Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday 05.31.2009

The last day of May already.

Silly me--I thought I would sleep last night. Not!! I tossed and turned until after 1 o'clock, and got up after a non-refreshing nap. I made it, though, to work this morning. I only did routine morning stuff then clocked out at 0900. It was good to be back home.

Daniel was just leaving for golf. I changed clothes and laid back down on the bed. I ended up with a short nap, getting back up after an hour.

I had something to eat, put dinner in the crockpot and talked to Jeremy for a bit. He sounded good, we had a nice chat.

After that, I rode my bicycle over to the library. Surprisingly, it wasn't any more time to ride than to drive. And it was a beautiful afternoon.

Back at home, I added potatoes (I cut them up and microwaved them first to precook a little bit) to the crockpot, then went outdoors and planted the flat of flowers I got yesterday. I decided that I was going to put some in the landscaping around the building here, in my line of vision from our window. I get so much enjoyment just looking at the plants--I think I'm a bit daff. Anyway, they're in, and I like it.

I've been gathering things to take to the lake when I go Wednesday, and got most everything done on my list. I'll be able to finish the last couple of items without difficulty.

Daniel got back, dinner was yummy, and the rest of the evening was kind of laid back.

Tomorrow is a workday for both of us.

I've had my tylenol/motrin to go to bed with. You know, same discomforts.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday 05.30.2009

Hey!! I slept last night!! The tylenol/motrin/fatigue combination worked. I went to bed shortly after 10, Daniel came in sometime after 11. I may have woke up enough to reposition, cool off, cover up, but I remember waking about 5am. 5 AM!!! I got up for a biological break then went back to sleep. Dan got up 7:30 ish, and I was surprised when I woke at 9:40. Whew. Finally.

Dan went out to do errands, I got up and had breakfast. After a while I went out for a jog. When I got back in and cooled off, I showered.

I had a "first" in the shower.

My showering habit is 20 to 30 minutes. As I was almost ready to turn the water off, it felt like the water was getting hot. Huh? Why is the water getting hotter--when, if anything, it might be getting colder. Oh....I get it. A hot flash in the shower. I didn't want to turn the water temp cooler because my legs and feet are cool anyway, so I just stepped back out of the water for a few minutes. When I was feeling cooler, I rinsed off again and turned the water off. Sheesh.

I had a nice lunch then took myself out grocery shopping.

Dan was home by the time I got back, and he helped me with the groceries.

He was down checking the tires on the Pontiac to see if they were low. They were, and he aired them up.

The rest of the evening was quiet.

I felt pretty good today, thank you God. A couple more motrin and tylenol and I hope to sleep again tonight. The girls from work called looking for help tomorrow--I told them I would come in for just a few hours in the morning to help get the day started. That allows me to help them out, but to take care of myself, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday 05.29.2009

I woke to the radio--ugh. Out of bed.

I got ready for work and headed out in the new-to-us car. It rides real nice, the seat fits me nice, and I got to Jackson safely, thank you God.

We had a nice work day--busy in the morning, but better in the afternoon. Labor and Delivery was busy all day; of course that will trickle over to us after the girls deliver, probably sometime during the night.

Clocked out, driving home. One of the display features on this car is the projected miles for the amount of fuel left in the tank. It showed 67 miles when I left for home, and since "home" is approximately 30 miles, I thought I would get gas in Lansing, as it's often times lower priced.

Ha. I was just north of Leslie and the fuel gauge binged. Huh? What do you mean "low fuel"?? It wouldn't display how many miles projected to be left in the tank, so, not knowing how accurate that whole system is, I hoped I made it the three or four miles to the Mason Meijer.

I did, but WHAT IS WITH THE GAS PRICES???? Holy dogs. $2.75. This whole gas price increasing like it does is nonsense. $40 to fill the car.

The manual shows that the gas tank is 16.3 gallons, and I put 14+ in it. So I did have about 60 miles or so left in the tank. Now I know.

At home, Daniel was doing stuff on the computer for his J.O.B. He found out he'll be starting on first shift, 0700 - 3:30.

I wrote here, trying to wind down. I'm really tired, hoping that the tylenol/motrin will let me sleep restfully, as well as take care of the discomfort in that left breast and shoulder.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday 05.28.2009

This morning I got up and ready for work after a night that seemed too long during the several periods of wakefulness and too short when I finally did sleep.

I drove to Jackson in the new-to-us Pontiac G6. What a nice car. It was the first time I had driven it, so I was adjusting the seat and mirrors (fine-tuning) and checking out the displays for most of the way there. It was a nice drive, thank you God.

The shuttle pulled in shortly after I did. Celeste, the driver, looked, and when I got on the bus she mentioned the nice car, and you gave up your convertible?? "Oh, no, this one is a hard-top convertible," I said. "Even better," she said.

There were a couple other riders and we chatted on the ride over to the hospital. Thanks for the ride...

The day went well with a good group of co-workers, and a group of very nice patients. (and family members) It seemed like aaallllll daaaayyyyyy, and finally the night shift arrived.

When I got home Daniel was home. He was excited about his job. Today was a Human Resource Day--you know, forms, orientation type stuff, insurances, forms, blah blah. It was nice to see him enthusiastic. He goes in tomorrow at 0800.

We chatted, I wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday 05.27.2009 Testing, Testing...

I was surprised that I didn't sleep very well. I was awake when the alarm came on at 0630. Time to get up....

I got ready to go. Daniel was still in bed. He offered to go with me, but I could tell by the way he spoke that he really didn't want to. I knew that it would be a long appointment; I wouldn't be having any drugs that would make me unable to drive, and he doesn't do well waiting. I told him I could go by myself, thanks for offering. Off I went.

I got there and checked in, she made a copy of my driver's license. I'm not sure what I think about that. There are enough of our "numbers" out there in our files without adding another. Anyway, I waited until about 8:25 before being called back.

The girl who opened "the door" was using some kind of assistive device that I had not seen before. A three-wheeled, almost tricycle like, handlebars and hand brakes, and along the horizontal bar was a padded cushion. She had a "walking boot" on her right knee to foot, and rode the thing with her knee and shin on the cushion, holding the handlebars, pushing like a skateboard. It was kind of neat, but I'm sure it was a challenge during the workday. It did have a basket on the handlebars and the ability to lock the brakes.

Her name was Lisa, and she was going to put my needle in, inject the radioisotope (MBD technecium?), and do my bone scan at noon.

She told me she had broken her foot 11 weeks ago, that this is what she's got for the healing process. She gets rechecked in two weeks to see if it's healing or needs surgery.

In the meantime, she did a good job putting the IV needle in. First poke in the right antecubital (inner elbow). She taped it with the plastic tape, then the clear 4 x 3 dressing, injected the isotope, flushed the needle, gave me a bottle of Mixed Berry barium stuff to drink, and led me to the waiting area. Thank you Lisa, see you later.

