Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday 12.31.2008 A Full Year's End

We slept for what seemed to be a long night, each of us waking at different intervals throughout the night. We got up, Dan had breakfast, and went back to bed for a couple more hours. When he did get up, he said he felt better.

I enjoyed a quiet morning, what with Daniel home and recuperating in our own bed. My "head pressure" I think is more from the eustachian tubes being blocked. I took a clariton to see if that would help, and it did, but my ears still felt full a few hours later, so I added a sudafed. That helped, too. Not totally cleared up yet, but better.

We went out to Meijer. The store was really busy, especially in the grocery department. We were almost done with the items on our list; Dan said he would meet me over in the household storage area where it was quieter. Later he said that he was getting overwhelmed with all the people in the store. I can relate--there have been times when I've gone through the checkout before I had completed my list. Sometimes I just don't do well around a lot of people.

We got home and got our purchases upstairs--Dan sat down to rest. That was the first "outing" since his procedure on the 22nd.

He's done well with dietary changes so far. He's found a program on the, I think--that he's been using. Dan's been able to keep his sodium intake below 1500 mg and calories under 1750.

My shoulder has been aching today, as has the breast. Since Ike has discharged me, I have to wait until it gets worse before going through the processes again--calling the doctor for an order then scheduling an appointment at the therapy place. I guess it's not all that difficult; it's disappointing to me that an excellent therapist won't continue treatment with a lesser amount of swelling/discomfort.

It's almost 10:30 and Dan has gone back to bed. He's still itching intermittently and taking the prednisone taper. A lot of the rash discoloration is gone, but there are still areas where the color has gone from pink/red to brown. Very odd. The bruising in the groin area has extended about 6 inches down his leg on the top of his thigh. The initial area of bruising in the groin is a faded yellow green now. He's still saying he wants to stay on track with the next procedure on January 5. Ok...

The year 2008 was certainly a full one for us, health-wise. Daniel and I have been given extended lives, and I am truly thankful for the gifts of health and life.

I am especially thankful for the awarenesses of the love and support of all of you, for each of you have blessed me by being a part of my life.

May 2009 bring us continued good fortune and good friends and family to share it with.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 12.30.2008 Itchy's Home

I slept sound for the four hours I was in bed. The radio came on, I mechanically got ready and went to work. The shuttle came so I rode over to the hospital. This was one of those workdays that just keeps going--constantly busy. Just when you think you can take a breath something needs done. I had a good group of co-workers and I did my best to be a good team player. We were finally done at the end of a 12 1/2 hour shift; I stayed to do a timed lab draw on a baby, and then chart it, etc, and clocked out about 7:30. Whew. I'm ready to go home.

Daniel had texted me a couple of times that he was doing better--still a little itchy, but better, and that he might be going home today. Then I got the text that he was home. Breon picked him up on her lunch hour. I wasn't able to call him until 1:30 or so. He was very happy to be home. From what I understand, he has the Ticlin and prednisone added to his other meds, and is still scheduled to have the other cardiac cath/stent placement on Monday.

He mentioned that he had taken more benadryl after getting home. He's also doing real well on his new diet--1500 mg sodium, 1750 calories, and low fat. He's going to be "all that, and no chips" before too long if he's able to stick with it.

I'm really tired tonight. We had a little conversation, I wrote here, and Dan has gone off to bed.

Me too.

Thank you for reading, for keeping Dan and me in your prayers, and for the phone calls.


Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday 12.29.2008 Still In

I slept pretty good knowing Daniel was doing somewhat better. I got up and went to work.

I received text messages and phone calls, maybe 5 or 6, throughout the day, updating me on the rash, the physicians and physician assistants visits, and his general well-being. He had a see-saw of being discharged or not; the rash was better, but he still needs a medication to replace the Plavix. He was given Ticlid this afternoon to see if he would tolerate it; he called after a couple of hours and said he'd had a reaction to that one, too, and he would be staying overnight again. Ok.

The reaction was treated with the steroid and benadryl and seemed to take care of it.

I got home, changed clothes, and went to visit. He looked so much better with minimal redness and decreased swelling. The blotches that were bright red were dirty brown colored, but he still itched. I stayed maybe an hour, then came home, showered, and wrote here.

I have to go to bed, as it's after midnight and 0420 comes early.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday 12.28.2008

Dan still says it's not a big deal....

Dan's still in the hospital. His rash is still scarlet red and moving down his body. The upper torso is mostly solid red but not quite as bright, and his face looks better, but oooooweeee, the lower torso and below is awful. Another medication has been added but this one, too, only helps for 45 minutes or so. Then he's wiggly and itchy. Also, a hematoma has developed at the puncture site for the catheterization procedure. There is a firm lump about large marble size in the groin. Christina, the day nurse, said it will probably get larger before it gets absorbed. Great.

The doctor came in, had a surprised look when he saw the progression, talked about adding more meds for the anti coagulation, and said maybe home tomorrow (but probably not).

For me, I didn't sleep well. It was very windy, which unsettles me. And then, about 4am, the wind blew so strong the windows were whistling. It built to a steady "roar", like we hear described like the train, the building shuddered, and the wind eased up by about half. Whoa! What was that?!?!? My mind was going a hundred miles an hour. That's how they describe tornados---Well, it's quiet now, and I got up to look outside. It seemed that a few of the buildings didn't have lights on. We did, but boy, is that weird. I went back to bed and dozed off.

I woke about 0830, wandered around, and called Daniel. He had a sleepless night, too, what with the itching, medications, accuchecks, blood pressures. He had a small list of items for me to bring for him.

Dan's daughter Kristen got up and got herself ready to go to the airport, then left about 10. We prayed for Daniel's recovery and her safe travels. I hugged her and saw her on her way.

I ended up doing 3 loads of laundry before leaving for the hospital, and have at least 1 more to do. I packed a bag for Dan, and a bag for myself, for my foods while I was there. That worked well.

Dan was happy to see me. We visited, catching up on his status, and after a while, I got next to him on the bed and watched the Detroit Lions perfect their record.

I stayed until the next shift came in. The night nurse is Teresa, who came in, looked Daniel over, and gave him the next round of medications.

Dan walked me to the elevators and I left about 9:30.

At home, I did another load of laundry, folded all the other that I did previously, got turned around for tomorrow, and finished writing here.

Tomorrow is a workday. I'm a little tired, my breast is sore, my thermostat runs hot and cold, but overall I'm doing ok.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday 12.27.2008 Emergency Room

Is It A Big Deal Now???

Daniel had been itching that rash during the night, and at some point, had gotten out of bed. I got up to look for him--he was asleep in the chair in the living room. Ok, I thought, I'll go back to bed. I was sound asleep when I felt someone touch my leg, and when I startled awake, I saw Daniel standing by the bed. "I have to go to the Emergency Room. I can't stand this itching any more." Ok, I said, and got out of bed. He had waited, after all, until 0845.

Before we left, he had called the doctor's number and left the information requested. Doctor had called back and said it was a Plavix Rash, and he would change the medication after Dan got to the hospital. Cool.

