Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday 08.31.2009

I felt like I slept pretty good in between periods of wakefulness. Daniel's alarm didn't sound, and I happened to wake up shortly after 5 and woke him up. Of course, that half hour was interrupted, and I went back to sleep after he left. I woke after nine.

I got up, gathering the few things to pack and I realized I was hungry, so I had breakfast. I noticed that the hummingbird feeder was about empty and made food for them. Next, shower.

I turned the water on, and after a few minutes water started spurting out of connection for the shower head!! Whoa!! I turned the water off and saw that the plastic had split. Not to worry--I took what I needed over to the other bathroom and finished showering there.

I finished packing, watered the plants, got the hummingbird feeder down to clean and fill it. When I opened the bottom, there was a live bee inside of it, swimming around. I gave it a fast trip through the garbage disposal.

After hanging the feeder I loaded the car and headed out.

First stop, library. I went in and selected a few books, hoping to read at least one of them.

Next, Meijer. I had to wait in line to fill my water jugs. And 2 others got in line behind me the first person continued filling her jugs. That was a first for me--I've only occasionally seen people using the refill station.

That done, I head north.

I had a very enjoyable drive, and I arrived at the Jacque Cabin a little after 5 pm. Everything looks good, temps 60 degrees, clear and sunny. The lake had a little ripple, then quieted to mirror, then blew up just before sundown. This evening it has settled down again, almost mirror, and I watched the moon come up and Jupiter become visible. The dining room window is perfect for moon watching.

Tomorrow I might start a 2-day project; I have several to choose from. Right after a late morning paddleboat ride. Or jog.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 08.30.2009

I slept more than I thought I would, but it's still difficult to get up in the middle of my sleep time, at 0430. But I did, and thanked God for my life, which includes the J.O.B.

Daniel's alarm didn't come on, and he was sleeping (snoring) pretty good when I woke him. We both got ready for our day, and went our separate ways.

I had a safe drive down, thank you God, and it is now dark in the morning. Oh, wait, isn't that what daylight savings time is for? So in the fall we'll fall back, and it will be semi-light for a couple of weeks. Oh, the joy of living like trolls and gophers, darkness both going to work and going back home. Again, I'm thankful for my life.

We had a good day, and I was able to clock out a little early. I got home just a few minutes before Dan; we changed clothes and went to Los Tres Amigos.

We enjoyed our food and each other's company, then browsed the Toyota lot. Looking for a gently used Prius for Daniel. And, no, the Sebring hasn't sold yet.

Back at home, Dan fell asleep in the chair, I looked up a couple of things online then wrote here.

I was thinking of going back up north tonight, but I'm really too tired, and it's not pressing that I go tonight. I'll stay home and get on my way tomorrow morning.

I'm off to bed. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday 08.29.2009

I didn't sleep as well as I thought I would, waking at intervals through the night. It was finally 0430 and I got up.

Daniel was up at 0500. We breakfasted and each left for our respective jobs.

I had a safe drive down, thank you God, parked, and walked over to the hospital.

We had a good day today, and by the time the night shift came in we were ready to leave.

A good drive home, thanks again.

Dan was home when I got home. We visited, catching up. I did laundry tonight in case I want to go back to the lake tomorrow evening.

I wrote here, and am about ready for bed.

I work tomorrow, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday 08.28.2009 Home, for a minute...

I heard the loons calling about 0200--it sounds pretty neat, but kind of creepy/eerie at the same time. I woke about 8:30, dozing and finally getting up about 9:15. It was a cool 50 degrees this morning, and mostly clear, and quiet.

I mounted the under cabinet light and wa-la!! Just what I thought!! It was good. I had breakfast, cleaned up after myself, and took the rowboat down to the Goodwin Cottage for the boys to use. One of them, 8 year old Corey, was all about learning how to row. I took him out, and he was a quick learner; concentrating, smiling. As the sky was starting to cloud up, and the wind picking up, I went back to the JC and brought the speedboat over for anyone to go for a ride. Tom, Bruce, Corey, and I went out. Whee!! I like that boat. We "went fast", turning this way and that. Now Corey's smile was as big as the boat! He went on the tube, but just for a few minutes, and slow. But still grinning.

We picked up KS at the Goodwin dock and went to the other end of the lake and spun around some more before going in. I dropped off Bruce and Corey, hugs all around, and KS got out and rowed the boat back to the JC. They collected their things and went back down to the GC, as Bruce and his guests were leaving. Tom helped me cover the boat. Not too long after that it started raining. Perfect timing.

Tom and I checked out the new Sunsetter awning that Dan and I have to put over the back door/porch. The installation disc was broken, but I called 1-800--- and she walked me through the online access. After looking at that, and looking at where we want to install it, it may be a bit more of a challenge that we first thought. I brought the instruction booklet home for Daniel to look at, and we'll talk about it, figure it out.

I fixed my food and got my things ready to go home for the weekend. I realized that I didn't need to take everything back home, so I picked out what I wanted and put the remaining items away. After eating, I finished cleaning: vacuuming, bathroom, and kitchen. I loaded up and got on my way about 7:15 ish.

I had a safe drive home, thank you God, arriving about 10:30. Of course, Daniel is in bed, sleeping. I don't even think he knows I'm home yet. I think he'll know when I climb into bed... :)

Tomorrow is a work day. I'll get laundry done tomorrow night and ready to go back up either Sunday night or Monday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday 08.27.2009

I was sleeping pretty good, looking forward to not being interrupted at 0500 by Daniel's alarm. And then my phone rang. I knew it was the hospital, (at least 99% sure) so I ignored it and tried to relax and get back to sleep. I heard the loons call a couple of times, and drifted back to sleep. The next I woke it was 0900, but I wasn't done sleeping yet. I dozed, then surprised that it was 10:30. Time to get up. And then my phone rang.

