Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday 06.27.2009

Ahh. The "home" bed. I slept pretty good, in intervals.

And the radio came on at 0430. Up and at 'em. Daniel's alarm came on at 5 and he got up. I left for work about 5:35 and had a safe drive down, thank you God.

No shuttle around, I walked over to the hospital.

We were busy today, oddly so. And we got through it with a great team and good teamwork. Finally--time to go.

I had the top down on my drive home. So nice.

Daniel had gone to the movie theater with a couple of guys, so he wasn't home when I got there. I changed clothes, put a load in the washer, and headed out to Meijer.

Then to the storage unit to pick up the boating inflatables tote and a couple of other things, and back home. Dan was home by then and had dried the clothes and was in the process of folding. He's a good man.

We visited some, finished up the evening, and Dan turned in about 11:30. I wrote here and am off to bed myself.

Tomorrow I work, then I'll pack and load and head north again.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday 06.26.2009

Gosh, can we be any more blessed?

The sun rose over the lake, a light wind changing the surface of the water. By 8:30 the wind was blowing pretty good with whitecaps at intervals and temps about 70. Daniel wasn't in bed when I woke up, and I found him sleeping in the recliner again. He said the sun woke him. He had already had breakfast.

I got ready for the day and had my breakfast, choosing things to take home, which to leave, as I'm returning Sunday night or Monday, depending.

Daniel got involved in taking the dehumidifier apart to try to repair it, coming to the conclusion that mechanically it appears fine so it must be an electrical/computer/circuit board problem. I went in the front bedroom with the shop vac and cleaned the brick wall (which previously had some kind of heat source like a wood or gas stove--there is no hearth). Dan came in and helped move furniture which we ended up repositioning in the room. It was a good thing to do. It always amazes me how much dust/dirt/cobwebs accumulate.

I finished washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, and packing. Dan carried things to the car and we loaded up and left by 1 ish.

We stopped at the Goodwin Cottage to say good bye and to flip the sailboat into the water. We visited just a few minutes and were on our way before 2.

A good drive home, thank you God. We stopped in Standish for fuel for both vehicle and humans. We had a yummy lunch at PQ Stadium Pizza. I love to eat there.

Lots of northbound traffic with campers, trailers, bicycles, boats, off road vehicles, etc. That was good to see, what with the economy and all.

We got home about 5. Breon had just arrived and was opening the garage door. We pulled in and the three of us unloaded the car. We unpacked and visited before leaving for Kim's in Springport for Kayla's 18th birthday party. I put a load of laundry in the washer.

That was nice. She had lots of friends stop by. We left there about 8:20, getting home at 9. Bre went on her way. Dan and I finished unpacking and getting turned around for our workdays tomorrow.

It's good to be home. The first load of laundry is dried and folded; I'll do another tomorrow night. I'm eager to get back to the lake.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday 06.25.2009

Another Beautiful Day!!!

It was warm in the front bedroom through the night, even with the air conditioning and fans to push it around. It’s fair to say that the front bedroom is the farthest away, and around a corner. Daniel turned in about 10, I laid on the couch (where it was cooler) for an hour or so before going into the bedroom.

I woke a couple of times, and when it was a little after 5, I put the earphones in and listened to the radio and dozed. When I surfaced and realized it was after 8, I also noticed that Daniel was not it bed.

I found him in the living room, sleeping in the recliner with the lamp on. So he must have gotten up before it was completely light outside.

It was quiet outdoors again, but this morning was high overcast, almost gloomy, and 70 degrees.

After breakfasting, Daniel went out and started shoveling sand into a wheelbarrow to move to the front, behind the seawall where it had settled. I took Tylenol/motrin and waited for it to work. He moved maybe 5 loads of sand before calling it quits.

He washed up, had a snack, and took his laptop in the car to find an internet connection. When he got back, he was very disappointed that his computer would not connect anywhere, even at the known “hot spots”. I went out for a paddleboat ride.

Mirror water. I enjoyed my ride immensely, stopping at the Goodwin Cottage to visit. Jim and Polly weren’t there, but neighbors were, and I visited with them. One of them (the woman) had caught a 30 inch catfish last night. No kidding. He lifted it up and showed me. Ewwww.

Just as I was thinking I was ready to go back home, Polly came out. We visited some before I left and she went in for lunch.

Daniel and I talked about the internet connection and decided to look into buying our own connection. I made a couple of phone calls, and we’ll have service next week, starting July 2. Woo Hoo!!

I had lunch out on the front deck with the binoculars, watching the loon diving and wrestling with a fish. That was pretty cool. Then I saw an eagle. The eagle circled around a couple of times. I called out to Daniel to come look. We watched as the eagle swooped down and picked up a fish. I’m thinking it was the fish that was too big for the loon. That was awesome.
When I was done, I went out and got on the shovel. I spread out what Daniel had moved there. It was a bit of a strain on my arm/shoulder, but I took my time, stopping and waiting a few minutes before starting in again. Done!!. And dripping wet.

Back inside, I turned on the air. Daniel was napping in the recliner. Ahhh.

I washed up, and before long it was time for supper. Daniel fired up the grill and put our meat on while I set the table and got the veggies together. I had invited Jim and Polly over for shortcake, so after clearing the table I got that mixed together and put into the oven. I went outdoors to the rhubarb patch, selected a few stalks, cut them up, put them in a pan with a bit of water and a snitch of sugar. I washed the dishes, took the shortcakes out of the oven, stirred the rhubarb, and they arrived.