We got to the Emergency Room about 10:00. And because Dan had an airway, he wasn't high priority. Even a snail's trail would have dried in the time it took for the processes to occur. As it turned out, everyone was impressed with the rash--bright red, like scalded, raised, and almost completely covered. Extremely itchy, a 10 out of 10 he says, and when it's touched, it burns.

He was given solumedrol and benadryl in ER, and finally transferred to a room at 4 pm. After he had received the next dose medication, I left to go home, regroup, and go back to the hospital.

I got back about 7:30, and he still hadn't had the ultrasound on the groin to check for bleeding. I stayed and met the night staff, and when Bill from Transport came in at 9:45 to take for the ultrasound, I was going to leave. Bill assured me I could go with and watch. Ok, thanks!

The ultrasound technician, Cathy, was very good and told us what she was finding. She said there was a lot of swelling there but no active bleeding. If she had discovered something amiss, she was very good at not letting on. A different transporter came in, and we were back in the room by 10:05. Wow, that was fast!

Stacy, the night tech, came in to do a blood sugar/accucheck, it was 278. She told Claudia RN, who came in with 3 units of insulin and benadryl capsule 25 mg. And with that, I left for home.

What a long day. The bottom line is that he's doing fine with the treatment that he's getting, I don't know how effective the treatment is. The initial goal is to treat the symptoms, then start a replacement medication. If he tolerates it ok he'll probably come home tomorrow.

I've had a long day, trying to be patient with the processes, watching him in such discomfort. It's good that he's at the hospital--he's had 3 doses of steroids now, and he's still miserable.

I have to trust that God has chosen the "right" caregivers for Dan and that they'll get him straightened out.

That pesky breast is sore again this evening, and I had several hot flashes this evening. At least I'm not itching.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday 12.26.2008

I woke up about 8:15, listened/dozed to the radio, and got up about 9:15. Sometime during the early morning my ears started feeling less full. Finally. Dan got up shortly after I did.

I had breakfast and enjoyed a cup of brew before getting started on assembling today's foods. It was before noon, and Daniel's daughter Kris arrived. Woo-Hoo!!

We had a nice visit, and before too long, Frank arrived, then Breon and Nick and their new 2-year old Bulldog named Awesome. Yes, they had asked about bringing her. I was very surprised that the dog was so low keyed and well behaved throughout the afternoon.

We had a small gift exchange then enjoyed our enchilada fiesta. Very Yummy.

They all looked at the television the rest of the evening while I putzed around in the kitchen, looked at the computer, asked if anyone wanted to do anything. Hm.

Frank left about 6:30, and the Berry family left shortly after. Kris will be staying with us a couple of nights before going on to visit friends in Toronto.

I put the rest of the crudites away and wrote here.

Dan is ok, but the dark blue/bruising seems to have spread a little more with what I think is a different area of "fullness". I evaluated it and marked it again. Most of the previous marking has come off. And after he took his morning meds, his rash came back. Hm. Another dose of Benadryl. It was after Kristen had arrived that we decided to call the hospital and talk to one of the nurses on the floor. It was a different person than had taken care of Daniel, but she was very kind, asking questions and trying to figure out what is going on. She decided that since I was a nurse, that keeping ice on it and watching it, and taking the Benadryl for the rash, was ok, and that there are physician assistants on 24/7 that are very familiar with Dr. Karve's patients, and if things get worse, to come in to the ER and one of them would come over to evaluate him. And to call the floor again if I needed to. I thanked her very much and reassured Dan that we're ok, and that we can go to the emergency room whenever he feels he needs to.

Tonight, after taking his evening meds, the rash has re-appeared, and he says it's very itchy and has been all day. His back and front/torso are what seem to be affected. And the bruising has spread, too, though the fullness seems to be gone. He's disconcerted, and concerned of course, and I reassured him that whenever he wanted to go to the hospital we could. He decided to go to bed and see how it is in the morning.

So, we're not making a big deal of it. But I'm kind of concerned. All we can do is watch and wait. Pray for the best.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday 12.25.2008 Merry Christmas

I got up shortly before 8 o'clock, anxious to get my day underway, yet I wanted to take the time for myself this morning before jumping in. Dan got up shortly after I did.

I enjoyed breakfast, then looked at my list and got the times for the different foods written down. Dan helped me, and between the two of us we put together a "traditional" Christmas Dinner, complete with the Goodwin Holiday Salad, one of our mother's (we don't know whose mother) lace tablecloths, and china. Several times I thought of getting a picture of the tablescape :) and realized this evening that the image was never captured. Hm.

Frank, Jeremy, Jennifer, Jasmine, Daniel and myself enjoyed our efforts. Jeremy seemed especially pleased with the afternoon.

We had a small gift exchange, visited, some watched the movie on the television, some played Uno, some were on the computers. About 7 pm, hugs all around, and they left. Dan and I looked at each other.

What a nice afternoon! Since we kept everything washed up as much as possible, there wasn't much cleanup left to do. Just a few odds and ends to put away.

We just enjoyed the rest of the evening. Tomorrow, Kris, Breon, Nick, and Frank join us. The enchiladas are made and ready to put in the oven whenever.

Dan and I hope your Christmas Season is fulfilling. Hugs.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday 12.24.2008 Christmas Eve

I feel like I had a long day today.

I slept ok, I think, with the usual getting up and cooling off, then back to bed. I will say that I haven't had any of the knock-me-over hot flashes in the last few days. All day, though, I've been hot and perspire-y, at times more than others. I've been cold, too, at times. Strange, these human bodies that we have...

Daniel is better as the day goes on. His groin swelling is better but still there; he had ice on it again a few times. He also ventured out to the store. He was tired when he came back and has rested most of the afternoon.

I've been getting things in order for the next two days. I've done a little more decorating, vacuumed, took a nap (which was really nice), baked a cake (for Jesus' birthday), put together enchiladas, got the fruit salad started.

Tomorrow my boys join us for dinner. I realized as I was making preparations for this, that Jeremy hasn't been stateside for a holiday dinner in many years. I'm happy he's able to be with us this year.

Merry Christmas to all of you, my dear readers. May the peace of the Lord and the Miracle of the Season be with you.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday 12.23.2008 He's Home

It's been another long day. I called the hospital when I woke again just before 0600 to ask the night nurse how Dan did during the night. She said he was good, that the Physician Assistant was there writing out the discharge stuff. I thanked her for taking good care of Daniel and went back to sleep. Or, I tried to.

Dan called about 7. He said that he had been awake most of the night, and when he had fallen asleep, someone came in to check him or draw blood or something. And the PA went in and woke him at 0600. I tried to doze again, but of course my mind was going a hundred miles an hour figuring out how to arrange my day...

I called the therapy place to verify that Ike had canceled the appointment for today, so that freed up my morning. I called Dan back to let him know. He said that the nurse was going to stop the IV's at 8, and that he could go home shortly after. Ok. I got up and started moving.

