleeping since about 2, had stooled a few times, and taken imodium a few times, too. And had not stooled since eating banana and applesauce and some of that instant chicken noodle soup. We visited a bit, and about 6:30, I felt he was going to be ok without me, and asked if he minded if I went to the lake. No, he said, and helped me carry things down to the garage.

I had a good drive up, thank you God, seeing a few small groups (herds?) of deer, but no creatures in the roadway. I stopped at Meijer at Wilder Road, which makes a nice break for this trip. I arrived at the cabin about 10:40--clear, starry, 41 degrees, beautiful.

There's been some kind of bug hatch, like a mayfly but not as big, all over the outside of the house. I swept off near the door to help keep them out as I was unloading.

I got settled in and called Dan. He's doing a little better (still no stooling) but is still tired and wore-out feeling. I got the bed made and most things put away, and am ready for bed.

Tomorrow is predicted to be 67 degrees. I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday 04.12.2010

Another interrupted night with the early morning interruption of the alarm. Oookaaay. I'm up. Dan, too. He had been up a few times in the night, too.

We got ready for work and left in the dark.

I had a good drive down, thank you God. There were several smaller animals that hadn't made it across the road. I'm so glad I didn't interrupt a crossing...

We had a good day with a great group of staff. I was able to go over to the dentist's office and have the new crown installed. It was moderately busy and went well; I think for all of us. Thank you God.

And when it was time to go, I was able to clock out instead of answering a call light and getting caught up with feeding assistance.

A safe drive home, thanks again.

Dan had gone home sometime around noon, saying he still wasn't good. He had been in bed a lot of the afternoon, and in the bathroom a few times, also. Lomotil, and pepto bismol, alternated at appropriated intervals, and he's still gone a couple times since I've been home. He might have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

I work tomorrow, maybe a half day, depending on the census. Which could lead to me going to the Cabin tomorrow instead of Wednesday. We'll see how this all plays out.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 04.11.2010

I kind of heard Dan get up for work this morning, and I know that he bent over and kissed me good bye, but when I saw the clock at 0700, I was relieved that I had finally slept. And I felt much better this morning, too. I dozed again until 9-ish before getting up.

I washed up and had breakfast and started laundry. I picked up odds and ends around the house, did a little dusting, vacuumed, etc. When the third load of laundry was done, folded, and put away, it was time to eat before leaving to go to Jackson to celebrate Frank's birthday.

I got to The Parlour and was happy to see a couple of Blurkers (blog readers who don't comment very often, if at all), as well as The Birthday Boy himself. I was concerned, because Dan hadn't called, hasn't answered his phone, and wasn't there. Maybe he wasn't feeling too well yet. Or maybe he was so well he went golfing... But he always calls to let me know.

We had a good time, and enjoyed our ice cream. A friend of Frank's joined us, too, which made a grand party of 5.
Keon, Frank, Jim, and Polly

We were about done when Dan called to say he had "forgotten" about our gathering and had gone golfing. I'm glad he's feeling better.

We visited a bit longer, then went on our ways.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and I had a safe drive home, thank you God.

I noticed that the trees here blossomed today. I put the hummingbird feeder up, and Dan thinks he saw a bird stop and look at it. (He is, by the way, feeling much better.)

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday 04.10.2010

I was hoping to sleep better than I did, but when the alarm came on, I got up. Dan, too. He had been up several times throughout the night with his intestines blowing up. I tried to encourage him to call someone to cover him and stay home, but he went anyway.

A safe drive for me, thank you God. It really was a pretty morning. It was still dark with the stars losing their grip on the night sky and the birds beginning their morning songs.

We had a good day on the overflow unit. Finally, a day that was low key. Enjoyable, even.

And then it was time to go home.

Dan had left his work sometime after 11. He said he wasn't able to stay off the pot, and had taken the Imodium stuff in hopes of feeling better. He was in the bathroom, though, when I got home.

He was feeling better enough to eat a little bit, and sat up with me about an hour or so without an "event", though made a bathroom stop on the way to bed.

His "sensitive" digestive system will probably be mostly better tomorrow. I hope so, as we're planning on...

The Parlor, in Jackson, at 4 pm, for Frank's Birthday Celebration. (dutch treat)

Come join us!

Tomorrow is laundry and ice cream day for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 04.09.2010

After some odd dreams last night, I slept pretty good this morning. I got out of bed around 9, I think.

Breakfast, shower, pedicure, manicure. That's better.

The sun broke through. I praised the Lord and went over to Home Depot to pick up a couple items and look at what carpet they have available. It turned out to be a good visit. A very nice lady let me browse through the carpet samples a while, then asked could she help? I told her about the Cabin, and what our needs are, and she was very helpful and knowledgeable about the carpet products there. I thanked Betty and she went on to help someone else. I picked up a couple of samples to show Dan...

He got home just as I had gotten the mail. He had had a "challenging" day. We chatted a bit, and while I was fixing supper, I was surprised to see that he had gone in and laid down on the bed.