I sat in the waiting area looking at magazines, people watching, trying not to hear their conversations, drinking the stuff. 0930, the first bottle done, I went to the window for the second bottle. It doesn't taste real bad, but not all that yummy, either, and by the second bottle it's losing it's appeal. I got it in by 10:30 when a very pregnant girt called me through "the door" for the CT scan of chest, abdomen and pelvis.

I forgot her name, Darby or something. She was very nice. She asked if I needed to use the restroom, as we were going past it. I did, then she led me to the CT room. Forms, questions: surgeries? New answer for me--yes; mastectomy or lumpectomy?--lump and nodes; chemo? radiation? Ohmygosh. This is my new normal. Even when well we can't get away from the C word, put it behind us. Breathe.

She had me lie on the table that goes through the circle. I kind of remembered the machine, although the one I had in November of 2007 was at a different facility. She hooked up the iodine solution to my iv site, put a bolster under my knees, told me to follow the directions when the machine tells me, and she went wherever she goes. I heard her say we were starting and the table slid into the circle. Whirs and clicks and hums and I slowly move through the thing from sternum to pelvis. After a pause of several minutes, the table moves and repositions at the sternum again. I think I went through 4 times. On the third time I heard her voice say she was injecting the solution now. I looked up and saw the cylinder and watched as it pushed the 100 ml of stuff through within 30 seconds or so. I could taste something, though I can't describe what it tasted like. And I could feel within my body as it circulated--it dilates the vessels so it feels "warm"--within seconds. That sensation only lasted a few minutes, and the table was moving through, taking another series of pictures. I think it went through once more, then we were done.

Darby (?) came back in, unhooked my iv, flushed it, took the bolster from under my knees, and directed me to the waiting room.

I could drink something now, and I went out into the main hallway looking for the coffee shop. I found it and got a 12 ounce brew. I took it outdoors and sat on one of the benches out there. It was humid and still, high 70's, the air fragrant with lilac and other spring smells. I enjoyed my coffee, saying a prayer of thanks.

I stayed outdoors until about 11:30 or so. The bone scan was scheduled for 12 noon, but I didn't want to miss my turn if it turned out to be early. I put in my earphones and listened to some soothing praise music.

Just as the last of that music played, I was turning off my device, and Lisa came to "the door" and called me back.

She offered the restroom as we went by, and I took advantage of it. We then went into a larger room with a different kind of machine, different than the bone scan machine that I had had in November at Ingham. Anyway, I got up on the table, she said it would take about 50 minutes. First thing she did was take out my needle. Thanks, that's been aching since it was inserted. She was very careful to not let any blood get anywhere, probably because of the isotopes in me. The tapes took off a thin layer of skin in just that short time. (I had forgotten about that) She attached arm rests to the table, then asked if I needed a blanket--I told her not right now, thank you, but I might at some point. She laughed and said no problem. She dimmed the lights and said we were starting. Ok, thanks.

There wasn't much noise. The plate of the machine hovered about a foot above my head, with the crosshairs lined up at the very top of my head. It started moving in small increments every few seconds. I closed my eyes.

I might have dozed off, as I remember jerking and thinking my left shoulder hurt and I can't move. I raised my head a little to see that the plate was over my feet, so I thought I was about done.

Lisa came in a few minutes later, saying we were halfway done. Oh. She offered me the blanket again, which I accepted this time. She covered me up as she explained that the plate thing would now move below the table and scan from the backside through. Oh. Thanks. She went out again saying we were starting.

I know I dozed out this time, as it seemed only about 5 minutes or so. I heard her come back in; my shoulder was aching and I was hot. "Done," she said. "Thanks," I said. Good. She took the blanket off and I got off of the table. Whew. That was a long day. It was 1:05. I stopped in the bathroom again on the way out.

Out in the van, I called Daniel to let him know I was done and on my way home.

I stopped in to check on the Sebring--it was in the paint booth. They've found more damage, like a transmission mount, I think that's what he said, and that part came in today. The paint guy came out and said he "took care of the stone chips" on the hood, as well as the minor damage that was done there. The owner, Dave, said that it might be done Friday. Ok, thanks.

At home, Daniel wasn't feeling too good, sore and tired. He had done our laundry, and I was surprised that he went in and laid down shortly after I got home.

I fixed myself something to eat and had a quiet afternoon. Daniel didn't wake up until almost 5, but felt better when he got up.

The rest of the evening was quiet, watching the rains come and go, and the hummingbirds inbetween showers.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, and Daniel's first workday.

Thank you for your energies, for being there with me today. I'm surprised at the feelings that were brought up today.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 05.26.2009 Long Lake

We woke to overcast skies and wind, temps at 50 but windchill was 40's. Daniel was out mounting the omni-directional antenna for the internet. I chose to have breakfast.

He came in smiling, so I guessed all went well. Neither one of us remembered to bring a laptop, though, so we couldn't test it. Next trip.

We each did the things we wanted to accomplish this trip: he put in the window air conditioner, opened the awning out front, he (mostly) and I put the dock in, I raked and burned the leaves where the dock was, I pulled grass and weeds from the seawall rocks, generally tidied up again. He sprayed the interior and exterior perimeters with bug spray. By 3:30 we were done and ready to leave.

3:45--Big Bob's for food. I had the lasagna special, Daniel a wet burrito. We shared a piece of some kind of strawberry cream pie that looked better than it was. It was good, but not great. Anyway, back on the road, and finally home about 7:20 pm. Ahhhh.

We unloaded in one trip, I unpacked, and got in the shower. Isn't it funny how leaf smoke makes you feel yucky??

Much better.

The rest of the evening I tried to catch up here.

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the scanning place at 0800 for the first injection for the Bone Scan, then I drink the stuff for the CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Positive thoughts for negative scans!!!

Sorry I couldn't post last night.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday 05.25.2009 Memorial Day

It was nice to sleep in on a "work day". I wasn't scheduled until afternoons, 2:30 pm to 11 pm, but still a workday. I called them about 11 am to see if I needed to come in--they didn't, so I was "on-call". Cool.

I got myself ready and went out for a jog. It was lovely outdoors.

When I got back, Breon and Nick were there. We visited while I cooled off, then I showered.

Bre, Nick, and myself went up to the pool; Dan stayed home.

I came back first, and Dan and I got supper ready. He cooked out on the grill while I got the table set, beverages and vegetables together.

We enjoyed our meal, then the three of them watched some kind of "action-suspense-murder" garbage. I don't like it, won't watch it, and don't want to listen to it. I went into "my" room, did some stuff on the computer, did some paperwork. I was kind of bummed to not be spending that time with them.

After a while, a knock on the door. The "young 'ens" were leaving. Hugs and kisses, see you some time.

I finished cleaning up the kitchen and Dan asked if I was going to go in to work. "I don't know, I'm on call till 11 pm." It was about 7:05 pm. I called to see what was going on there.

They were doing fine, with no need to call me in at this time. So, unless at least 3 women delivered within the next hour, I wouldn't be coming in. Hm. Ok.