Tom called, saying they'd like to come down today instead of tomorrow, and they will be here through the weekend. All Right!! Come on down!

I got up and got myself together, breakfasted, collected my stuff and smooshed the refrigerator around, making room for them. I even moved the car over in the garage.

I was getting ready to go out for a run when they arrived. We visited a little while they unloaded, then they went back to the Goodwin Cottage to greet Bruce and his guests.

I went out for my jog. It was very nice--62 degrees and sunny for the most part, but it did cloud up and get a little breezy later this afternoon. I cooled off, showered, and was just going to get my food together to eat when they came back.

I had my dinner, they prepared and ate theirs, we cleaned up the kitchen, then went outdoors to attack the woodpile next to the house.

We raked, cleaning up an area that was finally dry, and the three of us moved the woodpile in hardly any time at all. Burned the twigs and leaves, cleaned up the cement where the wood was. And behind the wood is a vent thing for the crawlspace, which has a hole in the mesh about an inch in diameter. Aha!! Tom adjusted the cover that was on it to cover the hole. It may just be temporary, but it's ok for now.

While we were out there, Bruce came over and brought us some fresh sweet corn from his garden. Yum!! Thanks, Bruce.

The neighbors were out and we visited with them a bit, and we all walked around this house to check the crawlspace vents. The wind is a bit chilly. We finished up and went inside.

I got my paint stuff out and painted the bottom side of the upper kitchen cabinets. They are so dark that it reflects dark onto the counter. So I painted. Tomorrow I'm going to install a mini fluorescent light under the one in the corner. Then I painted the walls in the hallway again. Everything is looking good, coming together.

We had a quiet rest of the evening, mostly with the computers.

Tomorrow I hope to get the speedboat out and play. If it rains, well, I'm not sure. We'll find something to do, I'm sure. Clean cupboards??

It's so beautiful here. The lake has calmed to mirror, it's 52 degrees.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday 08.26.2009

I was more tired than I thought--I slept pretty well (even though I awakened several times)--and Daniel's alarm came on at 0500. Ugh. I thought about staying in bed and sleeping, but I knew I would only think about getting up and ready to go. So I got up, too.

I packed and breakfasted; Dan ate and left for work.

I was on the road by 0700. It was lightly raining and gloomy, but the weather channel had shown that the rain was only downstate. I went north, and stopped in to see my cousin Diane before stopping at Meijer for gas and groceries.

It was a nice visit, though brief, and I went on to the store. I took my time shopping, as I was kind of tired of sitting.

I continued on my way, as advised by the GPS. County roads, and absolutely beautiful. The yards with flowers, and the forest with the foliage, was worth the trip. Definitely looking like mid to late summer. I truly enjoyed the car ride through God's world.

I arrived at the Jacque Cabin about 11 or 11:30 or so. I know that after I was unpacked and called Daniel, I wondered if he was at lunch yet.

It was a little breezy, the cool wind making the warm sun only 62 degrees or so. I heard the loons call after a while: it sounds to me like the young one's voice is getting stronger.

I saw the duck family go by with the seven ducklings chirping away. It's amazing how big they've gotten in 2 weeks.

I swept off both the front and back decks, and sidewalks, and had a snack. After I got settled in, I walked down to the Goodwin Cottage to see T & KS and their new vehicle. A beautiful, metallic blue, 2009, Chevy Traverse with light gray interior.

I walked around it before going up to the cottage. Tom met me at the door, and after a bit the 3 of us went out and they showed me the vehicle. Lovely.

We went down to visit Kathy's parents. They Ooooo-d and Ahhhhh-d over it appropriately, then we all went for a ride around the lake. KS and I sat in the "back back" and had a lot of fun checking things out and teasing Tom. (Are we there yet? etc.)

A brief visit back at the McKinstry's, and Tom and Kathy Sue brought me back to the Jacque Cabin. We sat out front on the deck--absolutely beautiful. Still a cooler breeze, though not as windy as it was. They went on back to the GC.

I had my supper, then went outdoors, looking around again and seeing what needs to be done. I took the computer outdoors and enjoyed the twilight while leisurely looking at the emails.

Of course, after a while, it got dark, so I moved inside and wrote here.

Tomorrow I'd like to run; I hope the weather holds out.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday 08.25.2009

I could have easily gone back to sleep this morning--in fact, I was several hours into the day before I finally felt "awake".

The shuttle came around this morning and scooped us up and took us over to the hospital. We started out steady, maybe a bit slower paced than usual, and I thought I might be able to leave a little early. I had called a few of my co-workers to come in and cover for me, but they had other things to do. As the afternoon went on, it got busier. I was finishing up the end of the shift when someone called and asked for me to help them get the baby to breast. Sure...

I ended up not leaving until close to 8 pm. God has given me a most awesome gift of being able to get most babies feeding. Not only that, but to be able to be allowed into that personal, intimate time of the mother and the newborn--and sometimes the father is an active participant, too--as the energies meet and recognize and interact... I am humbled and honored and thank and praise the Lord for my life.