Dan called back again to say that Dr. Karve had just been in and wants him to have another dose of Integrelin, so he has to stay until 2pm. Oh. Ok.

So, I had my morning--breakfasting, checked the computer some, and got ready to go pick up my new glasses.

It is another winter advisory day--cold, low teens, snow, and blowing. Ok, I know how to bundle up. The roads were another story. They had not been plowed and were a mess, and traffic was heavy.

I went in and waited for Bob. Ten minutes or so, and it was my turn. The new lens is much better. He did some minor adjusting and fitting of the frames and I was on my way. Thanks, Bob. These lenses work very well. I can tell that my brain is working with them, and it's different than the lenses being "not right".

My next stop was groceries. Yes, I know that the store would be busy today, and I hoped that it would be better sooner than later. It wasn't. The store was very congested and it seemed I had to pause in every aisle at least twice to wait for other shoppers to make their selections and move on. And then I had to wait in line to check out.

I had just pushed the cart through the snow to nearly the end of a row when my phone rang. It was 1:48. Daniel. Wondering if I was ok? Yes, it's a zoo out here. I'll be there at 2, depending on traffic. I called him when I was in front of the hospital; they were still waiting for a wheelchair. Maybe 10 minutes or so later, there he is. He got in the car.

We came home, unloaded groceries, and he was restless, pacing around. I told him to sit down, be still. He did, after a while. We noticed that his groin is horribly bruised. That wasn't there yesterday. He's got bruises all over, like he fell down the stairs or something. Big ugly blueish purple things. I told him we'd watch it.

It became more uncomfortable, and since I couldn't tell if the discoloration was spreading, I drew an outline on it. An hour later, it is more "full", with only a couple of areas outside of the lines. I called Kathy at the hospital to ask her if that was there this morning--she reassured me that it was normal, just to make sure that there's no firm lumps under it. Ok, thanks. I looked at it again and offered to make an ice pack. He wasn't ready for that yet.

Dan was reading some of the patient info he was sent home with, then we got into the cupboards and read labels. He said the cardiac rehab guy recommended 2000 calories and 1500 milligrams (mg) of sodium. That's going to be a big change for Golfer Dan. I was impressed that he was doing the discovery of the label research himself. (Yes, I've tried to educate him these last couple of years, but evidently the time wasn't right...) He put together something to eat using his new awareness and did a good job.

He finally settled down and put ice on the swollen purple groin. After a couple of hours the swelling was lessening and he said it felt better. I ended up taking a brief siesta on the sofa, maybe 20 minutes or so. He still had the ice on when I left to go pick up the few things that weren't at the first store, and also his prescriptions.

The temperature was a little warmer, 20 degrees (woo-hoo!) and it was still snowing and blowing. And the roads hadn't been plowed yet either. Sad.

This Meijer store was busy, too, but not as much. The parking lots were still a mess, though. I got what I wanted and stood in line again to pay.

Over to CVS, then home. Dan was in bed. He said the groin thing is not worse, maybe better, but he was cold and tired, to he went to bed. Ok, sleep well. I was putting stuff away and trying to get organized for the next couple of days when his phone rang. He got up and answered it. When the call was over he came out of the bedroom and I looked at the bruising. It's better, less swollen, still ugly, no lumps. He went back to bed, finally sleeping.

I got my lists made and a little organized, and wrote here. Tomorrow I'm scheduled 3pm-11pm. Yippee.

I know this post got a little long, I think I'm tired and ramble-y. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday 12.22.2008 The Gift of Life

I slept pretty good until the alarm came on at 0425. I knew I had to get up at 0730, and as I was drawn from the depths of slumber and struggled to wake up, I thought Wow, I slept a long time tonight!! And then I looked at the clock. I was very disappointed to see that it was 0431. I have a dual alarm clock and must have turned on the wrong alarm. Boo. Ok, since I'm awake, up to the bathroom. Try as I did, I didn't return to that wonderful depth of sleep that I had been experiencing, and would have had more of, had the correct alarm been turned on. Oh well. I dozed as I do, and shortly after I fell asleep it was 7:30.

I lingered in the shower, clearing my head/sinuses, stretching my shoulder and arm, cleaning things that need cleaning. I got out and got ready for what turned out to be a very long day.

I mentioned yesterday that Daniel was having a health test today. He has given me permission to tell the results, as long as no one makes a big deal of it.

Several weeks ago he had decided it was time to find a different primary care physician, and had an appointment for a physical. This guy spent over 1 1/2 hours with Dan, looking him over, talking, etc. Dan had his first EKG ever, and they talked about having a stress test. Since Dan's not had one of those, either, they thought it would be a good idea, since he has several risk factors for cardiac disease--diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Native American ancestry, sibling with heart attack before age 50, and low pressure glaucoma.

He did the stress test last week, and did well, he thought. The cardiologist, Dr. Karve, said there were extra beats that he wanted to check out, so a cardiac catheterization was scheduled for today.

We went to Sparrow Hospital for this procedure today. And, not making a big deal of it, Daniel ended up with FOUR STENTS in the right carotid artery to open 90%, 70%, and 40% blockages! And needs to go back in a few weeks to have TWO MORE STENTS placed in the left carotid artery, which has blockages of 70%! When Doctor Karve came out to talk to me, he said Daniel was a walking time bomb, a heart attack waiting to happen.

Dan is spending the night in the Cath Lab, or the Cardiac Recovery Unit as they call it formally. He is doing very well, physically, but tired after the procedure. He has IV stuff infusing, and heart monitor and all. He finally had food at 8:30 tonight. I had left for a couple of hours to get his eye drops and his cell phone for him and have supper myself, but have been there with him all day, leaving tonight about 10:40ish.

Doctor said that Dan will be discharged tomorrow.

Not only has God given us the gift of His Son, Jesus, He has also given us Dan's life. I am so thankful that Daniel followed his instincts on new doctors and testing. Had he not have .....

I did pretty good today with only a few coughing spells throughout the day, it seems when the medicine was wearing off and it was almost time for more. I don't feel as bad as I did a couple of days ago, but I'm pretty tired tonight, of course.

I thank the Lord for you, and for cardiac caths. And remember, don't make a big deal out of it.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday 12.21.2008

When the alarm came on I was sleeping. Drug myself out of bed and got ready for the day. I coughed and coughed and finally a couple of mucus plugs came up--darker orangey-greenish-gray rubbery stuff. I know it sounds gross, but that's what happened. And after I blew my nose of all the other stuff, I felt a lot better.

Whew. After a little breakfast, I bundled up and headed out. It was very windy and snowing.

The complex had snow that had blown over the road in areas, as did Holt Road. The highway was mostly snow, and as I got just a mile or two south, it was snowing so hard I could barely see the next reflector. And windy. Of course I was going slow, maybe 30 mph. By this time the roadway itself was unidentifiable. I kept going.