We enjoyed our fresh fruit shortcake—Daniel just had strawberries, the rest of us had both—out on the deck. Lovely.

We visited a bit, watched Jim’s soccer compilation, (which was quite good) and they left.

Daniel watched a movie, I finished the kitchen, and returned a phone call, then walked to the Goodwin Cottage to give them a message.

It was dusk when I got back, and I showered. Daniel turned in about 10. I wrote here.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving to come home.

Temps today showed 80 on the tree, and 70 tonight. It feels like the humidity has dropped a little.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday 06.24.2009

What a day!! It’s lovely to wake up at the Lake. We woke about 8:30 and it was still mirror quiet. The thermometer on the tree shows 76 degrees already. (Ok, the sun is on it, but it’s still really warm outside.) We washed up and went into town for breakfast and light shopping for a couple of projects on the list.

Breakfast at Big Bob’s, then to Dollar General, Bernard’s Building Center, then the grocery store. Used to be Kocher’s, now has Family Pride or something on the sign. Shopping done, we were back at the lake by noon.

And it was hot. 82 degrees and still.

Daniel tried all afternoon to get an internet connection working for us with each of the devices he had brought, all to no avail. It was sooo hot. We took several indoor breaks in front of the air conditioner. After trying until 6 pm, he put things away, went in, and showered.

Early evening brought a breeze and darker clouds. Time will tell if we actually get rain or not.

Tuesday 06.23.2009

I slept maybe a total of 3 hours before getting up at 0430. Daniel got up at 5. I left and headed south.

A safe drive down, thank you God, and I waited for the shuttle that didn’t show. I walked over to the hospital with a co-worker.

We had a good day, and after a while, it was time to clock out. Woo Hoo!! Out on time—I’ll be able to get home and get turned around to head to the lake.

Daniel called. He has a dinner date with Bre at 7pm. Oh. Ok. Enjoy your dinner…

I got home, collected the rest of the items I wanted to take up, packed the cooler, carried everything down to the car. I loaded most everything in the trunk with just 2 items in the back seat. I am amazed at how much the trunk of this car holds.

Anyway, I was dripping wet by then. I washed up, thinking that Daniel would be home any time, since it was about 8:30. I decided to lay down and close my eyes for the few minutes that I was wating.

He came in about 20 minutes later. We got in the car and headed north.

It was 81 degrees in Saginaw at 10:30, and 79 degrees in Whittemore at 11:20pm. When we pulled into the garage at Long Lake it was 69 degrees. Amazing to be so warm.

An uneventful drive, thank you God, with the deer busy feeding, raising their heads as we passed. Daniel had a “short trip”, sleeping the majority of the way up. We got to the cabin about midnight.

All was well. We unloaded the car, put the cold stuff in the fridge, and were in bed about 12:30.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday 06.22.2009 Bonus!

The radio came on this morning, and just as I was reaching to turn it off, my phone rang. "On Call," she said. Yippee!!

I'm going to censor myself. I know that I probably shouldn't be so happy to not go in to work. But I go in every scheduled day, and have for the past 26 years. Sick kid, summer, school events, minimal vacation, you get the idea. And I'm truly blessed that our financial situation is such that being on call every so often is ok. Now, losing 2 days a pay, or 24 hours or more (as sometimes happens to other shifts/other units) would certainly be a hardship. More about the financial stuff in a minute...

I went back to sleep, keeping half an ear open for Dan's alarm. (He sets his phone for 0500, and it's not been reliable) I woke at 5:20. "Honey, it's 5:20...") He got up and checked the phone, verifying that it was set. He thinks it went off; I'm very surprised that neither one of us heard it.

Anyway, he got on his way while I went back to sleep.

I woke at 8:30. Lovely. I got up and remembered I had a meeting today at the J.O.B. at 11:00. I was drawn to my new piano and went in and played for a bit. It's slowly coming back to me, somewhat. I realized I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I did that and got myself ready to go.

Definitely a top down day. Wow, was it beautiful. 78-79 degrees and sunny. I got to the meeting, and afterward, checked on the unit to see if I would be needed. Nope. Ok, I said, but don't hesitate to call me if you do...

I stopped at the insurance company in Mason to finish up the crash stuff from the Sebring. Linda came out and gushed appropriately at the G6. It really is a pretty car. (I know, it's just a car.)

Back home I fixed my lunch--I toasted some walnuts (roasted?), cut up lettuce and other veggies, and chicken, added dried cherries for a cherry chicken salad. Yum.

I was trying to eat that when Daniel called to say he was on the way home. We were chatting a bit when he was interrupted by a call, then another call from the same number. He thought he'd better see what it was, so we ended our call.

He called me back a few minutes later, saying it was the fraud department at one of our credit cards, questioning some charges that were made on Sunday. I told him that I had used that card, and what it was for. Ok, he said, I told them the charges were ours.

I got to thinking that the numbers weren't the amounts that I had charged, and I found one of the receipts, and wrote the other 2 amounts down. When Dan got home, I showed him those numbers. Hm, that's not the same... He was subbing for someone in a golf league, so he took that stuff with him and called the fraud department again.

