Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday 11.30.2008

I got up and went to work this morning. An uneventful drive, thank you God. I clocked in, and we had a pretty good day with a great group of co-workers. We were busy, but not overwhelmed. And after a long 12 1/2 hours, it was time to go home.

It had been snowing most of the day, accumulating mostly on the grass and other colder surfaces. The roads were mostly slushy.

I headed home. I was a little leery, but cautiously watching the roads, the freeway was wet with areas of slush, too. We traveled at 50-55 mph. At one point, near Mason, the wet snow had clung to the vegetation, looking almost surreal in it's whiteness. The magic of winter.

At home, Daniel was happy to see me.

We caught up on our day, I wrote here. I'm pretty tired and will be going to bed soon.

Tomorrow is therapy with Ike at 10:00. I'm not looking forward to getting up early, but am looking forward to having another treatment. My breast and shoulder are pretty uncomfortable. The abdominal cording seems to be only a little tender tonight. Maybe it's resolving??

A year ago today was my second surgery, when I had a re-excision of the wound bed, even though the margins were "clean" after the first surgery. The margins weren't very big--1-2 mm--so she went in and scooped out more healthy tissue. I'm glad the surgeon was conscientious and wanted to do a thorough job.

Enjoy the snow, and each other. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday 11.29.2008

I was sleeping good when the phone rang at 0416--"You're on call..." Ok, thanks. I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I woke up about 0730 and got out of bed shortly after 8.

I had breakfast, checked email. The sun was beautiful today. The temperature was up to 37 degrees or so, and I had to get outdoors. I got dressed and went out for a walk. I ended up going out into the residential neighborhood adjoining our complex. I walked for most of the route, and jogged the last quarter, maybe half mile of it. I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy.

Back at home, I sat on the front step in the sun while I cooled off. Lovely!! I went in to shower, and I stretched my arm as Ike has instructed me. I think that even though the corded areas are sore, they are better overall. My shoulder is quite sore, as is my breast. Tylenol and motrin help.

I rested, had a bite to eat, and I had medication to pick up at the pharmacy. Since it was still sunny out, and about 3:30, I decided to walk there instead of drive. I've done that before, it takes about an hour or so to get there and back. I invited Daniel to go with me, but he declined.

That was a good walk, too, and I feel good to have gotten outside and had some activity.

I'm about ready for bed. Tomorrow is a workday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday 11.28.08

I got up this morning, got ready for the day, and went over for my appointment with Ike.

She did an initial evaluation, saying that she had talked about my "case"/cording with a couple of other therapists. One of them had the suggestion to try "visceral" something-or-other (enter therapy term), and that's what she wanted to do today.

She stretched my legs, hips, abdomen, ribs, and arms, trying to alleviate the cording. She also worked on the fluid accumulations in the shoulder and breast. When the hour was over, I was glad I had tylenol and motrin on board, and I could tell as the day wore on when I needed another dose.

The rest of the day Daniel and I were just home with ourselves, chit-chatting and such. I did another load of laundry, too.

Frank called and came up for a visit this evening. It's good to see him. He stayed until 10 or so. I wrote here, and I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow is a work day, as is Sunday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday 11.27.2008 Thanksgiving

Daniel said I "flopped around" last night. Huh? I know that I didn't sleep real well, listened to the radio for an hour or so somewhere around 1:00, but between 7 and 9 I slept great. I didn't know Daniel had gotten up. He had already showered when I came to the surface.

I got up and ready for the day. We joined other members of his family at Brad and Jacque's (Jackie) for a wonderful afternoon filled with fellowship, conversation, and food.

We got back home about 6pm, after dark. It was kind of funny--a race to get out of our "good" clothes and into our "loungewear". I think it's happened--we've gotten comfortable with each other.

The rest of the evening was catching up on email and writing here.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Ike at 10:30. That's a good thing. The breast is full and sore and lumpy and my shoulder is bothersome, and today while driving over to Flushing, the cording in my forearm kind of spasmed. Yeah, it was really weird. And the cording on the abdomen has been sore today, too. Once, when I touched it, it felt like a hot nail laying just under the skin. Ouch.

Hope you all had a great day today. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 11.26.2008

I went to bed last night about 9, thinking that when I woke about midnight I could have another dose of the Thera Flu stuff. When I woke somewhere around 1, I didn't feel that I needed it. And the subsequent times I woke, I didn't feel I needed it then, either. I did take tylenol/motrin about 5.

I got up about 8:30. I realized that I had been "nose breathing". Hm. When I stood up, my nose didn't run. Hm. I think I feel pretty good! Praise the Lord!!

I was hungry and had breakfast, then enjoyed a warm shower. Mmmm. I have a little sinus pressure, but nothing I need to take medicine for.

A little while later Dan and I went out to pick up a few groceries, and when we got back, Dan fixed his food while I put together a broccoli/cauliflower salad for our contribution for tomorrow's dinner with Dan's family. I fixed myself a lovely salad, put in a load of laundry, and sat down to eat. I did take the tylenol/motrin at this point, as my shoulder and breast were becoming more than I could ignore.

I finished 3 loads of laundry, then settled in on the sofa. Checked email and wrote here.

I'm a little tired, and my nose has run just a little today. I'm pleasantly surprised, and extremely thankful that I got over whatever it was so quickly.

Happy Thanksgiving... Hugs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday 11.25.2008

The radio was on about 10 minutes before I heard it this morning. I got up, got ready for the day, and headed out. It was snowy and slushy on the highway, speeds 50-60 mph. I don't hurry; I'd rather get there safely.

And I did, thank you God.

I parked, the shuttle was there (!) and I clocked in. During report, I started sneezing and my nose started running. Like dripping clear water, uncontrollably. I took a sudafed at 7 o'clock hoping that would stop the drips. It did but it didn't, and by 9:30 I was thinking I needed to leave. I called a couple of my co-workers, and one of them could come in after she got her children from their 1/2 day of school and to the sitter. (Thank you, Kim) I had taken a second dose of stuff at 10:45 with not much decrease in action. She got there around 1:00 and I got out of dodge. It amazes me how much fluid can leak out of a nose. Really--I would have my head at just a slight downward angle and the stuff ran out of my nose and landed on my clothes like I didn't know how to drink out of a glass!! Sheesh!!