So I walk the two blocks to the car, thinking that I'm not going to decide about driving up tonight. I get home safely (thank you God) and visit with Dan. I think I'm going to go tonight. He turns to the weather channel, and I see the line of rain and storms, which I might be able to miss, but probably not. Ick. I don't like driving in rain, or storms, especially in the dark. I change my mind and decide to go in the morning. I can get up with Daniel and leave early. I change into my jammas. Ahh.

I really am pretty tired. So I'll be going to bed soon in hopes of sleeping decently.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday 08.24.2009

The radio came on, reminding me of the reality of my J.O.B. I thanked God for my life and got up. Dan got up when his alarm went on at 0500. We breakfasted and left, he a few minutes before I.

On the way out of the complex, it was quite foggy. There, in a lightly tree-d area, were two deer. Right there--one was between the sidewalk and the road, and the other was further back. They watched me approach. Of course I slowed down even more. As I got nearer, they were both watching. The first one kind of crouched, then turned and took a couple of steps, which triggered the second one to turn and leap away. The first one bounded after it. That was pretty neat. But kind of creepy, right there in the complex.

I had a safe drive down in the intermittent fog, thank you God, and the shuttle was no where to be seen. I walked the couple blocks over to the hospital.

We had a good day, with with just a handful of patients. As the day wore on, though, there were many women laboring, a couple of them had just delivered, and they are going to be busy tonight.

The shuttle was there tonight and I rode over to the car. A good drive home, thanks again. Dan had just gotten home again, too, as he had golfed this afternoon.

We visited a bit, I wrote here, and I'm ready to go to bed.

If I'm not too overly tired tomorrow night, I'd like to head up to The Lake after work. If not, I'll go Wednesday morning. I'll have to come back to work Saturday and Sunday, but then I can go back up for the week. Woo Hoo!! Hope the weather is good!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 08.23.2009

Dan got up and went to work; I of course went back to sleep, waking close to ten o'clock. I wandered around, had breakfast, looked at a couple of emails, and decided to go out for a jog.

I had a good run today. After I cooled off I, went in and showered.

Not real ambitious, I finished the laundry and got the ingredients ready for supper. When Dan called to say he was on his way I started preparing it.

I fixed some angel hair pasta with tomatoes, summer squash, parmesan cheese, and added a couple of tilapia filets for protein. A little butter and olive oil, and yum. That sits real nice on my intestines. Dan's, too.

After we ate, we visited a little, and Dan fell asleep in his chair. 7:45, he went to bed. So I have the evening to myself.

I've been so hot, then goose-bumpy cold. And my shoulder and breast are uncomfortable enough that I took tylenol and motrin. And I am very thankful to be alive, and well.

Tomorrow is a workday for me. I'm thankful that I have a job, too.

And for my lovely niece, Kimberly, who participated in the 3 Day Walk in Dearborn. I love her phrase: "Save The Jiggles"!


Saturday 08.22.2009

Finally, a morning we both could sleep. I got up first about 9 o'clock, Daniel shortly after. We had a nice morning together, then took the Sebring to my friend Joann's Mobil station on the corner of M-106 and Berry Road, where we're hoping that the visibility there will get that vehicle SOLD!!!

When we got back, I steamed the clothes we were going to wear tonight while Daniel laid back down for a short nap.

I had a good lunch, and when he got up he had a bite, too. We headed over to Flint for a mass, arranged specially for the alumni of St. John Vianney school.

The church was full ( ! ), and it was a nice mass. From there we went over to the Genysis Athletic and Conference Center in Grand Blanc for the All-School Reunion. They had a good turnout; though at approximately 350 attendees, it was about half of the previous reunion held 6 years ago. Dan and I had a good time, and it seemed that most everyone there did, too. We left about 11:30.

I drove home, so for Daniel it was a short trip, as he slept most of the way home. He has to get up early for work Sunday.

I went to bed, too, without writing. So this is written Sunday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday 08.21.2009

Another work day, after a few hours of interrupted sleep. It's only one day, then 2 off. I'll be ok.

I got up and got ready to go. Daniel was sleeping. I had a safe drive down, thank you God, and walked over to the hospital.

We had a good day with a good group of co-workers. And an odd kind of busy that settled down some near the end of the shift.

The shuttle was there when I left, and I rode over to the parking lot.

An uneventful drive home, thank You again. Daniel was home, and we had a quiet evening.

I've taken tylenol/motrin to help with the headache I developed on the way home, hoping I'll be able to sleep at least a few hours uninterrupted, maybe soon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 08.20.2009

After Daniel left for work, I woke again about 9:30. I felt pretty good. I got ready for the day, had breakfast, and went out to Meijer. I browsed around there for a bit. Clearing out summer stuff, putting out fall stuff. Halloween stuff. Amazing.

Back home, I had a snack and put supper in the oven. While that was baking, I hemmed Daniel's slacks, then used the fabric steamer to finish. When I was thinking that he should be home soon, I remembered that he was going to golf this afternoon and wouldn't be home for a while. So I had my supper.

Daniel got in about 7:45. We visited, his pants fit, and before long he went off to bed.

I've got a naggy headache this evening. I'm going to take tylenol and motrin and let it help me sleep. I work in the morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 08.19.2009

After Daniel left for work this morning, I went back to sleep, waking again about 0930. I stretched my left arm and shoulder like Ike has shown me for the lymph fluid, and it feels minutely better. I get up and wander around, not quite ready to have breakfast. So I read a little while before making a batch of waffles. I also cooked up some fresh blueberries for topping. Yum.

I enjoyed my coffee, then went in to shower before going to Leah's for my massage appointment.