When I told Dan, he asked if I wanted to run the boat up to The Lake. Hmmm. I figured that by the time we went to Grass Lake to pick up the boat, by the time we were an hour north of the hospital, it would be 9-ish; we could always drop me at the hospital if I get called in.

Ok, let me put a bag together.

I grabbed pj's, change of clothes, got a small cooler and Dan put a few things in for breakfast and snacks; he loaded the van, and we were on the road at 7:18 pm. Wow, that was fast.

We got over to the storage unit in Grass Lake, hooked up the boat, checked lights, headed north.

We had an uneventful drive, thank you God, I didn't get called to work, and we pulled in to the Jacque Cabin around midnight.

It was cool there, mid-40's or so. We turned on the electric blanket, snuggled up, and liked it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday 05.24.2009

Dan was fussing this morning about the lawn sprinklers coming on at 0400, waking him up. Oh?? I didn't hear it. I was finally sound asleep. I did hear the birds though, and enjoy listening to them while I doze again. I was surprised when I woke and it was 10:50. Time to get up!!

I breakfasted and realized that I felt much better today, finally rested.

Dan went outside, vacuuming and polishing the vehicles. I helped him get my bicycle off the storage hooks; we put the compressor on the tires and aired them up, then I washed off the few years' worth of storage dirt, lubricated moving parts, snapped on my helmet, and went for a test ride. Yup--I can still ride. And it was really nice.

We got Breon's bike down and aired up her tires, too, so it will be ready for her to ride. They are planning to visit us tomorrow.

We were done, and while we were washing up, a friend of Dan's called. He went out to see a movie. I prepared potato salad for tomorrow, then went to CVS and picked up my prescription, then over to the storage unit. I brought home items to take to the lake, and also a photo that was requested.

Dan got home when I did, and he made supper for us.

The rest of the evening was quiet.

I'm scheduled to work tomorrow 2:30 pm to 11 pm. Different, but should be ok.

Thank you to all who have served in the Military defending us.

And thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday 05.23.2009

I slept hard, when I slept, but when I woke about 8 I didn't feel rested. I listened to the radio a bit, then Dan came in and we chatted a bit. He got ready to leave to golf. I ended up dozing just a bit longer.

When I did get up I felt kind of punky. It took a few hours until I realized that it was sinus pressure/discomfort. I took a claritin, tylenol and motrin. Daniel called to say he was on the way home--I was surprised that he was done already--and I got in the shower.

I was dressed and thinking about a bite to eat when the phone rang again. It was Polly, wondering if we were home. She and Jim were nearby. Sure, come on over....

Dan came in just a few minutes before they arrived. We had a nice visit, then they drove us over to Charlotte to pick up the Pontiac.

Wow. What a pretty car.

It had been cleaned, and looked better. Not cleaned well, but cleaned. Better than it was.

We got in, adjusted our seats, and put the top down. Wow. Even though it wasn't wonderfully clean, it's nice. Comfortable.

We drove down to the Big Boy in Charlotte and enjoyed food and conversation there.

When we were leaving, Polly sat in the G6 to see how it fit her. It did.

We went our separate ways--thank you, Polly and Jim for a nice afternoon--and Dan drove us home. Nice ride--smooth, stable, and surprisingly quiet even with the top down on the expressway. We'll have to look in the manual to see how all the doo dads function.

At home, we climbed in and out of it, checked out the back seat, trunk, looked it over. Wow. What a pretty car.
Dan has been reading the manual, finding tidbits.

No plans for tomorrow that I'm aware of. I'm still feeling kind of tired. Maybe I'll be able to catch up tonight.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday 05.22.2009

Ugh. Time to get up. Seems I just got to sleep...

I get ready, go out to the kitchen. Daniel gets up around 5; he's golfing somewhere this morning. I'm eating my breakfast when he comes out and fixes his. Time for me to go.

On the way down it was quite light. I had seen a few deer out grazing, some in not so far distance, some near the fence by the highway. Then one bounded across the highway about two car lengths in front of me. As it went into the foliage I had the thought of "Uh oh, I'm not watching for 'more than one' ". I looked where that one had come from (of course I'm already into that space by now) and was relieved to not see any more trailing behind it. Whew. Thank you God.

Interestingly, several of the other girls mentioned seeing deer out this morning. No one hit any.

We had another busy day with a good group of co-workers.

I had several phone calls today--Daniel had set up with the salesguy at Team One Chevy in Charlotte, the one his friend that he went to high school owns to purchase the 2007 Pontiac G6 convertible. Yup. The white one with light tan/dark brown interior. When all was said and done, the salesguy Sean drove the car down to the hospital so #1) I could see it, and #2) I could sign the paperwork. Yes, it's pretty. And the seat fits me pretty good.

As I looked around the vehicle, it needed a good cleaning/detail job. I commented that it was pretty dirty--he said he had noticed it and agreed with me, saying he would have the guys "clean it up". I hope so.

We did the paperwork sitting on the bench in front of the hospital. It was very lovely outdoors in the shade. It was a nice break from the floor.

He left and I went back to work, passing medications, documenting, etc. It was finally time to leave.

I called Daniel and told him I was on my way home. He asked if I wanted to pick up the car tonight; we could talk about it when I got home. Ok, see you soon.

I called Sean to see if the vehicle had been cleaned. Voice mail. I left a message asking if the car would be detailed inside and out tomorrow, and about what time would we be able to pick it up?? I thanked him for his time, hoping he checked his phone after hours.

When I got home, Daniel was very happy to see me. And as we were talking about the car, my phone rang. Sean.

He said he would call and have the car cleaned up for us and ready about 11. I asked if he had filled the tank for us. He hesitated just a moment, took a deep breath, and said he would mention it to the guys. I thanked him again and ended the call.

Why would you bring a dirty interior to show a customer/buyer?? That was just tacky.

By now it was about 9:30. Daniel had the television on, I wrote here.

I guess we pick up the car tomorrow after Dan plays golf. I'm not sure what he's got planned for sure. No plans for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 05.21.2009

I was sleeping when the radio came on, and I struggled to stay awake long enough to move myself out of the bed. I did, and got ready for the day.

I had a nice drive, thank you God, and the shuttle was there to take us over to the hospital. We had a very busy day--oddly busy--but we did our best. The night shift came in and took over, while we finished up the tidbits of patient care then the documentation that goes along with it.

A nice drive home, thank You again. Daniel is excited--he had a third interview today and starts the 28th (next week) at the new Firestarters Casino in Marshall as a Security Supervisor.

Remember the G6 convertible we looked at yesterday? He found another one that he likes even better on a car lot of a friend. It looks like we'll be replacing one of our vehicles...

I'm pretty tired. Tomorrow is another workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday 05.20.2009 Doctor Day

I was surprised this morning when I kept going back to sleep. I heard the door chimes--I thought Dan was going out. He was coming back in. It was 10:40. Whoa. I have to get up. I felt like I could go back to sleep.