I had called Daniel to let him know I'd be coming home early. When I arrived, he had gone to CVS and gotten me some Thera-Flu stuff. AWWW. I tell you, he's good to me. I didn't even ask him to do that. Thank you, Daniel.

I hadn't had lunch, so I ate, then it was time for another dose of stuff, so I fixed that and drank it. Not the most pleasant stuff, but it's medicine...

It did help a little, and I also took another sudafed with it. (I checked the ingredients on the Thera-Flu first) We both had a brief siesta in our respective chairs.

I've caught up on most of the emails, and my nose is starting to drip again. It's 7:00, so I'll be able to take another dose pretty soon.

My comment to God was: It's the anniversary of the beginning of the treatments for my cancer, and You've kept me well while I was immuno compromised. Thank you for that. And now I have a cold or some other virus that jumped up and landed in my nose. I hope it's brief. Amen.

I don't feel too bad, so far. I hope to rest these next 36 hours or so and be over it by Thursday to join Daniel's family in Flushing.

Thank you for reading, and remember to wash your hands frequently. Hugs.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday 11.24.2008

Another workday today. I got up, got ready to go, and headed out.

It was cold--28 or so--with snow predicted. Ingham county was on it--there was already salt on the road. Which might seem good, but it was catching in our tires and flinging up like gravel. When I got near a semi/18 wheeler, it's wheels were throwing up the salt and clinking on my car. I tried to speed up a little to reduce the time that I was in the "debris zone". As the stuff was showering me, I heard that distinctive "clink" when something hits the windshield and chips it. I didn't investigate yet, and I hope it didn't.

We had a good day today with great co-workers, and were able to leave in a timely manner.

It had snowed for the most part of the day today, with no accumulation to speak of. The roads were wet, it was windy, and the temperature hovered about 32 degrees. I traveled between 50 and 55 mph and arrived back home safely.

Daniel was happy to see me. We visited some, then I checked emails and wrote here.

Tomorrow is a workday, too, and I need to get to bed soon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday 11.23.2008 365 Days

I had a hard time putting a title on this entry. Today, November 23, is one year since my first surgery for breast cancer. I am surprised that I don't remember a whole lot, just bits and pieces, and because of that, I am very glad that I have blogged this experience.

I remember that I was anxious, that I went into it with a positive attitude and trust in those who would be taking care of me. I remember praying for God to guide the surgeon and to work through her. I remember that all of you have prayed for me, hugged me, cried with me, celebrated with me.

I have received many gifts: cards with encouraging messages, phone calls, gifts of angels, lots of pink things, and hugs. But most of all, I have received the gift of love. By acknowledging my fears, anxiety, and vulnerability, your love, and God's love, has given me the courage and strength to experience this experience in the most positive way I could.

So many people have and continue to support me, to help me through each day. My husband, our children, my brothers, sisters-in-laws, mother, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, greats, grands, extended family members. My friends, co-workers, my mother's caregivers, my caregivers. Blog readers. (Did you see the red dots on the world map??) There are readers who read on a regular basis, daily, weekly, whatever. You know who you are.

I can say Thank You. I can hug you and smile with you. I can be there for you when you are happy or in need. Most of all, I can thank and praise God for these gifts. And look for ways to share this gift of life.

Please remember the strength of the energies we have when we connect with each other and with God. Breathing, reaching out, letting in.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday 11.22.2008

I slept really well the first few hours. I woke about 2, I think, and listened to the radio for a while, then turned it off about 4 o'clock. When I woke again it was almost 9:00. I got up, but Dan was still sleeping. He got up shortly after I did.

I had a hard time getting my motor started this morning. I had breakfast, then read emails. Next thing I know, it's almost 1. I went in and showered.

After dressing, I sat in the living room again. I was ready to start on my task list when Daniel asked if we were going to get groceries. Oh, ok, we can do that.... so we did.

The store was quite busy, but we got what we needed and got back home. Dan had wanted pork--we got a loin--and I googled how to fix it. A real simple recipe--brown sugar, cinnamon applesauce, and ginger mixed together and put over top, covered and baked an hour or until 160 degrees. Daniel was impressed. We also had acorn squash, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, and crescent rolls.

After dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, then sat down again and read more on the internet. I came across the "cording" topic on the discussion board. There are several women who have had cording issues, but from what I've read so far, it seems that none of them have gotten clear information from their doctors. Also, none have had awful, long-term issues. I had to stop reading about it for a bit, as the phone rang.

It was Jeremy. We had a nice visit. All is well. He's hoping to come to Michigan just for a couple of days over Christmas, as he's on-call for his job and needs to stay down there. I hope he'll be able to join us for our Christmas afternoon/evening gathering.

The evening has progressed. I've had a couple of hot flashes that have been less intense than they have been, and in general they seem to have decreased in frequency and intensity. Praise the Lord! My shoulder is sore, the cording down my arm is still there but less, as is the one on my abdomen. The breast is better, too, though still uncomfortable.

And I'm tired again. So, I've written here, and I'm going to go off to bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday 11.21.08

I got up this morning and got ready for work. It was cold--but the roads had been salted and were pretty good. I got to the hospital and parked in the concierge spot. They are going to take my car over to Auto Images in Michigan Center to have a remote starter installed.

I dropped the keys in their key drop box and went over to my unit. We had a pretty good day with a great group of employees.

At the end of the day I went back and picked up my keys with the new key fob thing and went out to the parking lot. I pushed the button and vroom, there's my car. Yes, I know it's not a necessity, but I sure like to have the defroster running and the windshield starting to melt when I end a 12 1/2 hour shift in the winter...

An uneventful drive home. Daniel is looking at the television, I checked email and wrote here. I'm really tired tonight.

Tomorrow I'd like to go to the library, and need to pick up a few groceries, too.

The holidays are just around the corner...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday 11.20.2008

When the radio came on this morning, I was sleeping. I heard it, but through the sleep-fog I had a hard time realizing what it was. Oh. Time to get up...

0720. I got up and got ready for the day, and headed to Jackson for a meeting. I was surprised when, halfway there, my dashboard "dinged". Huh?? I looked down. Oh-oh. The gas gauge. Oh yeah, I was supposed to get gas last night on the way home. Hm. I think I've got enough to get to the gas station that was 10 miles away. Yes, I got there ok. The needle was just on the upside of the line pointing to the "E". I filled up with 14.1 gallons of gas--the most I've ever put in that car. I thought I had a 13 gallon tank. On to the meeting....