She did a great job with me today, paying attention to the pockets of lymph fluid at the bottom of my ribs and around to the back, as well as under the upper part of my arm. I feel so much better. Even my plugged ears feel better. Thank you, Leah.

Daniel got home shortly after I did. We chatted a while. I was hungry, but he wasn't ready to eat yet, so I had a bowl of cereal. He fixed his own hot food later. He must have been pretty tired, because he fell asleep in the chair, then went to bed at 8:30.

Which makes for a long evening for me. I've been listening to my book, relaxing.

No plans for tomorrow, so far.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday 08.18.2009

I kind of slept. In two hour blocks, it seemed. I remember seeing the clock at 3:38, then Daniel asked me if I had to work today. Yes, why? He said it was quarter to 5. I saw the clock, then heard the radio. Yup. My sleep time. *sigh* I got up.

I managed to get ready and leave in a timely manner, and after a safe, dark drive (thank you God) the shuttle was there to take us over to the hospital.

We had a good day on the overflow unit, and great co-workers. And it finally got to be 12 and 1/2 hours later, time to leave.

A safe drive home, thanks again. Daniel had a day off and had done lots of little things that he had wanted to do. We visited a bit, and he went off to bed shortly after 9.

I checked email and wrote here. Tomorrow is massage day in the afternoon. I'm ready.

I'll be off to bed soon. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday 08.17.2009

A short night, but I think I slept a little more than last night. I got up and got ready for work. Daniel was up this morning, too.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and you know what? It's dark again now in the morning. Yuck.

We were busy today, and of course, I have the best co-workers. We had a relatively good day, considering. We were all tired at the end of the shift.

A light rain was starting as we left. I did manage to walk the 2 blocks to my car without getting really wet.

A safe drive home, thank You again. The light was very odd with the rain and the clouds; a couple of times it looked like a black and white setting, or shades of gray type of composition. Very Odd.

Daniel had subbed for someone on a golf league this evening, and even though it started raining, they were able to play what they needed to. He has drifted off to bed.

I work tomorrow, and I'm about off to bed myself.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday 08.16.2009

Tossing and turning, hot, cooled off, cold, comfortable, hot again. I saw another survivor's blog entry--she's three years since diagnosis, two years on meds, and still not sleeping. And trying to keep her weight under control, too. While it was timely for me to come across that entry, I hope I see one that after 5 years on meds and 6 months off of them, better sleep happens as well as returning to normal weight. Again, I'm thankful to be alive and disease free.

I did 3 loads of laundry today, cleaned my vanity area, kitchen again, had a nice shower. I went to the library, and the nice library lady told me my card had expired a few days ago, so I got that renewed, too. Daniel came home shortly after I had gotten back.

We visited a bit, he was settling down , and the doorbell rang. Frank!! He stopped in for a short visit. Since none of us had eaten yet, we went out to Bob Evans.

Frank left when we got back. I deadheaded the outdoor plants and watered them. Daniel drifted off to bed.

Tomorrow is a work day for me, and I'll be turning in soon, too.

My breast is full and sore, and I'm still not sure about my ears. I think they might be a little better.

It's 81 degrees here at 10:30 pm. I'm extremely thankful for air conditioning.

And I thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday 08.15.2009

Another night of yucky sleep. I've read that it's important to have "quality" sleep for the body and brain, and that when there is lack of quality sleep the body and brain are less than optimal. I'd really like to think that the 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep are "quality", but I wonder...

So, today I've been rather a slug. Sure, I cleaned the kitchen, picked up the bedroom, and a few other small tasks, but overall I've sat and rested. I did go out to Kohl's, as Daniel had one of the promo coupons from a previous purchase. $20.00 in Kohl Cash. I wandered around the store, looking for something to buy that we really needed as opposed to just buying something to spend the money. A couple of times around the store, and Daniel called. He suggested more socks for him for work. Ok--that takes 15 of it. Oh, wait, they're on sale. So I went back to the ladies' activewear and picked up a "wicking" shirt for me to wear to work, $25, on sale for 8.90. The nice young man rang it up, and it came to $17 and something. Good enough.

I got home, and Daniel wanted to go to Los Tres Amigos. We stopped at the pharmacy to pick up his meds, then to the restaurant, then to Meijer for a couple things that were on sale.

Back home, I'm so hot, I've been sitting in front of the fan. Dan fell asleep in the chair and went to bed about 8:30.

Maybe tomorrow I'll feel a little better and exercise, even if I don't feel better. I haven't figured out if my ears are better or if that's why I don't feel good.

I'm thankful to be alive, and to have people I love around me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday 08.14.2009

I didn't sleep as well as I would have thought, but I was somewhat rested when the lawnmowers woke me at 8:30 ish. I got up and got ready for the day. Daniel had gotten up at 5 and was gone.

After breakfast I got things ready to go to work. I left early to stop at the credit union, then to the uniform sale being held at the hospital as a convenience to staff, with payroll deduction also.
I picked up a couple short sleeved tops to see if I might be a bit more comfortable. I also tried on the next size pants (medium), but they were way too big. The smalls are almost uncomfortable. I don't like this gaining weight thing. I guess I'll continue exercising and watching the caloric and carbohydrate intake. I hope this is not a permanent side effect of cancer treatment or the medications I need to take for the next 4 years.

Anyway, I got to my unit, and all were happy to see me. But I wasn't needed. The person who had covered the morning half of the shift had been put "on call", and the status hadn't gotten passed on to me. I really didn't mind. I had wanted to check out the uniform sale, and needed to do the banking. I visited a bit with my wonderful co-workers before leaving.