Breakfast, shower. Ready to go. I had a 1:00 with Dr. Williams.

Dan and I got to the building. How strange that I still have to breathe when I get there. We walked up the sidewalk, into the building, then in front of the office door. Geez. Dan reached around me and opened the door. I breathed again, and imagined all of you whose energies have been with me on this journey. Head up--I walked through the door.

Signed in, I took a seat next to Daniel. We chit chatted, trying to pass the time. And it passed. And passed.

We finally got called back about 1:40 by the familiar-looking black girl who I don't know her name.

Step on the scales: 156.4. Holy Do Dahs!!! I've gained 5.6 pounds since January. (can we all groan...)

Back to Room 5. What's-her-name takes my vitals: 104/61, 90, 98.7

She reviewed my meds, then left, saying there was a patient ahead of me, then doctor would be in to see us next. Ok, thanks.

More waiting.

Finally, Doctor Williams comes in.

I stood to greet him, extending my hand, said my name, and introduced Dan.

Doctor seemed like a pleasant man, maybe 6 feet tall, healthy weight, early 60's. Mostly gray hair with some pepper. He told us a little about himself, that he lives in Haslett and also has an office in Owosso that he's at on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and here in Lansing on the other 3 days. Then he started reading through my chart, page by page, asking questions, getting a picture of the last year and a half.

The first thing I asked about was the physical therapy prescription. He flipped through the pages; I saw the one that Dr. Bolmer had written on describing the need for therapy. He then looked on a couple of other pages and found that the prescription had been faxed ON MAY 1st!!! Hm. Ok. (You know I'll be calling Rebound Rehab and follow up on that.) We talked about therapy, that he was going for rotator cuff repair rehab. It turns out he's going to the same place I am. He said he'd hand carry my prescription over when he goes to therapy on Tuesday. **smile** He checked my hands and arms and agreed there was fluid there, and agrees that we should be able to have treatment when and for however long we may need it.

So far, so good. I was liking this guy.

We talked about the hot flashes, that there's not much we can do about them. His comment: "You would have gotten them at some point anyway." Hmph. Wrong thing to say to a hot flashing woman.

We discussed the tamoxifen and effexor. He offered that I could change to an aromatase inhibitor if and when my labs indicate that I'm truly post-menopausal. Something about hormone levels in the blood. Sure, I said. There are different thoughts on treatment, such as the tamoxifen for 5 years, tamoxifen for 2 years then the aromatase inhibitor for 3 years, and for women who were post menopausal when diagnosed, just aromatase inhibitor for 5 years. I figure I've got another 15 months at least with the tamoxifen before making a decision.

Then he asked how I felt about scans. You mean like CT scans?? Yes, he said, for follow ups. I responded that they're non-invasive, painless (other than the IV start), and I have insurance, and early detection is the key to better treatment outcomes. So, yes, scans are good.

He agreed, throwing in something about metastatic lesions. I didn't catch what he said, but I'm not going to have any metastatic lesions.

He wrote the orders for the blood tests and CT of chest, abdomen, and pelvis, and Bone Scan, and we were done.

I was impressed that he took his time to look and read through the chart, and talk with us, not at us. And include us in the decision making process.

As we checked out, I had to wait a few minutes more to get blood drawn. What's-her-name called me again and did that for me. I asked her name. Latea la-tee-ya. We were chit-chatting while the blood was being run in the machine when Phyllis, one of my chemo nurses, came in. She recognized me and smiled, saying how good it is to see patients looking so much better. I thanked her, and again for the good care she gave me during my treatment.

Finally done, I got a copy of the CBC results, and we left. It was about 2:40.

On the way home we passed a car dealership--Buege BuickPontiac something--and there was a pretty white convertible there. What's that?? Dan saw it too, and we turned in.

A 2007 Pontiac G6 hardtop convertible. Hm. We got out and walked around it. Nice. I got in it. Nice... I like the seat, very comfortable for me. Hm. The salesguy came out. Mack was his name. Of course, we talked cars for a while, and on the way home Dan and I talked about the feasability of purchasing that one. I left him at home to explore more on the internet while I went to Jackson for a hair appointment. I snatched a granola bar, apple, and water.

On the way down, the Imaging Center called to set up the scans. Next week Wednesday the 27th, 0800, to start the process. Ok, thanks.

Lauretta did a good job on my hair, and I came back home.

Daniel has done the research on this car. I don't know what will come of it, but we'll see.

Tomorrow is a workday for me, and Daniel has a third interview in Marshall. I've been having some pretty good hot flashes this evening, and of course the shoulder and breast are annoying.

But I'm thankful to be alive and cancer free.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday 05.19.2009

I slept pretty good inbetween intervals. 0425 the radio comes on. Ugh. I got up and went in, the good part being I wasn't staying very long. And that I had a good drive down, thank you, God.

I did morning stuff with our group of patients and had finished when the girl who was following me arrived. I handed off to her, and I clocked out shortly after 9. I finished a couple of loose ends and walked over to the parking lot.

Hm. I was out sooner than I thought I would be. I decided to take advantage of the extra time by going over to Grass lake and picking up the boat fom Brinkman's. (they had called yesterday saying that it was ready)

Kurt helped me get the boat hooked on after I "settled up" for $279.67. That's the best peace of mind I've purchased in a long time. I'm so excited to be able to get the boat in the water this year. Let's hope the gasoline prices stay down so we can actually get to the lake to use it.

I put the boat back in the storage unit (yes, by myself...) and headed back home.

I had a good lunch, then laid down for about 40 minutes before our appointment with the financial planner.

Kathy Colby was running behind in her appointment times, but she took as much time as needed with us. We were there an hour and a half and made another appointment. She's very good at finding the hidden things we haven't given much thought to, explaining the importance of each of them. And patient, too. I'm glad we found her.

On the way home we stopped at Bob Evans for supper, then back home.

Whew. We both decompressed, chatted for a bit, then got online. We watched "Dancing With The Stars"; I wrote here.

Bedtime soon. I feel good about getting "things" taken care of.

Tomorrow is Dr. Williams (taking over for Dr. Bolmer). I hope he's nice.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday 05.18.2009

I slept at intervals, as usual, and when I woke at 0810 I decided to get up. I had breakfast and waited a little for it to digest some, thinking I could go jog and shower before going to Jackson for an 11 o'clock meeting. Soon in was 8:45, and after thinking about the time frame, I decided that I wouldn't be "cooled down" enough to shower and get ready to leave, so I changed my mind. I was still tired, and you know what I did?? I went back to bed. Yep.

Daniel came in to tell me it was twenty-to-ten. Huh?? I was sleeping.

I got up again, and dressed, and just as I was putting on my shoes the phone rang.

It was the body shop about my car.

The adjuster was there and wondered about the towing bill, that it should have been included in the repair cost, but since I paid it, could I bring the receipt over?? Sure, I was just ready to leave....