I had supper and was cleaning up the kitchen when he came out, saying he felt a little better, having rested and showered. He didn't want to eat, though, but fixed himself a sandwich.

We watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution--that guy is awesome--and Dan went on to bed. I had the second hour on while I wrote here.

Now for some yoga stretches and off to bed. Tomorrow is a workday for us both.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday 04.08.2010

I slept, or I might say, rested, a little better last night, mostly because I had the earphones in, listening to the radio. I don't understand that, but it's true. When I turned it off about 3, there was a lovely breeze coming in the window, and I drifted off. I woke a short time later to the large raindrops slapping against the window, so I unfortunately had to close it to keep the rain out. That was about the time Dan got up for work. I didn't hear him leave, though.

I got up around 9, lolling around this morning.

After breakfast, I putzed around the house, and have my project almost finished. I also went out to the pharmacy, post office, and storage unit. Back home, then back over to the storage unit.

When Dan got home, we went out to Los Tres Amigos for a yummy supper. It wasn't too long after getting back home that he fell asleep in his chair. He woke up and went to bed about 8.

I've done some reading on the internet; enough to have eye strain. So I wrote here, and will be done for tonight.

Tomorrow I have a couple of errands, and that's about all.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday 04.07.2010

I did sleep somewhat better last night, though Dan woke up suddenly with a leg cramp. He walked it out and returned to bed, snoring again within minutes.

I kind of knew that he got up for work, then next I knew it was 0635. I dozed a bit more, finally getting up just before 0900.

I washed up and had breakfast, picked through email, looked at the weather. With the rain and wind being predicted, as well as the increase in gasoline prices, I've decided to stay home these next few days instead of going north. I really don't like the wind.

I worked on a project, which is almost completed, had a nice phone conversation, and worked on the materials for the Condo Association Board meeting tonight. I spent most of the afternoon doing that. And the smaller font size contributed to an eye strain headache. I think I am slowly gaining an understanding of this bylaws and master deed stuff.

Dan got home, I fixed dinner, cleaned the kitchen, then went to the meeting, which ran until 9:30. Of course, Dan was in bed when I got home.

It's wormy outdoors. So many worms on the road here (and the sidewalks) it's almost slippery to drive. The air is definitely smelly. Ahh, Spring.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday 04.06.2010 Spring Storms

I was so restless last night that Dan commented on it this morning. He usually doesn't say much, and I do feel bad that his rest gets disturbed. I was almost glad to hear the radio come on to get up for work...

A good drive down, thank you God. (Though Daniel texted me later that he had a tire puncture on his way in, and had to change it to the spare, and was able to get it repaired later on in the morning) We walked over to the hospital.

It started out a good day, but busy. It ended with another patient "taking a turn" and ending up being transferred to the stepdown unit. And in the middle we had a "severe thunderstorm watch" which turned into a "severe thunderstorm warning" (which means we have to close all the window treatments and move the babies away from the windows), which turned into a "tornado warning". Which meant that all patients had to come out of their rooms into the hallway close to the center "core", and no visitors or staff could leave. That disruption lasted for almost an hour, and overall, the patients and visitors did well with it.

After leaving there, I went to JoAnn's Fabrics to see if they had velcro or hook and loop tape in larger quantities, as I need 18 feet for a project up north. It is sold there by the foot, but was quite expensive. After talking with one of the employees, she suggested double stick tape, and as I was looking at that, I saw fabric glue. Ah Ha!! That would work! And after pleading with the younger woman at the cash register, she gave me the 50% discount for the coupon I didn't have. I told her she made my day! (and of course, thanked her)

Now to get home. Another safe drive, thanks again, and when I got home, Dan was sound asleep in his chair. So asleep that I unpacked my bag, put things away, changed clothes, and his show was finished. I woke him, and he got up and went to bed.

The rest of the evening I picked at email and wrote here. I'm still not sure when or even if I'm going to go up north. Gasoline has jumped again to $2.95/gallon here, which makes an expensive 2 night 1 day stay. With yucky weather.

So, I'm going to go to bed and hope to sleep.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday 04.05.2010

I slept pretty good in the big picture. I knew that Dan had gotten up for work, but didn't hear him leave. I got up about 9.

I had breakfast, putting a list together to kind of keep on track today.

I wrote yesterday's entry, looked at the computer some, then got ready to run errands.

I had 4 stops to make, and with the weather sunny and mid-60's, it wasn't unpleasant. And I got almost everything that was on my list.

Dan called to let me know that he was going to golf after work, so I didn't start dinner right away. I changed the bag and filter in the shop vac, printed some materials from the internet, and showered.

Dan came in, and when he was showered and done with whatever he was doing, I put dinner together and we ate.

He has since gone to bed, and I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us. I'd really like to go back up north tomorrow night, but may leave Wednesday morning. Or, I may stay and attend a meeting Wednesday night, and either go Thursday or not at all. Lots of options; don't know what I'm going to do yet.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday 04.04.2010 Hoppy Easter

After a usual night of interrupted sleep I got up to go to work, the good part being that it is only 8 hours today.

I was surprised how much traffic there was going northbound, especially for a Sunday, and a holiday. Hm.