Over to the hospital, we had a good meeting, good turnout, productive. Afterwards, I browsed the cafeteria to see if I wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at home or something there. There was some stuff there that I liked, so I got my lunch and went back to the floor and ate with my friends. I headed home.

Daniel was home, we visited a bit. I had a couple of hours before going to therapy.

It had started snowing when I went over to the therapy place. Ike brought me back to room 2, and when she looked at my abdomen, she was disappointed that the cording was still there. She went out and got her co-worker, Heidi, who is the other breast/lymphedema specialist there.

Heidi came in and I showed her my abdomen. She was quite impressed. She asked if she could touch it--sure. She and Ike started touching and poking at my cords, moving me around to see what it did. It was kind of funny. I took my shirt and bra off so they could evaluate the underarm as well as the lumpy fluid pockets in my breast that developed after the mammogram. They were both somewhat concerned about the breast fluid, but Tuesday Ike was able to move that away. Their concern is about the cords that are on my arm, armpit, chest, and abdomen. Heidi found a couple of smaller ones that neither Ike or myself had discovered. They talked therapy-speak between them while they were exploring me.

Heidi thanked me for allowing her to see me, and left. Ike got to work with some deeper lymphatic drainage techniques. She did a good job, and the hour was up. She re-evaluated several times during the treatment, and when we were done, she was disappointed that she was only able to reduce the abdominal cording by about half. Then she told me she was going to fax a progress note to Dr. Bolmer for another prescription (because Blue Cross requires a new script every 30 days) and tell her that this cording is not improving and is, in fact, getting worse.


That's the first time I've heard her say anything other than positive about this. I was quite surprised. I'm not sure what my opinion is, other than it's happening. I think it's a process of the combined cancer treatment processes, (surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation) and that as the radiated tissue continues to undergo the changes that radiation does to tissue, my body will adapt as it needs to. I don't know much about radiation damage, but we as health care professionals often tell our surgical patients that it may take a year or so to get back to "normal". So why are we surprised that my body is still changing?? I'm only 5 months out of radiation, having had the last treatment June 5. And I had that mammogram that aggravated the already altered tissues. I think that time and continued therapy as needed to keep the lymph fluid pockets drained will allow for optimal healing. I pray God will guide us in this.

She wanted to schedule more appointments, so I went out to the car to get my planner. Oh--it snowed!! A lot!! There was about a half inch on my car. I went back in, made appointments through mid-December, thanked her, and left. I didn't see anyone off the road or anything, I don't know why they were going so slow.

I finally got to College Road and turned south. A mile or so down, there's a car off the road. Another half mile, another car off the road. On the overpass over the highway, traffic was crawling, and off to the left, I could see blue flashing lights, one on the eastbound side, and looking to the right, one on the westbound side. Hm. Easy does it.

As I got up to Holt Road, there wasn't as much snow, and Holt Road was just wet, like it had been salted. No difficulty driving here. I turned into the complex, it was greasy, too. Shew, I'm home.

I told Daniel what the weather was doing a little north of here, and his reply was, oh, do you think we can still go out for dinner?? I said sure, if you want to drive in this stuff. And we don't go too far north...

So, we headed out. We ended up at Bob Evans, where we had a tasty meal. It had snowed a little more while we were in the restaurant, and the temperature is high 20's. The roads were ok until we got into the complex, and the roads here hadn't been salted or anything yet, and were shiny greasy from traffic on it. Daniel, being the driver that he is, had to step on the brakes to see how slippery it is. Yup, we slid. He did it again, we slid again. Ok, let's get home...

And here we are. Tomorrow is a workday for me. I'm going to go to bed soon, to try to sleep before going out on the hopefully fairly good condition roads tomorrow morning.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday 11.19.2008

I was awake some during the night, but I slept pretty good overall, I think. I was very surprised when I looked at the clock and it showed 9:58! Daniel was already up...

I got up and had breakfast, looked at email some, then went in and enjoyed a lovely shower. I stretched my arm with the warm water; I was pleasantly surprised that my shoulder wasn't very uncomfortable this morning after Ike's manipulations yesterday. The breast, however, is quite sore.

After bathing and getting ready for the day, I resumed the email pursuit. I have a few topics on the site that I have subscribed to, and some of the entries can be lengthy, so it takes me longer to read those.

It was soon time to go to my eye appointment. I headed out.

I have the eye exam. The doctor says my left eye has changed enough to warrant a new prescription, and he writes it out. Ok, thank you. I went out to the waiting area to wait to be called by an optician to get glasses ordered.

While I was waiting, I perused the selection of frames, trying on several. I picked up maybe a dozen to check out with the optician, then waited my turn.

And waited.

Finally, someone called for me and took me over to their "station". I tried on each of the frames I had picked up, one by one eliminating some and and setting a few aside to try again. Alina, the optician, went to a display and picked up a couple more, and we narrowed it down to 5 frames. We talked about the attributes of the ones we liked, but the favorite doesn't come in the size I need. Yup, my "petite" head translates to glasses frames, too. So, I chose the second favorite of the group. You know, after wearing glasses for 40 years, getting new frames every 2 years is like buying shoes. You know they'll be replaced after a period of time.

I thanked Alina for her time and patience, and she walked me over to the check-out area, where I paid the balance for what the vision insurance doesn't cover and headed home.

Daniel had dinner started, and we finished it together, then ate.

The rest of the evening I caught up on the rest of the email, and wrote here.

Tomorrow I have a meeting from 0900-1200 at the hospital, then I see Ike at 4:00.

Take care of each other. Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday 11.18.2008

This morning I left a few minutes early in case the roads were questionable. And they were. The shiny black roads that you don't know if it's wet or frozen. The temperature was 23 degrees on my dashboard. As I merged onto the freeway, the other vehicles were averaging 5o mph or so. Ok, whatever it takes

I get about 7 miles down the highway inbetween Mason exits, and there are police lights flashing. Down off the right side of the road, in the ditch, are two vehicles. One is facing the traffic with it's headlights on, the other might have been a tow truck. I don't slow down and gawk, so I didn't see much. I just kept on going slow.