I got over there and met Trent. Nice guy. Dave, the owner of the shop, had tried to move the car, but since the tire won't straighten out, they were only able to move it on an arc. The front bumper was almost off and the "partial tear-down" gave them a good idea of the amount of damage done. It was found that the clips for the radiator and the air conditioning compressor were broken, too, so those units will need to be replaced. I got the feel that they will do a good job. They both pointed out where the bumper attachment (pins? brackets??) had been previously repaired. What?? Oh, Yes, they said. See here?? This has had front end damage previously. Not major, but repaired. Oh. I told them that it didn't show on the CarFax report we had gotten on it. Regardless, they'll finish the tear-down, get the parts ordered, and get it spiffed up for me. Ok, thanks.

On to Jackson.

I called to let them know I was a few minutes late. As it was, 3 others came in after I did.

After the meeting I stopped at the Secretary of State office to renew boat stickers. 50 minutes and $56 later I was done.

Back home, Daniel was busy on the computer, filling in information for a J.O.B. And while he was doing that, my phone rang again. This time it was Brinkman's, calling about the boat.

Kurt said the boat was ready. Woo Hoo!!! New tires and rims (it was "more cost effective" to replace the rims than to change tires), new winch rope, belts and hoses were good, all systems go. It fired up without difficulty, and he said it was a beautiful boat. Yes, Thank you, I said, "It's always been stored inside." We chatted a bit more; he told me that the lower unit hydrolics were a manufacturing defect. He's torn apart several of these OMC units without success in repairing them. Bummer. He did say he could put the boat back inside the shop until I pick it up Wednesday. Thanks again, Kurt. I appreciate that.

I fixed us something to eat, and ate, then I spot checked email. I was getting things ready for another appointment tomorrow afternoon when work called. Can you help out tomorrow?? Ugh. No, I have appointments. Sorry.

Well, after thinking about it, it really wasn't so bad going in for just a few hours in the morning. And if I did, I could get back home and nap if I needed to before the afternoon appointment. Or exercise. Maybe both...

So I called them back, telling them I would come in just to do the "morning stuff". I'm not staying. No problem, thanks.

I finished up my project while uniforms were in the washer, then dryer, and wrote here. It's now time for bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 05.17.2009

I was awake every hour: I went to bed about 10, restless until 10:45. 11, Dan came in. 12, 1, 2:15, 3 something, and the alarm comes on 4:25. Ugh. I got up and got ready for work.

A safe drive down, thank you God, a fairly busy workday with a good group, and a safe drive home, thank You again.

Daniel got home just before I did, he was still putting his golf gear away. We walked into the house together.

We visited a bit, I wrote here, and I'm hoping to go to bed soon. I'm pretty tired again.

Aside from "long day fatigue", my neck is still full and breast still uncomfortable, though somewhat better since tylenol/motrin that I took late afternoon.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 11am. I'm not keen on the time, but I'll make the effort to go.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday 05.16.2009

Ugh. The radio came on and I wanted to go back to sleep. Ugh.

Up and ready for work, I drove the van to Jackson.

We had a good day with a good crew. They were talking about the storm during the night--thunder, rain. I don't know if we had a storm here; I didn't hear it if so.

The afternoon turned into evening, the next shift came in, and we left. Whew.

At home, I asked Daniel if we had a storm during the night. He said, Yes, and heavy rain.

Oh. Hm. I didn't hear anything.

Hey!! You know what that means?? I WAS SLEEPING!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!


I hope that my body is settling down, acclimating, adjusting, whatever. It's been since November of '07 that I've had decent sleep, it seems.

And I'm about ready to get back in bed and try it again.

Tomorrow is another workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday 05.15.2009

I slept pretty good, overall. I knew Daniel had gotten out of bed, but I didn't realize that an hour and a half had passed since he had. It was just after 9. I got up.

I stripped the bed and put that in the washer. I felt ok, kind of groggy. I had breakfast after a bit. I then called Linda at the insurance company and told her of the crash, getting that piece started. I then enjoyed a cup of coffee and a video phone call (!!) with the ooVoo program.

After a bit I was feeling more awake and went out for a jog. Oddly humid, where the air initially felt warm but then cool...??? Lots of people out doing yardwork.

Back at home, I cooled off, showered. Dan and I went over to visit the Sebring and take pictures(click here to see). Glinda at the shop said the insurance company adjuster will be out Monday to have a look at it, and she'll call me with an update.

Back at home, Dan helped me get the baskets of flowers arranged outdoors. The rest of the evening was quiet.

I've felt pretty good, other than the soreness in the shoulder, breast, and lower ribs where the fluid is pooling. Also, my neck feels full. I do some massage stuff to help move it, but it's not enough to do a great job. Tylenol and Motrin are my friends.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday 05.14.2009

I slept pretty good, I guess. Daniel said we had a thunderstorm for a couple of hours. I knew he had gotten up and closed the window, and heard a long rumble of thunder, but that's it.

We got up a little after 9, and by 10:30 we were on the way to Grass Lake to take the boat in for service.

It wasn't too difficult to get the boat out of the storage unit, and we got it over to Brinkman's. The owner, Vic, came out from the back. He remembered me and remembered the boat. I haven't been in there since 2001. I'm impressed.

They'll go over everything and make sure it's ready for the summer, and give me a call.

Ok, Thanks.

Back home.

I made a grocery list, Daniel ate lunch and left for his umpiring duties. I had something to eat, too, and went over to the post office on my way to the grocery store.

On the way out of the post office, I was turning left in stopped traffic. A driver had stopped to let me out, no one coming from the other direction, when

I had crept out in front of the car that had stopped and when my front end got into the
center/left turn lane, a dark green Ford Expedition got me.
You should see the Ford.
My Sebring looks fair, though the battery compartment is what is crashed in, and the battery
was jammed up against the tire. A flatbed wrecker came and took us over to Craig's Auto Body here in Holt, just behind our complex.
A very nice police officer took our information, and did not issue any citations. And no one was hurt. I had called 911, then called Daniel.
The front end of the Expedition was tore up--the bumper was broken and shoved into the radiator. Although there was no fluid leaking that I could see, it was steaming for a while.
The wrecker driver, Bill, was also very kind. $129.00 for the ride. Whoa! Because it was a police call, he said.
The people at the body shop were very nice, too, Glinda and Dave, the owners. They talked to me, making sure I was ok (I was a bit shook up), taking information, etc.

I walked home from there (like I said, it's just behind the complex). I walk that area frequently, and I needed to walk to help with the anxiety. And, it was a beautiful afternoon.
Back at home, I sat and breathed. Yep, I'm ok, and "things" are taken care of. Thank you, God.
It was now just after 6. I had a little snack, got in the van, and went to Meijer. I got some flowers for the balcony, then went inside and got the groceries. I had just finished unloading the cart into the van when Daniel called.
We chatted, I reassured him that I was ok, I went home and unloaded and put things away.
Dan got home as I was finishing up.
Tomorrow I need to call the insurance company, and we'll probably go look at the car together.
I'm thankful for my life, that no one was hurt in today's crash.
Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday 05.13.2009

I think I slept pretty good last night, of course with the intervals of being awake. But, you know what?? I don't remember being so awful hot; just hot. Praise the Lord for that.