You know those "rumble strips" on the edges of the roads? I got onto the one on the right side and moved over into the lane again. On down the road, I found the left rumble strip. I moved over into the lane, and a little while later found the right rumble strip again. It was snowing so hard--practically a white-out. But I kept going, hoping that I would "get through it" and driving/visibility would get better.

It did, just north of Leslie. The snowflakes were smaller, and less of them, but still snowing.

I made it to Jackson without further incidents, thank you God.

Into the parking lot. I don't see security anywhere, or a shuttle. Shoot. I bundled up and battled the blustery weather. The sidewalks there were snow covered and drifted over in a lot of places.

I got in, punched in, started the work day. It was a pretty nice day, overall, though it did have it's difficult moments.

I had a few coughing jags, after which I seem to feel better, and it was finally time to go home.

Again, no shuttle. I walked across the road and the couple blocks over to my car, which did not start with the remote, by the way. I turned the key with a sluggish battery; the outdoor temperature on the instrument display showed -1. Jeesh--and with the wind chill it's ...?? It's really cold.

I got home just fine on semi-cleared roads. Daniel and I visited, I wrote here, and I'll be going off to bed soon.

Tomorrow Daniel has a health test that maybe I can tell you about later. Right now, though, I have to honor his request for privacy. But he'll need a driver, and that would be me.

So, thank you for reading, and for keeping us in your prayers. Hugs.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday 12.20.2008

I slept pretty good, I thought, but Daniel says I was restless. The alarm came on, I got up, and evaluated how I felt. Hm. I guess I'm ok to go in for a while. Then I started coughing. Eww. Maybe not. I called and asked the person who answered, Sue, if anyone was getting staffed. No, she kind of laughed. Ok, I'll see you soon... I got ready to go.

The highway was clear and mostly dry, so driving wasn't a problem, at least on the highway. In town there were still snow-covered roads and piles in the intersections from the plow trails.

We had a good crew and had a good day. I had a couple of pretty good coughing spells even though I had taken medication. Oh well. As the patients were discharged and left, and the afternoon wore on, I was able to leave at 3:30.


Hey, it's still daylight on the drive home! That was nice.

Daniel was happy to see me. We talked a little, and since it was time for more meds, I had a dose of that TheraFlu stuff. I felt better for a couple of hours, but it's now after 7 and it feels like it might be wearing off.

I opted out of our family party, the Sanders' Sing. If I listen hard the next few hours I'll hear the carols that are being sung. I got out my "green books" the other day (I don't have a "white book") and was singing, also listening to the more traditional sounds of the season. I just don't think it's wise to be around 30-50 people while I'm sputtering, and I have to work tomorrow, too. I sure miss being there tonight.

I need to scavenge up something to eat before I go to bed.

Thank you for reading. Fa la la la la.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday 12.19.2008

My day started out with horrible face pressure--sinuses. I took tylenol, motrin, and a sudafed. Of course, it was snowing like crazy out there, but I had a massage scheduled and really wanted to go. I left almost a half hour early for a 15 minute drive.

The beautiful snowflakes had turned into nasty pea-sized ice pellets. I got there just as her husband was snowblowing their long driveway. I pulled into the spot he had cleared for parking.

Leah saw that I was snuffly--I offered to leave, but she encouraged me to stay. Ok. She did her thing. My nose started running. Sheesh. Finally we were done, and I left.

In the hour that I had been there, the car was covered, as was the driveway. I couldn't see where it was, but there were reflectors on either side. It was still snowing and blowing, and visibility was really poor. I went down the driveway, following the reflectors. Hm. This doesn't feel right. And what's that big drift in front of me?? I stopped the car and got out. It appears that I followed the curve of the driveway a bit too much and I was on the lawn, yes, next to the reflector. In deep snow where the blower had piled it up. Uh-oh. I got back in and tried to rock the car but it wasn't moving.

I went back up to the house and opened the door. "Roger?" I called out. He answered, and I told him I got stuck in the driveway. I mean I missed the driveway. Oh, he said, looked out the window, and went to get his outerwear on.

We went out and evaluated the situation. With the snow underneath the car, he thought it best to just snowblow a path in front of me and drive forward. While he was doing that, I used my extending snow brush/scraper to pull the snow out from under the front of the car. That was working pretty well. We both finished about the same time. I got in, he pushed from behind, and the car started forward. Thank you Roger, Thank you God.

I continued on my way. There was so much snow blowing around, and about 5 inches on the ground, and not plowed. I kept a steady 20-25 mph. There were only a couple of other cars out. Fortunately I didn't have to stop at the intersections (no other traffic) and I got to the complex. The maintenance crews have plowed, so that part was easy. Ok. Back to our unit. Drifts leading up to our garage. Daniel had shoveled a couple of feet in front of the garage door. I slowed down but didn't stop, hoping I was going to be able to make the angle into the garage. I did. Whew.

I changed my damp clothes and visited with Daniel. After I warmed up, I went in and took a lovely, long, warm shower. My head drained and drained, and I felt better when I was done.

After a while, though, the sinuses filled again, with pressure across my cheeks and forehead.

I've been drinking water, had chicken noodle soup, tylenol, motrin, sudafed, cough syrup, and 2 naps throughout the rest of the day/evening.

I don't know about tomorrow. I'm scheduled to work. I'll evaluate throughout the night. Unless I feel immensely better, I'm not going to a family party tomorrow night, either.

I'm off to bed. Thank you for reading. Distant hugs.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday 12.18.2008

Ewww. I didn't sleep well after 2 o'clock. I tried to lie still, but I found myself tossing and turning. I listened to the library book, a whole disc worth, and finally dozed off as that disc was over. It was about 5:30. The radio came on at 8 for me to get up.

The shower was wonderful, and I raised my left arm and did the stretches as Ike has shown me. I've got fullness that I'm not real successful in moving; also a couple of tender/sore areas on the breast.

I had breakfast and headed out to the therapy place. I had to wait maybe 10 minutes or so before Ike came out to get me.

We went back to room 3 today. She looked me over, found the fluid pockets without me showing her, and also found the tender spots. She got to work. The way she's talking to me today, I'll bet she is planning on discharging me. We have one more appointment scheduled for next week. You know, I'd like to see her every week or two until this stabilizes and/or heals. She won't go for that, though. I'll do my best to keep the fluid moved out.

We were done, and I left. I had tried, just to see if it would, to start the car from inside the office. When I got out to the car, sure enough, it was running! Woo Hoo!!

At home, I changed clothes and got ready for my company. My friend Vonnie arrived after noon with her computer for Daniel to update and such. My sister-in-law Polly arrived shortly before 1. We had a nice visit, then we girls went to lunch at Los Tres Amigos. It was yummy and we had more conversation. Back at the house, Polly had to leave, and Vonnie stayed a while longer. We caught up on photos, and she left after 5. It was good to see them.

Daniel fixed some food, and I fixed a bowl of cereal for myself. I wasn't real hungry. My sinuses are kind of bothering me, so I took a sudafed along with the tylenol and motrin. That's starting to work, and I'm feeling a little better, but tired.