I got the hospital on time, carefully walking the couple of blocks over. The shuttle had just pulled away, and one never knows if and when it will come around.

We had a good day--busy, but good. My relief came in about 2:20, and I was able to report off to her, finish my tasks, and drive back home in the sunshine. It was beautiful outside.

I went in the house and "freshened up", changing clothes, then went over to the therapy place for my appointment with Ike.

She did a brief evaluation then started in. She was disappointed, I think, at how the cording is still present in my arm, breast, and abdomen. The breast itself had lumps that were probably pockets of lymph fluid that doesn't know where to go. She worked on me for about 40 minutes, then checked again. The cording in the abdomen was narrower, the cording in the arm was less "tight", and the breast was much softer. All areas were tender and sore from manipulation. When I left, I was a bit queasy, nauseated. Yuck.

Daniel was home when I got home. We caught up on our day.

Our complex was having a Turkey Dinner for the residents at the Clubhouse, so I had planned on going there to eat. Daniel opted to stay home. Fuddy-Duddy.

I walked there and back after having a little of what was offered, a traditional deli-prepared meal. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't fresh veggies and clean food and such. I cam home and had a glass of milk.

The rest of our evening we sat together in the living room, he had the tv on, I got not even half caught up on email.

The tylenol/motrin I had taken this afternoon is gone, which translates into discomfort. I'm going to try just going to bed, but I'll take something during the night if it bothers me too much.

Oh, yeah, I realized that while I'm still having hot flashes, they're not as consistently "hot", and the take-my-breath-away, I-need-to-sit-down episodes have been less frequent these last couple of days. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday 11.17.2008

After a short night, I got up and headed to Jackson. I got there ok; to my surprise there was a deer--a buck--on the right side shoulder of the expressway, right in town!! Fortunately, he stayed put, at least while I passed. Thank you, God.

Clocked in, our day went on. The end of the day was quite busy. I was glad to clock out a half hour late.

Outdoors, it had been snowing. A couple of the night shift girls were a touch late; they say the roads were bad. Slippery. Eeewww.

I got over to the car--there was a light coat of snow, but under that was a little ice. I turned the car on, and while I cleared the windows the windshield mostly melted.

The drive home was yucky, what with the lovely, blowing, beautiful, Christmas Eve snow making visibility poor and the roads a little "greasy". The angels got me home safely.

I was hungry, and while I heated up something to eat, Daniel and I caught up on our day. I had my snack and wrote here, and I'm ready for bed.

Tomorrow I work, then someone is coming in for me so I can see Ike at 4:30.

This afternoon my breast got really uncomfortable, and sore. My shoulder, too. Tylenol and motrin helped.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday 11.16.2008

I slept like I have this past many months--the first few hours, great, then awake and hot. Then cold. Then hot again. You get the idea. I slept again from 5 until 8, then listened to the radio while dozing for the next hour. As it happened, Daniel was still snoringly asleep, and I got out of bed first.

I was hungry, and made some yummy blueberry pancakes. To go on top, I cooked some rhubarb into a sauce. Dan says he doesn't like rhubarb. Darn.

I started laundry, checked email, fooled around on the computer awhile. After laundry was done, I had a bite to eat. Daniel was fussing about the snow and no sunlight--I'm singing "Let It Snow" and "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" and loving the large chunky snowflakes falling like it's Christmas Eve. Beautiful.

I went out for a few groceries. When I got back, Daniel fixed his dinner, while I had cold cereal.

We didn't do much else the rest of the evening.

I work Monday and Tuesday.

I have had hot flashes today, though not the take-my-breath-away I-have-to-sit-down-a-minute kind. But hot and perspire-y, none the less. My shoulder is tired feeling and I am consciously trying to use it to increase/improve the range of motion. The cording down my arm is still there, almost visible. The cording on the abdomen is sore, but not as noticeable to me. My breast has been ouch-y sore today, too. But overall, I'm Great!!

Thank you for reading, for your support, for all the love and hugs that has helped each of us through every day. God bless you.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday 11.15.2008

I slept the first four hours last night, waking about 2:15. I listened to the rain, listened to the radio, listened to an audiobook, and about 5:30 I went back to sleep. While I was awake I realized something--I hadn't had "major hots" before going to bed last night, nor was I having the super hots when I was awake. !!! Yes, I've had "warm-ups", but not the horrible have-to-sit-down-and-breathe hot flash. And, today I've only had the "warm-ups". Yes, I've had times when I've been warm, but not the dripping-off-the-brow, moist-in-the-crease-of-my-neck, eeww-the-back-of-my-neck-at-my-hairline-is-wet hot flashes. YIPPEE!!!! Has time indeed passed, and could I really be on the other side of this "phase"??

I rolled over this morning, Daniel was up. The clock showed it was after 9. I dozed a bit longer before getting up myself.

I also realized that I hadn't had dinner last night, and I was ready to eat. I got myself ready for the day then had breakfast. I'm happy to say my sinus pressure is much less than yesterday.

After breakfast I checked emails, looked at some other stuff, watched a little football, then it was time to head to Jackson for my haircut.

Daniel had suggested a dinner date for tonight, but I suggested that he go with me to Jackson and have late lunch/early dinner at The Parlour. He liked that idea.

I got my hair cut, short like I used to wear it. It's the same style, but with the new colicks (cowlicks?) and swirls on my head, it's different. Lauretta the stylist thinks it's better. Dan thinks it looks better, too. I'm happy that it feels "normal".

We went over to The Parlour, a "destination place" ice cream parlor. Yes, we had sandwiches before sundaes. Yum. That was the best date.

We got home and vegged out the rest of the afternoon/evening. I'm going to go shower and get the little hairs off of me before going to bed.

My arm and shoulder and abdomen are the same today, uncomfortable. I've had small "warm-ups", and this evening a couple of small perspirations across my forehead, but nothing like the past 9 or 10 months. Thank you, God.

Tomorrow is household stuff, no plans to go anywhere. Maybe a few groceries.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 11.14.08

Well. Today was a good day, overall.

I was really tired last night and when I went to bed I went right to sleep, but was awake several times, not sure why, really. I would get up to the BR just because I was awake, but mostly I was uncomfortable, position-wise, when I woke. I don't know...