This morning I dozed while Daniel was snoring. I put in my earphones and listened to the radio for a bit. I saw that it was 8:30, then 9:30, and I thought I was getting up. I stretched as Ike has told me to do, then laid there. I must have dozed again, because it was now 10:00 to my surprise.

I got up, had breakfast, looked at the computer while that sat, then went out for a jog. Funny humid overcast breezy weather with temps mid 50's. After cooling off a bit I showered, then headed to Jackson for a dental cleaning.

Woo Hoo! Look, Mom, no cavities!! Return in six months.

Next stop, Grass Lake.

I went to the storage unit to check the tires on the boat; still holding air. Yippee! Next, over to Brinkman's Propeller and Marine, just a few blocks down the road. They have always serviced this boat--I wanted to talk with someone there to see if it needs to be checked over before dropping it into the water.

A nice guy named Kurt was there. Yep, he said, probably be a good idea to go through it. Check the belts and hoses, plugs... Yep. Been sittin' a long time. No problem, bring it in.

Good. That makes me feel better. I'll try to get it over there either tomorrow or Friday.

Back home, I had my leftovers from Sunday's Los Tres Amigos. Yum.

Dan and I visited, and I wrote here.

No plans for tomorrow.

My back and shoulder and neck and breast are very uncomfortable. I took tylenol/motrin when I got home.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday 05.12.2009

The radio woke me during my interrupted sleep. I got up and got ready for work.

We had a good day--fairly busy/steady, slow enough at just the right times to be able to partake of the food events that were held today. An "Appreciation Breakfast" that our Management Team put together for all 4th floor staff; a Farewell Potluck Luncheon for a co-worker who's husband has been transferred to California; an Ice Cream Social in the mid afternoon for Hospital Week, put on by the Auxiliary; and the Education Council had both an afternoon and evening luncheon to encourage all to continue learning and celebrate those who have/are. To say we were well fed is an understatement. Each event was very nice.

The evening went on, the night shift showed up. Finally.

I'm really tired and have been doing my best to stay focused today. I got home without difficulty, thank You again.

Dan and I visited a bit and I wrote here.

Off to bed soon.

Tomorrow is a dental cleaning for me.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday 05.11.2009

I slept fair, at intervals, of course. When I looked at the clock I was surprised to see that the radio had been on for about 5 minutes. Hm. I got up and got ready for work.

A good drive, a good parking spot, the shuttle to take me over, so far, so good, thank you God.

We had a good day with a good group. I love my co-workers. The pace picked up as the afternoon went on, and by "quittin' time" we were ready to leave.

A good drive home, thank you again. The level of daylight is such that at the time I'm commuting, I see the larger birds flying low. Tonight I saw a sandhill crane. They have such prehistoric-looking heads...

Daniel was not home from umpiring. We're having a potluck tomorrow, so I rummaged through the cupboards and refrigerator and decided to make a chicken and pasta salad. I was just finishing it when Dan came home.

We talked a bit, I wrote here. I'm about ready for bed.

Tomorrow's another workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday 05.10.2009 Mother's Day

This morning, after my "nap", I got up and headed to Jackson. I had offered to go in to work to help them through the morning, and that's just what I did. It worked out well with the tasks that needed to be done, and I clocked out at 10:00.

The warm sun was shining even though the breeze was cool, 52 degrees. The birds were very vocal as I was walking over to my car.

An uneventful drive home, thank you God.

Daniel had left for his golf date, so I was home alone.

I changed clothes, had a bowl of cereal, and decided I was ready for a nap. So I went to bed.

I slept for an hour or so. Frank called, saying he and Amy would be here about 4 pm. Ok. I rolled over and got up an hour later.

It was good to see them. Amy is pleased that she got a "new-t0-me" car--a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer. Frank was pleased that he found it on Craig's List, and bargained a good price for it. Daniel arrived shortly after they did, and we all went out to Los Tres Amigos.

Dinner was yummy.

Back at home, we sat and visited a bit. Daniel and Frank watched something on television while Amy and I played Uno and then Dominos and talked.

They left shortly after 9, I took a shower, Daniel went to bed. I wrote here.

I saw Dan's hummingbird several times today, and a blue heron was hunting in the pond here in the complex when I came in. Such majestic birds.

Tomorrow is a scheduled work day for me. I'm off to bed.

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday 05.09.2009

Toss and turn, etc. One of the wake times I rolled over, it was daylight, and Dan was out of bed. Oh. I dozed back off. A short while later I heard him in the bedroom again. I opened my eyes--he was standing there looking at me. You awake?? he asked, very quietly. Yes, why? He walked over to the bedroom door, and quietly said, "There's a hummingbird on the feeder. It's a small bird, and it's still there." OH!! I got up out of bed. Woo Hoo!! Lookie there!! That little bird was drinking it's fill. We watched it together until it flew off, about 20 seconds later. The first one this year.

I laid back down, getting up about 45 minutes later.

Ugh. Facial pressure. I washed up, had breakfast, called the hospital to see if they needed me to come in this afternoon. (I had signed up "extra"). They did. I took tylenol/motrin, and claritin, and headed out.

Raining in Holt, reducing to sprinkles just over halfway to Jackson, and dry pavement the rest of the way.

They were steady-busy, and I stepped in and took over from the girl who was going home. We had a good afternoon and a good group of co-workers. It was time to go before long.

A safe drive home, thank you God.

Daniel's games he was scheduled to umpire today were canceled. He and I had a quiet evening, him with the television on, I wrote here.

Tomorrow I offered to work for a few hours in the morning, but I'm not staying long. I hope.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday 05.08.2009

I slept maybe a total of 2 or 3 hours last night. The radio woke me up. Up-Time!!!

I got up, stumbled around and got myself ready for work. Breathe.

On the way to Jackson the sky way getting light, and I saw several larger birds in flight. The first surprised me as it soared across the highway, maybe 20 feet in the air and 20 feet in front of me. A large, thick wingspan with maybe a larger head?? Whoa, I thought. What was that?? An Owl?? A few more miles, there's another large bird flying. Easy. Straight out neck and straight out legs--Sandhill Crane. Another larger bird of prey lower to the ground. Geesh. I almost felt prehistoric with the size of these birds.

I arrived without difficulty, thank you God, and today there was the shuttle AND another security vehicle waiting in the parking lot. !!! What's up with that??

I boarded and was taken over to the hospital.

We had a busy day, but a good group to work with. And finally it was time to go home.

Just starting to sprinkle as I walked over to the car, the clouds looked as if they would downpour any time. To the north, though, I could see a better sky. And as I got closer to Holt, the sky was almost clear. A lovely evening.