Good call--the charges, 3 in all, originated in Great Britain! The guy immediately canceled that card number, re-issuing cards with new numbers that we should receive in a week to ten days. Wow. We don't know how that credit card number was obtained, but sure glad the fraud department is watching. It's kind of creepy, and of course we'll be watching our other accounts.

While Dan was golfing, I got things organized and packed to go to the lake tomorrow night after work. I'll just need to gather the items out of the refrigerator (I cleaned and cut veggies and fruit) and add the "daily" things to my bag, then load the car and be on our way.

I was out on the balcony tending the flowers when he got back. I got so hot out there I was dripping. Attractive.

So when I finished, I came in and showered again. I finished putzing around and wrote here. I am still so hot; even though the central air is on, I also have a fan blowing my way. Ugh.

Tomorrow I work, but it will be fine, as I have Long Lake to look forward to. I hope that Daniel gets the internet thing figured out up there so I'll be able to post more conveniently.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday 06.21.2009 Father's Day

Daniel got up and went to work while I stretched out and went back to sleep. Ahh. I woke about 9 and got up.

I showered, had breakfast, went to Meijer. Got home and put groceries away then took the van to Jackson. Frank and Amy met me on the south side of town to help me pick up a Technics electric piano!! We didn't have any trouble at all getting it out of the person's house and into the van. Amy rode back to Holt with me while Frank drove her car. We got the instrument out of the van and gave it a good cleaning before bringing it upstairs.

I did food prep while they cleaned it--potato salad, cut up fruit for shortcake. They brought it up and placed it into "my" room and fooled around with it. It's very nice.

Dan got home and we finished putting dinner together. Frank and I went out and cooked on the grill while Dan and Amy did vegetables and set the table. Dinner was yummy.

I cleaned up the kitchen, visited a bit, and Frank and Amy left. Then I went in and played with my new instrument.

It's cool. It's been a long time--maybe 30 years?--since I've looked at music to play it. It took a little, but it started to come back. I want to go to the storage unit and get my music, but I've got other things to do and won't be able to really spend some time with it for several weeks yet.

We've done a couple of loads of laundry this evening, getting ready to go north either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. I'd like to go Tuesday, but we'll see how we do.

We both work tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday 06.20.2009

Daniel got up for work, I was aware he was up, bu that's it. I woke again about 6:20, dozed, listened to the radio, finally got up close to 9.

I had breakfast and tried to catch up on email, making some headway before heading to Jackson for my hair appointment.

I stopped at the credit union on my way, then out to Michigan Center. Snip, snip, buzz, buzz, Lauretta cut of at least an inch in some areas. We are both amazed at how fast this hair is growing. After paying her and scheduling the next appointment, I drove down Frank's street.

He wasn't home, but John (the one in the motorcycle accident a year or so ago) was in the garage. I pulled in.

He liked my new G6. He walked all around it and gushed appropriately. We had a nice visit--he's up and walking and looks real good. He started the next phase of physical therapy last week with the goal of maybe returning to work, with restrictions, at the soonest, in 6 weeks. But he's also got some sort of painful tendon growth or something like plantar fascitis (sp?) on his affected leg that may require surgery. Amber is doing well, though she wasn't there at the time. Her surgeries have gone ok but she's still got some residual problem, also. John and I commiserated: crashes and cancer change bodies forever.

It was good to see him. I left, made a couple of other stops, and headed home.

I needed to eat, so I did. Daniel came in; he had said previously that he was able to have his "big" meal there at the casino, so he would have a sandwich or something light at night. Well, that isn't available yet on the weekends, so he was hungry too. Fortunately there was some yummy leftovers in the fridge that he fixed.

Dan went out to "hit golf balls". It was still too warm for me to go out. I did some light housekeeping. When he returned it was about 8:30 or so. We chatted some before he went to bed at 9:00. Hm. Now what?

Since the sun was getting pretty low in the sky, it was cooling off to high 70's. I decided to go out for a bicycle ride.

I strapped on my helmet and rode for what turned out to be just over 1/2 hour, getting in just before dark. It was lovely.

I had a bowl of cereal and wrote here.

Tomorrow is grocery day, and I think Frank and Amy may be coming up.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday 06.19.2009

I felt almost rested today, even after the interrupted sleep. I got up and got ready for work.

Daniel got up a half hour later.

I left in the rain. How nice to not hear the "rain on the tent" of the soft top convertible. The more I drive that G6 the more I like it.

I waited for the shuttle to come around and take us over to the hospital.

We had a busy day again today, and with great co-workers, we got through it. It was finally time to go home.

It wasn't raining for my drive home, though the roads were wet and the skies heavy. The deer were busy feeding over there.

Daniel was home, working on his project. We chatted, catching up on each other's day. He returned to his project; I wrote here.

He's gone off to bed, as he works the next four days. He's off Wed, Thurs, and Friday. We'll be able to go north then, together.

Woo Hoo!

I'm off to bed soon, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday 06.18.2009

A typical (interrupted) sleep night. I listened to the radio between 5 and 7, slept again and got up close to 9. Daniel was already up. He was working on the scheduling project for work and not making much progress.

I had breakfast and got on my computer and tried finding information for him, with minimal success. I took a peek at my email, then went out for a jog.

After showering, I fixed a sandwich and ate before going to our finance appointment.