I got up at 0800 with full sinuses/head pressure. Great. I lingered in the warm shower hoping to clear my head, as well as stretch my left arm cording, which is now sore to about 2 inches above my wrist. The warmth and stretching helped, but doesn't make it go away.

I got myself ready and went to Michigan Center to attend a visitation/funeral for my English friend Teresa's sister. It was good to see her, and I also met some of her family that I've heard so much about. Her sister was diagnosed with brain cancer about 5 months ago, and now she's gone. It reinforces to me to be nice to the people in your world, and hug your loved ones.

After that, I went over to Auto Images in Michigan Center to ask about the remote starter on my van. It works, and I wondered about transferring it to the Sebring. (They had installed this one) She said it would cost a total of $200.00, and a new unit, now 3 versions newer, is $225. So I made an appointment for a new one for the Sebring.

Then I went over to Frank's house. He was fixing his breakfast (he works second shift). We had a nice, brief, visit, and hugs. I also hugged John and Amber, who are finally looking like they are recovering from the motorcycle accident in April. John is walking, with a limp of course, but he's walking. And in therapy. Amber has gone back to work as of 2 weeks ago. Wow. Hug your people.

Then I stopped and visited my neighbor from that neighborhood, who had experienced an infant loss recently. She was wondering if I had heard, and hoping I would just "stop by". I'm glad I "listened to the voices in my head" and pulled in her driveway. We had a nice visit, and I hugged her, too.

I had to be on my way home, so I could have a bite and get to my next appointment. I had looked in my planner several times, and thought I had an eye exam at 3:20. I headed out.

While heading north into Lansing, my phone rings, it's Ike. "Where are you, Kathy, for your 2:30 appointment?" Uh-oh. "I'm on my way to my eye appointment," I say, reaching for my planner. Oh, sheesh. Yes, I'm driving. I have a headset, so at least my hands are free...

I look at the calendar again. Huh?? Why did I think I had an eye appointment?? That's next week Wednesday. "I can be there in just a few minutes, Ike, if you want to work on me for the remainder of the appointment time..." "Ok," she says, "Hang up and drive."

She's in the office area and tells me to go into room 3 today. It's all set (meaning there is a pillowcase on the pillow and a towel opened up on the table for my back to lie on) and I am taking my jacket off when she comes in.

We laugh about my confusion, and she does a quick evaluation. The cording in my abdomen is still there, and when she touches it, I jump with pain. The sensation in that cord felt like hot metal burning. I told her about my arm and how that has extended further, and she decides to spend our limited time working on that.

When we're done, we reschedule next week, because a meeting that I participate in got moved and it conflicted with therapy. I thanked her and got on my way, stopping at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up a refill.

Back home, Daniel and I sat together and held each other for a bit. My headache is not much better, and he doesn't feel good either, complaining about back pain. We visit a bit, and he decides to take a nap.

I got on the computer and caught up with email, and wrote here. It's 6:30 now, dark, drizzly, rainy. I've taken tylenol, motrin, and sudafed, and the headache has eased but not gone yet. Hopefully I'll feel better after a night's rest.

Tomorrow is haircut day. I've tried to let it grow, and it's to the point where it doesn't look good after a while on the job. And I don't have time to mess with a hairdo. I need 14 hour tomorrow it will be shortened up again.

That's it. Thank you for reading. ((((((HUGS))))))

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday 11.13.2008

I worked today. Got up and got there, and it wasn't but a few minutes after clocking in that I knew I was going to have busy day. I had an orientee, but she went off to "classroom" time at 8:30, and didn't come back to me until 5 pm. And she was so overwhelmed--her word--that she just wanted to do some brainless tasks.

While she was gone, I was the only person in my job role, and the unit was 2 beds less than full. I was very busy, finally having a break at 12:15 to eat. (Mind you, breakfast was at 0500...) I went off the unit to eat, and did so quickly so that I could get back to my worklist.

I did pretty good, overall. Much better than yesterday. I don't know what the difference was, but I'm glad it was a better day cognitively. (Is that a word?) I did get really sleepy about 3:30 and would have sat quietly if I had had the opportunity. Instead, I just kept running up and down the hall.

It was finally time to clock out and head home. An uneventful drive, thank you God. Dan and I caught up on our day, and I wrote here. I'm off to bed soon.

I found that I was guarding my left shoulder--not using it as much as I should. So I tried to use it consciously, extending my arm. So of course that aggravated my comfort level. After a while I took the tylenol/motrin which helped the discomfort.

Tomorrow I have a funeral in Jackson in the morning, then a routine eye exam in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday 11.12.2008

Well, the radio was on for a couple of minutes before I realized why it was on. Darn it, I have to get up. And it was another couple of minutes before the conscious thought resurfaced and turned into action.

I got ready for the day and headed out. Dark and drizzly, about 38 degrees. Right here in our complex, just around the corner, were sets of eyes. Deer. 2 of them, raised their heads and watched me drive by. Great--I took that as my caution that they're active and to be on the lookout. I was, though I didn't see any others on my way.

We had a fairly good day with great co-workers. I was surprised that I kind of "lost it" this afternoon--difficulty concentrating, staying on task, losing focus, etc. I especially had a hard time with the computer charting. Looking back, I had eaten within a couple of hours, and wasn't really overwhelmed with my assignment or anything. It's weird not being able to function, or working so hard to function. I hope I'm able to move through whatever this is.

I went outdoors for about 20 minutes for a walk, and also to cool off. The hots seemed to be "long-lasting" today. And there were other times that I was freezing cold--so cold my spine hurts. I'm trying to not complain about my thermostat being broke. I'm thankful for the medical treatments we have today, that I'm living in the United States, able to receive the treatments, and that I'm cancer-free and alive. Woo-hoo!!

I did have a wonderful visit from one of my friends/readers today, Kay. We met while mom was in the nursing home, she was a caregiver. She's now in school again and will be a most excellent nurse, given the knowledge and compassion she has. She stepped in and helped me with mom's care while I was undergoing chemo and it's side effects. Prayers and angels to her and her parents for her dad's new diagnosis of pancreatic/liver cancer.