Daniel was home; he had grocered and laundered, as well as gone to the putting green. We chit-chatted a bit before I got in the shower. I smelled like baby formula. Eww.

I've been "prickly" and out of sorts today. I think I'm more bothered by not being able to have a lymph treatment than I thought. I'm very uncomfortable, and I think the buildup of fluid also puts my general sense of well-being out of whack. I'm sure this will get resolved somehow and at some point, but right now it's hard to be patient. It's even difficult for me to try to think of another treatment option. Different therapist?? Different type of therapy?? I'm trying to keep an open mind. I feel like it's not going so well.

Tomorrow Daniel umpires, and I picked up the second half of a shift, for them to call if they need me. Right now, I hope they don't. I also hope I'll be able to sleep tonight.

I'm trying to fall asleep as I type. So, I'm off to bed. And sleep, I hope.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday 05.07.2009

Shoot. I've had a rough day. In my head.

After a night of interrupted sleep I got up about 9:30 and had breakfast. Dan had left for an interview. I was eager to go to my appointment with Ike and get this fluid moved around, to get a little more comfortable in this uppper quadrant of mine.

On my way to the appointment, my phone rings. It's Ike, saying she didn't get the prescription, therefore she can't treat me. I'm like, blocks away from the building. She tells me to come in, that she can evaluate but not treat without a prescription. I took the remaining blocks to call the doctor's office again; it was lunch hour, so I left another message. The third one.

Ike was very kind, looked me over, and right away was concerned about an area over my sternum. Now, mind you, I've been (trying not to fuss) mentioning off and on about the discomforts this fluid collection presents. I do the exercises, not daily, but frequently, and other things to try to maintain my health. She commented on my neck being full, back below the scapula, and on the front over my sternum. Along with the other general fullness of the arm, shoulder, and breast.

She listened to me, asked questions, poked, and rubbed. And though she couldn't do a "treatment", she talked to me for about an hour, a lot of the time rubbing my arm or back or chest. What little bit she did physically was helpful.

We talked about lymphedema, and that I have a Stage I process, meaning that the fluid collects and with intervention goes back down. And that's the process. She said over and over that that's what I'm experiencing. That within the constraints of insurances and our treatment modality, with that kind of physiological response, she feels it's "normal", therefore not a reason for treatment. That being said, if, after the arm has blown up, I've done what I can do without resolution, THEN I can come in for a few treatments to get it resolved.

I was consciously breathing throughout her "lecture", trying to maintain some kind of composure. I verbalized to her, again, that I don't WANT to have a blow up, to have swelling that doesn't resolve, that I can tell when I'm full and need a second person to facilitate moving the fluid (Daniel is not the candidate), and that I feel better without all that fluid on board.

She acknowledged this, and restated that that's what Stage I Lymphedema is. Ok. I restated that I feel better with intervention by someone else. We each acknowledged the other's perspective. But she can't "perform" under insurance constraints.

So I asked: Could I have someone else help me with the maneuvers? After all, I have the printouts of all the different techniques and such that she has given me. Sure, she said. She just can't do it by definition of her practice.

She wants to talk with me again after I see Dr. Williams on the 2oth (he's taking over for Dr. Bolmer, who left practice to take care of her parents). Beyond that, to call when I am unable to get that fluid resolved on my own.

Ok, thanks.


So I left, extremely disappointed.

And still full and uncomfortable.

I've spent the rest of the day reaching inside myself, reaching to God, reassuring myself that all will be as it is intended to be.

And it will be ok.


I checked email, had a sandwich. Dan had gone to his umpiring duties. I had some "homework" to do for the financial planner, so I distracted myself with that. That entailed time on the computer, and by 7:30 I was done and had a tired bottom, too.

I went out for a walk.

Birds, frogs. I wandered around the complex. The wonderful fragrance of blossoming trees and lilacs. I saw a hen turkey. I tried to creep up to see the frogs, but they are good at disappearing. I did see the long legs of one on it's way into the water.

Back at home I had a snack. Daniel came home. I wrote here.

I'm disappointed that I'm still uncomfortably full.

I'm hoping to find a couple people, at least one, who would be interested in helping me. The techniques are simple. I just can't reach around to my back...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday 05.06.2009

I had a pretty good day today. I slept as I usually do and woke up this morning feeling rested. Finally.

Daniel was already up. I had breakfast and added tylenol/motrin to my other morning supplements, as I was a bit sore. I checked email while waiting for the pain medicine to kick in.

When I was a bit more comfortable, I showered. Daniel was ready to go to visit our speedboat in Grass Lake, where it has lived in a storage unit since Fall of 2001. It's a sad looking boat, very dusty, low tires on the trailer, and a 50-cent sized spot of fluid on the floor under the prop. (from the lower unit??) My wonderful Daniel sees "no problem" with any of this--he put the air compressor onto first one tire then the other and partially inflated them. We discussed the status of the boat/trailer, and agreed that we'll have Brinkman's Marine in Grass Lake go over it again to make sure it's "water ready". They have serviced this boat since it's birth in 1988, so I think it's a good move.

From there we went into Jackson, stopping at Target, then Wal Mart, for items that were on sale. Back in Holt we stopped at CVS for the remaining things on our list, then on to Los Tres Amigos for food. It was yummy.

At home, I looked online to verify that the Aquacize class was still starting this evening. I'm glad I did--the pool isn't ready yet; seems they're looking at another couple of weeks before the construction is done. Bummer. I was really looking forward to it. Oh well.

Daniel went to the garage and polished up his golf clubs (really) and I shortened the slacks we just purchased.

The remainder of the evening passed as usual.

Tomorrow I see Ike, I hope. I forgot to check to see if the prescription had been sent over.

Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday 05.05.2009

The radio came on to wake me--I was sleeping and had half a mind to call and see if all staff was needed. No, I didn't. I got up and got ready to go.

I was about halfway to Jackson when my phone rang. Hm?? It was the day shift manager. Oh, she said, you're on the road?? (Well, yes, it's 5:55...) Yes, I said, about half way. Why?? I asked. She replied that she wanted to put me "on call", but since I was already traveling, she asked for my input. Hm. I thought about it for just a moment. Not quite halfway, and here is the Leslie exit coming up. I told her I could turn around here, and she thanked me. (Budget conscious, you know?? Everything is about bottom line.) So, I exited, turned around, and headed home.

Dan was still sleeping, so I wrote him a note and quietly went up to the loft and snuggled myself on my sofa. I went back to sleep.

I heard him moving around and dozed back off. When I woke, it was about 9. And very quiet.

Dan had left me a note that he had gone golfing. Oh. Ok.

Let's see. I'm hungry. I changed clothes, emptied the dishwasher then had a bowl of cereal. I checked email, then decided to take advantage of being rested by thoroughly cleaning the foyer. It was so nice out--I put the bench outdoors and the plant and rug, shop vac'd everything, fixed a bucket of water and started washing. Handrail, stairway moldings, marks on the walls, both doors/both sides, and the floor. Then put it back together.