We had a good day at work, though busy, and as what frequently seems to happen on weekends and holidays, staffing issues. I was glad to leave at the end of our shift.

I changed clothes and went over to join our daughter Kim and Bob and family (and Bre and Nick and Frank) in Springport. We had an enjoyable afternoon.

I was pretty tired again when I got home. Dan and I visited for a bit before we went to bed.

Tomorrow is chore day for me; Dan works.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday 04.03.2010

I slept somewhat better last night. The sunrise was an interesting yellow that turned white. When I woke about 8:30, the sky was white with the gray clouds of a storm front. The wind was quiet, but picked up throughout the morning. It really started blowing and smelling like rain by the time I left at 2:30.

I vacuumed, cleaned the shower/bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, etc. I swept the front and back decks and took a walk around the yard. All looks good, and I'm glad to say I'm feeling better today.

I had a windy, wet, safe drive home, thank you God. It didn't rain real hard, but enough to know it was raining. And the temps changed from 72 at Long Lake to 50 degrees in Holt.

It was good to see Daniel. He had golfed today, and gotten rained on.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, just 8 hours.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday 04.02.2010

It IS a Good Friday, the Friday before Easter.

I have to say that I did NOT sleep well last night, hardly at all. Surprised and disappointed. I slept more this morning, finally waking/getting up just before 11. That wasn't how I had hoped the day would start, but it did, so I made the best of it.

First of all, I wasn't feeling too well. Sinus stuff. Just plain ucky. I notice that there are some trees blooming, but maybe it's just being in a different environment?

I opened the windows and doors, as the thermometer shows 70 degrees out there. Wow. Sunny, but kind of thin overcast, light wind of maybe 10 mph? and variable. Maybe I can go out on the paddleboat.

I putzed around inside, enjoyed my coffee. When I heard voices outside, I went out to greet the neighbors, who were greeting each other. We chit chatted a bit, then went our ways.

I got the paddleboat in the water and went for a ride. I had to stay pretty close to shore with the wind, but it was good. I went down as far as the sandbar, which was into the wind, then came back. 10 buffleheads, 2 were female, 2 mallards, by the dam, and I think I saw a muskrat over by our house. I stopped at the Goodwin Cottage and got out.

All was well there. I was sitting on the swing, enjoying it, when I heard car doors. It was Aunt Donna and her friend Kathy, who had come to Hale for Mass at St. Pious, and stopped at The Cottage. What a nice surprise!

We visited a bit, and got the keys to show Kathy the insides of the cottage and trailer. All was well in both places--just a lot of dead flies in the cottage. They went on their way.

Me, too. I got back home and put the boat away. Evelyn wanted me to take some daylilies and some other bulbs that they had dug up, so I took a few scoops of them, got the shovel, and put them down front in the corner by the seawall where it was trying to wash out. Maybe that will help anchor the dirt...

That done, I put the shovel away. I was still kind of punky and it was time to eat. I fixed my food, and Dan called as I was about done eating. I realized I was feeling better. Good.

I cleaned up the kitchen and got started on a project, but didn't get very far. I decided I wanted to sew on hook and loop tape to close the covers for the cushions, and will need to obtain the stuff before I cut and/or sew anything.

It's still a little breezy, but mild. Lovely night. My sinuses feel mostly better. I'll have to come home tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ha Ha April Fool April 1, 2010

After Daniel went to work, I went back to sleep, lulled by birdsong. I was almost refreshed when I woke just before 9. I got up.

What a Beautiful Day! I started with breakfast, then looked at the computer, deciding what to do. Exercise! I could go for a run.

It was perfect temperature, with gentle springtime sun when I was out, around noon. Lots of people were out; three powerwashing, or out in their garages and yards. And children. I didn't actually see too many, but several homes had the sounds of children laughing and playing outdoors or indoors, and the adult interactions, too. A lot of houses had their windows open.

When I got back inside it was "warm" in there. I closed the sliding door and turned on the Air. Yes I did, it was uncomfortably warm in there. One fan was already on upstairs, and I turned on the one in the living room, too, and sat in front of it while I checked the computer for the weather at the lake, and thought, "Hmm,why not...?" I showered after cooling off, thinking it through.

I got my suitcase out. Before long I had it packed, thinking of what I could take from the fridge. And what was in there that I could put together for dinner?

After looking there and in the cupboards, I started putting dinner together. Dan called to say he was on his way, which was perfect timing for the food. The dumplings turned out very well, though the cauliflower was very soft and overcooked. Still yummy, though. Dan went back for seconds.

I had thought I might stay with Dan in the evening, and leave when he went to bed, but I was all put together, and I left a little early, about 7.

I had a good drive up, thank you God, and all was well when I arrived at 10 PM. Sounds of night creatures were all around, and the stars were out, in a 63 degree spring evening. Oh my gosh it smells so good, too.

I unloaded, lit the furnace to take the mustiness out, changed clothes, settled in, wrote here.

It is absolutely lovely here. I hope tomorrow is good so I can go out in the paddleboat.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.