I got home in the dark and drizzle without event, thank you God. Daniel was happy to see me, and I him. We chatted a bit, I wrote here, and we're off to bed soon. Tomorrow is another work day for me.

My arm is still sore, my breasts are still sore, and I'm tired.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday 11.11.2008 Veteran's Day

First of all, thanks to military people, past, present, active, retired, home, away, those who returned, and those who didn't. And to their families and friends who support them. My own family consists of several veterans. I'm not going to try to list them, because I know I'd miss a few. You know who you are. I am humbled by your experience.

I seemed to wake frequently during the night, even though I returned to sleep fairly soon. I got up about 8 and got in the shower. I let the warmer water run over me, and extended my left arm over my head into the spray. I did the stretches that Ike has encouraged me to do, which did loosen the cording in the arm somewhat.

My breasts are sore, as anticipated, of course the left more than the right. The left one feels "lumpy" to me, too. It's probably fluid that I hope will find it's way out to wherever it belongs.

After breakfast I got ready for my appointment with Ike, and got on my way. She called me in within 10 minutes or so.

She asked about the mammogram and I told her it went as well as it could. She started evaluating my arms and torso, checking the cording in the abdomen and axilla and down the arm. When she was checking the breast, she noticed the lumps right away and seemed concerned. There was a lump on the top next to the incisional scar, and on the bottom she said it felt like cording. That strand ran now from the bottom half of the breast , down over the ribs, and joined the previous presentation of the cord. Great.

I told her I had done some warm-up therapy while in the shower, and she seemed pleased with that. She started on the cording in the abdomen, a little on the breast, then the armpit/arm, then the remaining 20 minutes or so moving the fluid pockets out of the breast tissue. Oh, yeah, it's tender. I had taken the tylenol/motrin with breakfast so it was on board.

I left there, dropped of materials at the library, and came home. I visited with Daniel some, but I wasn't feeling too good. I had a snack, then made a wonderful soup for us. We ate, I laid down for about 20 minutes, and when I got up I got ready to go out for a walk. Daniel asked where I was going--I told him and invited him to go with me. Ok, he said. So we did.

We didn't go very far, or fast, but at least he got outdoors.

The rest of the evening I checked the computer and wrote here. Daniel has drifted off to bed. I've kept tylenol/motrin on board, but the left breast especially is sore like a bruise(s).

I work Wednesday and Thursday, then see Ike again Friday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday 11.10.2008 Mammogram Day

I didn't sleep as well as I have been, but 1. I'm not surprised and 2. it was oddly familiar, being awake and restless during the night. I did rest at intervals, though.

I got up about 8, hungry, and had breakfast. Dan got up shortly after I did. After breakfast I showered, and recognized that I was growing some anxiety about the mamm appointment. I tried to linger in the shower, stretching my left arm as Ike has instructed me, with the warm water helping to allow the stretch. Yep, that was uncomfortable, but better for a while afterwards.

I kept watch on the clock, as I was making sure that I had the tylenol/motrin on board to help with the "discomfort" of breast compression. About 11:45 I took the 2 extra strength tylenol and 600 mg ibuprofen. Breathe.

I got over to the Ingham Breast Care Center and signed in. I signed the consent for insurance payment and initialed the HIPPA acknowledgement while the nice lady behind the window verified my insurance card and driver's license with the info that she already had. I took a seat and waited.

Charlene (sp?) called me back shortly after 1. She led me to an exam room. I recognized the hallway, and told Charlene that she had done my initial mammogram last year, as well as assisting with the wire localization before surgery. As she filled out the history section regarding previous surgery and such, she somewhat remembered me. She wanted me to change into a gown, open in front please, and she was going to step out. Oh-for-goodness-sake, I was changed before she was finished writing.

Charlene was very kind as she positioned my right breast on the plate and lowered the top plate and squished it. Oh, yeah, it hurt. It was definitely NOT uncomfortable, it hurt. The second view, I told her that it was too tight, and she backed it off with the foot control, then turned the screw thing (like an outdoor faucet handle) and compressed it anyway. Don't breathe--yeah, like I can--hold still--I can move??--and in the 20 seconds or so that seems like forever, my eyes have leaked. And that was the "good" breast.

Next was the left side.

She places a "scar marker" on my scar--it kind of looked like a twist-tie wire on a piece of cellophane tape, with four blue triangles on each side. Hm. Here we go. Step into the plate, she lifts and sets the breast on the plate, then lowers the top one with the foot control and tightens it manually. I'm breathing, doing my best to focus on relaxing and getting through it. Damn, that hurts. Hold your breath... view done. She changes the film cassette thing, turns the machine, and I step back into the plate for the side view. I'm breathing. She asks if I'm ok, did I need to sit down?? No, thank you, we'll keep going... The plate moves, and she hand tightens it again. If I breathe it hurts more, so I'm definitely holding my breath. She goes behind the thing and buzzes the machine while my eyes water. Oh, man. When the plate loosens and I can breathe, I'm doing my best. Ok, she says, now for the magnified views. She had explained earlier that the surgical side would have more views. She changed the top plate to a narrower piece, then the bottom plate. Ok, step forward. This smaller plate comes directly down over the wound bed. She lowered the plate then screwed it down. I'm thinking that any fluid that's in there is being pushed around, and I'm wondering if I'm doing more damage, maybe undoing or aggravating what Ike and I have been working on...

Yowser. This time it was a sharp "discomfort". I told her so, and she did turn it back a miniscule of a turn. Another angle with this plate and the same process, and she said she was going to take these films over for the radiologist to see. I was dabbing my eyes with the fabric of my gown when she turned to look at me.

I looked around the room, because I wanted to tell you about it. And distract myself from the "discomfort" I was feeling. The walls had a beige-y wallpaper with a large light brown scroll type design. And a border that was a darker brown with the light brown scroll stuff in a smaller size. Of course, the machine, standing about 7 feet high, a cupboard, sink, a side chair where I had set my purse and blouse and bra and jacket, and a white wrought iron baker's rack thing with the gowns, magazines, and some other things on the shelves. Then I saw the mirror, and I looked at my chest. And I remembered I could take a picture with my phone. So, I did. It's a breast picture, showing the marker, and the redness from the compression.