I wrote here, and I'll be going to bed before too long.

Tomorrow is a massage at 10:00. I hope I'll be able to get there, as there is 5-10 inches of snow predicted after 0100. We'll see, huh.

So, that's my day. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday 12.17.2008

I slept good the first few hours, but the second half of the night went slow. I finally dozed off again about 5 o'clock. I got up about 8:30.

One thing I thought about in the dark was how my work day went yesterday. I had a challenging "brain day" -- I was having a hard time focusing on thought processes, difficulty staying on task, and even charted incorrectly (we have computer documentation) two different times! I did find what I did and corrected it, but it's very disconcerting to me that I have brain struggles.

I got ready for the day, had a light breakfast and visited with Daniel, then headed for my lunch date with my friend Leslie.

We had a good visit; I enjoyed seeing her. We also saw another girl who was a former co-worker of ours and we had a small chit-chat when she stopped by our table for a few minutes. Leslie and I caught up on lots; we hope to be able to coordinate another get-together at some point.

I did a couple of errands while in Jackson, then headed back home. Daniel was sleeping; I went up to the loft and used the computer there. He got up after I had been home maybe an hour or so. When he got up, he said he had just laid down to wait for me, not intending to nap. Sure.

The evening went on. I'm trying to ignore that my throat is feeling a little swollen and sore. Mainly the uvula, what I call the "punching bag" in the back of my mouth, feels swollen and sore. I hope it goes away this evening, as tomorrow I have another lunch date with 2 of my long-term women friends.

As far as the brain strain today, I did have a few times when I was unable to find the specific word that I wanted to use. Sometimes it throws off my whole train of thought, and sometimes I'm able to use a description or definition of the word I'm trying to find and the person/people I'm talking with are able to fill in the blank for me. I sure hope some if not all of this resolves.

The snow is beautiful. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday 12.16.2008

Even though I didn't go to sleep right away last night (and I thought I was so tired), I didn't feel too bad when the alarm went off at 0420, other than feeling like I needed to go back to sleep.

I got up and went on down to Jackson. The wind was buffeting my car still, as it was last night on the way home, but I got there safely, thank you God. I was a few minutes early, so I waited in the car and listened to a library book. When it was "time", I bundled up--put on my hat and scarf, pulled on the gloves, and started to get out of the car to walk the 2 blocks over to the hospital. Hey!! There's the shuttle!! Cool.

We had a very busy day today, the main challenge being too many patients and not enough staff. And who wants to work extra so close to Christmas?? Yet we managed to give very good care, keep the majority of our sanity, and clock out after 12 1/2 + hours.

It had started snowing in the afternoon, and by 7 pm the roads were snow-covered. It was beautiful. The night shift that came in said the roads were awful. Ok. I know how to go slow. And it's not like it's 3 feet deep, like other places in the United States. I started my car from the window (such small pleasures) and headed out after changing into my boots.

The shuttle was there and took me over to my vehicle. The driver said he saw the car on and knew I'd be would be out soon; he was watching for me. That's nice.

Yep, the car is running, and it's not toasty, but the chill is off of it. And it's 16 degrees. I brushed about 3 inches of beautiful fluffy snow off the car, and since I was hot flashing, I turned to the vehicle next to me and brushed it off, too. Merry Christmas to whoever that was.

The drive home wasn't bad. 40-50 mph. I've definitely driven in worse.

Daniel was happy to see me. We caught up on our day, I wrote here, and it's after 10. I'm going to bed soon.

Tomorrow I have a lunch date with a friend and former co-worker, and not much else planned.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday 12.15.2008

I got up after a short night and left for work. It was 42 degrees outside, and a drizzly rain. I got there without incident, thank you God, and started the workday.

We had a busy day, but good.

I was having those horrible hot flashes again today. You know, the ones with the "aura" and feeling like my head can't keep up?? Not so much the can't breathe ones. I would just get fuzzy in the head, then get really hot and perspire-y. It was better if I didn't move much while it was happening, but that's not a good thing (not moving much) while at work. After several of these events, I just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. I didn't, of course, but when the night shift came in to take over they were a welcome sight.

I started the car from the window. (The temperature has fallen to 18 degrees, and it's blowing snow) I collected my belongings, changed into my boots, and headed north.

Daniel greeted me when I got home. We talked a little about our days, and I went in to shower. I wrote here, and I'm off to bed. I've had two if not three of those hot flashes just writing this.

Oh, well, I'm cancer free. Praise the Lord!!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday 12.14.08

What a great day!!

I slept ok with only a few "hots" that haven't been that horrible can't-breathe-get-the-covers-0ff-take-a-deep-breath-just-stay-quiet-it-will-pass-soon OH MAN wet-forehead-turn-the-pillow-over kind of flashes I have been having for the last many months. Just the wake up-why-did-I-wake-up-restless-roll-over-Oh, I'm-a-little-warm-uncover-cool-off kind of episodes. Thank God. Yes, I still get hot, and yes, I still get a wet forehead and sometimes neck rolls and sometimes mid back. The "can't breathe" ones are easing up. Whew.

Dan got up and went to meet his friends for breakfast. I lingered in bed, listening to a recorded book. I got up after a while and got ready for the day.

I had my own breakfast, then got my things together and went over to the library. I returned what I had, browsed and made selections and checked out. Next stop, storage unit.

In there, I looked around again. Oh, there it is. The tote I had been looking for had gotten turned so that the identifier for the contents was not showing, therefore I didn't recognize it right off the bat. But I did now, and I took it out to the car, locked up the unit, and went home.

Dan was finally back, saying he had gone over to one of the guy's house to straighten out a computer. We got into the tote and got the lights out, and he and I affixed them to the railing of the balcony. We used twine this year to tie them on; maybe it will be easier to cut the twine than the plastic zip ties we've used before. Anyway, they're up. Lovely.

We also put out the stocking hangars and the stockings. I don't know about them. What with the added in-laws and grandchildren, I'll be thinking about that for a while.

We collected the gifts for Kim's family and got ready to go to Jackson. The chime of the door opening--Who is it?? Nick and Bre! They came to ride with us. Cool.

She went into her (former) room and got another car load from the closets in there, as well as her artwork she had on the walls. Another couple of trips and she'll be done.

We got into glfrdan's vehicle and headed out.

Frank had arrived first and acquired the tables, and Kim and Bob and family were there, too. Hugs all around. We each had enough to eat and opened our gifts. Everyone seemed pleased with what they got, and after we visited, the little ones were ready to go. More hugs and love.

Back home, Bre and Nick came in and visited a little, passing time before going on to their next party.

I spent the rest of the evening with the computer, transferring files, moving data.

Tomorrow is a workday. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday 12.13.2008

So I slept pretty good overall, waking up as I do during the night, but at 0700 I was awake. I listened to a library book for a while and finally got out of bed shortly before 8. Dan was still sleeping.

I got up and picked up the house a little, then had breakfast. I was enjoying my coffee when Dan emerged.