My "new normal" these days is ease of perspiring. My head was dripping and my back was wet. I may find another use for those bandanas I bought for the "no hair days".

I was a lot slower doing that project than I thought. I was hungry again.

I washed up and heated up the food I had gotten ready to take to work today and enjoyed that, and took the tamoxifen/effexor. Daniel called, saying he'd be home soon.

By the time he got home I wasn't feeling so good. I don't know if I overdid it, or if the meds made me feel yucky (sometimes they do), or what, but I went in and laid on the bed. I dozed, and got up an hour later.

Dan and I visited. He fixed supper, but I had crackers and apple.

Still not ready to eat, I wrote here.

I'm better but not all that. We'll be going to bed soon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday 05.04.2009

I was surprised when I had awakened, then the radio came on. Oh! Time to get up. So I did.

When Dan is not home in the morning, I turn on the radio, which I did. I was getting ready for work, just starting to put on some makeup, when the phone rang. I thought it would be Daniel, wishing me a good day. After all, it was close to 0500.


It was work, calling to tell me it was "my turn", to stay home. Oh. Ok. Good--I didn't have much face paint on yet...

I put my pajamas back on and went back to bed. Ahhhh.

I was sleeping sound when I heard the phone ring. I struggled to the surface and answered.

Work again. It was 0800.

I was being "staffed off", which means "No longer committed to be available to come in if called". Which is different from being "on call", which means "You have one hour to get here if/when we call you". There are only a few patients and more than enough staff.

Ok, thanks. I laid there and dozed, and after what seemed like a short time, decided to get up.

Oh, I did sleep. It's 10:00!

I got up and putzed around, breakfast, coffee, making a couple of lists, and got to reading the outstanding emails. About 2 ish, I decided to go outside. Hmmm, what to do??

I decided to try the rollerblades/in-line skates that I had purchased a few years ago.

I put on the knee guards, elbow guards, and wrist guards, and figured out how to get the skates on. Ok, out the door. Agghhhh. These are more slippery than ice skates!

It took just a little bit to figure it out. I ended up skating around the complex a few times, and was out about 40 minutes. It was fun!! And, while I wobbled and bobbed several times, I didn't fall...

Anybody want to come and skate with me??

When I got back in (and cooled off) I saw that Daniel had left a message. I called back; he's on his way home. By the time I finished my lunch and picked up after myself, he arrived.

He had a good time, and got home safely, thank you God.

We spent the rest of the evening visiting, and I finished reading the rest of the outstanding emails (finally) and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday. I hope we're not so busy we can't breathe.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday 05.03.2009

Daniel left shortly after sunrise today for a golf trip somewhere near Cadillac. He'll play today and tomorrow, and be home tomorrow evening.

I slept fairly well this morning after he left, finally waking about 0930. Sunshine and birdsong.

I got up but wasn't "at 'em"--I ended up looking at a friend's photo albums online. She had several from her recent trip overseas. I had to take a break and have breakfast, then looked at the rest of them. My bottom was tired of sitting.

I went out for a jog.

It was a beautiful day all day today. When I came back in I was (perspiring) and waited until I cooled off to shower. Then I was hungry so fixed my supper.

Dan has called a couple of times. I decided to go out for a few groceries.

Did that, got nauseated, which isn't an unusual event the first few hours after taking the tamoxifen/effexor. I've eaten a couple of saltines which helps just a little.

I'm off to bed soon; tomorrow is a workday.

My shoulder aches, my breast is full and sore, my arm feels full, and I have hot flashes that make my head drip. It's all so much better than the alternative...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday 05.02.2009

I feel like I didn't sleep much during the night. Daniel was up and gone around 0630--of course, that's when I had a good stretch of sleep. I woke about 9.

Birdsong and sunshine. Thank you God for giving me this day.

I was hungry, so I had breakfast. Put some things to soak in the washer. Listened to the radio while looking around on the internet. Put the rest of the load in the washer and started it, and I was tired of sitting around, so I went out for a walk. I ended up being outdoors a couple of hours, checking out the deer tracks and some other large bird tracks, looking at the new plant growth, listening to the wind and the frogs. I ended up at the clubhouse and read the newspaper before going back home.

Shortly after I got inside, Daniel called saying he was on his way back home. He said he had a good time and played well. I had just started fixing my supper when he came in.

We visited a bit, and after a while he drifted off to bed. He's up early tomorrow, too, for golf.

I saw that a couple other folks had their hummingbird feeders out, so I made some solution and put ours out, too. Didn't see any birds, though, today.

No plans for tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday 05.01.2009 May Day

I think I slept ok. I know I looked at the clock several times during "warm-ups" but went back to sleep fairly soon. This morning I woke with sinus pressure. Ugh. The birds were happily welcoming the morning. I dozed back off, and the next time I woke up, Daniel was up. My face still hurt and I wasn't ready to get up yet; I listened to the birdsong, and the next time I looked at the clock it was 9:30. Good. Time to get up.

I did, but felt lousy. My facial pressure was somewhat less, but my whole body, especially the left side, feels full. Underarm, breast, upper arm, neck. I could tell I was fighting a depressive episode.

I was hungry, so fixed breakfast and fresh coffee and enjoyed both.

As I'm still catching up on the emails that came in last week while I was at the lake, I took the morning lolling on the sofa doing just that. I made progress. I enjoyed the sunshine and birdsong, and when my bottom got tired of sitting I got ready to go for a jog.

The high cloud cover had moved in, so I missed being outdoors in the sun, but it was still high 50's/low 60's, and the birds were still noisy. Several folks were out working in their yards. I had a fairly easy jog today.

I lingered outside in the breeze, cooling off before going in. I showered after cooling off.

Checking my phone, I saw that I had a missed call--therapy!! I listened to the message--Ike--I called back. Ike said she hadn't gotten a prescription yet from the doctor's office, but we made an appointment for next week Thursday. I thanked her and called over to Dr. Bolmer/now I'll be seeing Dr. Williams' office and left another message, as we patients are instructed to do. I'll check Monday with therapy to see if it's come through.

My brother Tom called my computer via ooVoo--a program that does free voice/video with your webcam. Daniel has it downloaded too, and we tried it with the three of us online at the same time. Since it is new to us, we had to work the kinks out of my computer, and Dan's too, which took some time, but once we did it worked quite well. A whole new experience, seeing yourself talking on camera. And seeing who you're talking to. Aahhh, technology...

I was getting hungry again. Oh, I see why, it's 7 pm. I fixed some food and ate. (Daniel had fixed food and eaten a while ago, but I wasn't hungry then.) The rest of the evening we were just here.

Tomorrow Daniel is golfing; not sure what I'm going to do. Hope I feel better, for one.

Even though I'm feeling a bit punky, I'm thankful I'm alive and cancer free.

And I thank you for reading. Hugs.