Anyway, that helped pass the time, and it felt like rebound swelling in both of my breasts. I would have liked an ice pack. Or two. Charlene came back in, saying that the Doctor Rawson would like another view of the right breast, as the first one was a bit blurry. Large exhale by me. Ok. Charlene changes the plates back and gets the machine set up. I step in, she "adjusts", my eyes water, the plate releases, and we're done. I hope.

She goes out again, and I'm left wondering what people do in there by themselves. There was no soothing music playing in the background. Charlene comes back in and says that one is good, and Doctor Rawson says everything looks ok. I ask if I can see the films, and she says sure. I'm already dressed as she is picking up the last of the paperwork stuff, and we go out to the image viewer.

She puts my films up, and my inexperienced eye sees the marker that Dr. Sanchez left in the tumor bed, and then I see a crisp white dot. I've seen those before--calcifications. I only see one, but previously there were many. Evidently they were removed within the tissue. She said calcifications are benign, nothing to worry about. And the right breast looks ok, too, to my inexperienced eye.

I thank her for her kindness and patience with me, and she apologizes for the "discomfort". Yeah. Coming up to me in the hallway is Kathy, Dr. Sanchez (the surgeon who did me) scheduling person. I think she probably is one who holds the place together. She greeted me warmly, asking how I'm doing. As we talk, she remembers my case. I told her about the seromas, and now the cording in my arm and abdomen. I showed her my abdomen, and then the incisional wounds. She thought they looked pretty good for just being a year old, and recently finishing radiation. We had a nice visit, though brief, and I thanked her again for the kindness of herself and the other staff while I was going through the processes. I told her of the blog site, gave her a big hug, and we were each on our way.

I called Daniel and let him know that I was done; it was about 2:15.

I left there and went to Meijer to pick up a few things that were on sale, and also today was additional per cent off with credit card use. I took my time and browsed, decompressing. My breasts were getting sore--I think the meds were wearing off. I finished my shopping and got home.

Dan helped me carry stuff in, and I fixed supper for us. I took more medicine, too. We visited and caught up on our day, and the evening wore on.

He's gone off to bed as I've been writing. The good news is that I got through it and the films looked good, according to my inexperienced eye and Charlene's more experienced eye. Of course, Dr. Rawson will send a report to Dr. Bolmer, and I'll see her again in January or February.

Thank you for your support and prayers and checking in on me. We breathed through another one. Hugs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday 11.9.2008

I slept pretty good again last night, thankfully. Have I turned a corner?? I think I've had maybe three consecutive nights of decent rest. I'm reluctant to think that I might have, then be disappointed when I'm laying there watching the darkness. I'll just accept each moment as it is...

I wasn't ready to get up, though, when the radio came on, but I did. I got myself ready for work and headed south.

We had a good day, as work goes. I faded, big time, around 5:00 pm. All of a sudden I just didn't feel good. Queasy, icky, don't feel good. Fortunately I was able to go and sit quietly for a short time. It did pass, somewhat, but then I was just tired. Hm.

And then it was time to leave. We clocked out, and our vehicles had a light snow cover. Yep. Snow. There wasn't much, but enough to have to brush it off. Oh yeah, I haven't put the snow brush in my car yet. So I started it, and it was light enough that the wiper blades brushed it off. After I got going, the wind did the rest.

The highway was wet, but the traffic was slower in a couple of places. It didn't feel slippery to me, but I wasn't zooming, either.

Daniel was home when I got there. We visited a bit, and I wrote here.

Throughout the day I noticed that the cording in my arm was "tight" and sore, and I consciously did some of the stretching exercises that Ike had suggested I try. They did help, but of course it's not gone.

Tomorrow I have my first mammogram since surgery. Yes, I'm anxious. Very. With the scar tissue from surgeries, tissue changes from radiation, and generally dense breast tissue anyway, I'm hoping that the process will be the best it can be. I will take the tylenol/motrin before going, and remember that you are out there helping me through the rough stuff. You know I'll be breathing...

And with that, I'm going off to bed.

Thank you for reading, for continuing to support me. Hugs.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday 11.8.2008

I felt pretty good today. I woke up with a hot flash about 3:30, went back to sleep and woke to the radio at 0430. I had an uneventful drive in the dark, parked a block and a half away, walked over to the building.

I was orienting a girl again today. I was very glad that my brain seemed to be functioning better. I still lose words, and sometimes entire thought processes, like where was I going with that idea--but today was better. And the last couple hours of the shift were the better ones for me.

I drove home in the drizzly stuff with the temperature hovering about 37-38 degrees. There were a couple places where the traffic had slowed a little and the road felt a little "greasy". It's only just begun...

At home, Daniel was working on a couple of laptops for his daughter and granddaughter. I got myself settled in, wrote here, and am about ready for bed.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 11.7.08

When I woke this morning, I felt like I had really slept when I was sleeping. Of course, I was awake several times with the hots. I'm sure appreciating the cooler nights with the 40 degree air coming in the window.

We had breakfast, I did laundry, and Frank came up to visit. He's looking for a low-cost house to buy, if anyone knows of a repossessed home. He left, it was time for me to go to see Ike.

She worked me over today. So much so, that this evening I'm nauseated, and my shoulder is achy sore uncomfortable. I just plain don't feel good.

Tomorrow is a workday, as is Sunday.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday 11.6.2008

I slept what is my "normal" -- sometimes restless, wakeful, hot, sleeping. I woke up surprisingly feeling rested.

After breakfasting, I went over to Leah Hicks, Mason Massage, for my 10:00 appointment. A brief conversation where she asks about how I am, and if I'm having any problems, and what I'd like today... I tell her my back is a mess. She starts me face down, and spends almost 45 minutes on my back. I knew it was a mess, but when she started working on it, there were lumps and bumps and areas of tightness that surprised me. She did a good job, and I left feeling better.

At home, I showered, had a bite to eat, helped Daniel with the groceries. Before long, it was time to go to physical therapy with Ike.

She was happy to see me. I haven't seen her for 2 weeks--I told her of the cording down my forearm almost to my wrist, and showed her the cording on my abdomen. Wow!! She was very surprised at this development. She has heard of Mondor's Disease as Mondor's Syndrome, but has not ever seen abdominal cording.