It was a good appointment; she thinks we'll (both) be able to retire in 10 years. Dan's job will be "the stuffing in the cushion" and turned out to be more of a gift than either one of us realized.

After that appointment, we stopped at Los Tres Amigos for a yummy dinner, then over to Meijer to pick up a couple things I missed yesterday.

Back home, I went outside and tended the flowers on the balcony while Dan went back to his project. I tried again to help him, unsuccessfully, so I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

I've been really hot today, and perspire-y. Yuck. And my upper left quadrant is still uncomfortable.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday 06.17.2009

I was glad to go back to sleep after Daniel got up. I didn't hear much after he got into the bathroom; it was 0620 when the pouring rain woke me. I closed the window--mostly--it didn't appear to be windy--and went back to bed. The radio came on at 0900.

Ugh. Facial pressure again. Into the shower where the warm water helped the sinuses. Tylenol and motrin for general discomfort, and I wanted to feel halfway decent for the appointment with Dr. Williams.

I got there, signed in, and Latia called me back. The scale showed #156.6 today. It's 0.2 pounds above last time, but I didn't recheck with shoes off like I did before. So I guess it's stable. 113/63 84 97.8. Doctor will be right with you. Ok, thanks Latia.

And he was, not more than 5 minutes later.

Dr. Williams was very personable again today, and took his time with me. The bone scan showed "slight increased activity suggestive of minor/early degenerative changes" in both shoulders and both hips. The CT scan showed the soft tissue changes of the left breast, and nothing "new, additional, or significant" that needs anything more than routine post cancer treatment followup.


He brought up the hot flashes, and said the blood work indicates that I am menopausal, and offered that I could switch from the tamoxifen to the aromitase inhibitor Arimidex. He was very patient with me, answering my questions, waiting while I searched for the words to ask him. My brain felt slow, but I was able to communicate what I needed/wanted to, and in the end I agreed that changing over would be ok. He wrote that prescription for me.

Then he asked about the lymphedema.

I told him about the therapy place not having record of a new prescription; he said there's no reason why someone couldn't have continued therapy for a chronic condition. ( !! I was excited to hear that...) He wrote a new prescription for that, too.

He'll see me again in 6 months, after a mammogram in mid November. I made an appointment for December 2 to see him, and for labs to be done on November 20 or something, paid the $10 copay, and left. Half way to the car I remembered that I didn't get a copy of the scan reports, so I went back in. The lady behind the desk said no problem, have a seat, I'll get them for you. And she did. A few minutes later I was back outdoors.

Exhale. Thanks, you all, for going with me.

Next stop, Meijer.

I got the things on my list, taking my time. But I realized I was hungry and ready for lunch. I checked out and headed home.

I unloaded the groceries and had a snack, as Daniel would be home in a couple hours and would be ready to eat, too. So when he called to say he was on his way home, I started dinner.

Daniel got home, we ate, and visited, catching up on each other's days. After I cleaned up the kitchen, Dan was trying to keep his eyes open, but went in to lay on the bed. And he fell asleep, soundly, until I woke him at 10 when I remembered that he needed his evening meds.

Daniel is off tomorrow and will be able to go to the financial planning appointment in the afternoon with me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday 06.16.2009

I got up this morning and got ready for work. I did feel like I slept a more "restful" sleep during my intervals.

Dan got up at 5; I took tylenol/motrin with breakfast before leaving this morning. I was uncomfortable and didn't want to fight it today.

An uneventful drive, thank you God, and I shuttle over and clock in.

We had a very busy day, not only physically, but with challenging, situational, family dynamics to deal with. I have truly remarkable co-workers, and as a team we got through the day.

I, for one, was sure glad to see the next shift come in.

I clocked out and had a bite to eat before heading back home.

I think I saw the back half of a deer jumping across the highway fence into the vegetation and disappearing. Or maybe not. I got home safely, none the less.

Daniel was home; we chatted and before long he drifted off to bed.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. Williams to get the results of the scans that were done a few weeks ago. I will say that even though I'm pretty sure that if there were any concerns I would have been called to come in sooner, I recognized a bit of anxiety. I also plan to grocery shop and do food prep sometime during the next two days that I have off.

I'm off to bed. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday 06.15.2009

I didn't hardly sleep last night. Funny thing was that when I was hot, Daniel was covered, and when I was cool and reaching for the blankets, he was uncovered. Anyway, I got up when the radio came on at 0425.

I was enjoying breakfast when Dan got up. We had a few minutes together before I had to leave. I have to say, it's kind of nice to see him in the morning.

An uneventful drive down, thank you God, and on into the hospital.

We had an oddly busy day today; it could have been ugly if my co-workers weren't so awesome.

It was finally time to leave. I got out to the car and put the top down until I got to the expressway. Yup. I like it.

Uneventful drive home, thank You again, and Daniel was home, too. We went over a project he was doing for his work, chatted a bit, and I wrote here.

I'm pretty tired. I haven't had any tylenol/motrin today, though I sure wanted to more than a couple times. Shoulder, neck, breast... Sometimes I just take a break from it to clear the system, even though I don't use it "round the clock". I'll see how I do tomorrow.

It's another workday for each of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday 06.14.2009 Flag Day

One of the times I was awake during the night, of course I looked outside. The mirror-quiet lake with the reflection of the moon. Totally awesome. That, and the nightsounds, is one of the things the lake is to me.