While I was in the parking lot I called the doctor's office to see about an appointment for my ear, which was still plugged. Nope, nothing available. I scheduled a time for Tuesday, thinking that if it got worse I'd go somewhere like an urgent care center, and if it was better, I'll cancel. I also scheduled my physical for October, and headed home.

I was hungry, and did the food prep and ate. I also did a load of laundry and rested. Most of the rest of the day.

Tonight, an email came in from Career Quest about my "job application". They have an online assessment for applicants, which I did. It took about an hour and a half, was in 6 parts, including math, english comprehension, logic, and personality traits. I'd like to see how it's scored/weighted, and what it reveals.

Daniel came in after 5 and said he had a good day. He spent the evening repairing a laptop, and has drifted off to bed.

My ear seem to have opened up/unplugged. I'm guarded, thinking that it's better. I hope it is.

Tomorrow is unplanned. Probably catch up on household chores.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday 08.13.2009

I had set the alarm for 0830, to get up and get started on powerwashing the trailer. Of course I didn't sleep well--nothing new in itself, but my right ear is feeling "full". Might be an antibiotic issue that I'll have to deal with in a couple of days.

I lingered in bed like I know I shouldn't--but I do love to listen to the birds in the morning. I got up, stripped the bed, dressed, put things either away or packed up, and headed to the GC about 10 AM.

We got the unit hooked up and turned on, and it worked, but it seemed that there was a lot of water coming from the bottom. Jim ended up taking the case apart to find out just where the water was coming from. He found that a metal piece had split. I called 1-800-send-me-a-new-part, and it will arrive in a week or so. So, that project is postponed. I went back to the JC to get myself ready to go home.

I cleaned, packed everything but the food, showered and finished the bathroom, then loaded the car and headed out about 3:45.

I had a nice drive home, stopping at Tom and Kathy's for a brief visit, and made it home about 8 PM.

Daniel was home and helped me unload. I was all unpacked by 8:30. We visited a bit, and he drifted off to bed about an hour later.

I work tomorrow afternoon; I'm happy to be able to sleep in.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday 08.12.2009

I was disappointed that I seemed to be awake a lot last night. I thought sure that I would have slept after painting. I got up just before 9. 68 degrees, quiet, alternating with a light breeze. Wonderful.

After fully waking up, I wandered around, had breakfast, made a couple phone calls, and went out for a paddleboat ride before completing my painting project. I hoped that when I came back in that there would be a message from my co-worker saying she'd work the second half of tomorrow for me; otherwise, I have to go home tonight.

I had a lovely boat ride. I think I was out for a couple of hours. And when I came back in, I turned the paddleboat over, just in case.

There were messages--and one was from the wonderful Paula, who WILL work for me tomorrow! Yippee!! I tell you, she is a great person.

Time to get painting.

I got that job finished up, tape removed, items replaced. I did the rest of the wall in the hallway, too. Looks soooo much better.

I had something to eat, talked with Daniel, and walked to the GC. I had a nice visit with Polly, Jim, and neighbor Ann.

Tomorrow we're going to power wash the trailer. Then I have to get ready and go home.

My right ear is "clicking" like the eustachian tube is blocked. I took a claritin with no change, and I took a sudafed a little bit ago. I don't think it's been long enough to tell if it's helping yet, but I hope I'm not getting an ear infection. Yuck.

It's cooled off to 68 degrees again on my tree, and the lake is mirror. Beautiful.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday 08.11.2009

Wow. I slept GOOD last night!! I was surprised, seeing as how it was so humid. But I had the fans moving air around, and it cooled off to 70 degrees, and I was ok. I woke up once and it was clear and starry, then at dawn it was such thick fog you couldn't see out the window. But at 0930 when I woke, it was clear again, 72 degrees, and as the morning went on the humidity decreased. It turned out to be a very pleasant day.

I showered, breakfasted, and wandered around wondering what to do. I turned the fan to the bathroom to dry it out so I could paint in there. I swept the deck, picked up twigs and such, then taped the bathroom to paint. I washed the walls in there, too, and was pleasantly surprised that they weren't as dirty as they looked. Just a little dusty and some cobwebs. I undid the light fixture and washed the globe. I saw my neighbor Mary outdoors and went out to see her, inviting her over to keep me company while I painted.

We had a nice visit while I did a little more than half of the ceiling. She left, and I realized that I was hungry. Daniel called while I was eating. He sounded good. I went back to painting and got it finished, all but the corners and another coat on the trim. I'll do that tomorrow with a 1" brush. It looks so much better.

I went out and sat on the glider, resting, listening, watching. A female duck swam by with a new brood of babies, very small yet. If they were swimming, they were really close to the mom. It looked more like they were on her back. And very soft peeping. Awesome.

I was in the back yard to pick up the rose clippings that I cut the other day when Mary came back to check my work. We went inside for a minute--she said it was very good, and went on home. I put the clippings and other twigs and stuff in the burner out front and had myself a nice fire. It was nightfall by then, and when I finally got the debris cleaned up and settled myself by the fire, the stars were coming out. I enjoyed it.

I broke the fire apart after a couple of hours and put the grate over the top and came inside and wrote here.

I don't know yet if I have to go home tomorrow, or if someone is going to work for me Thursday afternoon. If she does, I don't have to leave until Thursday. We'll see.