She did her treatment thing, starting at the lower end of my arm, moving up into the armpit. As she was checking me, she discovered cording in the axilla (armpit), and also the start of a cord on the bottom side of the breast. Fortunately, after the hour was up, a lot of the lesser cording was not noticeable to her, and the stuff on my arm was less noticeable to me. I left her with copies of the pictures of the axillary and abdominal cording I had taken, and the printout of the Mondor's Disease page that has the diagram on it. I was very happy to discover when I got out in the car that my shoulder felt much better, too. Praise the Lord!!

Back at home, Dan and I visited a bit, and had a quiet evening at home.

Tomorrow is another appointment with Ike at 2:30.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday 11.5.08

So this morning, after sleeping for a lot of the 12 hours I was in bed, I got up and tried to get the cobwebs out. Daniel and I looked at the television a little bit for the results of the election.

While breakfasting, Dan's phone rang. You're right--it's warm and sunny, want to golf??

He left about 40 minutes later.

I caught up a little on the computer, wrote yesterday's post, read a few emails, then got in the shower. I'm feeling ok, I think, but not real full of "vim and vinegar".

After reading more of my emails, I decided to fix something for us for supper. I got that started and in the oven and went out on the balcony to enjoy the late afternoon.

Shortly after I came in Dan got back home, and dinner was ready. We ate, I finally got through 3 days of email, and wrote here. I'll be going to bed again soon.

These hot flashes are about knocking me over. I really haven't found a trigger or a pattern. They just seem to "happen". That's ok. I'm cancer-free. Praise the Lord!!!

Tomorrow morning is a massage, then I see Ike at 2:30.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Tuesday 11.4.2008 Election Day

Hope you voted...

Dan and I did absentee ballots, as I was scheduled to work, and working from 0630-1900 40 minutes out of town does not make it convenient for one to get to the polls. Daniel just thought it was convenient...

Yes, I worked Tuesday. And I got so tired in the late afternoon, all I kept thinking is that I'm ok, I can make it these last couple of hours, I'll be able to drive home, just do the next thing on your list...

And so I did. And I was even getting that "not really dizzy" feeling, like when I would look in a direction my brain took a moment to catch up. So I just took life moment by moment, task by task, step by step, mile by mile, and got through the day and got home.

When I did get home, Dan was eager to talk about how the election was going. Hm. I had taken my work clothes off, put my pajamas on, sat on the sofa to listen to him and start writing here, but there was no way that was going to happen.

"I know this sounds really weird," I said, "but I'm going to go to bed." He looked at me like I had two heads. It was somewhere around 8:30 pm. Definitely atypical for me. "Ok," he said, and I think I saw concern in his face. Boy, was I tired.

So I did. I don't know how long it took for me to fall asleep, but I do remember waking about 10, then 12, then 0400. (biology--hot flashes--and I've learned to get out of bed for a bathroom trip to cool off) The next time was about 0730. Wow. I'm almost done sleeping. I dozed again, and woke shortly after 8. Dan got up, then I did.

I feel much better this morning. I'm surprised at how tired I was. I'm thankful I have the opportunity to rest and take care of myself.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday 11.3.2008

I got up when the alarm came on, got myself ready for work, and headed out. There was lightning, no thunder, light drizzle/almost rain, and a dark wet drive. There were a few dead creatures alongside the road which is always gross; fortunately I did not contribute to the tally.

We had a good day, with good co-workers. I was orienting someone new to our unit. I talk a lot when I orient people so that I would feel comfortable working with them in less than optimal situations. I found that I was having a hard time finding words, and the concepts I was trying to present were skipping around. I managed to tell her most of what I wanted to today, but it was definitely difficult for me to maintain my own concentration.

I got home, visited with Daniel a little, showered the sweat-salt off of me, and wrote here. My left arm is sore beyond halfway down my forearm from the cording.

Tomorrow is another workday.

Thank you for reading.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday 11.2.2008

It was Dan's turn to sleep last night. Oh, my. I put the earphones in and listened to the radio for several hours, finally taking them out about 5 ish. (which would have been 4 ish now with daylight savings time) By then I was sufficiently tired enough to sleep through mostly anything, and I did. Dan said he got up about 7:20 (new time)--I didn't know he was up until after 9 (new time). And I didn't get up until 10 ish.
His phone rang about noon, the fellows going golfing. Yep. 45 degrees and dry, good enough. He left.
I watched the Lions lose again. My son Frank came up to visit, returning my van. It was good to see him, to spend one-on-one time with him. He seems to be doing well.
I took him to his friend Keesha's in Leslie, and when I got home, Dan was home, too. We visited, caught up with each other.
It's 8:30, new time, and Dan has gone to bed. Hm. It sounds like he's sleeping already...
I'll be getting my things ready for work tomorrow going off to bed, too.
Oh, I took a picture of the cording on my abdomen, this is it...

Weird, huh. It's sore, too, where it goes over that bottom rib. I see Ike on Thursday, I think. I'm interested in what she'll say about it.

Thank you for reading. Hugs.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday 11.1.2008

Whew--I finally slept last night. In fact, Dan says it's the first he's heard me snore like that. He said I woke him, and was snoring so loud he couldn't get back to sleep and went out in the living room. Haaaa--I don't know whether to laugh or be sad that I kept him awake or be happy that I FINALLY SLEPT!! I did wake up about 5 for a biology break, both bathroom and hot flash, and Dan had returned to bed, but I went right back to sleep. He got up at some point in the morning and got ready for his golf day. He kissed me goodbye maybe around 8; I was surprised when I woke up and it was 10:00!!

I got up and walked around the house. The sun was shining; it was a beautiful day. And I realized I had a headache, like sinus pressure or something. Yuck. I had breakfast and tylenol/motrin and a coffee, then a shower.

I was feeling a little better; Dan had asked me to drop off a package at the post office, so I went out to do that. While I was out, I returned materials to the library, then enjoyed a walk around the gardens behind the building.

I wasn't home very long before Dan came back. Breon and Nick came over for a short visit, and after they left, all of a sudden I wasn't feeling very well again. Nauseated, queasy. Ick.

I nibbled on saltines then laid down on the sofa. I must have snoozed because it was dark when I woke up.

Dan went to bed shortly after 8. I wrote here.

I still have a little headache and a little nausea, but I'm ok. Maybe I'll sleep again tonight...

Thank you for reading. Hugs.