When I woke to start the day, it was about 8:30. Still no breeze; there were boats on the lake, fishing. Lovely.

I got up and started getting things ready to go home.

I had breakfasted, changed the linens on the bed, and vacuumed throughout, just getting ready to go out to the garage to finish the boat project when, knock, knock. Tom G.

We visited a bit, then went out to the garage while I finished putting things away in the boat, as well as applying a water-repellent product (like Rain-X) to the glass. Finally finished! If I may say so myself, it looks reeeaaal good. I swept out the garage again. I tipped the paddleboat over and brought the oars into the garage.

Now, back to finishing the inside.

Cleaned the kitchen, made my lunch to take with me, packed the food, loaded the car. I hate leaving, especially when the weather is so nice, though thunder is rumbling and the wind is picking up. It's going to rain somewhere...

First stop, Goodwin Cottage. I said goodbye to Tom. Don, and Anne. After a brief visit I went on to see Keith and Mary McKinstry (KS's parents). They were doing well; I stayed about 20 minutes or so, finally getting on the road just after 4 pm.

I had a good drive home. I didn't get into rain, really, just a few glops on the windshield, and in the Standish area the roads were wet. I got home without incident, thank you God, shortly after 7.

Daniel had gotten home from his weekend event about 5:30, so he was unpacked and settled in. He helped me carry my things in (he's a good man) and we talked pretty much the rest of the evening.

I've done 2 loads of laundry tonight. Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday 06.013.2009

Sleeping at intervals, waking to the unfamiliarly familiar noises here. The leaves in the trees rustle with the lake a mirror, and sometimes a splash, as well as bats and other nightsounds. What kind of animal is doing that?

I go back to sleep. Next it’s daybreak, with the bird noises. I watch the lake, thank God for this moment, and go back to sleep.

I wake for the day close to 10:00. Now I feel rested.

Putzing around, I have breakfast, and the weekenders are beginning to come out onto the water. Pontoons, jet skis. I decide to go for a ride in the paddleboat before getting into today’s project.

First I had to wipe it out of the dirt, cobwebs, and spiders that had moved in over the winter. That done, I put the cushion in and shoved off. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the water, and the motion of the waves was a bit odd. It came right back to me, though, and soon I found myself relaxing and enjoying the ride.

When I came back in, I had been out about 45 minutes. Lovely.

On to the project.

I went out to the garage and got the speedboat uncovered. Today I cleaned the interior of the boat. I was surprised at how dirty it was, even with it having been covered. I’m sure I cleaned it before putting it away in the fall of 2001. But, from then until now is a long time to be in storage…

I took a couple breaks throughout the afternoon, but finally finished vacuuming and washing and putting Armor All on it. I still have to put the lifejackets away in the side pockets, and polish the glass. It’s looking good, though.

And I’m pretty sore.

Tomorrow I’ll finish the boat project, clean the cabin, visit a couple people, and head home.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday 06.12.2009

I climbed into bed last night. Ahhh. This mattress is very comfortable for me. I slept at the usual intervals. Around daybreak I woke up to birdnoises. I listened, but didn’t hear any loons. I drifted back to sleep.

I woke again about 8. I laid there wondering if I should get up; said prayers of thanks for waking me up today, for putting me in this world.

I contemplated running this morning—it was a cool 50 degrees. I had breakfast after I put the hummingbird feeder out on the front deck.

After trying unsuccessfully to connect the computer to the signal boosting/antenna devices that Daniel had sent with me again, I called him.

He walked me through several different options, all to no avail. Oh Well. I’ve got other things to do….

I looked around at the hundred things I want to do. What to do first?? I decided to spray the exterior perimeter with the bug stuff, as the mosquitoes are swarming up here. That done, I washed my hands and arms of the overspray that came back on me. Yuck.

I swept the front deck to put the “floor” down, a lightweight sturdy woven fabric that attaches with screws into the deck, and swept the cobwebs off the front of the cabin again. I was inside getting things together, when--knock, knock. Tom. Cool.

We chit chatted a few minutes and looked around. He helped me with the floor, got the outdoor furniture out of the front room and placed. He went inside and started trying the computers.

I worked with him a bit, but we were still unable to make a connection happen. I went back outside to put air in the small boat’s trailer tire that had flattened over the winter.

He came out a short while later. We assessed the possibilities of putting the boat in, but came to a halt when we realized that we don’t have the right sized ball for the trailer hitch on his van. Hm. Ok, next project.

He offered to help me put in the rowboat and paddleboat which were both on the other side of the house. We did that without difficulty, and he showed me how to tie a knot, the name of which starts with a “b”—bowman’s, or something. Nonetheless, I did it, and we got the rowboat secured to the dock.

All this, and it’s 2 o’clock. He left to go have lunch.

I fixed my own lunch and took it out on the deck to eat. Hey!! A hummingbird!! Checking out the “new” feeder. Still skittery, it flew by a few times before sticking it’s beak in a port. It flew off.

Since then, there has been at least that one bird, if not others, feeding while I’ve been sitting near it. So cool.

Dan had wondered if maybe a connection had come loose from the antenna that was mounted on the garage roof. I got the ladder out and climbed up. Pretty neat up there, but all connections were secure. When I heard scratchy noises coming from the eavetrough, I found a junebug moving around. I carefully got myself down off the roof and put the ladder away.