Thank you for reading, wish you were here. Hugs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday 08.10.2009

How lovely to sleep in! Daniel was up sometime before I was. I think I woke somewhere around 8:30. I was getting ready for the day when he said he was going to the clubhouse and sit in the whirlpool for a while. Hey! I'll go with you! So we did, and ended up being in the tub for almost an hour. It was veerrry niiiccce. We showered there then came home.

I was hungry and had my breakfast; Dan was doing whatever he was doing before he ate. I got my things together and got ready to leave. We both ended up leaving just before noon--him to do his errands and me to go north.

I had a good drive, thank you God, and when I got here it was 76 degrees and sunny. And humid. Not much breeze. I got unloaded and was fixing my dinner when the dark cloud came in and it poured straight down for about a half hour. The sun came out again and it was still humid and still.

I had looked for something that Daniel had wanted, not sure if I found the right thing, then went out and checked out the power washer. I think it will do the job on the trailer at the GC, as well as clean the bottom of the speedboat when I get it out. I was getting into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, getting the crud out of it, putting the new belt on, and it was so humid and still that my glasses had fogged up. Really. And just then the neighbors Steve and Jan pulled up with their pontoon, "You wanna go for a boat ride?" Oooh, yeah. It was just after dusk.

We had a lovely ride around the lake, and it was dark before we were back. It's quiet, warm, clear, humid--just like summer's supposed to be. The thermometer on the tree shows 70 degrees at 10:45 pm.

I'm thankful that God has given me this life, to be in this world, and people I love to share it with.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday 08.09.2009

I worked today after a short night's interrupted sleep. One of the nicer things this morning was that Daniel had to get up, too.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and I parked and walked across the street.

We only had 5 patients for most of the day, adding 2 mom/baby couplets later in the afternoon. It made for a long day, but I got my required "competencies" completed, as well as some other related reading.

A big thunderstorm was developing; I watched it on the radar on the computer. It looks to be happening directly over the route I'll need to take north. And since I don't absolutely need to go up north tonight, and I really don't like driving in thunderstorms, I'm not going to go tonight.

I had a safe drive home, thank You again, and went through a small pocket of rain. Daniel was home, and we snuggled and talked as the storm happened.

He finally has (only) one day off, tomorrow. He's going to rest and catch up with himself. I'm going to go up north at some point.

I'm glad I didn't drive up tonight--I'm actually pretty tired. I ate fair and drank lots of water today.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday 08.08.2009

I got up this morning and got ready for work. I was half hoping the phone would ring and I would be put "on-call". Daniel got up at 5; still not rested it seemed to me. Anyway, at about 10 after 5 my phone rang. On Call. Yippee!!!

I stayed up to visit with Dan, then went back to bed after he left. I woke again 9:30 ish. And when I did my phone rang again. I thought it might be work calling me in.


It was a co-worker, though, and good friend. We had a nice conversation.

I got up and had breakfast, wrote yesterday's post, and went to shower.

The rain was letting up; I put a load of laundry in and got my things together to run errands. I did that, and got back just after Daniel did. He's pretty tired, with sore feet.

I fixed supper and we ate. We enjoyed our companionable computer time and light conversation before he drifted off to bed.

I wrote here, and will be in bed soon. Tomorrow is a workday, and I'll probably go back up to the lake tomorrow night. I'm not sure when Dan can come up--I don't think he knows, either.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday 08.07.2009 Home...

I had been sleeping and was "surfacing" when Diane came to the bedroom door and told me that Bruce was on his way over to say goodbye. Oh!! Ok--I got out of bed, dressed, had "my turn" in the bathroom, was just finishing when he arrived.

We had a short visit and he left to be on his way for home.

I breakfasted and gathered up most of my things, as I had to leave today for work on Saturday and Sunday. The weather was cool, just 60, but kept getting better as the day went on. Diane and I went in to Hale, a trash run, hardware store, and she needed a few groceries.

Back at home, Diane went out fishing. I saw the neighbors outside, the ones who offered me the use of their boat lift. I have never met them, so I went outdoors.

Steve and Jan P, very nice folks. We visited a bit, they showed me around their newly remodeled home, and as we were back outside, Diane had come in from fishing and joined us.

Steve and Jan continued on for their pontoon boat ride, and Diane and I went out for a paddleboat ride. We went over to the GC where Polly came down onto the dock. She got a boat cushion and joined us. We went on down around the point of the sandbar, and as we got around on the other side and was coming back, it seemed that we were a bit lower in the water. Hm. And when a boat's wake would come up, we took on a little water in the back corner. Hm again. Polly and Diane splash-bailed the water out, but that didn't seem to help much. We shifted our positions to try to keep the little boat level, but it sure was looking like we had water in the middle/inside of the boat. (This paddleboat is one of the two-piece molded plastic models) We were still able to maneuver. As we went by the McKinstry place we realized it was naptime, so we kept on going. We made it to the GC and got Polly back on the dock, and Diane and I went back to the JC. That little boat was so full of water that we could hardly pull it up into the egress.

Walking around it I saw that there is about a 1/2-3/4 inch hole near the top of the bottom half, up front, which looks manufactured. We pushed the boat out and turned it around, and over the next hour or so, as the water drained out, we pulled it up further and further until we had it tipped up and drained out. I've never had a paddleboat take on water like that. Another new experience!!

Time to eat. Diane put a meal together for us while I finished getting my things together, and I also trimmed up the rose bush next to the back corner of the house.

We ate, I packed the cooler and the other dry foods that I was going to take home. Ready.

On the road about 8. I had a safe drive down, Thank you God, and with the "rest stop" I got home about 11:30. Of course, Daniel was sleeping.