We had a nice morning not doing much of anything. After a while, we went out to CVS to pick up prescription refills. When we got back, I put up the Christmas tree, then made a trip over to the storage unit to take the empty box back over and get a few more boxes with decorations and such. I finished the tree, and put out some other seasonal things. I'm still looking for a box with the stocking holders and the icicle lights that we put out out the balcony railing. It's interesting that as I think about things that are now one year in the past, I have difficulty remembering a lot of what happened outside of the treatment process. (you think??)

We had a bite to eat, and I've been "surfing the 'net", and wrote here.

Tomorrow late afternoon is Christmas with two of Dan's daughters and families, and Frank, too. Before doing that, I'm going back over to the storage unit to take the empty boxes see what else I can find. I sure wish we had a basement.

Have a great day. Hugs.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday 12.12.2008

After a short night, I got up and made the cold, dry, drive to Jackson. I parked in the back of the lot, which makes it two blocks away, but an unobstructed line from the fourth floor of the hospital lets the remote starter work. (!!!) The shuttle came around and scooped us up, depositing us at the main entrance of the hospital.

I clocked in, had a good group of co-workers, and I had a good day. Even though we had a lot of patients, with few beds available, there were several in labor. As it turned out, the women were slow in their laboring processes, the discharges left, and it was my turn to go home. Ok. I clocked out about 3:30.

I went to the window and pointed the fob, and blink-blink, signal received. Down the elevator, and the shuttle was coming up. (Twice in one day??) We went over to the lot and a few of us got out. My car was running!!

That's cool. I still went out to Auto Images in Michigan Center to have them adjust the crank time. It hadn't been starting when the temperature was in the 'teens, and the engine light was on. Oh--the engine light has been on since last week when it was reset. Today, the light was off. Hm. Do I go there anyway?? Yes, I thought maybe they should look at it.

I told the guy behind the counter that I felt silly being there, seeing as how the car started today, and the engine light has gone off. Oh, he said, that's just a crank adjustment. It will take just a few minutes. Ok, thanks. I handed him my keys and took a seat in the waiting area.

Indeed, it was maybe 10 minutes later when he came back in and handed me my keys. All set, he says. Ok, thanks again.

I drive north, and get home somewhere around 5. Dan is happy to see me, and we visit and catch up on our day. I had a sandwich, and settled in on the sofa with the computer.

As the evening has gone on, I've gotten pretty tired. I'll be going to bed before too long.

Tomorrow is household day.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday 12.11.2008

I had a wakeful night, sleeping until about 2. I got out of bed about 3, hungry, and had a snack and watched tv until I felt like going back to bed. 4:30. Then I couldn't get back to sleep. I listened to the radio until 7 or so, and got up about 8. sheesh. What's that about??

I had breakfast and got ready for the day.

I get up to Lansing Ophthalmology for my 11 o'clock appointment. I checked in, was directed to the appropriate area, and waited to be called.

After a few minutes, a young woman called my name. I got up, and she introduced herself as Kim. I told her I was a little anxious, as I have a hard time with the "this way or that way, number 1 or number 2...". She told me that it's ok, we'll take our time, and "I'm pretty good at this". Cool.

She did a good job, reassuring me and she did indeed take her time. Right off the bat she thought that the left lens wasn't right. She went through the different steps, looked at the new glasses with the machine, "#1 or #2", and we were done. She was confident that astigmatic correction on the new lens was not what I needed. She spent about 25 minutes with me.

She led me down a hallway and showed me into one of the doctor's exam rooms. I then saw her talking to Bob, who is the Dispensing Manager. He worked with me a couple of years ago with those glasses (the ones I'm wearing now) and did a good job. He came in and told me that he would take care of me after I've seen the doctor. Thanks, Bob.

So, I wait in the exam room, and after many minutes, Dr. Ebert came in. He looked over the notes the previous technicians had written about the adjustments, and Kim's exam this time, and he opened a large drawer that had many different lenses in it. He got the frame that the lenses go into, and he started building the lenses for me, referencing the prescription and Kim's notes several times while doing so. When he had the "glasses" assembled, he put them on me.

Ok, these work good. Right eye, check, left eye. Check. He did something to the left lenses which totally messed it up. Ok, he said, we had a little too much correction of the astigmatism on the new lenses. He changed the lens back to what worked, then added the magnification lenses to each side. Good again. Whew. He was very kind, wrote out the new prescription, and we were done. He led me out to to the end of the hallway, where I continued on to the desk.

Bob was there, looked up and saw me, and approached. He took the chart and asked me what we needed to do. "New lens", I said.

We went to an open desk where he looked at the paperwork, then took the new glasses over to wherever he went. When he came back, he had marked them for whatever they mark them for, and had me put them on. He carefully looked at the markings in relation to my eyes and was satisfied that they were ok. That being done, I could put my old glasses back on. He ordered the new lens in the computer, and told me he would make a phone call to see if the order could be hurried up at all, and that when the new glasses came in, he would personally dispense them to me and make sure they were good. "There's always a solution," he said. He's so kind, and good at what he does. I thanked him and went on my way.

Back home, I visited with Daniel, and before long it was time to go to my appointment with Ike.

She smiled and greeted me, and we went back to room 2.

She looked me over then started working on my arm, shoulder, abdomen, back, breast. At the end of the hour I noticed the difference, that the fluid had been moved away. If it would only stay gone...My hope is that eventually my body will have developed the channels to do so.

Back home again, and Daniel was ready to get some food, so we went to Los Tres Amigos. Yum. When we got back home, I went out for a walk in the complex. It was pretty cold. I ended up being gone maybe 40 minutes or so.

The rest of the evening I've been on the computer. I'm going in to shower, then bed.

Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday 12.10.2008

I slept from 10:30-1, was up for a minute, slept again until 5, up again, and back to bed. I laid there awake and put my earbud in and listened to the radio. I dozed mostly off, and on, and when 8am came I turned the radio off, sleeping lightly until 9. Dan woke up about 9:30.

We got up--he went to work out, I vegged on the sofa. I'm feeling very fatigued this morning. Breakfast with tylenol and motrin and fresh brew. Dan was back after a while and he went in to shower. I decided that the pressure in my head might need a sudafed, so I took one. After a while I showered, too, letting the warm water do it's thing. My shoulder is quite sore, but I do the range of motion exercises that Ike has shown me.

I did my hair, with the curling iron, and I will say that my scalp/hair are feeling mostly healed. (Healed??) You know, like the scalp or follicles are not as sensitive as they have been these last many months. But I do know why short haired people wear hats. My head is still very aware of the cold air.

After lunch, I went to Lansing Ophthalmology to have my new glasses adjusted again. I signed in, and Elizabeth worked with me today. She did what they do--I put them on, she marked them with dots and lines, dotted and lined my old glasses, compared them, took both pair somewhere, came back after a while with a printout of the prescription, and we talked about what was going on with them. I have worn them the last two mornings, driving with them, but I don't readily read any of the signs. Difficulty looking at the road then the dashboard. And after I get in to work, there's no way I can write with them on. So I change back to my old glasses. And I told her that I've worn corrective lenses for FORTY YEARS (gasp) and I know what it feels like to get a new prescription. This is DEFINITELY not something that I'm going to adjust to. And I've had progressive bifocals for about 10 years, so that's not new either.