After checking the internet connection again, which was still a “no”, but an “ad hoc” network was again located. Dan happened to call; I told him the status, he reviewed what we had done, but had no further suggestions. I loaded up my hardware and went over to the Goodwin Cottage.

I showed Tom what I had found, but we were unable to connect over there, too. It was worth trying. You never know…

I visited over there for a bit, came home about 7. I pulled nails from the walls, then went outside for a bit, enjoying the lake, watching it get dark. The bugs were hovering in clouds, with the occasional fish feeding. The hummingbird was back at the feeder a couple of times. The wind has stopped and the lake is a dark glossy mirror. Beeeeeuuuuuutiful.

I took the computer into Long Lake and got a connection at the Bar, so I’m posting tonight.

Tomorrow I’ll clean the inside of the speedboat.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday 06.11.2009

I wasn't called to go into work this morning, and I went back to sleep for a short while after Daniel got up for work. I got up about 8:30.

It was a drizzly morning, finally raining about 11. Not knowing if I was going to have to go in for the afternoon, I did what I needed to do to get ready to head north. Cleaned the kitchen, started (then emptied) the dishwasher, vacuumed throughout. Had breakfast, made phone calls. Got my bag packed and other items together according to the lists I had been making.

After 3pm, I figured that I wasn't going to get called. Good.

Daniel called saying he'd be home close to 5; I finished getting things together and waited for him to come home.

We had about an hour together, and I left about 6:30.

I had a good drive through more drizzly mist, or misty drizzle, and there was mostly clear skies up ahead. When I came into Hale then Long Lake, the sunset was beautiful over a mirror lake. Yes!!!

I unpacked and settled in.

I found a connection tonight and was happy for it. Tomorrow is predicted to be nice.

Wish you were here....


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday 06.10.2009

I didn't want to get up this morning. But I did.

I got ready for work. Daniel has to get up, too, but I don't know what time. He likes to leave by 0600 but wasn't up yet at 0525, so I woke him. His alarm didn't go off again.

A nice drive down, thank you God. The deer were in the fields...

We had a fairly nice day today, though my afternoon got pretty busy. I finished up and clocked out.

A gloomy drive home--looking like rain off to the west--and a deer feeding on my side of the fence.

Daniel was home when I got home. We chatted a bit; I had to shower. I was sooo hot today. I'm currently sitting on the sofa with the air conditioning running and a fan on me. What??? you say. Yup. And I'm still uncomfortably warm.

I'm hoping to be on call at least part of the day tomorrow. If so, I want to get somewhat ready to go to the lake; if I get called in, I'll come home, pack the cooler and the car and go so I can wake up there Friday morning. If I don't get called in at all, I'll be able to leave maybe shortly after Dan gets home at 5 ish. And, if I do work all day, I'll just have to go Friday morning as originally planned.

I noticed that the pesky left breast is very full with a pinkish cast over the surgical site. I'll try a different group of exercises that Ike sent me home with. I don't have time in my schedule to see her for a couple of weeks yet.

I'm off to bed soon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday 06.09.2009

This morning Daniel got up and left for work. I only heard the water in the sink. Next I knew, it was 8:30. I listened to the radio a little before getting up.

I had breakfast, looked at my list, picked through email, went out for a jog. Showered, lunch. Phone calls. Dave from the body shop called to tell me the Sebring was ready for me to pick up.

I walked over there thinking I would stop at the pharmacy and Meijer. As we talked about the car, they decided they would send it back to check the alignment. I walked back home and got the Pontiac.

By now it was 3 o'clock, and busy in the store. Yuck. I got the items on the list, but forgot to get a raincheck when checking out. Oh well. The lines were so long at the main entrance that I went around to a different area. I don't like busy stores.

On to the pharmacy, which was busy also, but I was next to pick up prescriptions.

Back home I put groceries away and got dinner started. Daniel came home just a few minutes later.

Dinner was yummy, and he went out to hit golf balls. I was surprised when he came back a short while later, saying he was just too tired to really practice.

I went over to the storage unit to pick up a couple things I wanted at the lake. When I got back, Dan was having a hard time keeping his eyes open; he went to bed about 9.

I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday, and I'll be going to bed soon.

My breast has been sore today, as has the shoulder. I finally took tylenol/motrin just before supper. It sure helps.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday 06.08.2009

I slept pretty good, overall. I heard Dan say something like "it's cold in here", and I remember being uncovered myself and thinking "it is?" I think that's when he got up. I heard him rustling around, and the next thing I remember is that it was 0630 ish. He said he leaves by 0600; I was disappointed that I missed seeing him off.

I dozed a couple more times before hearing the radio. It was 9:00--I had to get up for my massage appointment at 10:00.

I got to Leah's and she did a marvelous job. She focused on the left upper quadrant of my body, working with the lymph fluid that has collected. It's not all gone, but she did move a lot of it. Even though the breast is still uncomfortable, I do feel a little better in my neck.

Back at home, I ended up doing several loads of laundry, started supper, tried to read emails. I kept trying to fall asleep. I walked around the complex a couple different times, made a few phone calls. We had a doozy of a rainstorm pass through this afternoon. Heavy rain and strong wind. It rained sideways for a time, and visibility was such that I could hardly see the building across the way.

Daniel got home; we finished supper and ate.

The rest of the evening has been quiet. The hummingbirds have been feeding tonight.