He managed to stay asleep while I brought my stuff into the house and unpacked the cooler.

I needed to get to bed, so I'm writing this Saturday.

Overall I feel pretty good, pesky breast pains, a little tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday 08.06.2009

I slept Well last night. Woo Hoo!! When I woke it was at least mid-morning; not awakened by the loons calling at daylight. And I felt pretty good. I listened to the boats and jet skis before getting up. It was 10:30 or so when I looked at the clock. I dressed and picked up my room before going into the bathroom. Just as well--Diane had just finished her "turn" in there, getting ready to go fishing.

I ate then went outside to turn the paddleboat over and wipe it off. I was just putting things into the paddleboat when Diane came back in. Lots of little ones, she said.

We went to the GC, where an old friend had stopped in to say Hi, along with her son, on his jet ski. We chatted some before he offered Diane a ride. She came back all smiles. When he asked if I wanted to go, I took the lifejacket as Diane took it off. Woo Hoo!! It was fun!! He knew how to handle the water and the machine pretty good, and he started jumping the smaller waves. I can see how folks might hanker to own one of those things.

We visited down there a bit and had a nice paddleboat ride back. It was time to "do" something around here.

We had both inside and outside chores to do, but first, Diane cleaned the glass in the center door. I had it all streaked up. Window cleaning has never been a talent for me. I even smear my glasses with the spray and cloth from the optician. It takes a couple different times to get my glasses clean. Thank you, Diane. A huge improvement.

She chose to go outside and sweep. I helped her with the furniture, then went in to start vacuuming. When she was done and came in, I was at a point to move furniture, too, and we did the "move-vacuum-replace-the-furniture dance". It was much better than doing it myself, which was on my list to do on this trip up. When we were just about done, I looked up and saw the neighbor Mary sitting on her back porch in the sun, reading. I had a feeling she was out there waiting for me to see her. I decided that a half hour to visit would fit mostly, as we were expecting the Goodwin's to come down for dinner. But people are more important than the task we were doing. Diane and I went over for a visit.

She was happy to see us, and yes she was out there for that reason. She showed us around her yard and sat with her on the front porch until we had to go back.

We were just about done with our tasks when Jim and Polly, then Bruce, arrived. Diane and I put the last few pieces back in place and went out on the front deck.

Dinner was wonderful, as generally happens with us. Tom came in, visiting just a bit before saying goodbye and heading for home.

When we girls finished the kitchen, I went down and uncovered the speedboat to go for an evening ride. All was well with the boat, and as it was warming up, I went back over to get Mary. We had a lovely slow ride around the lake. A bit on the cool side of 60's and a light breeze, we had sweatshirts and long pants on. On August 6 in Michigan. Very strange.

We docked and I covered the boat. The others went on back, and Diane and I stayed out on the deck until the mosquitoes chased me in. By now the moon was up and it was very extremely wonderfully beautiful. I went back outside and we watched the sky. She noticed an odd light in the sky, which started moving, then blinking, then there were other lights moving oddly in the sky and blinking. Very odd.

She's off to bed and I'm writing here.

I have to go downstate sometime tomorrow, as I work Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday 08.05.2009

I woke at daybreak, listening and watching, remembering that I was just here two weeks ago. The young loon is larger and looking a bit more independent, and it's voice is a little stonger. The young one is diving more, too. Too cool.

I went back to sleep after the orange-to-pink sunrise over a slightly ruffled lake. Lovely. I was surprised to see that it was 10:30 also.

I got up and had breakfast, acclimating to my surroundings again. Diane was out fishing in the rowboat, so it was quiet inside. She came back as I was looking on the computer and letting my food settle a bit before going out for a jog.

We visited, and I offered her to go with me, riding my bicycle. She thought that was a good idea. I went out and got the bicycle and helmet out of the garage for her.

We warmed up and went out. I had a nice jog/run, and it was just lovely. I enjoyed having someone to have a conversation with.

Back at the Jacque Cabin, we heard Bruce whistling coming up the driveway. We visited a bit while I cooled off, then I excused myself and went in to shower.

After a light lunch, we went down to the Goodwin Cottage to go sailing. Diane and I went out with Bruce on Spindrift, while Jim was out on the Sunfish. The wind was fun, the sun was just right, and a good time was had by all.

We were out about 2 hours, making it about 6 when we came in. Diane and I walked back to the JC, fixing dinner, making phone calls, etc.

After a bit Bruce showed up again; we 3 walked up to the village and back, picking up flashlights and going on down to the GC, where Polly had a fire going.

Tom, Jim, Polly, Ann, Diane, and I enjoyed a lovely fire complete with S'mores. No music, though. I guess we need to bring instruments....

The fire burned down, the guys drifted inside, the girls picked up the outside, and Diane and I headed home in the full moon light.

We had a good walk home, then did a "flashlight walk" along the seawall, seeing a few minnows, a small crayfish and an even smaller crayfish with it.

When we came inside, Diane drifted off to bed, I wrote here.

I spoke with Daniel. He said things have settled down just a bit at work. He was still there at 6:30 when I spoke to him. He didn't call back this evening.

Tomorrow I'd like to do several things; yardwork, speedboat, spending time with people I love. It is so awesome to be here. Thank you, God.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday 08.04.2009

I slept fair--and when the radio came on I hoped the phone would ring also to let me stay home. No such luck. Up and at 'em.