After considering all the above, and more, Elizabeth thinks I should be re-evaluated by the doctor. Ok. She walks me over to one of the ladies that do scheduling and waits with me.

I have an appointment tomorrow at 11 o'clock, no charge. (no kidding) (with sarcasm) So we'll see what happens with that.

I get home, Dan's got his dinner ready, and all at once I'm extremely nauseated. Ewww. Not because of what he cooked, but I don't know why. Ewww again. He was on the phone with someone; I went in and laid on the bed, breathing, trying to relax. (Was this a stress response?) I don't know.

I might have dozed briefly, and the nausea is lessened, but I'm not hungry yet and don't feel like eating.

I see Ike tomorrow at 2. I also wonder if the backing up of lymph fluid in my breast and shoulder has any contribution to the "queases". And if the daily Tamoxifen/Effexor is the culprit. I guess tomorrow is another day to have discoveries.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday 12.9.2008

It was time to get up, even though I wasn't done sleeping. I got ready and left for work, the ice that was predicted was just wet pavement and heavy drizzle. Thank you God for getting me there safely. I parked in the lot and waited for the shuttle. Hm. Ok, I put up the hood on my coat and walked the two blocks in the light rain.

We had a good group of co-workers today, and boy were we busy. I've been home for a couple hours now and my feet are still tingly/tired. I'm glad I don't have appointments tomorrow.

The drive home was wet, 32 degrees and almost slippery, mostly raining, and little snowchunks falling for 10 minutes or so of the drive. Since I've been home, the rain has turned to snow, and the snow has everything white. While the weather can be treacherous, it sure is beautiful.

Daniel was happy to see me tonight. I checked email and wrote here.

I'm really tired tonight. I wanted to take a rest today, and even thought about pulling the "chemo-card". But we finally had a bit of a lull in activity on the floor and I was able to sit quietly with my feet up on another chair, although I had to keep my eyes open. And I had another odd thing happen this morning--my axillary incision was itching like crazy this morning on the end nearest the breast (anterior?) I don't see anything different about it, but I hope something good was happening in there. Like maybe the adhesion is breaking up.

Stay safe, and thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday 12.8.2008

I think I slept ok; at least, I felt like I had been in bed for a long time. When the alarm came on this morning I was settling in to sleep really good. You know how that is...

An uneventful drive, thank you God, and the workday looked like it was going to be a fair day. Great co-workers and enough of us. And the day did go ok, mostly. After lunch, the fan turned on. We pulled together and did what needed to be done, and by the time 5:30 pm rolled around, it seemed like we had been there two days instead of finishing one. The night shift finally came in, we finished up, and I clocked out and left.

There was a soft layer of bumpy ice on the car. (The shuttle was out in front of the hospital when I got to the door, so I didn't have to walk) I started the car--the remote starter needs another adjustment--and scraped the windows. After just a few minutes of the defroster blowing on the windhshield, the ice came of easily with the squeegy end of the scraper. Cool.

On the way home, the roads were mostly ok, though there was some "glazing" in places. I was more comfortable going about 50-55 mph; other drivers were going faster. That's ok, I got home safely. Thank you, God, again.

Daniel welcomed me home, we caught up on each other's day, and I wrote here. He's drifted off to bed and I'm on my way, too.

I felt like I "wilted" today about 4:30--just got tired. And I took good food and snacks with me, had been drinking water, was able to eat, paced myself throughout the day, but still felt like I was done. A nap would have helped.

If that layer of ice happens as predicted, I may not be able to go to work until the road conditions improve. Or it may not even ice at all....

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday 12.7.2008

I got up about 8 this morning, hungry, so I washed up and had breakfast. Daniel got up shortly after I did. I spent time on the computer after eating, then went in to shower. Boy, that warm water feels good. My shoulder was "stiff" feeling, definitely uncomfortably sore. I let the water run on it and stretched it. I can't tell if it helps; it's still sore tonight.

Dan and I visited, and I went into what used to be Breon's room, where I've set up a folding table and had a craft project set out. I have a grapevine wreath from my house on Elm Street. (I had harvested my vines each fall and made wreaths of them.) We also had some silk poinsettias from when we ordered the silks for the top of the entertainment center. So, I took the flowers off the stems and wired them onto a wreath for our front door. It took me a few hours, and I did a couple loads of laundry, too. I had Christmas music playing--it's nice to have a space where I can actually do something.

I finished it just as it was getting dark. It's on the door now. And it looks good.

Daniel wanted to go to Meijer, so we did, and picked up a few groceries. Back home, I put a couple of potatoes in the microwave and cut apart one their rotisserie chickens, and wa-la, supper. Yum.

I cleaned up the kitchen and wrote here. I'm kind of tired tonight and hope to go to bed kind of early. And hope to sleep when I do.

Tomorrow is a workday.

So, the Christmas Season is upon us, with the whirlpool of activities drawing us to the vortex of December 25th, Jesus' birthday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday 12.06.2008

I got up this morning, showered, breakfasted, checked email, and spent the morning with Daniel before leaving for Mt. Pleasant. There were snow advisories posted, but it was just cold (in the teens) and somewhat windy here. I left about 11:30 ish after packing an overnight bag just in case.

The roads weren't bad--mostly wet--and traffic moved along between 50 and 60 mph until I got to Ithica, where the road was a little slippery. We slowed to about 45-50, and by Mt. Pleasant the roads were mostly dry.

Diane welcomed me in. We caught up with a little visiting first before going out to the shed, where she handed me down box after box of her Christmas decorations. Then we took them inside. We set up her tree and got whatever other decorations out and set up while listening to seasonal tunes. I also helped her with some (very) minor household maintenance-type things. We took the mostly empty boxes out to the shed, then she fixed us some tasty food. We laughed and ate, and Diane took me downtown Mt. Pleasant to see the Christmas House, a house with an elaborately lit seasonal display. The homeowners had put a lot into it, and it was very nicely done. We wound around a neighborhood and enjoyed their lights, too, then went back to her place where we looked at pictures a while before it was time for me to leave. Her house is looking quite festive!

A good drive home--the roads were better, mostly dry--and I got home about 11:20. I checked email and wrote here.

I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I'm ready for bed now, it's 12:45.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday 12.05.08

I was sleeping when the alarm went off. Whew--I got up and got myself ready and out the door. It had been snowing a little and was 18 degrees and the roads were crispy. The highway was actually better yesterday morning. I got there safely, than you God.

We had a good day, even though we were busy. A good group of co-workers make for a good day. The afternoon get long, but after a while the night shift showed up and we could leave.

Dry roads for the windy, 13 degree drive home.

Dan and I visited and caught up with each other. I wrote here, and I'm about to go to bed.