Tomorrow is unplanned, sort of. Some housekeeping, and exercise.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday 06.07.2009

I slept fair, a short night. I could have easily gone back to sleep this morning...but I got up instead and got ready for work.

A good drive down; at one point on the highway, near Leslie, the road goes downhill then uphill, kind of like a huge U shape. As it was daylight now, I could see that up there in the road there were... animals? crossing the road. Deer. Two crossed from the southbound shoulder into the median and across the northbound lanes and off the shoulder again. And one came from the northbound shoulder, across the highway, median, and northbound lanes, and off the shoulder. Of course I slowed down, and by the time I got there they were not to be seen. There were no other vehicles on that stretch this morning.

We had a great workday today. Good co-workers, good patients.

On the way home, in the same area, another deer crossed the highway. There was one other vehicle way ahead of me who didn't seem to slow down (although from where I was it seemed that you could have seen the creature) and I thought there would be a collision. Nope. The vehicle swerved and the deer kept sauntering on it's way, into the median then across the southbound lanes. Kind of creepy.

I made it home without incident, thank you God. Dan and I visited a bit, I wrote here, and I'm about ready for bed.

Tomorrow morning is massage. I'm looking forward to it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday 06.06.2009

Today is the first day of being one full year out of treatment. My last radiation treatment was June 5, 2008, and this past year has been filled with recovery and introspect. I'll never be the person I was B.C. (before cancer), but none of us are the same as we were yesterday. Change is inevitible; the awarenesses I've experienced have been gifts that I strive to share every day. A kind word, a hug, or listening, or even just a look. Kindness, I think, is foremost.

I worked today. I slept fairly well last night after going to bed, and this morning I took a sudafed along with the tylenol and motrin before leaving for work. I couldn't be sneezing and dripping while working with the patients. And it worked. I didn't need to use any more sudafed today, though I did have another dose of the tylenol/motrin later this afternoon.

We had a good workday with wonderful patients. We ended up moving staff around between the units as the census shifted, but it was still ok.

Dan had wanted to get groceries together after golfing in Jackson this afternoon, but he wasn't done when I left the hospital, so I went by myself. It worked out--he was home just minutes before me, helped unload, then we took the Sebring back to the repair shop for an adjustment on the door.

That's about it. It's raining some now.

I'm ready for bed, it's after 10.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday 06.05.2009

I slept pretty good again last night. I was just a little stiff/sore across the shoulders, but I expected that. A very warm shower and my exercises helped.

Clear blue skies again today, temps in the low 40's last night. Just a light breeze on the water.

I had breakfast and picked away at getting the cabin cleaned so I could leave.

And then I started sneezing. And sneezing, and my nose was dripping like crazy. What was this?? The longer it happened the more annoyed I got. And I was sneezing like every 10-15 minutes.

Toma and Kathy were out in their boat and I saw them approach my dock. I went out. We chit-chatted, and we watched a bald eagle soaring way up there. So cool. KS came back in the van shortly. I dug around in my bags and found a claritin and took it.

We went into Hale, taking my trash to the "transfer station" and we each picked up a couple of things at the grocery store. Back at the lake, we sat down on the dock in the sun. Lovely.

My nose wasn't getting much better. I got the house cleaned, the car loaded, and stopped at the Goodwin's to say goodbye. KS had a motrin/sudafed combination pill that I took. I hugged everyone and was on the road at 4:05 pm.

Traffic was light to medium going south, medium to heavy northbound. I got home without difficulties at 6:55. And the Pontiac G6 showed that it got 27.9 mpg. That's better than the Sebring at 25-26.

Daniel was home; it was good to see him. He helped me unload.

My nose had eased up some, but I started sneezing and dripping again. I took another sudafed with the idea that I was going to write here then go to bed. No such luck--I couldn't get online at home, either. I passed the computer over to "tech support Dan" and I ended up laying on the sofa with a pillow at the back of my neck, snoozing for an hour or so. When I woke it was 9:30 and Dan had gone to bed. The computer was "active"--I don't know what the problem was, but I'm glad he fixed it.

Tomorrow I work, he's golfing. I hope my head clears up soon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday 06.04.2009

What a glorious day! I slept as good as I do, heard the loons calling this morning, briefly. I listened to the radio for a short bit and dozed off to sleep again. I was surprised when I got out of bed, wandered around a minute, and saw that it was 10 AM!!

The sky was clear, sunshine, the lake mirror. Absolutely Beautiful. Warming, but still cool with frost on the windshields. I got myself ready for the day, breakfasted, baked some muffins to warm up the house a little, cut up fruits, made coffee.

I wanted to walk down to the Goodwin Cottage to visit before getting started on my projects for the day. I looked over there—Ann was getting on the paddleboat. I went in and used the restroom, picked up my water and looked out again. She was coming my way. I went down on the dock to greet her. I came back up, got a boat cushion, and we paddled around and back over to her dock (which is right next door).

We had a nice visit. Tom took Kathy and me back to my place via his boat. So pleasant on the quiet water.

On with my project.

I pulled the speedboat out of the garage as far as the cement apron would allow, hooked up the hose, and got started. I washed and waxed the outside of it, which took me all afternoon. But I got it done. And swept the garage out, pushed the boat back in, swept the outside of the garage (cobwebs and bugs and such), swept the back of the house off, picked up after myself.