I got ready to go, but with Daniel up in the morning, too, I find that sharing the morning takes a little longer. I didn't get my suitcase packed to go up north tonight. No big deal--I'll do it when I get home.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and the shuttle was there to take us over. (I've been pretty lucky lately with that shuttle...)

We had a quick start in the morning and it continued all day. As the day went on I saw that I wouldn't be able to leave early. That's ok, it's a scheduled day and I had planned to work anyway. We were able to leave on time, though.

A safe drive home, thanks again, and Daniel was home when I got there. We chatted a little, and I started getting things together. Again, it takes me a little longer when someone else is around. I was ready in an hour. I loaded the car and shared hugs and kisses and was on the road at 9pm.

I had a good drive up, thanks again, arriving just after midnight. My cousin Diane was here, in bed sleeping, but she woke and got up to greet and help me unload. We visited briefly and she went back to bed. I finished unpacking, got out the computer, and wrote here.

I'm so thankful to be alive and healthy. And to be able to be at The Lake...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday 08.03.2009 Mortality

I woke about 2:30 this morning. You know the kind of waking up when you remember something and your eyes pop open?? I was thinking about going to work and realized I hadn't washed my scrubs for work. I quietly got up, gathered the clothing, started the washer, and went back to bed. I can put them into the dryer when I get up. I went back to sleep.

0430. Ugh. Out of bed. Oh yeah, put the clothes in the dryer. So I did.

Breakfast, and Daniel was up, too. The lighter weight clothes were dry, and before I left the rest of them were, too. Off we go.

A safe drive down in the still-mostly-dark morning, thank you God. The shuttle was there when I pulled in and drove us over.

We had a very good day on the "overflow" unit. Our patients all left by 3 pm, and so did the other nurse that I was working with and myself. I was happy to leave early. I got home and realized I was tired--I was surprised that I slept just over an hour this afternoon.

Daniel got home after 5. We visited a bit, and when he was in the shower I checked email.

My cousin passed this afternoon of brain cancer. 57 years old. Master of music, could make many different instruments sing, as well as record and produce and teach. He was also a pioneer in Audio Forensics. I have only seen a good side to him. I'll miss him. What a gift he was.

The funeral will be Friday in Colorado. I'd like to go, and could, but really don't want to travel by myself. Anyone want to go with me??

I went to Meijer to get a few things and came back. Daniel was playing with the ringtones on his phone and had also started a load of whites. I had a bite to eat and wrote here. He's drifted off to bed now and the white clothes are finishing drying.

Tomorrow is a workday, and I want to go up to the lake tomorrow night. It will be a long day, but I much prefer to wake up there as opposed to getting up and driving the next day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday 08.02.2009 Reunion

Dan got up and went to work; I went back to sleep, waking about 0845. Ugh. Time to get up.

I got ready, had breakfast, and headed out to Saginaw area for the Gushen Reunion.

We had a good turnout, maybe 40? I'm not a good judge of "people numbers". The weather was mostly sunny, a light breeze, and low 70's. In the pavilion it was almost cool. I enjoyed visiting with folks I only see once a year and don't know very well. And of course, the wonderful food. Yum.

I had a nice drive home, too, and Daniel had just gotten home, too. He had another very busy day, and was looking at his collection of dark suits, as the Uniform Department doesn't have his suits in yet. Well, they have come in, but they're ill-fitting and he won't accept them. One of the jackets he had was terribly wrinkled; we tried pressing it with a damply wet towel over it for steam, but that didn't work too well. So he wanted to go to Target and get a fabric steamer.

We did, and found one. Next stop, Bob Evans. (I know, I just had a half sandwich and side salad) Then home.

He got the steamer out and started using it, but he had a few other things he wanted to do this evening, so I offered to do the steaming. It was slow, but it worked. The jacket looks very nice.

He spiffed up his shoes, and has been on the phone with tech support for the new telephone he bought for well over an hour to get it set up. I checked email and wrote here, and I'm about off to bed.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to work.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday 08.01.2009

Dan got up at an unbelievable 0300 this morning, staying up and getting ready for work. I think he was excited about the first "real" day--the casino was opening to invited tribal members only.

I, of course, went back to sleep. I was just waking when my phone rang--it was Lauretta, the girl who cuts my hair. She had a cancellation and wondered if I wanted to come in earlier, 11:15 or so. Yes!! The visitation for Miss B's mom was only from 12-1, with the funeral at 1, and my hair appointment was at 12, so I was going to be late. This cancellation puts me at the church just after 12. Thank you, God, for taking care of me.

So I had to get up then. I got ready, taking a change of clothes so that I don't have little hairs all over me.

Lauretta did a good job, as usual, and even rinsed my head after the cut. I got over to the church just as I thought I would.

It was a very nice service, the first funeral I've been to since my own mother passed. Kind of weird. I stayed for the luncheon, leaving around 3:45.

At home, I called Dan, who had called just as I was getting into Michigan Center this morning, wanting me to send him something by email that was on his computer. He hadn't left work yet (surprise), so he walked me through getting into his email and sending it.

While waiting for him to come home, I went in and played the piano. How nice!

Just after the Birthday Boy got home about 7 pm, Bre and Nick were here. That was a nice surprise to me, though Dan knew they were coming over.

We visited a while, then I made nachos for us. That was yummy. I cleaned up the kitchen, and cut the pineapple and peaches for the fruit salad for the Gushen Reunion tomorrow. Dan fell asleep in the chair, Bre and Nick were doing something on the computer. When Dan woke up a minute he went on into bed. Bre and Nick left about 10:30 or so.

I wrote here, and I'll be off to bed soon, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.