My breast still makes itself known throughout the day; when I can't ignore/forget about it, I take a tylenol and a couple of motrin, which take care of it for a few hours. That shoulder, too.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to go to Mt. Pleasant to visit my cousin, Diane. I'm also hoping the winter weather advisory isn't all that it's predicted to be.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday 12.4.2008

I got up and got ready for work. Although the roads in the complex were crispy looking, the roads had been salted and were starting to melt. The main road and the highway were both just wet.

I had a good day today, overall. I did start feeling kind of "punky" in the late afternoon. I don't know if I was tired, hungry or both.

It was finally time to leave. An uneventful drive home, thank you God. Daniel was home and in good spirits. We chatted and caught up on each other's day, then I wrote here.

I'm really tired, and off to bed.

Oh, yeah. I used the curling iron on my hair again this morning, and several people made comments on how good I looked, etc. I think I finally feel like I have "my hair back". Wow.

Thank you for reading, for continuing to support us. Hugs.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday 12.3.08

I woke at 7 and listened to the radio for a while before getting up. I remembered I hadn't eaten anything after my salad yesterday, what was it, 4 or 5 o'clock? No wonder I'm hungry....

I got up and had breakfast, checked email, then went in and got ready for the day. And guess what?? I DID my hair!! Yup, used the curling iron on it. I thought it looked ok, but I don't know what it's going to do when I get hot...And it was weird to do, because the cowlicks (colicks? sworls) are different than they used to be, so the angle of the curling iron is different.

After putting potatoes and pork in the crockpot, I headed out to Discount Tires to have those tires rotated. I had a 12:30 appointment, and got there about 12:20. They didn't get to my car until almost 12:50. I had taken my little "Ipod Knock-Off" (as Dan's daughter Kris calls it) with me, so I listened to the library book I had on it while I waited, and filed my nails. About ten after one the guy came in to tell me they were done. Ok, Thanks.

I left there and went on to Lansing Ophthalmology to pick up my new glasses. I signed in and was called in just a few minutes. The same girl that had worked with me to pick them out and put in my order, Alaina, was there, and she took care of me again today.

She got the new specs, and I put them on. Whoa!!! Everything is goofy in my brain. I told her something wasn't right. To her credit, she worked with me and those frames for a half hour or so. (God made me with uneven ears and uneven eyes, which makes it a challenge to get the frames to sit right on my face, not to mention getting the bifocals in the right spots so my eyes work right.) I left with the new glasses, with the instructions not to drive with them tonight or tomorrow morning. And to try to wear the new ones as long as I can tomorrow to "let my brain learn how to use them." Huh?? I've always been able to wear a new prescription without difficulty. I agreed to follow their instructions, though I'm pretty sure I'll be back next week for another adjustment.

Dan was sleeping when I got home, and since the temperature was 36 or so outdoors, I went out for a walk/run. I did good; I alternated walking and jogging and ended up about half and half.

Dan was up then, and I showered after cooling off. I mixed up some biscuits and put them in the oven while I put our dinner together. It was really yummy.

The rest of the evening I've been on the computer, read emails and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday, and Friday, too.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday 12.2.2008

Another night of hot, cold, occasionally just right, and intermittent sleep. I woke about 0730, and was listening to the radio with an earbud, when my phone rang. It was the dentist's office, saying there were cancellations and would I be able to come in at 9:00? or maybe 9:30? And I have another opening at 11...I took the 11 o'clock appointment to have a decaying tooth repaired.

I got up and got ready for my day, and after a while, headed to Jackson. Even though it had snowed and was slippery in the complex, the highway was wet and driving was good.

When Dr. Hess came in to the room I had been shown to, I told him how I had felt after having the local anesthesia for the previous tooth repair--yucky for the rest of the day. We talked about the medications used, and as it turns out, the one that I had been given, they no longer use. So that was good news. However, since this current cavity itself was shallow, I opted to pass on the anesthetic all together.

Dr. Hess does a good job, and my discomfort was fleeting. The tooth was repaired, and I was done. Let me tell you, I breathed and breathed, and tried to stay focused. Whew. Thank you Dr. Hess, and his lovely assistant who I don't know her name. She was kind enough to explain some of the processes and show me some of the instruments that were used. Interesting.

I left there and headed back home. I called Dan to let him know I was on my way, and I stopped at Discount Tire in Lansing to have my tires rotated. They had a 2 hour wait, so I made an appointment for tomorrow at 12:30. I went over to Meijer and picked up a few groceries, then went home. That wind was really cold blowing through the parking lot.

I got home, Dan helped carry the groceries in. He was fixing his food--a noodle soup that he likes. I made myself a lovely salad.

The evening progressed.

I've been having more Episodes of Increased Temperatures it seems, as well as Not Quite Frozen, these last several days. And my breast and shoulder are annoyingly uncomfortable. Ah well, I'm alive.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday 12.1.2008

This is what we woke up to this morning. Absolutely Beautiful.
A typical night for me, any more. Comfortable, dozing. Uh-oh, hot. Off with the blankets, doze. Cooling off. Don't cover up again too soon, else I get hot again. So I have to wait until I feel a little cold shiver, then I can cover up again and go off to sleep for a while, maybe 2 or 3 hours. Wake up, hot, out of bed, bathroom, dawdle on the return to finish cooling off, back to bed. Repeat.
I listened to the radio a little before getting out of bed and getting into the shower. I did the stretches with the warm water on my arm and shoulder, then got out and had breakfast with the tylenol and motrin.
I went over to the physical therapy place. The roads were slushy and messy, but the vegetation was beautiful. I had the time to go slow and enjoy God's world, saying a prayer of thanks.
Ike did her thing. My breast is still sore and lumpy--the lumps that developed after the mammogram--but the cording seems to be resolving. I didn't think it was hurting as much until she "found" it during the treatment process. Surprise!! She was encouraged, though, that the cords are not as prominent.

On the way home, it was still snowing a little, and I took a few pictures with my phone. (Technology--who'd of thought??)
I made a few phone calls after I got home, verifying a meeting for tomorrow (which had been cancelled, glad I called), scheduling other meetings, planning my calendar. I had a bite to eat, then took the car back to Auto Images in Michigan Center for them to adjust the crank time on the remote starter. The check engine light was on, too, and I think that it was due to the starter. The technician adjusted the crank time, and when I asked him about the check engine light, he went back out, pulled the car in, and worked on it. What was said to be an adjustment that would take only a few minutes turned out to be a half hour. But, when the technician brought the car around, he said he had to move the wire, and the light is reset. Ok, thanks.

When I got back home, Dan suggested we go out for Mexican food. Good idea! We went to Los Tres Amigos. I like their chips, and Dan does, too. We had a good dinner, and on the way home the traffic was slow-going, because of the snow and temperatures hovering 31 degrees or so. It was really slippery in spots. We got home safely, and we've since been enjoying it from the inside looking out.
Tomorrow we'll get groceries; I'm not sure what else is up.
Enjoy life. Hugs.