It was seven pm when I came in for my supper. I heated up a meal that I had brought from home and enjoyed that after I washed up. I gathered a flashlight, warm jacket, and a water, and headed down to the Goodwin Cottage.

Little did I know that they had called to tell me they were having a fire. Perfect. My phone connection is intermittent and unpredictable here.

We enjoyed the fire and the company. Shortly after nightfall, the bats started coming from Anne’s roof. We shone the flashlights there to see just where they were coming from. I guess Don and Tom are going to Great Foam the gaps in the near future.

It was time for me to head home. Kathy Sue and I walked along, listening to the very loud frog noises. She walked me halfway. The moon was bright so it wasn’t real dark.

When I got in, I went down on the dock with the flashlight. Lots of fish swimming around in there; I saw smaller ones, but the bigger ones were jumping and feeding.

The rest of the evening I had a snack and wrote here.

Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’m going to do. The weather is predicted to be low 70’s and just as beautiful. We’ll see. I have to go home tomorrow evening, too.

My shoulders are pretty sore, but I expected that. Tylenol and motrin are my friends.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday 06.03.2009

What a day! I feel like I slept hard from about 12:30 to 3:30 ish, then dozed until Daniel got up about 5. I thought sure I would get another “quality” bit of sleep after he left at 6, but my mind was busy thinking of the things do and in what order to do them. I got up at 0620.

I started getting things together, checking the lists I had made. After breakfast, I did a quick glance at the email before turning off the computer and packing it. The sun was shining in a beautiful blue sky—I decided that it was important to me to take care of my physical fitness and got ready for a jog.

Lovely. I had a nice jog, met and visited with a neighbor as I was cooling down by our building, then came in and showered.

Now I can finish getting ready to go.

Packed, loaded, hungry again. I made a sandwich to eat on the road, fixed a coffee to go, and I was off. 11:20. First stop Meijer.

I made the exchange I needed to do, picked up a couple of items to bring with me, and was on my way.

Now, there’s construction in Lansing. (Isn’t there construction all over??) I used the GPS thing to guide me around and get me to the highway. I had some idea of where I was going, but not enough to get there myself. Anyway, I think the thing took me the long way. It was a half hour to get through town.

Finally on the expressway at 12:30.

Driving was good, and I arrived at the Jacque Cabin about 3:30 pm. It was sunny, breezy, and high 50’s. I was just getting the last thing out of the car when Tom and Kathy Sue pulled in.

We looked the car over (I had the Pontiac G6), then went inside to check Daniel’s internet antenna project.

We couldn’t get it to work, unfortunately. Daniel will have to get us fixed up himself.

We visited a bit. I washed the wall where the curtains were from and KS helped me put the living room curtains back up that I had laundered. Much better.

They left. I fixed my supper, and as I was just finishing, KS was back by herself. We had a nice walk and talk, then she went on back to the Goodwin Cottage.

I wrote here.

The lake is quieting down, turning into mirror. The moon is coming into full and will be very bright tonight. It’s also predicted to be cold; mid 30’s.

Tomorrow I plan to clean and wax the speedboat. Beyond that, I don’t know.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday 06.02.2009

I woke feeling almost rested, getting up when the alarm came on and getting myself ready for work. Dan had gotten up before I left; that's kind of nice.

I drove the Sebring down today. It felt familiar, though I'm still not sure which vehicle I prefer. Probably the Pontiac, as the hard top and the lumbar support on the driver's seat rate pretty high. Anyway, as I got down the road I noticed the fuel was low. Shoot. I stopped at Mason Meijer and filled up. $2.74. Geesh. On my way.

A safe drive, thank you God, the shuttle in the lot, thanks again, clocked in, and another busy day. Finally time to go home. I'm more tired than I though I would be. Oh Well.

Driving home was pleasant, the sun low on the horizon so it was behind the trees. Traffic was light. On a straight stretch of road, coming across the southbound lanes, was a deer. It went into the median, and I had plenty of time to slow down. No one was behind me, but I put my emergency flashers on anyway. I about had to stop, as the animal continued sauntering into the northbound lanes, then turning and coming towards me several steps before heading onto the shoulder and beyond. Thank you God for letting me see that and having no other vehicles there at that moment.

I continued on my way and made it home.

Daniel was there waiting for me. We visited, watered the plants on the balcony, I had a light snack. It wasn't long before Daniel went off to bed. I wrote here.

Tomorrow I'll be getting ready for 3 days at the lake, the first "3-day stretch" of the summer, I hope. Tonight the gas prices had jumped to $2.88. If prices keep climbing, I may reconsider going up as frequently as I had hoped.

I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday 06.01.2009

I slept quick last night, interrupted, of course. When the radio came on I was...sleeping.

I got up and got ready; Daniel got up a half hour after I did. It's new to have him awake and moving around when I am, so early in the morning. But nice, so far.

A safe drive, thank you God, and I walked over to the hospital to put in a fairly busy 12 hours. It was finally time to go home.

Another safe drive home, thank you God, and Daniel was home, too. He had walked over to the body shop and brought the Sebring home and put it in the outer garage. I'm so tired I didn't go out and look at it. He says it looks real nice.

I've been really hot today with not many "cool" periods. And my shoulder has been annoying, too.

I'm not staying up much longer; tomorrow is another work day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.